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FBI and Defense Intelligence Agency Official Video: The Pollard Story

It is the official duty of all Americans to report any evidence of foreign espionage. VT supports efforts to secure the United States from the severe harm outlined in this official video. Turning over classified information to what you may think is an ally of the United States is a crime. Expect to be caught and punished. Let Pollard's fate be a lesson to all.

Weekly Intel, January 22, 2012

This week, we are trying a bit of a social experiment. We will be listing items, most of which should appear on weekly opinion polls. However, over the past 2 decades, such polls as we once regularly enjoyed, have disappeared,

Saif Gaddafi, the Enigmatic Threat

Who can threaten acts of terror against the United States but not be named as a terrorist or even be put on a “no fly list?” Enigma, irony, what do we call this? Betrayal?

September 11th, What Went Wrong and Why?

America that is much beloved by people and the world is of the past. Since Ronald Reagan took over and his alliance with the Christian fundamentalist rights and the American Zionist Jews all that changed. America changed inside and outside.

Are You a War Criminal?

As World War II ended, America and the allies began a 10 year occupation of Germany. The first order of business was "de-Nazification," the removal of all traces of Hitler's propaganda and war machine from every aspect of German life.

Sibel Edmonds: Additional Omitted Points in CIA-Gulen coverage; A Note...

Crucial Details Missing in the MSM Coverage of the Recent Intel Chief’s Exposé Last week I wrote about the Washington Post’s incomplete and one-sided coverage...

A Retrospective Analysis of the “Wikileaks Crisis”

By Mohammed Abdullah Gul On 25 July 2010, the New York Times carried an explosive story by Mark Mazzetti, Jane Perlez, Eric Schmitt, and Andrew...


“….the depth of Pollard’s info that he passed on to Russia (amongst others) was as damaging as the Rosenberg’s was during that era. Devastatingly state of the art. Virtually everything that we knew/know about nukes….” (US Navy nuclear weapons expert exclusive to VT)

The Lunatic’s Manual in Afghanistan

- Given the current trend of things in Afghanistan, if President Obama and SecDef Gates are really serious about reclaiming "efficiencies" in defense spending, maybe they ought to think a little harder about the billions spent every month in that country, not to mention the wisdom of retaining 50,000 U.S. troops in Iraq. Sven Ortmann appropriately quotes Winston Churchill: "The Americans will always do the right thing ... after they've exhausted all the alternatives."

David Dastych: The Case Of Ambassador Leo Wanta

AMERICAN PATRIOT vs. THIEVES' WORLD PART 1 of 2 (Ambassador Leo Wanta is a regular reader and contributor at VT and a strong supporter of veteran's...

30 Years of US Mistakes in Afghanistan

More than three decades ago, there were social movements in Afghanistan to improve the standard of living of its people and to provide greater equality for women. There was even a functioning, if imperfect, democracy. But the U.S. government – using subversion, weapons and money – contributed to the halt in progress in these areas of human welfare. Indeed, many gains that had been made were reversed.