If they can’t protect Veterans’ land or the American flag, its time to go.

By Rees Lloyd

Robert Rosebrock is Co-Director of "We, The Veterans" and Director of  "Veterans Revolution," and a member of American Legion Riverside Post 79, District 21, and the "defendant" in a prosecution brought by VA Bureaucrats on whom Rosebrock has "blown-the-whistle" for their failure of duty to protect the lands of the veterans at the National Veterans Home, Sepulveda, and elsewhere.

Rosebrock exposed the misfeasance of the VA, starting three years ago, for failing to protect the National Veterans Home, and other lands donated or designated for the exclusive benefit of veterans.     

Those veterans’ lands have been and are being transferred away to third-parties who are usurping those lands for their own convenience and benefit, many of them wealthy and politically connected to the "Westside Machine" of Representatives Henry Waxman, Brad Sherman, Howard Berman, LA County Supervisor Zev Yarslovsky, et al., with strong assistance from Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer.

The VA Bureaucrats who have been exposed by Rosebrock, who has led veterans’ protests outside the National Veterans Home for 77 consecutive Sundays, attempted first to marginalize Rosebrock, and discredit his well-researched charges, as a "gadfly" to whom vets and the public generally shouldn’t listen.

However, vets did listen, and, confronted with Rosebrock’s evidence, and what he began almost alone three years ago, has now grown into a national reform effort led by veterans to hold the VA accountable and to demand that the give-away of veterans lands, for leases as long as "75 years" to non-veteran third-parties for nominal or no rents or rents below market, "give aways," be stopped, and prior give-aways be rescinded.


RIGHT: FEDERAL CRIMINAL CHARGES:  The Los Angeles VA Police, under the orders of VA bureaucrats, issued Robert Rosebrock a citation for an "unauthorized demonstration" during their 71st consecutive Sunday Rally, and for "Display of placards or posting of materials on VA property."  Veterans hung the U.S. Flag upright on the VA locked gate for 64 consecutive Sunday’s, and on the 65th, they turned it upside down in the "Distress" mode because our Veterans property is in serious danger.  The VA bureaucrats have declared that the Flag in the Distress mode is "desecration" and the POW / MIA Flag and Military Order of Purple Heart banner are "placards." Rosebrock will appear in the U.S. District Court of the Central District of California on October 21, to challenge these trumped-up "criminal" charges.

The VA Bureaucrats, having failed to disprove Rosebrock’s charges or to marginalize him by vilification, have now brought federal criminal charges against him in the U.S. District Court of the Central District of California for displaying the American Flag on the (locked) entrance gate of the National Veterans Home in protests against the VA Bureaucrats’ misfeasance. That is, Rosebrock is being prosecuted for displaying the Flag, on the locked gate of the Veterans Home, either upright or in the distress position (i.e., upside down), as authorized by the U.S. Flag Code when persons or property are endangered.

Rosebrock is fighting the charges — raising significant constitutional challenges to the VA’s prosecution of him. The VA bureaucrats may very well rue the day they opened this constitutional Pandora’s Box by bringing federal charges against veterans in order to silence their protests and whistle-blowing exposing VA’s misfeasance. He deserves united support in fighting this governmental abuse.

Ironically, while the VA is prosecuting Rosebrock as the leader of the veterans who are protesting their misfeasance by properly displaying the Flag under the U.S. Flag Code, Rosebrock has exposed the fact that the same VA Bureaucrats have failed to meet its simple duty of maintaining the U.S. Flags flying at the National Veterans Home.

That is, worn, torn, tattered, flags flew at the entryway to the National Veterans Home while the VA Bureaucrats inside their federal lair concocted a prosecution against Rosebrock for properly displaying the Flag in protests. That the VA Bureaucrats are guilty of this disgraceful failure regarding the U.S. Flag is proved beyond any reasonable doubt by the photographs Rosebrock took of those tattered and torn Flags and published on VT, for which he is a staff writer.

Rosebrock also sent those pictures, and letters of complaint regarding the actions of the VA Bureaucrats, directly to Veterans Affairs Secretary General Eric K. Shinseki (USA Ret.).

Shinseki who, while on active duty and subject to Command Authority gained fame by his public opposition to policies of his then-Commander-In-Chief George W. Bush, has been quiet as a pussycat as a civilian appointee of President Obama, as if believing as a civilian that it his duty is to salute and not to question why, disappointing many.

Among other things, Shinseki, has said nothing, and done nothing, about the transfer away of veteran’s lands. Pussycat-like, he has failed to stand up for vets against the VA Bureaucrats, the wealthy usurpers of the veterans lands like the so-called (non) Veterans Park Conservancy which has a 20-year, rent-free lease for 16-acres at the National Veterans Home for a "park," or the politicians in the Obama regime with whom those non-veteran Brentwood fat-cats are politically connected.

However, after Rosebrock’s exposure of the VA Bureaucrats misfeasance in failing to replace and retire with dignity the torn and tattered flags they flew at the National Veterans Home on busy Wilshire Boulevard in West L.A., the VA did take down the four disgracefully worn and tattered flags, and replaced only two of them.

Why only two? As Rosebrock exposes in his follow-up e-mail letter to Shinseki below, VA Bureaucrat Ralph Tillman, the primary Bureaucrat responsible for VA’s misfeasance in transferring away veterans lands, assisted by chief LA Bureaucrat Donna Beiter, testified before the L.A. County Veterans Advisory Commission, apparently without a blush or his nose growing exponentially as might be expected, that the VA just doesn’t have another Flag and has to "special order" them.

When will they be flown? Bureaucrat Tillman cavalierly said he really doesn’t know when the Flag will fly again. Busy, busy bureaucrat — how can he in his majesty be expected to concern himself with such things as not allowing the Flag which the veterans defended to become worn, torn, and tattered?

This failure of ranking VA Bureaucrats in such a simple task, i.e., maintaining the U.S. Flag at the National Veterans Home, in such a cavalier manner, is a real confidence builder for all veterans who rely on the VA, and, of course, for all Americans who are now urged to have the government run the entire health care system, doing the kind of job that VA Bureaucrats Tillman and Beiter are doing, and as are doing those VA medical providers who have infected thousands of vets by re-using uncleaned equipment in colonoscopies.

Indeed, VA Bureaucrats are doing about as good a job in performing their duty to protect the lands of the veterans as they have done in performing colonoscopies on the veterans.

Now, despite the billions in their control, and their complete control over delivery of services to vets, the VA Bureaucrats can’t even fly the U.S. Flag at the National Veterans Home — while they do have the time, paid handsomely to them by taxpayers, to prosecute Rosebrock and other veterans for blowing the whistle on their misfeasance.

Thus, today, on the anniversary of 9-11, Americans are urged to fly the American Flag at their homes, offices, villages, towns, cities. Everywhere.

But the Flags will not fly at the National Veterans Home.

Because of the manifest arrogance of the VA Bureaucrats who cannot keep the faith even as to maintaining the Flag, just as they have failed, so arrogantly and cavalierly, in their duty to maintain the lands of the veterans, apparently without any fear that either Secretary Shinseki or President Obama will hold them accountable and take appropriate disciplinary action against those responsible for these failures of duty.

Indeed, contemplating the arrogant VA Bureaucrat Ralph Tillman, and his actions, brings to mind Shakespeare’s question in Julius Caesar: "Upon what meat has this our Caesar fed that he has grown so great?"

Allow me to suggest that if VA Bureaucrats cannot be trusted to competently and faithfully fulfill their duty to protect the American Flag, they cannot be trusted to competently and faithfully fulfill their duty to protect the lands or the persons, of American veterans, which are manifestly endangered by them.

These VA Bureaucrats must be held accountable. They are to be the public servants of our veterans, not bureaucratic masters lording it over veterans like feudal lords or serfs.

Gratefully, there are veterans like Robert Rosebrock exposing these bureaucrats and demanding that they be accountable. Rosebrock, deserves support in beating back the manifestly unjust prosecution against him, in the movement he sparked to protect and preserve the lands of the veterans, and in holding VA bureaucrats accountable to veterans.

For more information on this necessary movement of veterans, see Robert Rosebrock’s news and commentary on, and related articles by other veterans.

See also, Rosebrock’s letter to Secretary Shinseki (below).

About the Author: Rees Lloyd is a Life Member and Judge Advocate Post 79, Past Commander and Scribe District 21, Director, Defense of Veterans Memorials Project of The American Legion Dept. of California* [*For purposes of identification only.]


General Eric K. Shinseki (USA Ret.)
Secretary, Department of Veterans Affairs
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Secretary:

The Los Angeles VA is still without the two main American Flags at the South-of-Wilshire entryway. As mentioned in yesterday’s e-mail to you, the two missing Flags are in very close proximity to the Wadsworth Hospital where our fellow-Veterans are convalescing from defending our Nation’s Flag.

Ralph Tillman did his usual spin and passing the buck at yesterday’s Los Angeles County Veterans Advisory Commission meeting.  While two of the four torn and tattered American Flags at the main Wilshire entryway were replaced one week ago, Mr. Tillman said he has no idea when the other two will be replaced because they have to be special ordered, or some such nonsense.  Where’d he get the other two?

As also mentioned to you in yesterday’s e-mail, less than five miles away from the VA is AAA-Flags and they have readily available stock for the required replacement Flags. It is our understanding that the LA VA purchases many of their American Flags from AAA, so what’s the hold-up?

It certainly appears that the VA is waiting on Veterans to rightfully replace these missing American Flags so that you can arrest us for some silly and frivolous violation for doing the work that these incompetent bureaucrats already get paid to do.  Laying in wait and entrapment are crimes!

How sad and pathetic that the largest VA in the nation cannot obtain two American Flags to honor those who have defended our Nation’s Flag.

If these bureaucrats cannot perform this most basic and simple task, yet of paramount importance and responsibility, how can they possibly be trusted with the healthcare and safety of our fellow Veterans and protecting this most sacred trust?

Robert L. Rosebrock
Director, The Veterans Revolution
Co-Director, We the Veterans

Robert Sigala, Commander District 21, American Legion Department of California;
Rees Lloyd, Past Commander, District 21, American Legion Department of California;
Pete Ramos, Past Commander District 21, American Legion Department of California;
Walter Martin, Commander, Chapter 1898, Military Order of the Purple Heart.


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