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Merkel: EU seeks to ensure security in Europe jointly with...

Jim W. Dean..."Every week more articles appear showing that the West's policy to destroy the Russian economy is going to take the EU down with it."

Obama: Iran to be very successful regional power, Press TV

Jim W. Dean..."Watch for the reaction from the Jewish Lobby here, and especially when they jerk the chains on some of their Congressional puppies to go after Obama."

NEO – Engdahl – Foreign Bankers Rape Ukraine

- Jim W. Dean..."Ukraine democracy goes under the tank treads of Western aggression."

NEO – Has Freedom Become the Preserve of the Far Right?

- Seth Ferris..."Every country, new or old, has to be part of one geopolitical alliance, and only one. That is a practical fact."

History of Spanish Wines

Spanish wines have enjoyed a long and fruitful existence.

NEO – Murder Investigators Suffer Suspicious Deaths – Coincidence NOT!

- Henry Kamens - "What happens in Georgia today is what the US would like to see happen everywhere. America has shown it will go to any lengths to get its own way."

NEO – George Soros- The EU a failed experiment in international...

- Steven MacMillan - "The EU is on the verge of crumbling due to economic problems, the political fallout after the illegal coup in Ukraine & the economic war on Russia."

West is ‘pre-staging new Ukraine war’

-“One of the saddest lessons of history is if we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle." Carl Sagan

NEO – Ex-EU Diplomats want Iran nuke settlement now

- "The enemies of peace will launch any last minute deal-killers they have been saving, which could include a false flag terror attack."

US media is a smokescreen for Kiev: Political analyst

- "Virtually everything we are getting in the Western media for Ukraine is all smoke screen.”

NEO – Ukraine Democracy is a $3 bill

- "Poroshenko sent his political adversaries a "democratic Ukrainian message" of artillery shelling, GRAD rocket attacks & ballistic missiles."

RT – 25 EU banks fail ‘stress test’, exposing $31bn shortfall

- "I had predicted the loss of the EU food exports to Russia would take down all the affected agricultural companies that were on their last legs."

NEO – The World gets smaller as ambitions grow

- "Seth Ferris goes against the grain, and deeper, in his analysis of what is really driving the divide and conquer game playing out on the world stage now."

United Kingdom is Staying United

- It’s official. The German-backed Scottish Nationalists have been defeated & we in the UK are staying together.

Obama fails to portray Putin as ‘aggressor’ in Ukraine crisis

- "Poroshenko is the dirt bag who agreed at the four party talks in Geneva to begin a political dialog, and then went home and kicked off his attack on East Ukraine."

NEO – Putin…Face of the Global Resistance Movement

- 'One of our first hurdles is to get people to understand that most of us live in "occupied countries", but not the traditional sense.'

Ukraine preparing for new offensive on the East

- Kiev is resupplying & repositioning troops, just like during the last ceasefire to launch a new offensive as part of their threatening position in the political negotiations.

Five facts about Ukraine-EU trade deal

- "Yanukovych did not kill the EU deal last year. He just objected to the EU insisting that Russia not be brought into the process...and now it has."

NEO – EU Declares War on Russia and Europe

- Is the EU going to force Putin to launch the counter-sanctions on all EU car, truck and bus imports by launching its latest sanctions against Russia?

VT is expanding to Europe…in force

- "Willy Wimmer has served 33 years in Germany's Bundestag with Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union. He goes back to working with Helmut Kohl."

Ukraine invasion threat by Russia a hoax says Jim Dean

- "The Debate show with Frederick Peterson, the NATO sock puppet, was more fun than a barrel of...oops, I can't say that."

Americans must rise in ‘revolt’ over US government’s ‘craziness’: Journalist

- “People have to get off their behinds and start protesting this and burying the White House under in phone calls.”

Obama using Putin to mask US interventions in Ukraine

- Nobody [politically] accepts any responsibility for terrible mistakes that they make. It’s always someone else’s fault,”

NEO – EU Sanctions Boomerang under Poor Leadership Once Again

- "I must admit I was surprised at how quickly the sanctions blowback is developing in the EU. I see the possibility of it going to flamethrower level soon."

NEO – The NATO Summit and the Unspoken Agenda

- "NATO has become our own Frankenstein, where creating or taking advantage of conflicts to destabilize countries and regions to exploit justifies their own existence."

Ukraine is pretext for anti-Russia bans: Analyst

- NATO is running a psychological operation on the military threat from Russia... [while] the Russian military threat to Ukraine is non-existent."

West seeks sanctions war with Russia: Analyst

- "Ukraine is being used by the West to create this sanctions war against Russia...all of these other countries are going to be collateral damage."

NATO on offensive for Ukraine-Russia war: Analyst

- The world Jewish community has been very big on reparations, even transgenerational. When they find the shoe on the other foot.

NEO – Georgia-EU-Russian Smoke ‘n Mirrors

- "Seth Ferris lays out Saakashvili's pillaging of Georgia under the patronage of America's spreading freedom and democracy pretend-a-foreign policy.

NEO – Georgian EU Darling Goes on Trial

- We supported a gangster regime in Georgia would do anything for money. The foreign policy euphemism for this is "serving American interests".

Mystery Bombing Runs Over Ukraine

- "Fighter bombers attacking EastUkraine, flying with Ukrainian Air Force markings, have been traced to air bases in Romania, Moldova and Azerbaijan"...

EU campaigners call for lasting Gaza ceasefire

- "Another clue yesterday was a report on movement to outlaw the French Jewish Defense League (JDL), for it's attacks on the pro-Gazan marchers."

West ignores humanitarian crisis in east Ukraine

- "The international response to the Gaza slaughter is a total failure. These attacks on the civilians are perpetrated as a mass punishment, a disgrace to all Jews."

NEO – EU Association Agreements – Why Bother?

- Calling the EU a democracy is like putting on a Halloween mask and claiming to be whatever you want, if you are scary enough to get away with it.

The People of Donbass have something to say

- "The Oligarch funded units, formal terror brigades, are fighting behind a Western approved "anti-terror" smokescreen. This stain will never wash off."

NEO – Kiev Takes Major Step Toward Negotiations and Flops

- ISIS has already helped East Ukraine with their admission to Franklin Lamb that they have access to nukes, supposedly to use on the Zios

Putin – West using Ukraine to destabilize region

- Putin - 'Poroshenko “is himself the responsible for unleashing battle actions in Ukraine” and is now liable for the war and deaths in the ongoing crisis,'

Breaking – Major military columns enter Lugansk from border area

- A mysterious armored column has appeared out of the night to enter Lugansk at dawn, including tanks and anti-aircraft missiles.

EU sanctions on Russia could double gas prices – World Bank

- We are seeing game war and chaos theory being played out on steroids with all of the geopolitical insanity going on now. The goal is to undermine any...

EU Gets Mini-Nuked in Parliament Elections

- VT predicted that the EU Parliament Elections were going to wipe some smug smiles off the faces of the Euro elitists. We were right.