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War, Press TV and Death By Political Correctness

Some Inexorable Truth, Deal With It Quickly Before More Die


… by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

When will the names of those really responsible for 9-11 and the other attacks on America be carved in stone for all to see?

As many know, I am the preferred voice chosen by Press TV, the Iranian news network, when discussing military issues. 

The answer is simple, I am the only one who will talk with them, the only one not terrified at reprisals by the ADL, a Pseudo-Jewish Lobby group I see as intellectual terrorists.

Let’s talk a second about Press TV.  They have been blocked in Britain and Germany but are, by American standards, very mainstream, their news reporting accurate and fairly “middle of the road.”

In fact, they, by my standards, try too hard to sound like others. I work with them because of one reason, they display a naivety but also a sense of decency.

What they will do, as will the other major foreign independent but government controlled network, Russia Today TV, is allow what sounds like diverse opinions from “dissidents.” In truth, both are overrun with phony dissidents, those pretending to protest evil but the majority of whom are tasked with steering opinions to a controlled “dead end.”

I catch this continually, protestors, brainless college professors, phony experts, all either paid spies or others terrified of speaking the truth in fear of angering the bullies who use charges of “anti-semitism” to get people fired from jobs or subjected to violence.

Only a very few, Alan Sabrosky, Jeff Gates, Kevin Barrett, Mike Harris, oh, and me, others too, will ever speak fact.

What is fact?:

  1. Anyone who doesn’t pretend doesn’t Al Qaeda exists is ostracized.  Neither is there now nor has there ever been such an organization.  The Department of Justice invented it and the CIA, Mossad and other organizations are responsible for the terrorist acts falsely attributed to it.  “Al Qaeda” is Hebrew for “boogeyman” me thinks.
  2. Those who say they are “terrorist spokesmen” are Israeli actors and all “Al Qaeda” material is pure theatre, every word a lie.  Blaming phony “Al Qaeda” is a form of political correctness, one that causes wars and kills endless thousands.  The Al Qaeda lie has made many a criminal and political hack an overnight billionaire while America is starving, schools are closing and veterans sleeping under bridges.
  3. Osama bin Laden was never a terrorist, died in 2001, denied any complicity in 9/11 and was a CIA agent, both loved and respected by his American co-workers with whom I have spoken extensively.  He never committed a single act, had no terror network and was the chosen trustee of all American Stinger missiles used against the Soviet Union.  Technically, he is an American hero.
  4. There is no US government nor any political parties.  There is a world government that consists of layers, corporations, banks, overlords, one no single person understands but not run by the Bilderbergers, the CFR and has almost no American membership.  America takes orders passed on through Israel who gets them from some place else.
  5. Iran and Israel stay at each other’s throats because they have domestic governments that are extremely unpopular and need to blame someone else for their problems.  Iran plays “nuclear peek-a-boo” while Israel pretends they are surrounded by invisible armies or are hiding from imaginary rockets.  When Israel needs a terror attack, they simply kill a few of their own, blame Hamas, attack and wait for Hamas or someone to retaliate.  Everyone who knows anything knows this but saying it will get you accused of “anti-semitism” and you could lose your high paying job as a liar or misdirection artist, what  you do instead of real work which no longer seems to exist.

Look at this photo before the building was crashed in. There is no wreckage, not a single piece. Tiny bits of wreckage were snuck in on the first evening, carried in luggage of special emergency crews. That is why virtually all of them were small and spread out too evenly.

Plane crashes are never neat, yet if you look at the ‘wreckage photos’ they look like green tooth fairies sprinkled the photo ops fake wreckage all around and did not want to damage any of the grass.

Remember the light poles that fell on a taxi owned by the husband of an FBI employee on 9/11, light poles knocked down by the imaginary airplane that hit the Pentagon?

Here is a photo from the first hour after a missile hit the Pentagon, before officials could come out and use equipment to knock the poles down and stage the phony crash, no wings, no engines, no plane, no bodies, and certainly not the thousands of cocktail napkins that would have spread over a mile like they do at other crashes.

The next day, if you came out early, you would see a piece of fuselage on the lawn just above the top of the tree.  It had been placed there overnight, having been flown in from crash wreckage stored in Colombia. How do I know this?  Two poor guys who used to load cocaine lost a day’s work delivering that for Rumsfeld and a phony photo.

The video may be seen here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wXdOOVhtp8

YouTube - Veterans Today -

This is the actual wreckage, sitting where American Airlines flight 965 crashed on the way to Cali Colombia, little did it know it would be used again.

From Colombian Warhouse to Pentagon Lawn, American Airlines Wreckage from 1995 Saved for False Flag Attack

Here is another one so much worse:

YouTube - Veterans Today -

This is a short video with audio background and two national news reports of a very serious terror attack on 9/11 that was later covered up.  The terrorists, explosives and weapons, were Israeli, suspects were arrested, it was reported on national television but no record exists.

This categorically proves that No Arabs were involved in 9/11.  This also categorically proves there was a massive cover up on 9/11, as does the photo above.

Sometimes not paying attention to the little things will foul you up as Al Capone once said while facing 11 years in prison for tax evasion. There was a second arrest, explosives, Israeli citizens, guns, outside the Lincoln Tunnel.  We don’t have that tape so you just get this one.

Chances are you don’ t know any of this unless you are senior NYPD and if so, you have been told your pension depends on your silence.  I have confirmed this also.  Do note your brother officers have died, more dying still, and even more firefighters while your silence continues to endure.

These are not the “Dancing Israelis,” but armed terrorists with massive bombs reported on multiple national news networks.


Today I did a talk show on Press TV as I have endless times before. We talked about how bad America is, everyone’s favorite subject, but only I mentioned that the attacks and even the wars themselves were at the behest of Israel, the nation currently demanding the US attack Iran.

Only I would mention this and how Congress takes orders from AIPAC.

Others, well paid and comfortable, politically correct, pretend Israel doesn’t exist, pretend Israel isn’t an apartheid state, pretends they don’t have illegal nuclear weapons and Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles as of 2 months ago capable of attacking anywhere in the United States, built with the full cooperation of India. This is a “secret.”

I am not saying Jews are bad or that even the orders Israel gives to Congress and tries, unsuccessfully, to control President Obama.  I don’t believe Israel runs the world but is simply the dupe assigned with acting as “capo” (Mafia talk for “boss”) for crooked American politicians.

The world is international and anyone who thinks all these nations collapsing at the same time is an accident needs to stick to Fox News and hide under their beds.

The real conspiracies are so much worse than the ones the phony activists talk about, you would be scared to death.  Thousands of phony internet sites, hundreds of phony “activists” exist only to send us all chasing our tales.  The truth?  If you think it involves birth certificates or mortgages, you are a dupe.  What is it really?  Even I get threatened when I get too close.

Some odd facts:

  1. The primary religion of Jesuits, high ranking Evangelical Christians, members of powerful organizations (we all know the list), congress and the Pentagon is Satanism.  The number of high level confirmations I have on this are frightening.  The more “Christian” or “religious” people appear, the more Satanist they are.
  2. Satanists are bad.
  3. Bad means they are immoral, they commit hideous acts using their power as cover and have total control of our courts and law enforcement mechanism and the leadership of both political parties.

This is a fact, like it or not.  Your favorite leader is probably a Satanist.  How I am told you can tell is that if someone lacks biting intellect and charisma yet holds a position of power, they have turned to Satan for help.

Do I believe this?  I am not a religious person, but this was the guy who first explained this to me.  Others since have confirmed and confirmed and confirmed:

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Excuse the three hours but ignoring a powerful belief that effects our lives every day more than simple denial.  As Father Martin had told me years ago, when Christianity “quit delivering the goods,” wealth and power, those who seek wealth and power turned elsewhere.

A Devil in Whose Clothing?

If we are ruled, not governed, then it is by those seeking power.

Certainly we have seen the planet looted of every resource, real and imaginary with a Luciferian bent, organ theft, human trafficking, wholesale government sanctioned slaughter, poisoning of the earth, believing in Satan or following Satan isn’t so hard to accept when the evidence is overwhelming.

Who is our government, what is the source of world government, the financial cabals, the plots, the secret alliances, the reasons for the lies, the hate, war after war and religion always at the center of the worst of it?

But then, though the nature of all “religions of the book” is a belief in Satan or Lucifer and of demonic possession, it is politically incorrect to recognize it when it is staring you in the face.

This is one of the interesting points about both Iran and Israel.  The “religious extremists” of both nations recognize Satanic threat.  We hear nothing of this but it is curiously true.  What is a genie or “jinn” but an infesting spirit, a fallen angel.

So, when Father Martin tells us the Church is Satanic or nearly so and we recognize a world that moves toward what could be described as Satanic rule where the cloak of righteousness is the clearest sign of utter evil, I can’t help but think of Dick Cheney carrying a bible standing next to Karl Rove with “little Bush” and Rummy behind them, even our religions are edited away through political correctness.

I don’t expect Press TV to attack the religious leaders of Iran.  Some I respect, others I hear stories about.  I am a cynic, incurably so.

When I read anything in America, it seldom places responsibility on Israeli groups that seek the destruction of America yet the real victims, as people are only so blind, will have to be the Jews.

History reports, when you care to look, that Zionists joined with Hitler to expel millions of Jews from Germany who would be, according to plan, eventually settled in Palestine to wrestle control of the Suez Canal and the world’s oil from the British and French.

The question is failing to tell the truth out of fear, the need to keep mythology going, fear of truth, fear of dispelling myth, fear of standing against what seems to be genuine evil.

The Protocols - 1920 version

If the current wars are the result of plans made in Washington by a group of “conservative think tanks” whose works deeply parallel the “debunked” Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and they do so exactly.

And even if we don’t know the origin of the Protocols, we do know the origin of The Project for a New American Century, a group that wrote a new “Protocol” for the destruction of humanity packaged as Christian family values by Satanists, buggerers and deviants, according to endless confirmations.

Is this proof of a Zionist plot or simply that “neocons” are controlled by the same organization that published the infamous protocols?  Something is true, too many coincidences make that clear.

Then, though, we have the history of that era, and it is all there, the seeming hand of destruction, be it a Satanic hand or a hand meant to destroy Christian civilization, if such a thing ever existed, or a hand simply intended to enter every pocket in the world, take the cash and leave behind an infection of the soul.

Thus, from time to time, I go on radio and TV, sometimes too often, risking overexposure, becoming part of the background noise, easy to ignore.

Some points are so easy yet unlawful to discuss it seems:

  • Iran must be attacked, nukes or not while Israel can threaten the west with the Samson option, nuclear attack on Rome first, terror nukes on London and New York, and, I assure you, Israel has made that threat though no paper, no TV station and no radio can report it.  We must attack Iran or lose London, where a nuclear weapon was discovered two weeks ago, huge, modern, Russian in origin and planted with full cooperation of some British agencies and officials.  (secret but true, a truth I would rather not report)
  • America will have an election, voting in who I believe to be an obvious Satanist, Mitt Romney, or the Obama government, paralyzed by the orchestrated opposition of a vast criminal enterprise that has dupes and morons looking for imaginary birth certificates when they should look to their own cowardice.
  • We continue the fight against Al Qaeda, this time in Yemen, when endless reports, some even in mainstream media, openly state there has never been such an organization.
  • Fukajima radiation may actually reduce world population by a billion, cancer, reproductive issues, worse than all the world’s wars combined and a few lobbyists can keep this most vital piece of information “verboten.”

In the interim, the activists and pundits amuse like the clowns they are, point here, pointing there as though the Pimpernel were to appear on command.  We cling to their words, knowing much is awry and they, the orchestrated and controlled opposition, the “lesser poison” is all we have.

In a nation where the only real religion is ignorance, expecting more is not rational.



For those of you who got at least partway into the Malachi Martin video, an experience comes to mind. Martin insists that we meet, from time to time, humans, seemingly normal, that are invested by a demonic presence, one they sought out quite purposefully.

Martin, who has performed many exorcisms, many carefully documented and some quite gruesome and even fatal, is careful to warn of such entities.

Then I met one, a psychologist working for the State of Michigan.  He came to light when I was told he had arranged for a murder for hire, more blackmail than hire, and extensive involvement in human trafficking under pretty unpleasant circumstances.  I interviewed him on several occasions.  I was younger then, not unbloodied by any means, but could only describe a feeling of pervasive evil that eminated from him.

As I remember, he thought me rigid.  I considered him a psychopath, capable of any act and obsessed with debasing anyone he had power over and he had power over hundreds, the power of life and death quite actually.

Still the non-believer, I would say he was possessed, a demonic presence.  If I have been around others, and I have been around some unsavourable types, this is someone who went “there” and beyond.

I won’t have this talk with Father Martin as he passed on some dozen years ago.  I wonder where our psychologist is and what suffering he has caused.

I wonder that often.

 Editing: Jim W. Dean

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108 Responses to "War, Press TV and Death By Political Correctness"

  1. Detlef Reimers  June 3, 2012 at 10:32 am

    xx, a very good introduction into fundamental mind manipulation techniques.

    At the age of ten I was shot at by a farmer for steelin a turnip from his field, it failed. After that I often had nightmares. I developed my own technique by switching to another “dream program”, without waking up in fear. It worked well, after some time the nightmares stopped.

  2. xx  June 2, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    Three basic phases of the biological life cycle are fertilization, adaptation, and if necessary transformation. Genetic modification alters adaptation phase, and indicates failure is proceeding. The response to this failure is transformation phase, which encompasses several stages, one of which is to transport or extract, and another to transform and recycle. What is the light and darkness? These are two of three gateways in this vessel; one is to separate life energy from biological matter and requires mind altering technology. This chamber is often referred to as the darkness and necessary to heighten the state of consciousness. If not performed, the life energy is trapped in the encasement and this results in biological shock. I will not mention the third gateway, it’s too dangerous.

    Two basic universal principles, primitive societies look inward, and advanced look outward (relates to human entities and other). Primitive societies see one as many, where advanced see many as one (also relates to entities and other). Some basic guidelines used to assess civilizations.

    Remember the above GD. And remember who provided you with this information?

    • xx  June 2, 2012 at 3:57 pm

      Have you ever had a nightmare, and awakened suddenly? This is communication primer, so overcome your fear, then you can take the journey. The fear is embedded in your mind, and must be removed before entry. This is an attempt to prepare you, to heighten your state of consciousness, and then extract, and is necessary. Or the above stated would occur, you awaken before the short journey is complete. You will know when the time comes, or sooner if you wish to learn more. Probably said too much…

    • Gordon Duff  June 2, 2012 at 4:16 pm

      now to figure this out

    • xx  June 2, 2012 at 7:58 pm

      The real secret being hidden is that “Life is infinite”, not to believe, but to discover. And thereafter you will discover that “fear” is nothing more then a psychological exercise used to embed false information into your mind. Let’s introduce a process, how would you determine a failed civilization based on some guidelines as stated above? You might introduce “something” to accelerate adaptation, or determine whether to proceed with transformation. Something that may already be of interest to small group, and how would they discover this —–? Would they pursue “this” under the cover of another program? Something you need to determine.

  3. CoJonesGrandes  June 2, 2012 at 11:13 am

    I found these comments explaining the links between 9/11 and Satanism:

    From the comments section to article titled “Remains of some 9/11 victims burned, thrown in landfills”

    “Linda Dobrin
    Jason Usher No one died on 911 it was an ILLUSION. The towers were empty, gutted long before 911 and planted w explosives once Silverstein signed the lease. Silverstein had to wait until he got the downpayment from Rumsfeld. Money stolen from the Pentagon budget. Witches alway try to his/her victim to pay for his own curse. Look into the digital response, I posted much more information.
    March 4 at 2:21am

    Linda Dobrin
    Jason Usher, Among getting war, condructing a HUGE mega ritual on 911 to fulfill masonic prophecy, getting Americans to give up their civil liberies, pay more in taxes & gas prices, 811 was a plan to expose ISIS at the WTC STARGATE and prepare the world with chaos to usher in the ARRIVAL of the Antichrist as the ruler of one world government. 911 victims were computer generated from body parts from pictures of the perps involved in collectini death hoax insurance fraud.Fake dead people families & buddies collected $2 million to spread among the criminals involved in making up the fake dead people.
    March 4 at 2:33am

    Linda Dobrin
    911 wwas a mega ritual perpetrated by occultists, masons, kabbalists-zionist & witches. Barbara Bush and Ann Cappelletti are illegiitmate witch daughters of Aleister Crowley who got together in 1970s to plan with other/occultists/luciferians/witches, the antichrist’s arrival. Time for you all to brush up on REAL history & learn HOW TOTALLY evil Aleister Crowley, the beast, baphomet, 666, the most evil man in the world was. Ann Cappelletti, his sorcerer daughter became as evil as he was. Bush & Cappelletti bros are master occultists, witches, grandsons of Aleister Crowley. I have lots more to tell. If Americans don’t stop these luciferians, you deserve the evil which these men will do to execute their evil plans.
    March 1 at 2:51am

    Linda Dobrin
    The fact that someone even published this disgusting article means the 911 perps are still controlling the public, pushing 911 lies. For anyone who has not looked into 3000 missing from the Social Security master death list for 911 01, why have you not looked into http://septemberclues.info/vicsims.htm.

    September Clues shows how all the fake people (simulated victims) were composited from photographs and a simulated persons computer game. Fridogfrihed.dk has been generating fake victims for the FAKE WAR ON TERROR since 1992. According to their website, they stopped manufacturing fake victims in 2004.

    There are Americans who have looked into the lies of 911, such as Morgan Reynolds, Steven Jones, who have been ridiculed. Theses men had people try to humiliate them. Then there are paid perps such as Alex Jones & his pal Berman who attack anyone who points out the truth: NO PLANES on 911.

    On 911 I saw that fake jittery plane icon. I knew it was fake but I thought the truth would be exposed. It was never exposed because the 911 perps made trillions in the FRAUD of 911.
    March 1 at 9:09am

    Linda Dobrin
    There were no planes, but the alleged flight numbers were Satanic rituals. 11-solar cycle, 11 years from 1st GHWB 1st NWO speech, 9/11/1990 until GWB admin. 11 is a powerful masonic, satanic number.
    77, represents the Book of Oz, Crowley daughters, Barb & Ann Cappeleltti, got together in 1970 to set about executing the masonic prophecy of blowing up the WTC towers. 77 represents qabalistic number & Crowley’s (Barb & Ann’s father) Book of OZ.
    175 represent the Merovingian Dynasty, descendants of the fallen angels (demon cast from heaven w Lucifer). These luciferians plan to take their ALLEGED place as rulters of the earth.
    93, How witches and followers of Aleister Crowley, greet each other and sign off. 93 represented on 911 01 the day of rituals was over. Look into Lashtal.com a site dedicated to Aleister Crowley. Witch followers greet & signoff in the forum as 93 93/93 93.
    March 1 at 9:33am”

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