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Fukushima Cover Up Continues Amid Looming World Health Crisis

Fukushima Radioactivity is Everywhere All Over Northern Hemisphere and Every One is Already Contaminated to Some Degree.

ALAN HART : Where might the “wrong track” lead?

In the early days of the demonstrations of people power on Arab streets it could have been said (some did say) that they were a huge setback for all the various forces of violent Islamic extremism. This because the demonstrations, in Egypt especially, seemed to be sending a clear signal - that change could be brought about by peaceful means on a non-sectarian basis. But...

Lawsuit: Federal Prisoners With “Unpopular Political Beliefs” Tortured by U.S. DoJ

Saudi Arabia and Israel would be proud ... The Obama administration has carried on the human rights violations of the Bush-Cheney administration and in...

Insider: The DoD and Brass Don’t Know and Don’t Care about...

 -  " was going to be different, and that it was going to be house-to-house and urban combat. And that type of warfare requires...

Pentagon Betrays Troops Again: ‘Adjustment Disorder’ Discharges Soar: No Benefits, no...

- Military boots PTSD troops with no benefits. Pentagon has moved away from personality disorders, but adjustment disorder diagnosis is another piece of the same...

Obama Really This Politically Foolish?

The Obama administration is sending out a seemingly endless series of messages that it is abandoning the hope-and-change thirst of the American people that propelled Obama to an improbable victory in the 2008 Democratic primary and a slam-dunk over a weak and foolhardy Sen. John McCain

My Private Obama

"You can't live half-humanistic, half-fascist." Perhaps the most perceptive comment I have heard on world politics, in this case a disgusted commenter stating his feelings...

Khalil Nouri: Afghanistan: —–The West is Caught in a “Tribal Civil...

By Khalil Nouri Staff Writer--Editor The United States is on a trajectory to lose the war in Afghanistan because its foreign policy has become entangled...

Marty Kaplan: How Dumb Do They Think (Know) We Are

A recent example is a Harris poll that asked whether each of 15 statements about Barack Obama is true or false. In every single case, the less schooling people had, the more likely they were to believe that false things are true.

Slaughterhouse ’10: The Gutting of State and Local Government

The Jeffersonian anti-federalists feared that a strong national government would lead our fledgling nation back towards monarchy. Instead they wanted government closer to the people where it would better serve their interests rather than interests of the moneyed merchants and traders.

Health Care Monday

Check White House.gov for more details. President Obama offers health care reform for American families. Specifics are difficult to argue against; the GOP's future is...

Pentagon’s Robert Gates the Ugly American

This is a follow-up to an article on Obama's Secretary of Defense Robert Gates titled Robert Gates – the MANIPULATOR. Though these posts are...