US forces rape women in northern Afghanistan village: Locals

US forces rape women in northern Afghanistan village: Locals

US Special Operations forces search a home during a nighttime raid in Afghanistan. (File photo)

US Special Operations forces search a home during a nighttime raid in Afghanistan. (File photo)

By Press TV with foreword by Gordon Duff

The story below is taken from Press TV. It was reported in NO western media. What I can say is that this is a story that is repeated on a nearly daily basis in Afghanistan and anywhere American troops are operating, not just against local population but over 16000 reports of rapes against women serving in the American military.

Real numbers are estimated at around 50,000 per year and increasing dramatically.

With over 200,000 women in the military but about a third under exceptionally high risk “for sexual assault” deployments, escaping sexual assault is almost an impossibility in many commands, meaning that virtually all women are assaulted at one time or another with prosecutions running less than 3%.

First of all, we can blame the command structure, including and especially leadership from the service academies, all ridden with sexual assault scandals or their own. We can look at the highest levels of military leadership where we are seeing one prosecution after another for improper sexual behavior from “affairs” to rape.

What we aren’t speaking of, what is never in print, is that, with the military in its current “burned out” condition, recoiling from its low ebb of hokey “war on terror” jingoism, we are seeing our recruiting patterns “settle in” as they always do.

Our military is filling with criminals, systematically recruited from street gangs, from jails and prisons, a great secret, as we send those unfit for American society to live in Afghanistan and feed off the local population as drug cartel enforcers, social misfits and, as we note here, rapists and murderers.

Worse still, is the environment we create for those who serve with honor.

Years ago, when the Pentecostals took over the chaplain corps in congress with the Church of Satan, followed by penetration of the service academies as “Christian Zionists,” in reality a apocalypse death cult run by Dominionist “American “Taliban” woman haters, the environment for mass rape was ensured.

As for our real military, our sons and daughters who serve their country with honor…

We shame them.

This is not to be accepted or covered up.


Press TV:

The residents of a village in northern Afghanistan say American troopers raped several women during a nighttime raid in the rural community.

The locals said that the incident took place in a village in the Chahar Bolak district of Afghanistan’s Balkh Province where US special forces carried out house-to-house searches, Afghanistan Information Network reported on Sunday.

However, the name of the village was not disclosed as the villagers said they had been threatened by the commander of the US forces with “consequences” in case of complaining about the issue.

During the operation, the troopers separated the men and women of about 15 families and raped several women, the locals said.

Since the beginning of the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, American troopers have on different occasions abused Afghans.

Last month, a US trooper involved in the mass killing of Afghan civilians in southern Afghanistan in March admitted to his crimes for the first time before a military court in the United States.

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4 Responses to "US forces rape women in northern Afghanistan village: Locals"

  1. Ken Rechtstein  December 8, 2012 at 2:12 am

    In Gen. Smedeley Butler’s time War was a racket. In our time it has become a bloody raping racket.

    Remember Abu-Ghraib… The lesson from there has not been at all learned, which indicates that something is/many things are very wrong within the military: High brass and soldiers KNOW that they are fighting UNJUST WARS, contrary to the vital interests of the country, and unnecessarily putting their lives at risk, for the benefit of the MAFIAS behind the wars.

    This generates a generalized “laissez faire” attitude, as long as things stay concealed/unreported and nobody gets caught.

    The problem is twofolds:

    1) With the draft gone, the military has become a refuge employer for many lowlife psychos, who otherwise would never have been able to get a decent job in civilian life. Many of them are uneducated US and non-US citizens, with criminal juvenile past or/and undetected mental problems, attracted by the prospect to get a place to stay, free meals, adventure and a job for some, and additionally the promise to get US citizenship through serving in the military for the foreign nationals.

    2) Many of the soldiers sent out there can’t take the military confinement-war zone living conditions away from the big cities’ lights, they have left behind, to be sent to God forsaken places in no-mans land.

    Furthermore, they have been fed demonizing propaganda degrading the people, whose country they occupy, to lower Terrorist class Muslim subhumans, they were told, there were there to “educate, civilize and bring gender equality and democracy to”.

    That kind of cheap brainwash, the lack of ethical-just grounds for the war, combined with the stress of being in a war zone, contribute to all kind of abuses, including against fellow service women. It’s like being on steroids, out of control in a hostile environment. Some chose to take their own life, others resort to abusing children, women and men, sexually or otherwise, as a form of release or as a manifestation of bravado to impress the gang, the victims, very often, being threatened and put in a situation where no choice is given to them, other than accept the abuse, in order to survive.

    In conclusion, WAR, and specially those who push for it and profit from it are the ones TO BE SHOT. This said, there is no excuse for the aberrant behavior shown by any human being against defenseless people, put in a vulnerable situation and abused by psychos or sometimes even decent persons turned murderous psychos, using cowardly rape, as instrument of humiliation of the opponent party.

  2. frankdialogue  December 6, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    Punishment for rape, during combat operations, and when the offense is confirmed by commander, should be simple: bullet in the head.

  3. stephanaugust  December 4, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    The late Alan Stang wrote several great articles about females in the army. His articles are somehow blacked out by search engines. Here is one article about women in combat:


  4. Cold Wind  December 4, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    Outrageous and disgusting behavior! Such an army is doomed and deserves not the support of the people.

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