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TRUTH JIHAD: Robert David Steele says: Electoral reform could save this...

Here's a step-by-step recipe for the nonviolent revolution America needs.

TRUTH JIHAD: 11/13 Another French false flag?

Simultaneous terror drills; magic passports; suspects well known to the authorities...where have we seen this before?

TRUTH JIHAD: Gilad Atzmon bears witness to the trial of Arthur...

Gilad Atzmon discusses his expert witness testimony during Arthur Topham's hate speech trial.

TRUTH JIHAD: Ellen Brown says “let’s put the banksters out of...

Will the Empire of Usury implode sooner rather than later?

TRUTH JIHAD: Mark Siljander on interfaith prayers for peace

America's greatest Christian peacemaker has been slandered, censored, and falsely imprisoned...but he's still going strong.

TRUTH JIHAD: What’s with this Sunni-Shia thing?

The Zionist-driven Saudis are pushing shiaphobia and iranophobia as hard as they can.

TRUTH JIHAD: “The people in charge are WORSE than Satanists!”...

The Zionists may be bad, but the freemasons control the Zionists, the satanists control the freemasons, and the people really in charge are WORSE than the satanists.

TRUTH JIHAD Eid special! Michael Wolfe on the Hadj pilgrimage

Meet Michael Wolfe, our best American writer on the Hadj pilgrimage.

TRUTH JIHAD: Prof. James Tracy discusses academic freedom, Gladio-style shootings –...

Truth-seeking professor James Tracy is getting all kinds of static - not just from academic censors, but also when he tries to talk on the radio!

TRUTH JIHAD: A Catholic, a Muslim and a secular humanist walk...

Hecatomb of unborn babies? Or mere medical elimination of non-persons?

TRUTH JIHAD: Peter Mooring on “covert electronic harassment”

You'd have to be a tinfoil hat pollyanna to believe horrendous electronic weapons are NOT being tested and deployed.

TRUTH JIHAD: David Dionisi on the New World Order Brotherhood of...

Does a satanic freemasonic cult rule our world?

TRUTH JIHAD: Exposing CFR and NWO, Questioning Charleston shooting

Does the secret Central Committee of the Council on Foreign Relations run the world?

TRUTH JIHAD: Pope Francis planning to resign! – Jesuit insider

Jesuit insider Daniel Sheehan says Pope Francis already planning to resign five years from now.

TRUTH JIHAD: 10th anniversary of 7/7: Israeli security firms implicated...

Israeli security companies played a key role in the 7/7 London bombings.

TRUTH JIHAD: E. Michael Jones: Pope’s new vision threatens NWO

Will the Pope save the planet? First, he needs to admit that NWO bankster usury is the problem.

TRUTH JIHAD: Physics Professor Mujahid Kamran on 9/11 & NWO, international...

"The international bankers manipulate wars and fund both sides at war, bringing the governments and people under deeper debt bondage. They have steadily enhanced their control of the globe and aim at establishing a one-world slave state, under their control…"

TRUTH JIHAD: Popes environmental encyclical can save world – Rabbi Michael...

A rabbi and a Muslim get together to praise the Pope!

Truth Jihad: Ramadan and spirituality – why fasting is good for...

What's up with the Ramadan month of fasting? Two Muslim truthers tell all.

Truth Jihad: Debating the 2016 presidential race

With Rand Paul pushing to release the 28 pages and bust Jeb Bush for 9/11, it's a good time to break down the 2016 presidential horse race.