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Shhhhhhhhh! Don’t Say That! People Might Be Listening!

Benjamin Silverman: “We American Jews have been tricked into projecting all of our hopes and insecurities onto Israel.”

Gwenyth Todd: Richard Clarke a 9/11 person of interest

Was Terror Czar Dick Clarke the "terror czar" of 9/11?

What is Really Happening in Syria

Was the Houla massacre a false-flag op?

What Did We Learn From Israel’s Sneak Attack on the U.S.S....

Memorial Day is to honor the American military and in particular those members of the military who've died or were wounded in battle.

Will American Troops be “Fighting For Our Freedom” in Iran?

The first rule of philosophy is to see things as they REALLYare, not merely as they are presented.

Psychopaths Develop Technology to Detect Angry Normals

A cabal of psychopaths that rules the former USA has developed a new tool to detect and neutralize non-psychopaths who threaten their power.

USS Jimmie Carter: “Conspiracy Theory” Cover Up – Stealth Sub Causes...

"You're just another f__king Boy Scout...You're insufficiently compliant." ...Navy Sec. John Lehman

Answers to Questions Posters Should Be Asking about America’s Man-Made Disasters

While researchers might think that America's ousting by overt and covert means Slobodan Milosevic, the Taliban, and Saddam Hussein from power, smashing their regimes, and punishing countries like Iran, Turkey, Russia and North Korea which had tried to help them or exploit their difficulties would be the sum total of what was available to it, they would be wrong.

9/11: Open Letter Challenge to ADL’s Abe Foxman

Mr. Foxman, that criticism of Israel is by definition a manifestation of anti-Semitism, is Zionist propaganda nonsense for a blackmail purpose, the purpose being to silence criticism and prevent informed and honest debate about Israel’s policies and actions.


Agent Butler paid rent and cashed checks for the two hijackers while they were being advised by Al-Awlaki. What did Butler want to know? Was Ghazal funding Mel Rockefeller with whom he had traveled to Iraq in 1997. While in Baghdad they confirmed that Saddam Hussein had mothballed his WMD program after the 1991 Gulf War and that he was prepared to negotiate his departure—without this war. The FBI has yet to speak with Mel Rockefeller.

JEFF GATES: How Israel Wages War on the U.S.—By Way...

The Manipulation of U.S. General Colin Powell and Pakistani Cricket Star Imran Khan  By Jeff Gates STAFF WRITER/Editor Mass media and popular culture are powerful tools of...

Top Bush Officials and Members of Congress named in “TREASON TRANSCRIPT”

Nuclear Secrets Sold, al Qaeda Operatives aided by US Officials — Israel, Turkey, Sauri Arabia and Iran involved