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Seven ways $1,000 can ease your financial worries

Personal finance is full of big numbers – the amount you'll need to save for retirement, the amount of your mortgage, the cost of a college or university degree.

Financial freedom, wherever you live

In this era of globalisation and digitalisation, it has become easier for the average person to settle down wherever they want and move whenever they want.

Latinos Need Retirement and Financial Planning Assistance

More than half (71%) of middle-income Hispanics feel they are behind on preparing for retirement as opposed to 63% of the general population, according to a recent study commissioned by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company.

3 Questions That Can Provide A Spark For Your Financial Plan

I’m a financial planner, and I have a confession to make. During the early stages of my career, I didn’t really have my own personal financial pla

Smart financial strategies for women entrepreneurs

Every Sept. 22, American Business Women’s Day honors the contributions and accomplishments of millions of women in the workforce and women business owners.

Freedom Financial Network Identifies Fintech Products Reshaping Personal Finance

Fintech, short for financial technology, combines the world of financial services with that of technology. The end result is an enhanced user experience and additional financial products that are usually automated.

Americans’ Personal Financial Satisfaction Hits 10-Year High

As we are about to engage in the American tradition of celebrating the labor movement and the prosperity that hard work can bring, it appears we have finally punched through the cloud of financial gloom that followed the great recession, at least when it comes to the state of personal finances.

How to Choose a Financial Advisor

When people toil away in the gym for months without any signs of improvement, they may hire a personal trainer to step up their routine.

Quick Fixes To Big Gaps In Your Financial Life

There are few things more professionally satisfying to a financial coach than embracing an opportunity to guide others to and through an “aha moment.”

Andrews Federal Selected by Kiplinger's Personal Finance as a Top Military...

Andrews Federal Credit Union was recently selected as one of the Best Banks for Military Personnel in the nation by Kiplinger's Personal Finance's rankings of the Best Banks in the U.S.

Has the way to ensure a healthy financial future changed?

The basic moves to ensure a healthy financial future seem easy enough. But for some people just entering the workforce, it feels like the rules have changed.

Millennials, Technology And The Challenge Of Financial Literacy

Managing money can be a full-time job for anybody who wasn’t born into an abundance of it. This will always be true, no matter how the social and political winds mig

Americans grow more pessimistic about their financial future

Consumers grew less optimistic in their future this July, however confidence levels remain historically high, according to the Survey of Consumers conducted by the University of Michigan.

Medicaid expansion increased enrollees’ financial satisfaction, decreased unpaid medical debt

Medicaid expansion not only led to significantly more insured people, but also played a role in improving financial health and reducing medical debts for low-income people, according to a new report.

Older Women Flunk Financial Literacy Quiz

Retired women and women nearing retirement have a financial literacy problem. In a survey released today, the 2017 RICP Retirement Income Literacy Gender Differences Report, from The American College of Financial Services, only 18% of women age 60 to 75 passed.

How One Immigrant Started Her Financial Journey in the U.S.

When you’re building a life in a new country, few things are as important as creating a solid financial footing for yourself or your family.

Financial legacy means more than just money

“Generational wealth, that’s the key,” said hip-hop artists and entrepreneur Jay-Z in his song Legacy on his new album 4:44. He’s right.

Think twice before giving up financial control at the altar

Marriage means sharing your life and, usually, your finances. But some people relinquish all financial control to their new spouse when they say “I do” a move that could prove harmful if it means losing awareness of household money matters.

5 ways to make financial decisions easier

In fact, research suggests many people often neglect their personal finances, in part, because they feel those types of decisions are too "cold," analytical, and unemotional for them, according to Jane Jeongin Park

Teach students personal financial literacy

Instruction in reading, writing and math have long been the core mandates for education in Wisconsin’s public schools — as they should be.

Smart Financial Planning During Summer Season So Personal Finances Don't End...

Summertime means warm weather, long nights, and road trips, but even when the family goes on vacation together it doesn't mean that the family's finances need to do the same.

The One Financial Advantage Millennials Have Is Time

Beth Kobliner has sold more than 500,000 copies of her book Get A Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties.

Despite optimism, U.S. employees keen for workplace financial help

While the revitalized United States economy and strong financial markets are part of the story, the biggest factors affecting American employees’ financial optimism are tied to their personal situations, a study from Bank of America Merrill Lynch has found.

Consumers confused about interest-free offers and other financial headaches

Sometimes when you run into a financial glitch or roadblock, it can make you feel a tad better to know that you're not alone.

The financial struggles senior citizens face go beyond retirement

Life after 60 can revolve around retirement - but that's not the only financial challenge that's likely to come up.

Don’t follow Mr Financial Fugitive and leave a mountain of debt

Meet Mr Financial Fugitive. I’m not privy to all the details, but know that this person skipped the country leaving behind a mountain of debt.

The financial benefits of getting married in retirement

The number of people over the state pension age who are cohabiting is rising rapidly but they could face a financial sting in the tail, according to a new report from insurer Royal London.

Trump tried to avoid certifying financial disclosure as true

President Donald Trump’s attorneys initially wanted him to submit an updated financial disclosure without certifying the information as true, according to correspondence with the Office of Government Ethics.

Mothers must have a personal financial plan

Mothers have an incredible physiological uniqueness yet to be duplicated by the male species.

The benefits of being a financial planner

I have been a financial planner for almost five years now. Looking back I can say the experience I’ve accumulated over those years has brought me benefits far more valuable than money can buy.

Do you need a financial adviser or a counselor?

Many people, uncertain how to decide among so many financial choices, need advice to help them improve their decision making.

Lack of Financial Literacy Can Cost Americans Thousands

The benefits of compounding earnings on investments are common talking points when it comes to encouraging people to save for retirement through employer plans or individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

Employees struggling with financial literacy

Adults still lack personal financial knowledge, a problem that could be addressed by better financial education in schools and by employers wanting to help employees have a more sound financial future.

Personal financial planning is for losers

Personal financial planning is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Almost all major national newspapers have a section on personal financial planning.

8 money problems financial education could have avoided

Companies increasingly realize that employee financial wellness is crucial to their bottom lines, and to employees stressed over money—particularly as they approach retirement knowing their savings are falling far short.

Hiring a financial planner – How you can stay at an...

Exercising control on your finances and setting a specific goal to get financially stable is an honorable endeavor which can have a considerable impact on your quality life.

Financial Activity Tracking – The Key to Successfully Maintaining Personal Finances

If you want to be your own money manager, then you really need to learn every detail about financial activity tracking.

Financial health: More money is often not the answer

It seems that everyone wants to make more money. Many people believe that making more money will solve all their financial problems.

4 Financial Goals to Set Now

Much is said and written about the need to set financial goals. But what if you're just starting out? Perhaps your experience saving money has been limited to putting money in a jar. Maybe you've never invested a penny.

5 Things Your Financial Planner Isn't Telling You About Retirement

Personal finances can get complicated fast, which is why many people seek the assistance of a financial adviser.