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PressTV: EU Refuses to Name Hezbollah "Terrorist"

The UK government has failed in its desperate attempt at the European Union to blacklist the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah as a “terrorist group”, local media reported.

Monsanto’s Deception Game on GMO in Europe

On May 31 world media headlines read similar to this from Reuters: “Monsanto backing away from GMO crops in Europe.”

US Gov: Walk Slow

This "allowed" the patient to go ahead and croak before the life extending heroic measures arrived. It was that way because it was always that way.

The Death of Lady Thatcher

As the world now knows the Rt Hon. Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven LG OM FRS has been called home by Almighty God. May her soul Rest in Peace, along with that of her beloved husband Major Sir Denis Thatcher MBE TD Bt. I was privileged to have known them both.

Press TV: Zionists to blame for EU Press TV Ban...

- Know we are fighting a war of deception and many who claim to be a voice of freedom and justice are very much the opposite.

EU’s Latest Message to Israel – “Do your worst without fear...

The first question the headline begs is this: What is, or rather what could be, Israel’s worst? In my opinion the short answer is this. In an effort to defuse the demographic time-bomb of occupation and close the Palestine file for ever, Israel resorts to a final round of ethnic cleansing, to drive the Palestinians off the West Bank and into Jordan and other neighbouring Arab states. (What about the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip prison camp? They are left to rot and will suffer the same fate as their West Bank brothers and sisters if they chose to stay and dare to threaten Israel’s security).

Baroness Ashton and Jewish Sensitivities

I guess that we are all becoming impervious to Jewish political logic. But maybe this is another symptom of the Zionification of our reality. From now on we are expected to obey.

VT Exclusive: What To Do About the Radioactive Poison

All dairy products are no good. They have Strontium 90, which at the behest of the dairy industry, has been made illegal to report.

Eurozone leaders back Greek rescue plan

By Tony Barber and Ben Hall in Brussels Leaders of countries in the eurozone on Thursday promised to help Greece if it slashed its budget...