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Merkel: EU seeks to ensure security in Europe jointly with...

Jim W. Dean..."Every week more articles appear showing that the West's policy to destroy the Russian economy is going to take the EU down with it."

Did the Jews Lose Europe?

The tone of this question implies that until just a few days ago, at least some Jews believed that Europe was, in part, a ‘Jewish property.’

The Workless Class Woke Up

The undeniable surge in the support for Euro Sceptics and right wing parties in yesterday’s European Parliament election, suggests that the European working class, isn’t as apathetic as the Zionised Left wants it to be.

NEO – The White House Shakes the World

- The White House’s predilection for constantly subjecting the world and nations in various regions to convulsions and disturbances is well known.

Alain Finkielkraut, Jews, and Immigration

Along the second half of the 20th century many Jewish intellectuals, activists and artists positioned themselves at the forefront of Western advocacy of immigration and multiculturalism.

Boston Bombers: Cherished to Kill

So the criminal act that took place in Boston two weeks ago is merely a natural outcome of many years of indulgence and direct inciting of extremist elements against the civilization once considered as a geopolitical rival in someone’s sore mind.

All Nuclear Reactors Leak All of the Time

- Treat the Nuke Boys like the Mad Dogs They Are

Telethon and Entertainment – French Style – Montmartre à la Une

Montmartre à la une , a community organization in Paris is number 1 in the Paris telethon to raise money for children's diseases.

Gladio: How We Terrorized Ourselves (Archival)

The original article was written several years ago. Since that time, Gladio units have reappeared in Norway with the Anders Breivik/Norwegian Police slaying of 77 and have become active across Europe under the guise of the anti-Islamic and ultra-nationalist banners.

Occupy Fukushima

"It is a homicide, isn't it?..." - Ashai Shinbum, a major Japanese newspaper.

VT At Vinexpo Bordeaux 2011

Every two years, Vinexpo, the world’s largest professional wine and spirits show attracts international buyers and sellers at the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre in Bordeaux, France.

Europe’s Quiet Revolution

The overarching challenge in the world today is: how do we advance the institutions and practices capable of enacting a desirable quality of life for a burgeoning global population of 6.5 billion people?

De-Zionification Now

We must de-Zionise every possible aspect of our culture

Britain’s Politicians Find Courage – Perhaps

Christopher King considers whether the unravelling of Rupert Murdoch’s power in the UK will serve as a wake up call to British politicians whom for years he has targeted on behalf of the US and Israel.

A View of the World through the Prism of Europe

If a German had said in 1945 that within 60 years large numbers of his countrymen would be celebrating the Wehrmacht’s unconditional surrender as "liberation," his mental state of mind would have been highly suspect.

CAROL DUFF: Hepatitis C Virus – The Liver Destroyer

HEPATITIS C VIRUS -  WHAT IS THIS? Carol Ware Duff  MSN, BA, RN: Hepatitis C virus can destroy your liver. Hepatitis C Virus Can Cause...

DR. ASHRAF EZZAT: No-Fly Zone to Stop the No-Flow of Oil...

Libya with its huge reserve and flow of vital oil to Europe & the United States could not and should not be left alone in the hands of some maniac and political outcast like Gaddafi to be drifted into some civil war that only god knows when it will come to an end. This is unacceptable under any circumstances, be it a popular uprising or not so popular, the crucial thing is that this no-fly zone must stop this no-flow of oil from Libya to Europe and USA, a situation that if kept going could drag a newly recovered western economy back to recession.

Gilad Atzmon: Europe Turns Against Israel

Given Poland’s lukewarm foreign policy toward Israel, the finding that 63.3% of the Poles questioned agree that Israel is seeking to ...


IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT HAMBURGER....I WAS MISINFORMED By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor I had an email last week from a reader asking me if...


By Muriel Mirak-Weissbach via Global Research The appearance on August 5 of an interview with former Iraqi diplomat Dr. Tariq Aziz in the Guardian was...

While many have forgotten, these men remember VE Day

* By Dennis Yohnka The Daily Journal * While Memorial Day and Veterans Day show no signs of being forgotten, VE Day (Victory in Europe)...