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Russell Brand Goes Off on Global Economic Apartheid

Revolution or ReLUV-OOshon? Max Keiser Hosts Global Activist Russell Brand and Goes Off on Global Issues

Veteran Borrowers in Delinquency

The US Department of Veterans Affairs urges all veterans who are encountering problems making their mortgage payments to speak with their servicers as soon as possible to explore options to avoid foreclosure.

Beware of the Latest Foreclosure Rescue Scam – Forensic Loan Audits

Mortgage Fraud Examiners, the investigative firm who warned the public about loan modification scams, the "criminal loan modification trap" and the Mortgage Elimination scam is now warning the public of this latest scam.

Beware Of The Latest Foreclosure Rescue Scam – Securitization Audits

Mortgage Fraud Examiners, the investigative firm who warned the public about the "criminal loan modification trap, useless “forensic loan audits,” the “administrative process” scam, and “pretender defenders” is now warning homeowners and the public of the latest worthless service—Securitization Audits.

Mortgage Fraud Examiners Warns

Mortgage Fraud Examiners, the investigative firm who warned the public about loan modification scams, the "criminal loan modification trap," “forensic loan audit” scams, and the “Mortgage Elimination” scam is now warning that “pretender defenders may be cheating homeowners out of victory by ignoring contract breaches and tortious acts underlying their mortgage transaction.

The Revolution We Will Never See

Around me, 50 million Americans are homeless, living in travel trailers, in tents. 500,000 young veterans, too many with families, have applied for 100% disability compensation. All have supportable medical diagnoses of total disability. Their "paperwork" will remain in limbo for years, until they kill themselves, perhaps their families too. For the best of them, luck, as it has for me, will intercede.

10 Million American Families Sliding Toward Foreclosure

Of the 55-million families with mortgages, 10.4-million of them “are sliding toward failure and foreclosure”---a tragedy that will depress the U.S. housing market for years to come, a result of too many houses for sale and too few buyers.

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News

Veterans!  Here’s your Top 10 News stories of the day compiled from the latest sources We encourage you to browse our list so that you can...

JB Campbell: Mortgage Fraud

Foreclosure fraud is in the news. Or it was. It probably will be again even though the media masters don’t want to talk about it.

Veterans with Financial Hardship Use the Special Military Forebearance Option

A forbearance is an agreement between you and your mortgage company to temporarily suspend or reduce your monthly mortgage payments for a specific period (usually between 90-180 days) of time. This option lets you deal with your short-term financial problems by giving you time to get back on your feet and bring your mortgage current.

Krugman on the Mortgage Morass

Horror stories have been proliferating, like the case of the Florida man whose home was taken even though he had no mortgage. More significantly, certain players have been ignoring the law. Courts have been approving foreclosures without requiring that mortgage servicers produce appropriate documentation; instead, they have relied on affidavits asserting that the papers are in order. And these affidavits were often produced by “robo-signers,” or low-level employees who had no idea whether their assertions were true.

Foreclosed? Here comes the tax man

Did you lose your house to foreclosure this year? Did your lender forgive some of your mortgage debt because you sold it for less than it was worth? If so, you could be facing a big tax hit. It is IRS policy to tax forgiven debt you are personally responsible for as if it is income. Say, for example, your credit card company settled a $10,000 debt for 50 cents on the dollar. You'd have a debt forgiveness of $5,000, which the IRS would count as income, just like your wages.

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web

Matt Taibbi takes David Brooks to the Woodshed, The Nation looks at the State of the Union in a unique way, "Foreclosure" a national tragedy ignored in last night's address, Byron Dorgan discusses the Dems rescue of the economy and Jim Hightower throws some rocks at a glass building, in today's picks.