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Pakistani PM Gilani Has Cooked His Goose

It is now an established fact that PPP as a party claiming to be champions of democracy, rule of law and rights of the poor is in actuality anti-democratic, lawbreaker and anti-people. PPP and democracy repel each other since the two are synonymous.

Bullying and Intimidating Tactics of USA

After achieving its initial objective of occupying Afghanistan and making it a base of operations for its covert war in the region, CIA hastened to establish its network in FATA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan since Pakistan figured high in America’s agenda.

People are Vying for Another Quaid-e-Azam

Till 9/11, Pakistan was a fairly stable and prosperous country but its complexion changed once Gen Musharraf opted to align Pakistan with USA and become its coalition partner.

The most wanted and hunted man hits the bucket

On the night of 02 May 2011, two US Black Hawk stealth helicopters carrying two dozen soldiers from US elite Navy SEALs took off from Jalalabad or Baghram Airbase and headed for Abbotabad to get Osama bin Laden. Two helicopters remained at a distance in back up support role. Obama and other top leaders of his administration watched the live show on the screen in White House with rapt attention and with throbbing hearts. Obama’s nervousness was understandable for he knew the negative political fallout effects upon him in case the mission got aborted.

Battle of nerves

Pak-US relations that apparently ran smoothly from September 2001 till 2005 developed hiccups in 2006 and ever since the relations have been uneasy. Award of civil nuclear deal together with inking of several defence contracts with India and its efforts to make India a key player in Afghanistan exposed US pronounced tilt towards India. It was natural for Pakistan to feel let down. The US secret designs against Pakistan and negative role of India played a big role in widening the trust deficit. Both the US and India worked on an engineered program to harm Pakistan under the garb of friendship. With no troops and no responsibility, it suited India to keep expanding its influence in Afghanistan and in Central Asia and at the same time harming Pakistan through covert war without having to face hazards of guerrilla war.

US/Pak Relations – Time to take stock of two-directional hurricane

Pak-US relations have seen many ups and downs starting early 1950s when Pakistan decided to join western pacts and became a US ally.

Development of FATA to control extremism

Like all the isms (communism, socialism, extremism, terrorism), Talibanization is also a phenomenon that didn’t occur in a vacuum and without causation.

CIA, The Mother Hen

Apart from its agenda in Afghanistan, the US had defined objectives set for Pakistan as well. Under the ruse of alliance, America wanted to denuclearize Pakistan and turn it into a compliant state subservient to India. For the accomplishment of its objectives, the US in connivance with Israel, Britain and India chalked out a comprehensive covert plan spread over 7-8 years to weaken it from within

Arab Oil States AWOL on Pakistani Flood Relief

By Amb. Marc Ginsberg in Huffington Post For nearly three weeks since the monsoon rains triggered historical flooding along Pakistan's Indus River the world has...

America Faces Humiliation in Afghanistan

A declaration adopted at the Jirga said that the US after facing a clear defeat in Afghanistan, was targeting the tribal areas in revenge and the imprudent Pakistani rulers were victim of a conspiracy to chop off this sword arm of Pakistan only to please Washington. History was witness that the Tribal people had never accepted foreign subjugation and whoever dared to challenge them suffered a humiliating defeat and the tribal area proved to be the graveyard of the invader, the declaration said.