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NEO…Henry Kamens – Will Friends of Russia be railroaded?

Jim W. Dean..."Henry takes us into a news backwater, the simmering situation between the Republic of Georgia and its uppity former possession, Abkhazia."

NEO – Latest Terrorist Attack Inside Russia has All Marks of...

- Henry Kamens - America can’t survive without enemies, having discarded the one thing that could have replaced them--the positive values it claims to have, in whose name all its state-sponsored terrorism is committed.

NEO – Murder Investigators Suffer Suspicious Deaths – Coincidence NOT!

- Henry Kamens - "What happens in Georgia today is what the US would like to see happen everywhere. America has shown it will go to any lengths to get its own way."

NEO – US-backed Regime Change in Georgia

- "Henry Kamens takes us back into the maze of Georgian politics where regime change, corruption and US subversion is the name of the game."

NEO – Georgia in the Ebola Zone

- "Henry Kamens takes us back to the front lines of the US beacon of freedom and democracy running illegal bio-weapons labs in overseas,"

NEO – The US and ISIL Nexus

- "Henry Kamens pulls together many of the loose ends on the West's involvement with ISIL,...spread out at different times and different media."

NEO – America’s Chechen Proxy Terrorists

- "Henry Kamens takes us on a trip to one of the headwaters of modern terrorism, where unknowing US taxpayers have been footing the bill."

NEO – What America is really threatening in Ukraine

- "Henry Kamens gives us one hell of an overview of the present Ukraine mess, which I have compared to the Tar Baby in the briar patch from Uncle Remus."

NEO – Georgia Murder Game-Changer

- "We have another of Henry Kamen's political intrigue articles in the Republic of Georgia, still recovering from America's Murder, Inc., romance with Misha Saakashvili."

NEO – John Tefft- Here We Go Again- US Special Ambassador

- John Tefft is Mr. Regime Change on steroids. He packs color revolutions, sabotage and support for local terrorists in his suitcase.

NEO – Ukraine: All Your Coals ARE Belong to the IMF

- I don't see the breakaway states taking less than a new constitution plus federation. The two nationalist parties came in each at 1%, so they are back to thug work.

NEO – Gang in a Ballot Box – a Safe Haven...

- Kamens..."The threat posed by the Georgian UNM guys is more powerful than the unfulfilled promise the government made to sweep them away. "