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Brig Asif Haroon Raja an Member Board of Advisors Opinion Maker is Staff College and Armed Forces WarCoursequalified, holds MSc war studies degree; a second generation officer, he fought epic battle of Hilli in northwest East Bengal during 1971 war, in which Maj M. Akram received Nishan-e-Haider posthumously. He served as Directing Staff Command & Staff College, Defence Attaché Egypt and Sudan and Dean of Corps of Military Attaches in Cairo. He commanded the heaviest brigade in Kashmir. He is lingual and speaks English, Pashto and Punjabi fluently. He is author of books titled ‘Battle of Hilli’, ‘1948, 1965 & 1971 Kashmir Battles and Freedom Struggle’, ‘Muhammad bin Qasim to Gen Musharraf’, Roots of 1971 Tragedy’; has written number of motivational pamphlets. Draft of his next book ‘Tangled Knot of Kashmir’ is ready. He is a defence analyst and columnist and writes articles on security, defence and political matters for numerous international/national publications.

Bi-polarity to gasping uni-polarity

Jim W. Dean - Raja is known as one of the top strategic writers in Pakistan where intellectual competition is fierce. There is no flair and flash here at all, just lots and lots of information.

Origins of Arab-Israeli conflict    

To cast Muslims as the ‘enemy’ of Jews is distortion of history. Judaism resembles Islam in theology, structure and rituals far more than with Christianity.

Divide and rule policy

...by Brig Asif Haroon Raja,  Pakistan   The British Empire during its prime days held sway over almost a quarter of the world. Large numbers of...

An Appraisal on Paris Attacks

Asif Haroon Raja Paris attacks on November 13 which took lives of 129 (risen to 132) innocent people and injured 349 are shocking and condemnable....

Attacks in Paris

Asif Haroon Raja The serenity of Paris was jolted on the night of November 13, 2015 by the noise of blazing guns and din of...

China-Pakistan Energy Corridor: Game Changer

       ... by  Haroon Raja, Pakistan I delivered a talk on China-Pakistan Energy Corridor and its ramifications at Thinkers Forum Pakistan, which was attended...

Pak Nuclear Program: An Eyesore for some

When East Pakistan was being forcibly severed from the body of Pakistan by the Indian military in November-December 1971, none came to the rescue of Pakistan.

Deliberately Stoked Chaos in Middle East

Asif Haroon Raja Few can deny the fact that the US allied with the west create problems for the world such as drug trafficking, human...

Russia’s Intrusion in Syrian War

  Asif Haroon Raja, Pakistan   The global war on terror was launched by the US under George Bush and its western allies to make the...

Afghanistan at ebb of precipice

Asif Haroon Raja The strategic import of Afghanistan can hardly be overstressed. The rising power, China, and reemerging power, Russia, energy and resource rich Central...

Problems Faced by USA in Afghanistan

While 2013 is at its fag end, so far there is no light at the end of the tunnel as far as breakthrough in US-Taliban peace talks is concerned. Stalemate has made the US position rickety.

Dynamics of drones

In the wake of increased criticism over employment of drones from several quarters, Obama in his speech at National Defence University while discussing various issues at stake, spoke of drone program.

Evolving Regional Scenario Around Pakistan

Nawaz led team is thinking and talking high and has announced highly ambitious mega projects which it intends completing during its mandated five-year tenure expiring in May 2018.

Distinction Between Friend and Foe

Presidential election held on 30 June 2013 kicked up lot of dust owing to PPP’s cranky behavior. PML-N’s demand to seek a change of date was not with mala fide intention.

Pakistan should tread steps watchfully

Delving into the history of Pak-US relations spread over six decades one finds that the US relationship was always transactional in nature.

Why Terrorism Couldn’t Be Curbed?

Terrorism is the foremost problem of the world but ironically it is yet to be defined. What is the yardstick for defining a terrorist since ‘one person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter’ and vice versa? Difference between terrorism and freedom struggle has also not been defined.

Army is Neutral and Has No Favorites

Sudden emergence of Tehrik-e-Taliban-Pakistan (TTP) in December 2007 under unknown Baitullah Mehsud (deceased) from nowhere was in reaction to Gen Musharraf’s pro-US policies and its continued vendetta is because of the role of liberal parties pursuing Musharraf’s policies.

Some Suggestions For the Next Government

Anti-Kalabagh dam (KBD) lobby in Pakistan has successfully scuttled plans to construct KBD which is technically most feasible, economically viable and beneficial for all the four provinces.

Electoral Flaws Encourage Rigging in Elections

Going through the political history of Pakistan, one is constrained to learn that till 1956, Pakistan was without a constitution and it banked upon Government of India Act 1935 as an interim instrument to govern the country.

Pakistan No More Taken for Granted by USA

There is no denying the fact that Pakistan suffered from leadership crisis after the untimely death of Quaid-e-Azam in September 1948.

India’s History of Hostility Against Pakistan

India has a long history of aggressions against Pakistan since its inception in August 1947. Soon after partition, India burdened Pakistan with plethora of unsettling problems and then forced a war on newly born Pakistan in October 1947 by making illegal intrusion in princely state of Kashmir that was to become part of Pakistan in accordance with the aspirations of Kashmiris and laws framed for princely states by outgoing British rulers.

Factors Expediting Timely Pullout of ISAF

Apart from hostile eastern border which has remained a chronic security concern for Pakistan since its inception, Pakistan’s western border has also remained a source of constant irritation and anxiety.

Conflicting Perceptions of Stakeholders in Afghanistan

Few thousands fighters under Taliban leader Mullah Omar and Hizb-e-Islami leader Gulbadin Hikmatyar have been fighting the occupation forces and ANSF for twelve years.

US Will Again Ditch Pakistan

Eleven-year war has not only given tremendous experience of fighting guerrilla war to both Army and militants but also has removed inhibitions and fears of each other.

Is the Situation Conducive for An Operation?

The US had mounted extreme pressure on the newly formed democratic government to annul peace treaty with Maulanas Sufi and Fazlullah in Swat after the militants had penetrated Dir and Buner in April 2009. Alarm bells were sounded that the militants were at the verge of capturing Islamabad and the nukes.

Uptight Geo-Political Environments of Pakistan

India has been principally responsible for disturbing the peace in South Asia because of its habit of meddling into the internal affairs of its smaller and militarily and economically weak neighbors.

Terrorism Never Defined

hen George W Bush decided to invade Afghanistan, outwardly he pretended that the purpose was to avenge 9/11 attacks allegedly perpetrated by Osama bin Laden led al-Qaeda based in Afghanistan and to free the world from the menace of terrorism and to prevent 9/11 like attacks to recur.

Pakistan To Help Extricate Than Reinforce ISAF

Among the seven agreements made by Gen Musharraf with Washington in September 2001, free passage of NATO containers from Karachi Port to Afghanistan via Torkham and Chaman and also air supplies were included.

Balochistan Insurgency Will Extinguish Like a Damp Squib

Growth potential of a country devoid of natural resources remains seriously handicapped, but is less vulnerable to foreign intrigues and intervention.

Post Mortem of Grievances of Balochistan

When East Pakistan was part of Pakistan, it was much smaller in size than West Pakistan but was more populated.

Water Terrorism by India to Overawe Pakistan

The majestic and ravishing landscape of the Kashmir Valley is so enchanting that whosoever happens to visit it gets spell-bounded and overawed by its natural beauty and longs to revisit it.

Tangled Knot of Kashmir

Pakistan commemorates Kashmir solidarity day on 5 February every year to demonstrate their unequivocal support for the valiant struggle of the Kashmiri people in achieving their legitimate right to self -determination.

Memo and NRO Cases Gone in Hibernation

The dawn of 2012 heralded political fireworks and clash of institutions. Clashes were a carry forward of 2011 in which Abbottabad Commission investigating the US helicopters assault on 2 May, memo scandal and NRO review case kept the nation busy.

Critical Appraisal of Ignoble NATO Attack on Salala Posts

It will be recalled that in order to multiply pressure on Pakistan, western border was deliberately heated up by strategic partners sitting in Kabul.

Pakistani PM Gilani Has Cooked His Goose

It is now an established fact that PPP as a party claiming to be champions of democracy, rule of law and rights of the poor is in actuality anti-democratic, lawbreaker and anti-people. PPP and democracy repel each other since the two are synonymous.

Early Elections Has Become a Necessity

In pursuance of its policy of disregarding rule of law and defying the Supreme Court (SC), the PPP leadership has decided to ignore the apex court verdict directing it to write a letter to Swiss authorities to reopen money laundering trial case pending against Zardari & Co that was held in abeyance as a consequence to 5 October NRO issued by Gen Musharraf to share power with Benazir Bhutto.

No More Business As Usual With USA

When the US decided to invade Afghanistan and topple Taliban regime led by Mullah Omar since it had refused to hand over Bin Laden suspected of being involved in 9/11 attacks, all the neighbors of Afghanistan including near neighbors supported USA.

Gen Pervez Musharraf Vying To Return

Gen Musharraf came in the limelight when he was appointed Army chief by Nawaz Sharif in October 1998.

Why Salala Was Attacked By NATO?

While the US military and NATO have off and on committed unfriendly and hostile acts against its ally Pakistan since 2006, attack on Salala on 26 November by NATO helicopters killing 24 soldiers and injuring 16 was by far the worst.

Benazir’s Unsolved Murder Mystery And Musharraf’s Expected Return

Benazir Bhutto (BB) was the first women prime minister in the Muslim world. She remained in power twice and earned worldwide fame.