Top Bush Officials and Members of Congress named in “TREASON TRANSCRIPT”



By Gordon Duff, Senior Managing Editor

Top officials including Congressmenn Dennis Hastert, Dan Burton, Bob Livingston along with Paul Wolfowitz and the Rand Corporation are named as aiding in the recruiting of spies, blackmail, passing nuclear secrets and aiding enemies of the United States.

The transcript is part of a civil trial in Ohio involving the last election [2008]. The testimony of Sibel Edmonds, former FBI translator under gag order and virtual house arrest under the Bush Administration, outlines near total penetration of Congress, the Pentagon and most defense and intelligence agencies by agents of Turkey, sometimes working in concert with Israel, Saudi Arabia and others. The crimes?

  • Stealing nuclear secrets and massive amounts of counter terrorist and weapons intelligence for sale to our enemies.
  • Aiding members of terrorist organizations to enter the US and Europe and spread worldwide.
  • Key allies of the US pouring drugs into the country to fund terrorism.
  • Bribery, blackmail, money laundering, espionage and treason on a massive scale

Link to the full 248 page transcript here. Link to complete video of deposition here.

A “greatest hits” version of the transcripted edited by me is below. I recommend starting with the “hits” version but taking the time to read the whole thing. The story isn’t just coverup at every level of government but that our national security has been comprised to such a degree and so many lives have been lost already and so many more in the future because of the acts of, not a few, but so many in our government.

Why were these crimes allowed to go on for so many years? Why are they still going on? Why is there NO reporting in our news?  Who is controlling it? 

Outlined here are the most serious crimes ever to be brought against Americans. Involved are Americas closest allies and the most powerful insiders working with our government including a one time Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The crimes are numerous, blackmail, drug trafficking, nuclear espionage and more. The transcript and video went public today.  Watch and see how our government and controlled news deals with this.

You will know if you are living in a democracy or not. 



A After I was hired by the FBI in21 September 2001, about a month or so later, FBI
22 hired another language specialist for Turkish Division in the FBI’s Washington field office,
2 and a few weeks after this person, Melek Can
3 Dickerson
— M-e-l-e-k, middle name C-a-n,
4 last name Dickerson, D-i-c-k-e-r-s-o-n — and
5 she also had top security clearance.

My main primary agent for Turkish
7 counterintelligence and I, we through various
8 evidence and incidence became aware that she
9 had worked for certain Turkish organizations
10 and entities that were directly the targets of
11 FBI counterintelligence investigations, and
12 that she had lied in her application, and that
13 for unknown reasons to us — I don’t know why
14 — the FBI security background check had not
15 caught that important information despite even
16 her tax filing records.
17 And not only that; Melek Can
18 Dickerson and her husband, at the time he was
19 a major with the Defense Intelligence Agency,
20 Major Douglas Dickerson, and he was working
21 for Douglas Feith’s office and was a coordinator with the State Department on the Turkey Republics in Central Asia; both husband
2 and wife, Melek Can Dickerson and her husband,
3 they were still associating and had working
4 relationships with these Turkish entities,
5 individuals and organizations that were the
6 targets of FBI investigations.
7 As we started reporting this to
8 our superiors, initially there was a panic in
9 the department, but as it went up further to
10 the headquarters — this is the FBI
11 Headquarter — they started — the FBI
12 Headquarter started retaliating against me and
13 eventually they terminated my contractor.

The organizations we were talking about, are
3 they part of the overt Turkish lobby, if you
4 will?
5 A They are part of both overt and
6 covert.
7 Q Okay. So when you talk about the
8 covert Turkish lobby, what are you referring
9 to there?
10 A Activities that would involve
11 trying to obtain very sensitive, classified,
12 highly classified U.S. intelligence
13 information, weapons technology information,
14 classified congressional records, recruiting
15 — recruiting key U.S. individuals with access
16 to highly sensitive information, blackmailing,
17 bribery. These are some of the o
nes that just
18 perhaps — and there are many others that I’m
19 unable to think of.

Q Now, I read in some of the reports
6 about an incident where Ms. Dickerson arrived
7 — showed up at your home unexpectedly on
8 Sunday.
9 A Correct.
10 Q And can you tell us what happened
11 when that — when she arrived there?
12 A Sure. She came to my house with
13 her husband, who at the time was Major Douglas
14 Dickerson, and he identified himself first as
15 the officer for Air Force, but later said that
16 his real task was operations involving records
17 procurements by countries in Central Asia and
18 Turkey, and that he directly worked with
19 Douglas Feith and Paul Wolfowitz.

Q All right, and they came to your
2 home on Sunday morning.
3 A Yeah, social visit they said.
4 Q And during that discussion, during
5 that visit, did you come to believe that Ms.
6 Dickerson was recruiting you?
7 A Yes, I did.
8 Q For what?
9 A They wanted me to joint the
10 American Turkish Council, and they told me
11 that I would be provided with many benefits,
12 both monetary but also prestigious benefits,
13 if I were to enroll with them.
14 Q Okay, and did you know at the time
15 that the American Turkish Council was one of
16 the counterintelligence targets?
17 A Absolutely, yes.
18 Q And did you believe Ms. Dickerson
19 knew that as well?
20 A She — yes, and the fact because
21 her husband associated with American Turkish
22 Council and she worked for them.

Q And did you report this effort to
2 recruit you to your superiors?
3 A Immediately. The next day I
4 reported it in writing to my direct
5 administrative supervisor, and a few days
6 later to my agent, who was my supervisory
7 agent, but also again in writing to the FBI’s
8 Personnel Security Office, because I was
9 obligated for my top secret clearance to
10 report recruitment attempts.

Q All right. Now, on that Website
6 and this States Secrets Privilege gallery, it
7 seems like you have photographs of various
8 individuals, correct?
9 A Yes.
10 Q Is Dan Burton one of the people
11 who’s in the gallery?
12 A His picture is there, yes.
13 Q Okay. Why is his picture there?
14 A I can’t discuss the details of
15 those individuals not legal activities in the
16 United States, but those pictures, his and
17 others, are there because State Secrets
18 Privilege was mainly involved to cover up
19 those individuals illegal, extremely illegal
20 activities against the United States citizens
21 who were involved in operations that were,
22 again, against order foreign government and 1 foreign entities against the United States’
2 interests.
3 Q And Dan Burton is a
4 representative, member of Congress from
5 Indiana; is that correct? Is that the right
6 place?
7 A I believe he is.
8 Q Okay. What about — it also
9 appears that you have a photograph of Dennis
10 Hastert in the gallery.
11 A Yes.
12 Q Okay, and why is his photograph
13 there?
14 A Again, just information that’s
15 public, has been public, is he would be one of
16 the primary U.S. persons involved in
17 operations and activities that are not legal,
18 and they’re not for the interest of the United
19 States but for the interest of foreign
20 governments and foreign entities.
21 Q Now, again, Mr. Hastert was the
22 Speaker of the House and Representative from Illinois?
2 A At the time he was.
3 Q Can you tell me anything about
4 what your concerns are about Mr. Hastert?
5 A This information has been public.
6 The concerns, again would be several
7 categories. The acceptance of large sums of
8 bribery in forms of cash or laundered cash and
9 laundering is to make it look legal for his
10 campaigns, and also for his personal use, in
11 order to do certain favors and call certain —
12 call for certain actions, make certain things
13 happen for foreign entities and foreign
14 governments’ interests, Turkish government’s
15 interest and Turkish business entities’
16 interests.
17 Q Did you have reason to believe
18 that Mr. Hastert, for example, killed one of
19 the Armenian genocide resolutions in exchange
20 for money –Q So if I were to say that a member
5 of Congress — if I were to just walk out on
6 the street and say, “Gee, I think members of
7 Congress have taken money from these Turkish
8 organizations in exchange for denying the
9 Armenian genocide,” would that be an
10 unreasonable assumption on my part?
Q Are you aware of other members of
18 Congress, other than Mr. Hastert, taking money
19 from Turkish organizations in exchange for
20 denying the Armenian genocide?
21 A Yes, and not only taking money,
22 but other activities, too, including being1 blackmailed for various reasons.
2 Q Stephen Solarz is on your gallery
3 as well. I believe he’s a Representative from
4 New York. Is that correct? I’m really
5 guessing.
6 A He used to be.
7 Q Was, right?
8 A Correct. He is a registered
9 lobbyist for the — or was registered lobbyist
10 for the government of Turkey.
11 Q And Mr. Hastert is also a
12 registered lobbyist for the government of
13 Turkey now?
14 A That’s what I have read and it was
15 announced, yes, he is.
16 Q And why is Mr. Solarz in your
17 gallery, if you can tell me?
18 A Mr. Solarz and certain others in
19 the gallery, as lobbyists they also acted as
20 conduits to deliver or launder contribution
21 and other briberies to certain members of
22 Congress, but also in pressuring outside Congress, and including blackmail, in certain
2 members of Congress.
3 Q And Mr. Solarz and others would be
4 doing this on behalf of these Turkish
5 organizations?
6 A And the Turkish government,
7 correct, both.
8 Q Would you say that — would it be
9 your opinion that the Turkish government
10 through these Turkish organizations in the
11 United States and otherwise has corrupted
members of Congress?
Q And is that based on you just
19 speculating or is it based on something else?
20 A Based on documented and provable,
21 tracked files and based on facts 100 percent,
22 documented facts.
18 Q It looks like you have a photo of
19 Bob Livingston on your gallery as well.
20 A Yes.
21 Q And I believe he’s a Congressman
22 from I want to say Louisiana at some point. 1 A Correct.
2 Q He was the one that was going to
3 be the speaker, but then left.
4 A Yes.
5 Q Why is he in your gallery?
6 A Until 1999, until he left for
7 activities that he was engaged, not very legal
8 activities on behalf of foreign interests and
9 entities, and after 1999 acting as a conduit
10 to, again, further foreign interests, both
11 overtly and covertly as a lobbyist, but also
12 as an operative.
13 Q When you say “as an operative,”
14 what do you mean by that?
15 A In order to explain, I will give
16 you an example maybe. Is that okay?
17 Q Sure.
18 A Just a hypothetical example or —
19 Q It’s okay with me.
20 A Okay. If an individual has
21 companies set up and clients in offshore
22 islands like Cayman Islands, for example, and 1 is able to as an operative to launder money by
2 foreign entities that were obtained illegally,
3 and some of them had to do with narcotics, and
4 used these Cayman Islands offshore accounts to
5 do that, and then some of that money goes to
6 the congressional people, I would call that
7 not overt.
I would call that covert
8 operations, covert operative, operations for
9 that person rather than the classic lobbying
10 operation.
Q One of the things that it
14 indicates in your biographical information is
15 that you’ve made certain allegations. Some of
16 them we’ve talked about a little bit, and I
17 wanted to ask you about some of the others.
18 One of the entries indicates
19 nuclear secrets black market, and it says,
20 “Edmonds alleges that in the course of her
21 work for the government she found evidence
22 that the FBI, State Department and Pentagon
1 had been infiltrated by a Turkish and Israeli
2 run intelligence network that paid high
3 ranking American officials to steal nuclear
4 weapons secrets,”
and they have some footnotes
5 for that, some cites.
6 Is that correct that you’ve made
7 those allegations?
8 A That information is correct, and
9 if ever — you can get, I would say, those
10 government organizations and others. There’s
11 another place missing there. They list the
12 State Department itself, but there is one
13 other place that’s missing.
14 Q And what is that place?
15 A That would be RAND Corporation.
16 Q And can you tell me about the —
17 give me some more information about the
18 Turkish and Israeli run intelligence network
19 that is referred to there?
20 A This information has been public,
21 documenting methods of intelligence gathering.
22 Yes. Through certain U.S. officials,
1 executively appointed officials, foreign
2 entities, not necessarily or not only
3 government related; so if you say Israel and
4 Turkey, not only government but other entities
5 because it has multi-layers.
6 Q All right.
7 A Their operations, and some of
8 these layers sometimes they conduct their
9 operations independently and with the sole
10 purpose of obtaining a profit, and therefore,
11 the information they obtain, let’s say, the
12 nuclear or weapons technology, weapons
13 technology related information doesn’t
14 necessarily only go to Turkey or Israel, but
15 they sell it to the highest bidder. That’s
16 how they operate. They contact their people
17 whether it’s in ISI, in Washington, D.C. part
18 of the military attache for Pakistani
19 intelligence, or the certain Saudi business
20 people in Detroit may be contacted
, and they
21 say, okay, and talk about these Turkish
22 entities. This is we have obtained this
1 particular DVD containing this, and this
2 person is willing to pay 500,000. Will you
3 offer more because if you don’t, we will give
4 it to this person.
5 So what I’m trying to say is they
6 do it both for governments, foreign
7 governments, but some of those operatives,
8 they also — they offer it in open market, and
9 they have — they have individuals on their
10 payroll on almost every major nuclear facility
11 in the United States. RAND Corporation and
12 various — in Midwest, various Air Force labs
13 that develop certain weapons technology, which
14 I am not very familiar with the technology
15 itself.
16 Q When you refer to the or when the
17 article refers to the paid, high ranking
18 American officials, can you identify who they
19 are?
20 A That person has been identified by
21 others.
22 Q Okay.
1 particular DVD containing this, and this
2 person is willing to pay 500,000. Will you
3 offer more because if you don’t, we will give
4 it to this person.
5 So what I’m trying to say is they
6 do it both for governments, foreign
7 governments, but some of those operatives,
8 they also — they offer it in open market, and
9 they have — they have individuals on their
10 payroll on almost every major nuclear facility
11 in the United States. RAND Corporation and
12 various — in Midwest, various Air Force labs
13 that develop certain weapons technology, which
14 I am not very familiar with the technology
15 itself.
16 Q When you refer to the or when the
17 article refers to the paid, high ranking
18 American officials, can you identify who they
19 are?
20 A That person has been identified by
21 others.
22 Q Okay.
2 A He had several different
3 positions. I believe in 1999 or 2000, was
4 European Affairs. That dealt a lot with NATO,
5 and afterwards during early bush
6 administration’s stage, he was the second or
7 the third highest person in the State
8 Department. I’m not sure about the title.
9 Q Okay, and during that time — I’m
10 sorry — during that time when he was the
11 second or third highest ranking person in
12 State, I’ve read somewhere that you’ve alleged
13 that he actually warned the Turkish Embassy
14 about a CIA front company that had been set up
15 to stop proliferation of nuclear weapons.
16 A That would be summer 2001.
17 Whatever title he held at that point, he, Mr.
18 Grossman,
informed a certain Turkish
19 diplomatic entity who was also an independent
20 operative of a company called Brewster
21 Jennings because Brewster Jennings was
22 frequenting the American Turkish Council as a1 consulting or analyst firm, and there were
2 certain nuclear related operatives who wanted
3 to hire Brewster Jennings and have it pose as
4 a front company.
5 So there were talks between those
6 Turkish operatives and Brewster Jennings, and
7 Mr. Grossman wanted those people to be warned
8 that Brewster Jennings was a government front,
9 front for government, and it was a front. It
10 was not a company for the front for
11 government, U.S. government, and for those
12 Turkish individuals to be told to stay away
13 from Brewster Jennings.
14 But the person who received that
15 information, the Turkish diplomatic but also
16 operative, actually contacted the Pakistani
17 military attache and discussed with the person
18 who was there about this fact and also told
19 them, warned them to stay away from Brewster
20 Jennings.
21 Q And now was this one of the 22 allegations or one of the concerns that you 1 brought to the attention of anybody at any
2 point?
3 A You mean when I was working for
4 the FBI —
5 Q Yes.
6 A — and I blew the whistle inside
7 the FBI?
8 Q Right.
9 A No, I didn’t do it inside the FBI
10 because at that point I didn’t know they were
11 covering up this information. Only after I
12 was fired and the State Secrets Privilege was
13 invoked, and knowing what I knew, I went to
14 Congress and discussed it with certain people
15 in Congress. I brought it up with the
16 Inspector General’s Office inside during a
17 meeting, and at that point will provide them
18 the details in terms of dates and who were
19 those targets, which I can’t provide right
20 now, the direct targets.
21 Q And when you say “the Inspector
22 General’s Office,” do you mean a DOJ Inspector
1 General?
3 Q Just going back to the Israeli,
4 we’ve talked mostly about the Turkish
5 organizations.
6 A Yes.
7 Q Turkish government. Are you aware
8 of the Israeli government or Israeli
9 organizations influencing members of Congress
10 as well?
11 A Not directly, not directly.
12 Q Indirectly?
13 A Indirectly, based on how they
14 work, some of the largest Israeli lobby groups
15 with the entities such as ATC and also the
16 Turkish diplomatic community and how they
17 actually trained and make it possible for the
18 Turkish lobby and these entities to do it.
19 they had training period in ’96 and ’98 from
20 individuals that were sent to them from both
21 APAC and JINSA, both the lobbying, but also on
22 covering the money track, covering up the Page 65
1 money track.
2 Q One of the other entries on your
3 Wikipedia entry indicates that you had accused
4 Mr. Hastert and other, quote, high ranking
5 members of U.S. government of — let me make
6 sure I’m reading this correctly.
7 The entry says, “Edmonds also
8 accuses Dennis Hastert of taking bribes
.” I
9 think we’ve talked about that; is that
10 correct?
11 A Yes.
12 Q And then it says, “And high
13 ranking members of the U.S. government of
14 selling nuclear secrets to Turkey and
15 Pakistan.”
16 Did you allege that high ranking
17 members in the U.S. government had sold
18 nuclear secrets to Turkey and Pakistan?
19 A They were involved in operations
20 that were obtaining illegally U.S. weapons and
21 nuclear related technology and sell it to
22 foreign governments and also foreign 1 independent operatives.
2 Q Now, one of the other entries
3 indicates, it says 911 For Knowledge, and I’ll
4 just read it. It says, “She claims that the
5 FBI received information in April 2001 from a
6 reliable Iranian intelligence asset that Osama
7 bin Ladin was planning attacks on four to five
8 cities with planes. Some of the people were
9 already in the country, and the attacks would
10 happen in a few months.”
11 Did you — did you make that
12 claim?
13 A I took the language specialist,
14 Farsi speaking language specialist, senior
15 language specialist from the Iranian Division,
16 Farsi Division, FBI, Washington field office,
17 who worked right next to me, to the 9/11
18 Commission and Inspector General’s Office, and
19 he testified on this.
20 He informed me and he showed me
21 this translator Bekru (phonetic) Sharsahr, and
22 there are documents out there that he went to 1 the Inspector General’s Office. He gave them
2 the documents, the translated documents on the
3 Iranians.
14 Q Do you believe that that’s why the
15 9/11 — the families of the 9/11 victims
16 wanted to get your testimony in connection
17 with their case?
18 A I am not sure because as far as I
19 knew, it had to do with the government of
20 Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Arabian financial
21 institutions.
I was not told anything about
22 Iranian case.
1 Q We’ve talked about some members of
2 Congress having connections with the Turkish
3 government or Turkish organizations. Are
4 there others that you’re aware of other than
5 the ones we’ve discussed already?
6 A Congressional members?
7 Q Congressional members.
8 A Yes.
9 Q Can you identify some of them?
10 A Their pictures are on the — I
11 have pictures included in my Website, and they
12 can be identified. There’s several there
13 outside the ones you named.
14 Q I just — I looked at the Website
15 but didn’t recognize —
16 A Okay.
17 Q — some of them. So would you be
18 able to tell me who the other pictures are?
19 A Others have been — they’re all
20 identified as public information.
21 Q Yes.
22 A Tom Lantos is one of them.
1 Q All right.
2 A I believe he passed away, and Tom
3 Lantos’
office would be not only with the
4 bribe, but also in disclosing highest level
5 protected U.S. intelligence and weapons
6 technology information both to Israel and to
7 Turkey. His office was also involved with
8 that. It was not only bribery, but it was
9 other very serious criminal conduct.
10 Roy Blunt is there. There have
11 been individuals with a question mark there.
12 The reason there’s a question mark is I lacked
13 — I was terminated by April 2002, but this
14 particular Congresswoman — the Turkish —
15 these Turkish organizations and operatives, if
16 they can’t do it by money, they do by
17 blackmail. So they collect information on
18 sexual lives and other information like that,
19 and with this particular Congresswoman, it
20 being 2000 until I left, they — this
21 individual, this Congresswoman’s married with
22 children, grown children, but she is bisexual.
1 So they have sent Turkish female agents, and
2 that Turkish female agents work for Turkish
3 government, and have sexual relationship with
4 this Congresswoman in her townhouse actually
5 in this area, and the entire episodes of their
6 sexual conduct was being filmed because the
7 entire house, this Congressional woman’s house
8 was bugged. So they have all that documented
9 to be used for certain things that they wanted
10 to request when I left. So I don’t know
11 whether she — that Congresswoman complied and
12 gave. That’s why I couldn’t use her name
13 because I don’t — I meant her face because I
14 don’t know if she did anything illegal
15 afterwards.
16 But she was — there are things;
17 information was being collected for blackmail
18 purposes, and her lesbian relationship
, and
19 they, the Turkish entities, wanted both
20 congressional related favoritism from her, but
21 also her husband was in a high position in the
22 area in the state she was elected from, and 1 these Turkish entities ran certain illegal
2 operations, and they wanted her husband’s
3 help. But I don’t know if she provided them
4 with those. I left. I was terminated.
22 Q All right. So just to make sure I1 understand this, the Turkish entities were at
2 least preparing to blackmail this
3 Congresswoman.
4 A Correct.
5 Q And is this Congresswoman still a
6 sitting member of Congress?
7 A Yes.
8 Q And why, if you know, would they
9 want to blackmail this Congresswoman?
10 A I don’t know what reasons they
11 had, why they just didn’t do money. They
12 needed — I was trained as a language
13 specialist by my agent for — to find personal
14 information, and one of the things that we was
15 taught in the FBI — everyone was taught in
16 the counterintelligence — that the target
17 U.S. persons, whether they are in Congress or
18 executive branch or whatever, first go by
19 foreign entities to what they refer to as
20 hooking period, and it was very common; it’s
21 a very common way of trying to find
22 vulnerability, and that is sexual, financial, 1 any other kinds of greeds, and it was — it
2 was done a lot, was being done a lot, and in
3 some cases certain people from Pentagon would
4 send a list of individuals with access to
5 sensitive data, whether weapons technology or
6 nuclear technology, and this information would
7 include all their sexual preference, how much
8 they owed on their homes, if they have
9 gambling issues, and the State Department,
10 high level State Department person would
11 provide it to these foreign operatives, and
12 those foreign operatives then would go and
13 hook those Pentagon people, whether they were
14 at RAND or some other Air Force base.
15 And then the hooking period would
16 take some times. Sometimes it takes months,
17 sometimes one year. They would ask for small
18 favor, but eventually after they reviewed the
19 targets that the U.S. person — some small
20 favor, then they would go blackmail and that
21 person would give them everything, nuclear
22 related information, weapons related 1 information. It always worked for them. So
2 it was not always money.
3 Q If you know, what was it that
4 these Turkish entities wanted from this
5 Congresswoman?
6 A I know for sure that Armenian
7 genocide was one, but also where she came
8 from, that city or the district where she came
9 from is where certain Turkish operatives,
10 lobby groups run illegal businesses for fund
11 raising for themselves to generate money, and
12 for laundering that money they needed her
13 influence in that district where she is from
14 and also her husband because he husband was
15 also involved, had some high level position,
16 not an elected person, with where she came
17 from, and they had another Representative who
18 was making it possible, but supposedly she at
19 that point was kind of — was an obstacle.
20 That’s all I know.

2 A Well, when I worked for the FBI, I
3 work on operations that were not only current,
4 but specific period of 1996 till 2000, 2001,
5 December, 2003 January. So there were a lot
6 of things that certain field office had
7 provided me to go over, and some of that I
8 didn’t complete, but one example would be with
9 regard to Mr. Hastert. For example, he used
10 the townhouse that was not his residence for
11 certain not very morally accepted activities.
12 Now, whether that was being used
13 as blackmail I don’t know, but the fact that
14 foreign entities knew about this, in fact,
15 they sometimes participated in some of those
16 not maybe morally well activities in that
17 particular townhouse that was supposed to be
18 an office, not a house, residence at certain
19 hours, certain days, evenings of the week.
20 So I can’t say if that was used as
21 blackmail or not, but certain activities they
22 would share. They were known.
Q Now, are you — has it come to
13 your attention that some members of Congress
14 once they’ve left Congress like Dennis Hastert
15 engaged in lobbying for the Turkish
16 government?
17 A Dennis Hastert is known publicly.
18 Stephen Solarz is known publicly. He used to
19 be a Congressman, and then he became lobbyist
20 as soon as he left both for Israel and Turkey.
21 Bob Livingston, he within a year after he left
22 Congress, he became lobbyist for the 1 government of Turkey, and he is registered
2 under Foreign Agent’s Registration Act.
3 But then there are people who work
4 for these lobbying firms who are not the top,
5 but they have received their share while they
6 were working, whether they are in Pentagon.
7 One person was Defense Intelligence Agency
8 person, Dana Bauer, and now she works for Bob
9 Livingston, but this individual, Ms. Bauer,
10 did a lot of favors and illegal favors to —
11 for government of Turkey and others, and then
12 was hired by Livingston and put on a big
13 salary to represent Turkish government.
19 In Paragraph 3 of your
20 declaration, you say, “I also obtained
21 evidence that the government of Turkey had
22 engaged in practices and policies that were 1 inimical to American interests and had, in
2 fact, resulted in both the direct and indirect
3 loss of American lives.”
4 Do you recall saying that in your
5 declaration?
6 A Yes.
7 Q Can you tell me what practices and
8 policies that you were referring to that were
9 inimical to American interests?
10 A There’s several. One is practices
11 and operations implemented from mid-1990s at
12 least until towards end of 2001 in Central
13 Asia and Caucasus, and these operations and
14 practices included Islamization of certain
15 segments of those Turkic nations, Uzbekistan,
16 Turkmenistan, Tajikistan. There are so many
17 of them in that — in that area, and setting
18 up madrasahs and bringing in, helping bringing
19 — at the time they were not referred to as
20 al-Qaeda until 2001, September 11th.
21 were referred to as mujahideens from
22 Afghanistan and Pakistan into Central Asia,
1 then to Turkey to give them passports, and
2 then funnel them in 1997, 1998 to certain
3 Eastern European countries and the Balkans.
4 And also — and it’s very broad I
5 can go on for a long time about what practices
6 and why they were — they were against the
7 security and the interests of the Americans
8 and the lives.
9 Q Okay. Well, I don’t want to
10 burden you too much, but I would like as
11 complete an answer as you can give us in terms
12 of what you were referring to.
13 A Those operations when until — at
14 least until September 2001, and again, for
15 those operations, they corroborated and worked
16 with certain U.S. persons who were involved in
17 these operations.
18 The other, the obtaining,
19 illegally obtaining and selling U.S. military
20 and military technology and that includes
21 weapons and nuclears, and even from foreign
22 policy related secret or high — top secret 1 information, and not only for Turkey, but
2 passing this information to what they refer to
3 as highest bidders and whoever bid highest,
4 whether these people were nation-states or
5 they were just individuals that they were
6 pursuing under counterterrorism after
7 September 11.
That would be another example
8 of activities that they were involved that
9 were against the security and the interest of
10 the Americans with cost in terms of lives.
11 Q Well, that was going to be my next
12 question, is how do you connect what the
13 Turkish government was doing to the direct and
14 indirect loss of American lives.
15 A One example of this would be with
16 Brewster Jennings, for example, just selling
17 that information and giving that information
18 out in the hands of those foreign entities,
19 including Pakistan. One of the things that
20 the CIA was asked for right away, to do damage
21 assessment, and one of the things that came
22 out of it was the damage assessment included
1 damage to asset both in terms of
2 effectiveness, which was neutralized and that
3 Brewster Jennings’ front company for CIA have
4 to be immediately absolved that summer after
5 this information was obtained, but also they
6 were accessing U.S. people who were
7 compromised because of that by — within these
8 foreign governments. That’s another.
9 And the third one that I started
10 talking about were helping these individuals
11 from Azerbaijan, the Turkey entities that
12 served the mujahideen groups starting from
13 1995, 1996. They were given Turkish
14 passports. In some cases they were given
15 Azerbaijani passports, and they — Turkey
16 played a very active and important role in
17 taking these people and moving them into
18 Europe and some of those people actually ended
19 up in the United States.
20 Q And I think you indicated earlier
21 that the Turkish government to your knowledge
22 was provided support to what was once called
1 the mujahideen.
2 A Correct.
3 Q It’s now called al-Qaeda.
4 A Right.
5 Q And has it generally been publicly
6 reported that al-Qaeda was behind the 9/11
7 attacks?
8 A Correct.
9 Q And that cost American lives?
10 A Correct.
11 Q How else has, to your knowledge,
12 the mujahideen or al-Qaeda that Turkey was
13 supporting cost American lives?
14 A September 11 and the other
15 category I talked about was the intelligence
16 and identifying assets or the front companies.
17 The third category that involved narcotics
18 activities and that was, at least until I
19 left, these Turkish people, and some of them
20 are directly connected to Turkish intelligence
21 and Turkish military in the United States,
22 they played a very significant role in 1 bringing in heroin from source from
2 Afghanistan to Turkey, but from Turkey into
3 both United States, but also directly to
4 Belgium, large quantity, very, very large
5 quantity of heroin.
6 Q All right. So if I were to say
7 that — if I were a Congress person and I’m
8 taking money from the Turkish government
9 either directly or indirectly, would it be a
10 fair statement that I’m taking money from a
11 government that has engaged in policies and
12 practices that cost American lives?
13 A Correct.
14 Q Are you familiar with a person
15 named Fetullah Gulan, G-u-l-a-n?
16 A Yes.
17 Q Can you tell us who that is?
18 A My information is mainly about his
19 activities and issues that were, again, done
20 from late 1990s until I left, and then after
21 that it will be known activities here in the
22 United States. He shortly — he was the1 religious activist figure in Turkey, and he
2 landed on Turkish government’s wanted list and
3 was going to be persecuted for wanting to
4 throw Turkish secular government — replace it
5 with Islamic shariah kind of type of
6 government.
7 And when he was wanted in Turkey
8 for that and he was going to go to jail, he
9 actually got on the plane and came to the
10 United States, and he was given immediately
11 visa to stay in the United States, and he has
12 been in the United States until now as far as
13 I know.
14 He has since established more than
15 300 madrasahs in Central Asia and what he
16 calls universities that have a front that is
17 called Moderate Islam, but he is closely
18 involved in training mujahideen-like militia
19 Islam who are brought from Pakistan and
20 Afghanistan into Central Asia where his
21 madrasahs operate, and his organization’s
22 network is estimated to be around $251 billion.
2 He has opened several Islamic
3 universities in the United States. As I said
4 it’s being promoted under Moderate Islam. It
5 is supported by certain U.S. authorities here
6 because of the operations in Central Asia, but
7 what they have been doing since late 1990s is
8 actually radical Islam and militizing
9 (phonetic) these very, very young, from the
10 age 14, 15, by commandoes they use, and this
11 is both commandoes from Turkish military,
12 commandoes from Pakistani ISI in Central Asia
13 and Azerbaijan, and after that they bring them
14 to Turkey, and from Turkey they send them
15 through Europe, to European and elsewhere.
16 Up until 1999, the Turkish
17 government, also paramilitary units in Central
18 Asia, they operated under the groups that call
19 themselves Gray Wolves, ultra-nationalists,
20 and their method was, you know, assassination
21 of certain leaders in the Central Asian
22 countries, and militizing, but not through1 Islam.
2 But after this scandal that took
3 place in Turkey, Susurluk scandal, they were
4 no longer supported by certain segments in the
5 United States, and instead some of our people
6 involved in foreign policy, they supported the
7 Islamic movements of Gulan in the Central
8 Asian countries in order to counter Russia as
9 far as the energy sources are concerned in
10 those countries.
11 Q How is it, if you know, or how is
12 it that Gulan is allowed to be in the United
13 States?
14 Let me ask a different question.
15 A Okay.
16 Q I’m sorry. Is that an individual
17 based on what you’ve told me that you would be
18 — that you would consider a threat to U.S.
19 interests?
20 A One hundred percent, absolutely.
21 Q And if you know, how is it that
22 he’s allowed to be in the United States? 1 A Because part of what he has in
2 terms of the deal with certain segments in the
3 United States is furthering the interests of
4 the people who are interested in the energy
5 sources in Central Asia, and that is the —
6 whether it’s oil or whether it’s natural gas,
7 and basically it’s a fight.
8 The best way to describe it is
9 Cold War is not over.
It’s a continuation of
10 Cold War over those nations, and what we did
11 in Afghanistan in early 1980s with mujahideen,
12 we have been joined now in Central Asia by
13 using Islam and extremism and these madrasahs,
14 and Pakistani and Afghani elements to build
15 (unintelligible) and staff in terms of those
16 resources towards certain business interests.
17 Q Did you say that Gulan had set up
18 schools in the United States as well?
19 A Yes. 20 Q Are some of those in Cincinnati,
21 if you know?
22 A I’m not sure. I know of some in1 Texas. I know one in Virginia, but I don’t
2 know. They are multiplying, and they’re
3 spreading rapidly. There’s Islamic madrasahs
4 or universities everywhere. So I haven’t kept
5 track of the locations. I don’t know. 13 Q Are you familiar with reports that
14 the Turkish nationals were being supported or
15 acting as suicide bombers against U.S. troops
16 overseas?
17 A Not directly.
18 Q Any doubt in your mind that the
19 Turkish government has caused American lives?
20 A No.
21 Q Caused a loss of American lives?
22 A No. And not only American lives. 1 Even in other countries and some innocent
2 Turkish lives, too, but American lives, too,
3 yes.
4 Q Any question in your mind based on
5 everything that you’ve experienced that the
6 Turkish government has infiltrated members of
7 Congress to get their support against or their
8 opposition to the Armenian genocide
9 resolution?
10 A None whatsoever.
11 Q I’ve asked you about members of
12 Congress, but I haven’t asked you about staff.
13 Are you aware of senior staff for members of
14 Congress who have also been corrupted by the
15 Turkish government?
16 A Absolutely.
17 Q Can you identify them?
18 A The pictures are there.
19 Q Who is Larry Franklin?
20 A He was an analyst working for
21 Pentagon who was indicted on charges of
22 espionage and passing information to, I1 believe, Israeli lobby ATAC. Active
2 participants in ATC, American Turkish Council
3 around these Turkish operatives.


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