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10 Money Lessons for a Successful Relationship

It’s important to have a strong dialogue about money — and to have it often.

Skeet and trap shoot raises money to help veterans

An East Tennessee organization dedicated to help veterans held its 5th Annual Skeet and Trap Shoot competition in Oak Ridge.

VET CASH 'VANISHES' Scandal of ‘wasted’ public money meant to help...

MILLIONS of pounds of public cash designated to help war veterans has disappeared into unknown charities.

5 Money Lessons Teens Should Learn Before They Go to College

School is back in session across the country, but there is something your teens may not be learning in the classroom.

Retirees who want kids' help can't be a bottomless money pit

This column is the second of a two-part series addressing the financial support of retirement-age parents.

Northeast Ohio Counties Get Money To Fight Homelessness Among Veterans

Cuyahoga County has received more than $2 million to help stop homelessness among military veterans. The Department of Veteran Affairs grant is part of a nationwide effort to help put homeless veterans and their families into permanent housing. From Ohio Public Radio station WKSU, Kevin Niedermier reports.

5 money myths you probably believe

Managing money can be complicated, and myths are often born from people's struggles to make it simpler. But simplistic solutions can cost you instead of saving you money.

Benefits of Payday Loans Over Traditional Loans

If you are in a bind and need money fast, you have several options. While you can ask family or friends, or go to a bank or credit union for the money you need, these may not be the best options.

Why in the World Are Taxes Levied on Money Itself?

Imagine if you asked a grocery clerk to break a $5 bill, and he charged you a 35 cent tax. Silly, right? After all,...

Students with Personal Finance Education Exhibit Strong Money Knowledge, Habits

A new study by Ramsey Solutions, a leading company in financial education, finds that students who are taught personal finance lessons in the classroom have a better understanding and more confidence when it comes to managing their mone

How To Have The Money Talk With The Kids

It’s no secret that parents and kids often don’t speak the same language, and new research from Principal® proves that rings true when it comes to money and personal finance, as well.

4 ways millennials are smarter about money than boomers

To manage your money better, it might be time to take a page or two from millennials' playbook

Bikers ride Chester County to raise money for veterans

A band of bikers headed out from the Kennett Square VFW Post 5467 on Saturday for the purpose of raising money for veterans.

States Must Help Restore Sound Money in America

By Jp Cortez and Stefan Gleason This article was originally published on Tenth Amendment Center Control the money and you control the people. The federal government has...

5 Ways to Save Money When Starting Your Small Business

If you’re looking to start your own business, you have more tools for success on hand than ever before. With outsourcing, free online services, powerful digital tools, and the power of social media, small business owners can get started with very little.

7 Ways Military Members Can Save Money When Moving

Moving is a part of military life, and it's not unusual for service members to be relocated every two to three years.

30 Money Mistakes You’re Probably Making This Summer

Summer is a time to cut loose and have fun. But, if you’re not careful, that fun can lead to overspending, failing to keep tabs on your finances and making money mistakes due to distractions.

Is it easier to save money when you pay with cash?

Consumers who have bank accounts have gotten used to paying for everything with a debit or credit card. People might carry some cash, but they rarely spend it.

Personal Finance Failures and Money Problems Can Be a Good Thing

Just about everybody experiences money problems. Unless you’re born into the upper crust, odds are you or your family will go through some sort of personal finance catastrophe at some point.

A quarter of Americans worry about running out of money in...

Well, according to a new survey from the Indexed Annuity Leadership Council, our biggest fear is running out of money. Twenty-five percent of Americans are worried about that. And it's not the first survey to show that trend.

Could Losing Weight Help You Manage Your Money?

When people talk about smart money management, the conversation usually revolves around making and sticking to a budget or setting funds aside in retirement or college accounts.

Corrupt Politicians and Corrupted Money Go Hand in Hand

By Clint Siegner, Money Metals Exchange “Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue. When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but...

Where to Get Money for Your Business Idea

What do the local coffee shop, an Etsy store and Apple all have in common? They all needed start-up cash to get where they are today.

Gala raises money for veterans fighting addiction

"I was just at a point where I had to accept help," said veteran Robert Kirby.

20 Ways Retailers Are Tricking You Into Spending More Money

If you’ve ever went over budget when shopping at your favorite store, it probably wasn't an accident — at least, not on the store's part.

How to Navigate 5 Embarrassing Money Situations

We've all been there, suddenly needing cash that we don't have. On a date that gets pricier than expected, crossing our sweaty fingers in hopes that the dinner bill isn't declined.

The First Thing You Should Do to Get Your Money in...

Money isn’t as complicated as it seems, but when your finances are out of control, managing money does indeed seem overwhelming.

4 Important Money Goals You Should Reach in Your 30s

Reaching the age of 30 is a big milestone. You’re likely established in your career, you’ve reached your educational goals, and you’re (hopefully) pretty stable.

What Can Gold Do for Our Money?

One of the chief virtues of a gold standard is that it serves as a restraint on the growth of money and credit. It...

How Unsound Money Fuels Unsound Government Spending

In the years ahead, the Federal Reserve will undertake the gargantuan task of keeping the system going despite its insolvency – in other words, bailing out the government itself. What will finally stop the madness?

Why Don’t Americans Save More Money?

It is a myth that Americans cannot save. For decades, they did.

7 Money Tips for Every Day of the Week

We often associate certain days of the week with particular activities. For example, Monday is generally considered the start of the work week. Perhaps Wednesday is the night your favorite show airs on TV, while Friday — well, thank goodness it’s Friday.

Personal Finance Has Everything and Nothing to Do With Money

On the surface, personal finance seems to be primarily about money: getting rich and optimizing your investments and so on. It’s definitely about all of that stuff, but in a larger, more important way, it has nothing to do with money at all. It’s more about using it to optimize your values and priorities.

Is Your Money Going Where It Needs To?

With more than half of U.S. taxpayers expected to receive a tax refund this year and the average refund clocking in at $3,120, it’s safe to say that a sizable number or people have a bit of a windfall coming their way soon (if not already).

The Tidal Wave Of Money Woes Drowning Millennials

We, Baby Boomers may complain about our financial hardships, but ours are nothing compared to those of our offspring. Millennials are a generation inundated with financial burdens.

Benefits of Conducting Reserve Fund Study for Organizations

Reserve fund studies for country clubs, condo, homeowner, timeshare associations and many other types of organizations can prove to be cost saving step for a company in coming years

Should a Financial Guru be Dictating Your Money Matters?

Dave Ramsey, Mary Hunt and Suze Orman are a few of the finance superstars who offer tips on everything from how to save for retirement to when you should pay off your house.

Easy Ways To Become A Master At Managing Your Money

Take a look at your financial picture. What do you see? If the picture looks hazy — you don’t quite know how much you’re spending every month, and maybe you don’t know anything about your investments — then you need to get a handle on your money.

This Is the Best Way to Teach Kids About Money

As educators and policymakers debate the best way to teach personal finance lessons in the classroom, they may want to focus on the teachers themselves—not the students. Turns out, high school students who are required to take a personal finance class led by an instructor with formal training end up with vastly improved money skills.

5 Reasons Why You Won’t Get Free Money for College

The office of Federal Student Aid provides over $150 billion in grants, loans and other funds each year to more than 13 million college students. However, more than 22 million students apply for these funds through the Free Applications for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).