The Crisis of Misdirection, Time to Get Off the Bus

Leaving the Program Forever

Differentiated Reality, Out of Focus


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


For the past two weeks, I have had out feelers in the intelligence community, trying to verify stories about secret deals between Israel and Iran.   Groups in both countries, we have confirmed from multiple sources, have planned to stage a phony short lived conflict in order to scam the oil markets.

What they forgot to do is tell other people they are just kidding.  There are no real conflicts between Iran and Israel, any idiot knows that.  They are far from each other, have nothing to fight about, no conflicting interests of any kind.

Are we all supposed to be so stupid we don’t know we are being played.

Below is my 2 hour interview this week with Kevin Barrett.  It has its moments:

Untitled from Gordon Duff on Vimeo.

Yesterday, the Republican presidential contenders, how it sickens me to to think about them, bumbling fools, Gingrich especially, (who should know better), stumbled all over themselves hoping bags of Jewish money would flow in if they made enough noises about wanting to murder 100 million Iranians.

Two weeks ago, while investigating the secret protocols reportedly between Israel and Iran, we were told of Iran’s nuclear weapons.  This information came from dissidents in their own military who told us they bought weapons from the Ukraine.

SS19 - Being Transported

We then went to the Ukraine, top level intelligence officials, who were more than willing to blame the old government, who told us that the Ukraine sold Iran 6 nuclear weapons.

A week later we asked them more and they explained the weapons were part of an SS19, a Soviet ICBM with 6 thermonuclear weapons of 550 kiloton capacity but the missile was unserviced.

We then asked the CIA, or whatever idiot was tasked with lying to Veterans Today, they change that off on a biweekly basis, who confirmed the story about the SS19 missile.

We had confirmed from the Ukraine that the purchase was done in latter 2002 or early 2003. We were told, 2 days ago, that it was authorized by the Russian government, which is, in itself, a big secret. 

As for the reason, we can’t guess. Russia has withheld transfer of air defense systems to Iran for several years but allowed nuclear weapons to be transferred there.

Back to the CIA:

Thermonuclear Warhead

The CIA claims that in 1991, the Ukraine sold 250 “suitcase nukes” to Iran.  I had heard this story so many times I have become immune to it.

Then the CIA said the weapons in the SS19 needed a certain capacitor replaced, one that operated the authorization bypass circuit.  They said that the search for these parts, misnamed “nuclear triggers” was what Valerie Plame had been working on.

There are several ways that nuclear weapons are disabled so that they can’t be used by terrorists.  Some have explosive booby traps that misshape the fissionable material, requiring complex re-machining.

Some have digital circuits, some have coded boxes like the old Enigma machines and others have circuits buried in epoxy that nobody can work on.

However, any real nation with a decade to think about it, can take apart any hydrogen bomb and make a standard “gun type” nuke out of it, given a few months.

Thus, the CIA story is not rational.

American SADM - Suitcase Nuke

Additionally, based on the age of the warheads, it is reasonable to assume the lockouts are primitive and mechanical and easily overridden.

The CIA seem “tasked” with convincing the world Iran has hundreds of nukes.  No secret there, perhaps no truth either.  We, thus far, believe they have 6.

An issue with bypassing the lockouts is if the weapons were to be used as initially proposed, as part of missile nosecones.

One other “lockout” method is to have sensors on a weapon that detect a launch, changes in trajectory, deceleration, all the predictable things ICBMs do when busy destroying things.

We aren’t so sure this type of lockout dates back this far.

However, what the CIA and the Ukraine told us is that nukes were sold, maybe not 250 suitcase nukes to Iran, maybe yes, maybe no, but weapons went places we never suspected.

Libya got some. Syria very likely got some.

We also have reliable stories that the US lost 3 nukes off Somalia, which the British claimed that Iraq, then Syria, then Lebanon and now Iran have.

I have each of these “leaked” secret reports. What do I make of this?

First of all, Israel has nukes and we are told has used them in terror attacks like Bali and the Beirut Marine attack.  We have found the US has used nukes, some of unknown physics, in Iraq and Afghanistan, something now fully factual, not theoretical.

We have also been told that both Saudi Arabia and the UAE have approached China to buy nuclear weapons, not to defend themselves against Iran, as we had been told initially, but had not reported, but because they think Netanyahu has gone insane.

We have strong confirmations on this. The UAE, I understand, the Saudis, this surprises me.

In the interim, the Ukraine reports they are nearing a civil war.  The rationale they give is that Russia is reasserting control over those areas lost when the Soviet Union broke up.

Only the Ukraine remains, it and Georgia, well outside the Russian sphere and that moves are in progress to correct this, civil war, political assassination, this sort of thing.

Vladimir Putin

This is Putin’s plan. Our question is why?

Putin is very unfriendly to the US.  He still is very unforgiving about the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan although, taken along with the US defeat in Vietnam, it could be seen as “balancing the books.”  He disagrees.

The plays between the partners, Israel, Iran, Turkey, Ukraine and Russia are too complex to explain.  This, of course, is my excuse because I actually don’t understand them myself.

I suspect Putin is playing “the long game” while Israel is involved in a “crash and burn” which is hard to miss.

In the interim, western Europe has melted down financially and half the nations in the Euro may well be restricted to Germany, France, Austria and the Netherlands, until, at least, it is learned how much debt France is hiding.

As for Putin, this move is 85% done, the “Stans” are under Russian control and the once powerful EU no longer exists, nor does the United States.

Does this mean Russian hegemony, over the Middle East, cooperation with China to control South Central Asia, a rapprochement between Pakistan and India and a reassertion  of Russian/Soviet influence in Afghanistan as well?

Russian influence across Africa is virtually unknown to Americans.  We think we run Africa from Djibouti with our AfriCom.

What can we conclude here?  If nukes are everywhere, used continually by the US in Iraq and Afghanistan, a “dime a dozen” after the fire sale when the Soviet Union crashed, kept at bay only out of denialism, why all the talk about Iran?

Israeli Nuclear Weapon Core Model from Dimona Plant- Mordacai Vanunu Photo

What is Israel’s real arsenal?  Their military, as those who have come against it other than civilians tell me, is not a shadow of what it had once been.

Where does all of this point?  Arab Spring’s are hopeful as is the political meltdown in the west.  Is there reason to celebrate the collapse of the United States?

I normally would have thought of such a thing as a disaster for the world.  I no longer hold those views.

John McCain and I are on the same page on this one.

The next thing we are awaiting is the announcement of what will replace the world’s financial system.  There is nothing left of the old one.

It really isn’t the old one anyway, simply a “smash and grab” looting of world currencies, part of an attempt to simply steal money instead of things, as money exists electronically now, it no longer requires carrying around but spends just the same.

Judge Napolitano, the light of the otherwise worthless and despicable Fox News cabal makes some interesting points, which he mitigates out of an obvious need to continue drawing a paycheck:

YouTube - Veterans Today -

He is clear, tear it all down, there isn’t enough left to work with. McCain suggests a third party. I suggest a violent revolution, kiddingly of course, with reeducation camps for millions.

What Will Neo-Low Income Housing Look Like?

The real issue is survivability. The economic system has to end.  It serves no purpose. There is no real world economy, only a shell game.

Currencies have to go, they serve no purpose other than to represent chess pieces in a great game run by organized crime where “winning” means the destruction of humanity.

I strongly suggest all classified information be opened to the public, UFO’s, secret weapons, suppressed energy technologies, secret back door deals, all of it.

Keeping secrets has no purpose anymore.

One answer might be honest work for all.

What we need are growing and picking turnips in reeducation camps for our leaders, military, political and financial. And for others, saving our environment, building a rail system across America, decent housing for all, raising food and returning all manufacturing to America.

What is required is for the American people to join their brothers and sisters around the world and “get off the bus.”


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8 Responses to "The Crisis of Misdirection, Time to Get Off the Bus"

  1. JS  November 19, 2011 at 10:19 am

    To me, the grimmest part of your report is the news out of the Ukraine about the potential for civil war. Putin is GRU, so I can see it happening, happened many times before. I grew up with Ukrainian immigrants, who arrived in waves, before and after Communism. They value guns. They say that the governement first will steal your guns, your food and your money, and then put you in re-education camps.

    You joke about re-education camps for millions, but it is no joke. This is a tool of tyranny, no matter what “ism” you call it. The real re-education camp should be jail for the 1%.

  2. LOB2065  November 17, 2011 at 1:50 am

    I believe that the US realises that a war with Iran would be the end of the US, it would be destroyed by debt.

    Israel knows that as a parasite it must not kill it host.

    The recent IAEA ‘lies and deceit report’ about Iran building nuclear weapons is so that the US can try and drum up more sanctions but no one is going to buy into it. The world has had America’s WMD lies in the past, no one is likely to fall for that one again, even really stupid Americans.

  3. LOB2065  November 17, 2011 at 1:43 am

    Over 2500 US troops are supposed to be moving to Darwin Australia between now and 2016 for military exercises. What is supposed to be happening in 2016 – are they going to pack up and go back to the US?

    Darwin has a very hot humid climate, a bit like the Middle East and parts of Central Asia.

    If you had to get troops to pack for a secret mission, you would have a cover location that they could give their families and that location would be similar in climate to where the troops were really going.

    I do not think these 2500 US troops are really coming to Australia. Not with military cutbacks on the cards in the US. Nothing is happening in East Asia.

  4. stuarte  November 14, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    Gordon: Obama must have heard you on your original revelation, he just removed Ross from that Iran position. Or, he appointed him there because he knew what he was, gave him a rope…

  5. Joe in San Francisco  November 14, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    My gut feeling is the same as yours, but I hope we’re both wrong.

  6. Debbie Menon  November 14, 2011 at 11:18 am

    I tend to agree with Rahnameh.

  7. The Rahnameh  November 14, 2011 at 7:56 am


    Take a few steps back and look at what has happened in the blogosphere over the last few weeks. Have you noticed a trend? Everyone but the PersianAdvocate/GohBokhor/The Rahnameh has been adamant that an Israeli attack on Iran is an imminent possibility, while I have been stating, without reservation, that this is another Israeli bluff.

    Stepping back, you will see that there is a wider campaign of disseminating disinformation to all sites that are typically truth tellers (read: against Israel’s worst-evil-of-all-time wrongdoing). They seem to have altered their regular tactics of sending stupid hasbarists to make moronic troll comments all over these sites. Now, they’re trying to plant stories as well.

    I question the “dissidents” from the IRGC. I would find it highly more likely that there would be dissidents in our own military than in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. As far as ideology goes, the IRGC is composed of the most hardcore adherents to the Islamic Republic. Those who do not fit that profile clearly (and they are vetted, much more so than the clearance we think we screen amply for here) do not make it very far in the IRGC, certainly not far enough to know of high-level plans to collude with Israel. Any supposed dissidents are likely imposters, probably a part of the MEK. They’ve tried this so many times in the past. Again, your story just goes against even plain logic. You also dotted it with sheer propaganda that you should dismiss going forward: the lies about witchcraft accusations and Masshei. That’s about as true as Ahmadinejad threatening a Jewish genocide. The accusations were statements by a fringe cleric, not formal, not spoken about or discussed in Iranian press, just briefly stated in a hardliner newspaper. Amplified, manipulated, and spread all across the Western media as proof-in-fact that the Iranian Mullahs, who have been doing so well by calculating their every move, are now suddenly insane.

    I hope you recognize this has all been a move to discredit you. While there may be some truth in what you found, the ultimate thesis was aimed at making a fool out of you. It will be a matter of ego whether or not you allow them to continue their damage.

  8. Debbie Menon  November 13, 2011 at 8:53 pm

    Israel refuses to tell US its Iran intentions – Telegraph

    Israel has refused to reassure President Barack Obama that it would warn him in advance of any pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear capabilities, raising fears that it may be planning a go-it-alone attack as early as next summer.

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