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VetLikeMe Weekly 12/16/2014

By the time all protests are resolved, there might not be anyone left to take the reins of the VA’s Center for Verification and Evaluation (“CVE”).

VetLikeMe Weekly 11/20/2014

A recent VA OIG audit addressed the following question: are systematic deficiencies in the Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) contracting processes causing money to be wasted on support service contracts?

VetLikeMe Weekly 10/16/2014

For the last two years we have been working on launching the National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC), a new Veteran Business Certification program to help our Veteran Business Owners to be able to share in the Supplier Diversity spend of Corporate America.

VetLikeMe September 25, 2014

As a child growing up just outside of New York City, I was a big New York Yankees fan. My grandfather used to love telling me stories about how far Mickey Mantle could hit a ball and what a tremendous pitcher Whitey Ford was, not just for his time, but for all time.

VetLikeMe July 24, 2014

A recent Gallup poll puts Congress’s approval rating at 15 percent (which is actually up six points since November).

VetLikeMe Weekly June 12

The VA is looking more and more like it is on a quest to put all small businesses OUT OF BUSINESS.

VetLikeMe Weekly May 29, 2014

VA Secretary Shinseki resigned just after noon on Friday, May 30. VetLikeMe is providing below the Executive Summary of the IG Report (Review of Wait Times, Scheduling Practices, and Alleged Patient Deaths at the Phoenix Health Care System) to keep readers abreast of recent developments.

April 4 VetLikeMe Weekly

Braulio Castillo, the president of IT contractor Strong Castle, was arrested April 1 by Loudoun County, Virginia authorities and charged with first degree murder in the death of his estranged wife, Michelle.

Veteran Business News Feb. 14

VetLikeMe Veteran Business News Feb. 14 Short Takes from CyberSpace

VetLikeMe, Jan 31, 2014

SDVOSB Protests: Outside Relationships Undermined Control: A would-be SDVOSB’s relationships with a company controlled by the SDVOSB’s minority owner undermined the service-disabled veteran’s control–and cost the SDVOSB an Air Force contract.

VetLikeMe Edition 4.5

In 2004, Tammy Duckworth (D-IL [8]) was deployed to Iraq as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot for the Illinois Army National Guard. She was one of the first Army women to fly combat missions during Operation Iraqi Freedom until her helicopter was hit by an RPG on November 12, 2004.

VetLikeMe, 4.4, June 2013

Thank you, Mr. Chairman, for your time. This is our second interview with you, Congressman, since you’ve been the Chairman of the House Committee on Small Business. Our initial interview was held in September 2011.

Interview: Senator Bernie Sanders, Chairman, Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs

VetLikeMe interviewed Senator Sanders from Washington on April 19, 2013.

VetLikeMe Press Release

After sustaining at least three dozen protests in 12 months against the Veterans Administration (VA) for failure to adhere to Public Law 109-461, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a decision today to dismiss further protests based on the ‘Veterans First’ mandate.

News for Service – Disabled Business Owners

The Veterans Administration issued an ‘Interim Rule’ in the procurement priority of Service Disabled Veterans Owned Business (SDVOSB), placing them behind the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) and Ability One in small business set-asides.