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Airborne Toxins: The Direct Cause of Gulf War Illnesses

It is staggering the type and amount of different illnesses Gulf War Veterans have but the VA will not recognize or grant disability because no direct link can be established.

Urgent Call To All Citizens To Help Gulf War Veterans Get...

Gulf War Veterans and their families are becoming the forgotten veterans and they need phone calls to all US Representatives offices in DC by the deadline of next week March 15.

Gulf War Veterans Week For Action

One in four veterans from the gulf war are affected minimally. That number is old and current data shows that number has continued to climb to over 1 in 3 at least have submitted claims from the Gulf War 1990-91.

Are Gulf War Veterans Dying Fast?

Will the House of Representatives, Defense Appropriations Committee remember the veterans of the gulf war on Tuesday vote and honor those that have died from gulf war illnesses? Obits of these veterans from 20 yrs ago for just the time since Memorial Day are highlighted

Unemployment Harder For Women Veterans?

This is a question that has posed many opinions since the economy hit rock bottom a few years ago. Just like finding the answer in a mathematical problem there are many variables to getting to the point.

VETERANS TODAY EXCLUSIVE: Shinseki Considering Senate Bid, VT Gives Thumbs Down

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Shinseki has informed his private staff he plans to resign his post and run for the Senate seat to be vacated by Daniel Akaka, Democrat of Hawaii. Shinseki is considered a "shoo in" with no strong opposition in place.

Desert Storm VETS: Early Heart Attacks and Breast Cancer Issue

Gulf War USAF veterans experiencing early age group for Heart Conditions. Activities and guidance for gulf war anniversary activities discussed.

GULF WAR Anniversary Function NOW

Anniversary of Gulf War at President Bush Library at College Station Texas coverage

Wisconsin Photographer Chronicles Operation Desert Storm

New Exhibit Opening at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum (MADISON – Wisconsin Veterans Museum Press Release) - The Wisconsin Veterans Museum will open The Scorching...

NYT: Veterans Sound Alarm Over Burn-Pit Exposure

The Defense Department and the Department of Veterans Affairs are proceeding cautiously in linking soldiers’ symptoms to the burn pits. While dealing with disability claims on a case-by-case basis, like Ms. Clifford’s, they have not developed a broad policy on the issue.

20 YEARS – Operation Desert Storm Veterans Deserve the Attention of...

20 years ago this week, the world changed for hundreds of thousands of veterans of Operation Desert Storm. 20 years later the veterans are...

20 Year Gulf War Veterans Reunion/Health Fair

One month before the most important meeting for all veterans and especially the Gulf War Veterans 1990-1991 who are coming together in Dallas, Texas....

Gulf War Veterans Continue To Fight VA For Help With Illnesses

The gulf war veterans have been fighting for help with their illnesses due to their service since Operation Desert Storm, and still today with Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Southwest Asia was and still is one of the most toxic places for a service member on deployment. We have been coming home from the gulf sick, and not getting any real help from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

91 Outcomes Site Covers Gulf War News

Anthony Hardie runs an important resource focusing exclusively on news for Hardie's fellow veterans of the 1991 Gulf War. The site is called 91Outcomes,...

VA Getting Better on Gulf War Illnesses

Reading this piece on Gulf War Illnesses, there is reason to hope. VCS Advocacy in the News: VA May Designate 9 Infectious Diseases as Related...

Gulf War Veterans 19 years After Operation Desert Storm

He said the swift victory in the war was an “incredible rehabilitation” for the Army. The malaise that hung around the military following the Vietnam War and the stagnation of the Cold War made the Persian Gulf War an opportunity to show the world what the U.S. military could do, he said.