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Congress Without Conscience and The Broken Safety Net: Part Two in...

This week in D.C. thousands of Jewish and Christian AIPAC lobbyists have inundated the Capitol to push Congress to vote YES on Senate Resolution 380, introduced by Zionist Senators Lieberman, Casey and Graham, who call for a military attack on Iran.

America’s Welfare Reform Laws Deepening and Perpetuating Poverty

The tougher welfare laws instituted by President Bill Clinton with great fanfare have only worked to keep the poor poverty-stricken longer, a former welfare mother who knows the story from the inside, contends.

Who Is Responsible For The American Dream, You or "THEY"?

Who is responsible for the success of the American Dream?

U.S. and Australian Departments of Veterans Affairs Research Impacts of...

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will collaborate with the Australian Department of Veterans Affairs on a new research effort focused on investigating the impact of recent conflicts on the health of returning Servicemembers.

Welfare “Reform” Act of 1996″ Keeping Poor From Good Jobs

Although “welfare reform is seen as a huge success,” Shaw said, “we’re not measuring the kinds of jobs that people are getting, whether they pay a living wage. We just look at the fact that the rolls are being reduced. Something like 60 percent of the people who are not on welfare anymore are not working either.”