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Killing the “Bad People”

Our "darker angels," the expression of our "reptile brain" has formed the basis of our civilizations, organizations formed to mitigate personal responsibility, to create mythologies supporting immoral, inhuman, behaviors, not even predatory but those of the scavenger or perhaps parasitic.

Christians Flee Holy Land in Mass Modern Exodus

In 1947, 20% of the total population of the Holy Land was Christian. Today, less than 1.3% of the total population of that troubled piece of real estate is Christian.

DR. ASHRAF EZZAT: Muslims Dare Not Put the Bible on Trial

Muslims will dare not burn the bible back in return. But they’d rather die than witness the sanctity of their Koran violated. Muslims dare not judge the bible for it is equally sacred to them as the Koran is.

Gilad Atzmon Talks about music, Palestine, Zionism and Islam

We are touring all over Europe at the moment I met Underyourskin in my hotel room in Vienna just before our concert. We spoke about everything... politics,...

Rep. Peter King – Islamophobe and Phony

Say No To Peter King! By Mahmoud El-Yousseph for Veterans Today US Rep. Peter King owes his rise for his political career to his own support...

Egyptians Forced Anti-Muslim Bigots to Be Naked

By Ali Baghdadi The majority of American politicians and corporate media make me sick to my stomach. In plain English, they make me want to...

Gilad Atzmon: Left and Islam

The following is an updated edition of a paper I published eighteen months ago. The current edition includes new references to the unfolding events in Egypt. In...


MAKING THE WORLD FEAR AND HATE JEWS A DREADFULLY WRONG POLICY By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor When the rabbi advising Prime Minister Netanyahu goes on...

Islam is The Solution

“Islam is the solution” ... A catchy slogan that appeals to commoners who cannot discern the difference between politics and religion and who forgot- or were never told- that the dark ages throughout history were marked by the rule of clerics.

Off The Net: 11 Steps To Create World Class Terrorists

By Raja G Mujtaba: . If the US does not listen, Pakistan Air Force must be instructed to shoot any violation of Pakistan airspace. This would build more trust in the federation and earn a global respect. If not done, the 11 steps mentioned here are a clear recipe for disaster.


WRITTEN AND SUPPRESSED IN 2003, READ IT NOW! By Raja Ghulam Mujtaba Editor "Guide us to the straight path, The path of those upon whom You bestowed...


This Muslim silence should not be misinterpreted as lack of access to media. Cause it’s not. It is a very serious and early sign of detachment and isolation. The American Muslims are beginning to feel alienated from the American society and this is for anybody familiar with Islam is a very alarming sign.

That’s why Muslims want to build a mosque at Ground Zero

If Catholics around the world do not deserve to be linked to Nazism simply because Hitler happened to be a born Catholic, then Muslims around the world don’t deserve to be linked to terrorism simply because Osama Bin Laden, the leader of some fake terrorist organization happened to adhere to the extreme side of Islam.

Ground Zero Mosque Not at Ground Zero and Not a Mosque

People are against this project, not because it is at Ground Zero, but simply because Muslims are behind it. And Muslims – in the back of the Americans` mind – are considered the perpetrators of the 9/11 atrocities.

Invaders of Today and Crusaders of Yesterday

In their attempt to seize the Holy city, the Crusaders may have unwittingly precipitated the growth of extremism in Islam   In a quick and brief...

Israel and the authoritarian side of the Bible

The point that the God of the Bible was trying to make of the story of the Binding of Isaac, was totally outdated and...

MAIDHC O’CATHAIL: Who’s to blame for the Iraq war?

A not-so-trivial quiz By Maidhc O'Cathail for the Islam Times Maidhc Ó Cathail presents a detailed 20 question quiz with answers at the end. This quiz...


The Buzz Word of Interfaith Dialogue                                                                                                 By Tarik Jan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz was lately in Davos. According to the implications of his own statement, he...

America Faces Humiliation in Afghanistan

A declaration adopted at the Jirga said that the US after facing a clear defeat in Afghanistan, was targeting the tribal areas in revenge and the imprudent Pakistani rulers were victim of a conspiracy to chop off this sword arm of Pakistan only to please Washington. History was witness that the Tribal people had never accepted foreign subjugation and whoever dared to challenge them suffered a humiliating defeat and the tribal area proved to be the graveyard of the invader, the declaration said.

JEFF GATES: Will Israel Assassinate Barack Obama?

To assassinate an American president with impunity requires pre-staging. For Israel to succeed would require an Evil Doer on whom the deed could plausibly be blamed. The emerging fact patterns suggest that such pre-staging is well underway and that a Pakistani could be the perceived culprit. The recent history of Evil Doer branding offers insight into what to expect.


SCAPEGOATING ISLAM BECAUSE WE ARE TOTALLY SCREWED UP AIN'T GONNA WORK By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor Today, in Tampa, Fla, a Navy reservist tried to...

They Sent Me to Distant Lands to Fight Muslims Then I...

The vast majority of Americans failed to imagine what the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq would really cost