TRUTH JIHAD: A Catholic, a Muslim and a secular humanist walk into an abortion debate

Hecatomb of unborn babies? Or mere medical elimination of non-persons?


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At the 38:20 mark of last week’s False Flag Weekly News, co-host Jim Fetzer and I argued about Planned Parenthood, the breakdown of the family, and related issues.

So I thought it would be interesting to bring Jim face-to-face with some even MORE opposing views: Those of Catholic historian-activist E. Michael Jones.

I had hoped for a philosophical discussion of family values issues, using Planned Parenthood as a touchstone. But what I got was mainly an exchange of utterly incommensurable views on abortion.

Catholic historian E. Michael Jones and secular humanist philosopher Jim Fetzer seem to speak completely different languages that go right past each other. Was that because Jim wasn’t listening and responding to what he heard, but just reading pre-scripted boilerplate, as Mike said at the end of the show, when things devolved into a shouting match? Or does philosophy require that kind of elaborately organized and outlined approach, as Jim claims?

Listen and decide.  (And join VT’s own Jonas Alexis among others in the ongoing debate at the Truth Jihad Radio comments section.)

Meanwhile, you might ask yourself: Is life sacred? Are “rights” God-given or manufactured-by-man? If they’re man-made, what happens if an elite determines that slaughtering 3,000 people in a spectacular false flag will save more than 3001 lives? If life is not sacred, but instead is subject to pragmatic considerations, would we not be tempted to “kill a baby to save the mother” or “kill 3000 to save 3001” or “kill a few by mandatory vaccinations that will save many more”? And would not a self-appointed elite have good reason to eliminate billions of “useless eaters” in order to raise the quality of life for the survivors, preserve the quality of the biosphere, and save thousands of species from extinction?

Or does the Qur’anic injunction “Whoever takes a human life unjustly, it as if he had killed all of humanity” absolutely prohibit taking innocent human life, no matter how many other lives might be saved or enhanced by such a murder? Do we need that kind of sacred rule to remain human and avoid the slippery slope towards pragmatism and the mass murder and genocide toward which it leads? Was Dostoevsky right in saying “If God does not exist, everything is permitted” – from “pragmatic” murders like Raskolnikov’s in Crime and Punishment to the looming slaughter of billions of “useless eaters” by the New World Order Brotherhood of Death?

Think about it. Then check out the terrific new article by historian James Hufferd:

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by James Hufferd, 9/11 Truth Grassroots Coordinator

Even one wrongful or senseless death – a human life taken or let go – means the obliteration or, at very least, conduction to a different realm of a whole unique universe, a will working through possibly trillions of miraculously coordinated specialized cells and connections. A hecatomb (any word that rhymes with doom, appears to rhyme with bomb, and embodies tomb as well cannot be overly good news) [and don’t forget the not-quite-rhyme with womb – KB] is the sacrifice or slaughter of many victims, including human and too many other kinds for us to be comfortable with.
     With regard to hecatombs of human beings – sacred because imbued with life and capacity to experience and, however latent, to reason – I wondered, which are the greatest (that is, most horrific quantitatively) on record? It turns out there is no discernable clear champion reaper among the very many, most but not all of which humans deliberately brought on others.
     In my last article, I referred to Chomsky and Vitchek’s statement that 60 million deaths have resulted from U.S. military and CIA interventions since 1945. Now, I ask you, who knew? If you want to refigure the world, spread the word! Marveling, I wondered, how would this by turns appalling and suitably sterile quantity (for all intents and purposes unimagined of its subject) compare to the stupefying mega-murderous rampages and catastrophes more regularly displayed on that truly awful list, and about which the demigods of U.S. power are not shy?
     To address this question, let’s start with our culture’s usual most-demonized gaggle of perpetrators and see how they compare with this proud U.S. record. According to an article by Timothy Snyder, entitled, “Hitler vs. Stalin: Who Killed More?” published in the New York Times on March 10, 2011, the best estimate with reference to Stalin was “tens of millions”, for Hitler, “about 11 millions, … 780,862 [considerably more, if accurate, than were lost in the entire U.S. Civil War] at Treblinka alone.” Pol Pot, the reviled strongman responsible for Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge killing fields in the 1970s, did away with a comparatively trifling 3 million of his own countrymen before committing suicide, a free man, when he learned he was to be extradited to that global bastion of liberality and justice, the U.S., in 1998. (But let’s not forget as well how we Americans speak in awe of losing merely 1/1000 as many of our own to the cowardly false-flag gangsters of 9/11/2001). The infamous Idi Amin killed between 100,000 and 500,000 Ugandans in the 1970s, it turns out, while the fabled Rwandan genocide did away with 500,000 to 1 million in that country during the ‘90s, apparently leading to millions more deaths in continuing trans-border warfare by the same parties in the eastern Congo to this day.
     On the list, only WW II (60 – 85 million), the Mongol invasions of medieval times (40 – 60 million), and the Black Death that ravaged Europe in the 1340s (at least 75 million) even begin to measure up to the record of a bit more than two generations (60 million perpetrated) that U.S. rulers are so uncharacteristically modest about, occasioned in their role of “protecting” the world. Almost incidentally meanwhile, WW I clocked in at 17 million, and the extermination in most quarters wrought by five centuries of European-origin colonization of the Americas has added 50 million and counting to the toll of lives lost. Our incomparably bloody (at least for recognized U.S. wars) Civil War cost us 2% of our population at the time, while England’s largely forgotten seventeenth century civil war took a toll of 14.5% of that country’s then-population, as nearly 50% more lives were, unimaginably, sacrificed for cause than in the classic U.S. internal struggle.
     And now, we’ve arrived (in this essay as well as in well-attested reality) at the coming of the “Truly Big One” still in the making, associated with what is generally called the “Sixth Great Extinction”. This foreshadowing reckoning – which would seem to be more linked than not to the true genesis of the taboo U.S. record alluded to above that was rung up cumulatively by U.S. police actions and fearsome security agency plots during the seventy years since 1945 – is now full-bore upon us. If some of the more modest learned estimates by the scientific community of developing untenable climate conditions come to pass, we could literally lose everyone, or within a whisker, in this century. And it more than appears that élite foundations are characteristically funding and fueling both sides of the argument, to make themselves look civic-minded and informed, while imposing a major drag on taking any serious counteraction, regardless what the evidence portends.
     So, where does 9/11 stand in the midst of this veritable roiling sea of high-rise hecatombs, past and daunting before us? As James Perloff, the author of Shadows of Power, takes pains to remind in his newer book, Truth Is a Lonely Warrior (2013), “9/11 is just one piece of the puzzle.” Above all, 9/11 provides direct evidence of a more-brazen new species of weapon wielded against us: a false-flag incident in relative peacetime, seemingly deployed on a smaller scale numerous times since in various guises meant to control, steer, and dis- or misinform us, always perpetrated by the same forces that have guided us dragging our heels, usually mounting mass and futile protests at the beginning, into all of our wars for over a century (see Rockefeller Foundation, Nazi eugenics, American eugenics, public relations, global banking, invisible government). These same usually-unseen avatars have likewise plotted for more than a century a precipitous decline in world population, devising and applying all conceivable means in the face of a truly startling unplanned global demographic explosion, at least up to now.
     And in so far as their intent, as is yet intermittently stated and inferred, may still be to decimate the inconvenient non-white populations for the perceived benefit and control/spread of the Anglo-American brain trust and its manageable spawn, their overall intent, which now appears likely to succeed, seems to have perversely backfired in its precise outcome – unless … ? (No, don’t forget, there was aids). Because, a mysterious, but almost certainly industry- or environment-related decimation of the sperm count among European-origin males has spelled a beyond alarming drop in human fertility of 1.5% in the U.S. and 3% in Europe and Australia in each year since 1938. (I cite Jim Marrs’s 2015 book Population Control, pages 280-281, and his source, University of Edinburgh professor Richard Sharpe). Now, to me, that spells ‘hecatomb’ well beyond the loss of butterflies and bees – a sort of final hecatomb – like nothing else! In fact, peace-craving democratic (people-based) intervention by the likes of Sharpe is clearly in beyond urgent need now!
     As for that saw about “saving the earth” – it will, I believe, go right on spinning in space regardless. And someone might possibly still be home.

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