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A real Jew, a Zionist, and a truth jihadi walk into...

Kenneth Katzman says he'll boycott Press TV if they keep featuring guys like me who blame Israel for 9/11.

Hamas Goes Non Violent – Israel Prefers War of Aggression

Khaled Mash’al declares that Hamas has given up all violent action...it will concentrate on non-violent mass demonstrations, in the spirit of the Arab Spring...Uri Avnery

Israeli Intransigence On Palestine Isolating Both The U.S. And Israel

The U.S. and Israel “now looked trapped together, weakened and dangerously isolated” during the Arab Spring over Israel’s intransigence on statehood for Palestine, an article in The New Yorker magazine charges.

Take it to The Streets and Bring Home the Money!

[USA]--Professor Richard Falk coined the disease of “Geopolitical Compulsive Disorder” as the condition that causes so much suffering in the word and which derives from the inability of those who rely on “hard power” to learn from their mistakes.


What, really, is the Obama-Clinton game plan for Israel/Palestine? By Alan Hart STAFF WRITER On the face of it the package of “incentives” Secretary...

The Elders of Anti-Zion

The initiatives of small local groups in various countries are not what they appear to be. Far from it! They are part of a world-wide, organized and coordinated conspiracy, which uses every means to achieve their nefarious aim. Unlike the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, the forged document that was produced a hundred years ago, this is a genuine plot, something like the “Protocols of the Elders of Anti-Zion”.

Israel as a Macabre Monster Losing Its ‘Horror Power’

There's a joke of sorts among Israel observers that the Massacre on the Mediterranean epitomizes Israel's weakness—Turkish human rights workers try to calm down over-weight...