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What to consider when you apply for travel insurance with pre-existing...

Acquire knowledge of Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Disaster insurance claims for 2017 could already top $100m

Two major insurers say it's too soon to predict if a spate of bad weather events will push up premium prices in flood hit areas.

Decoding Small Business Insurance Jargon

Have you ever taken a good look at your business insurance policy, only to find that you don’t understand half of the phrases that are used? Well, you’re not alone. Underwriters have an uncanny ability to use insurance jargon to twist the meaning of certain policies, and even the slightest changes can impact your coverage in a big way.

Car insurance firms target scammers in cash-for-crash crackdown

They are investigating thousands of suspect accidents, reporting more fraudulent claims to gardaí and have scaled up special investigation units.

5 insider tips for finding affordable long-term care insurance

Years from now many Baby Boomers will need help with the daily stuff of life, like dressing, bathing, eating or remembering to take medication.

5 life insurance questions you’re too embarrassed to ask

Applying for life insurance means answering some pretty personal questions.

Car Insurance Tips to Simplify Your Life

Your car insurance bill is a big part of your household’s budget, but it can be confusing to track all of the requirements and changes.

Money-Saving Financial Review Keeps Spending on Track

Budgeting is an important aspect of personal financial management. The process not only sheds light on the way money flows through your home, but it can also lead to savings, when budgets are successfully maintained. Without periodic review, however, budgets can veer off track.

Auto Insurance Premiums: How the West Coast Cities Stack Up

The average cost of auto insurance in the U.S. rose from $814.63 to $841.23 in 2012, according to a 2016 report from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Unclaimed billions: Are you owed a life insurance payout?

Life insurance is supposed to provide peace of mind, but for some policyholders, it becomes out of sight, out of mind.

Luxury Vehicles and Affordable Insurance: Are They Always at Odds?

It’s often assumed that luxury vehicle owners pay more for auto insurance. Why do people think this? Because it is presumed that high-end cars are the most stolen.

That dirt-cheap car insurance quote can wind up costing you

Almost all car owners have to fit auto insurance into their budget — and it’s a tighter squeeze than most prefer. So when you stumble upon a dirt-cheap car insurance quote, you might feel like pinching yourself. But can getting “an amazing deal” actually be risky?

Why your dog needs liability insurance

Your sweet dog would never do anything to hurt anyone — right? But if it harms somebody else, and you don’t have the right kind of insurance, you could feel a big financial bite.

Veterans could seek private health care with VA insurance

Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) has introduced legislation that would offer all US military veterans the ability to seek private health care paid for by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Opponents worry the bill is a path to privatization of care.

How To Find The Cheapest Term Insurance Policy Online

Life insurance agents are salesman.  Salesman are naturally inclined (and often times trained) to offer the product that makes them the most money.  And...

Motor Trade Insurance Buying Tips

Finding an affordable auto insurance cover for your car requires a bit of research and general knowledge. Most insurance brokers will seek to know how much you have been spending in insurance before giving you a quote

The Evolution of Social Security Disability Insurance

The road to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) as we understand it today was long and arduous spanning decades. Social Security Disability Insurance became law in July of 1956...

Top Five Reasons Why Travel Insurance is a Must (Plus, How...

You’ve made your plans, purchased your ticket and booked the hotel. All you need to do is buy travel insurance. You might ask, what...

Protect Your Business: UK Insurance Cover Facts

Every new business owner wants to maintain a positive outlook when starting a business. However, optimism won't protect your business from losses when the...

How to choose the right insurance for your vehicle

Not only does having car insurance make good financial sense, it is also a legal requirement. Even if you’re not the main driver of...

Insurance and Liability for Landscaping Businesses  

When it comes to businesses in the landscaping sector, landscaping liability insurance is about the last thing that comes to mind. After all how...

Affordable and Convenient Super Visa Insurance For Parents

Super visa is the visa is given to parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents only.

Why you might need a Specialist over 50 Life Insurance Product

If you aged 50 or over, then there could be any number of reasons why you may wish to consider an over 50s life...

SR22 Insurance Quotes

In the circumstance where an individual gets into a road accident without liability insurance or adequate coverage

2015 Has Started and You Don’t Have Business Insurance?

Most people understand why they need home insurance, car insurance, and even health insurance.

5 Insurance-Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Buying insurance is good though at times it can be very confusing. Even though buying insurance gives you a sigh of relief when disaster strikes, it is quite challenging when it comes to approximating the extent of coverage.

Protect your car coverage with good motor trade insurance

There are many types of businesses which are car related and also have a lot of risks involved with them. This is why you have the motor trade insurance to protect your cars and automobiles in case of accidents

5 Reasons Why Insurance Needs to Be a Priority in Your...

Too many drivers on the road don't realize the potential for danger. Those that drive without insurance are gambling with their financial future as accidents could cause an incredible amount of monetary damage.

Insurance Types Small Businesses Can Consider

Businesses need to deal with risks on a daily basis regardless of the type of industry it is in. Coming with an insurance aids in managing these risks

China Releases Plan for Bank Deposit Insurance

BEIJING: China took a major step toward reinvigorating its lumbering banking sector by formally proposing a deposit-insurance system, a long-awaited move that is aimed at better disciplining its lenders and their customers.

Why does life insurance matter?

Life is full of events that we cannot plan for or predict. However, there are just a few events in your lives that are certain.

Retirement Insurance Benefits For Seniors – You must Know!

Seniors today are existing longer and they need to verify that there is an insurance approach set up to deal with their burial and any last costs. You will observe that its simpler to purchase disaster protection when you are more youthful.

For Life Insurers, Making Money for Secure Life

Life insurance companies are clearly making a profit from the products they are offering, but it can seem strange that anyone could know how or when someone was going to die

What happens when tenants go on holiday?

Make sure the property is safe and secure, with door and window locks, and a working intruder alarm. Outdoor security lighting is an extra option worth considering for more secluded properties

50+? Is Life Insurance Part of Your Retirement Plan?

Have you ever noticed that as we get older, we start to worry more than we did when we were younger? As new born...

Protect Your Assets – How to Make Sure Your Business Doesn't...

Whether you own a brand new business or have owned the same brick and mortar store for years, saving money likely occupies the front of your mind on a daily basis.

What is the Difference between Haulage and Van Insurance?

van-insuranceIf you deliver goods for a living in your own vehicle, you will need to ensure that you have the most suitable insurance policy in place.

6 Steps to Take if Your Insurance Company Denies a Legitimate...

NHurricane-Insurance-Claim-Rejectedo one ever prays or hopes for bad things to happen to them. However, when it does, and you have insurance, it is only normal that you would want your insurance company to pay your compensation seeing as it is technically your money.

Climbing Rates? Factors that Determine How Much You Pay for Car...

Getting a sudden spike in your auto insurance rates can be a shock. There are some lesser known things that you have some control over that can drastically effect how much you pay for auto insurance.

Payment Protection Insurance and How to Use PPI Calculators

Not familiar with how payment protection insurance works and how to know if you have a PPI that has been mis sold