USA’s new “Turn”…!!!

 By Sajid Ansari for Veterans Today

 After lots of drum-beating of “war-on-terror” and Al-Qaida, for 9 years, which is nowadays under heavy criticism, at home and abroad, the US administration is now shifting world’s attention towards “Mumbai attack” and involvement of LeT- Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, declaring it as a Global threat. That’s what the US Defense Secretary; Robert Gates launched and kicked off a ‘new’ campaign in India, apparently against the so-called a ‘terrorist’ organization which, in fact, was a welfare organization, thus creating a plea to blame Pakistan, indirectly and a possible justification to attack Pakistan. Robert Gates also praised India for showing restraint following the terror siege of Mumbai. He further said, “I believe this operation, under the umbrella of Al-Qaida working with all of these groups, is intended to destabilize not just Afghanistan, or not just Pakistan, but potentially the whole region. It’s important to recognize the magnitude of the threat that the entire region faces”.

 Following Gates, Daniel Benjamin, the State Department’s coordinator for counter terrorism also warned saying, “Pakistan based banned group “Lashkar-e-Tayyaba” (LeT), blamed for Mumbai attack, and could become a threat to the west like Al-Qaida”.

 Isn’t it surprising that after more than a year, now, the US administration has suddenly realized that LeT could also become a Global threat hence equating LeT with Al-Qaida. The US administration now turning a mice into a “monster” before the world which means that there is a ‘new’ and fresh planning has been done by USA and India, of course with active back-up support from Britain and Israel.

 Why suddenly the US has taken a ‘U’ turn towards Mumbai carnage about which Robert Blake, then US Ambassador in India, FBI, Interpol and MI6 had cleared Pakistan’s involvement in this episode as the world knows that the Mumbai “Drama” was played by RAW, Indian Military Intelligence–IMI and Mossad, as mentioned in an article “Mumbai Carnage”: The final Nail in Mumbai Police’s Coffin” and , “The Police Story stands shattered”, by Amaresh Misra, who wrote in one of his articles, Today, 28th December 2008, is a historic day. It marks the beginning of a process wherein my `theory’ about the Mumbai attack might just turn out to be true. But there is no joy. There is just emptiness, sadness at Karkare’s death and the killing of hundreds of innocents by the Hindutva-Mossad-CIA combine using factions in the ISI and International/Israeli mercenaries”. How is it possible that CIA and FBI do not know the real story and would Not have told it to the Defense Secretary of their country?

 Isn’t it amusing that Robert Gates, Defense Secretary of US administration asking for “Guarantee” from Pakistan, against repeat of Mumbai-like attacks on behalf of India, as if Gate is also Defense Minister of India..? But can Gate, or for that matter anyone in India, give a guarantee that RAW and Mossad will NOT repeat the same in any other part of India to put blame on Pakistan…? Because it’s a proven fact that Mumbai carnage was dramatized just to kill Hemant Karkare, the police Inspector who was investigating Malegaon bomb blasts and firing of Samjhota Express.

 However, both these gentlemen, Robert Gates and Benjamin, are suddenly showing much more concern about the activities of LeT but at the same time why Gates and Benjamin have ignored gruesome terrorist activities of RAW and Indian Military Intelligence-IMI, of bombing Malegaon and firing of Samjhota Express wherein 68 Pakistanis were burned alive by Indian active army man Col. Prumit.? Didn’t FBI tell them about Karkare’s planned murder under the cover of Mumbai Drama, better ask Karkare’s wife who knows all about it, I am afraid she may also be killed in a road ‘accident’.

 Are these two gentlemen, Gate and Benjamin, are so innocent or so ignorant about what RAW has been doing in Pakistan, killing thousands of innocent civilians by bomb blasts in different cities of Pakistan..? And if they do not know the havoc played by Indian army in Swat and other cities of NWFP under the cover of TTP, the Pakistani Taliban…?

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 And didn’t they know that Indian 17 consulate offices in Afghanistan, mostly along the Pakistani border and carrying out terrorist activities in Balochistan from Afghanistan’s soil…?

And why Gates and Benjamin are silent on the extra judicial killings, rape, arson and what not brutalities going on by Indian terrorist army in Kashmir since 1989, where more than 90,000 Kashmiris have been killed so for, including Sikhs because IMI and RAW killed 36 Sikh villagers near Sirinagar on the day of Bill Clinton’s arrival in India, putting blame of “terrorist activity” of LeT whereas FBI investigated and the President’s secretary informed Bill Clinton about the truth while the delegation was still in India. That is why about 200 Kashmiri Sikhs took out procession in front of White House in Nov; 2009, while Barack Obama and Manmohan Singh addressed joint news conference inside the building, asking for holding Plebiscite in Kashmir, in-accordance with UN Resolution of 1948, which is also a long-time demand of Pakistan and also all the Kashmiris, both in Azad Kashmir as well as the Kashmiris of Indian-held Kashmir.

Well, we all know, rather the whole world knows what they are up to..? They attacked and invaded Afghanistan taking the plea of “war-on-terror” and to wipe-off Al-Qaida and catch Osama Bin Laden who could have been caught but ‘Rumsfeld’s decision allowed Osama to escape’, informed by a US Senator, on 30th Nov,2009, in a hard hitting Report points the finger directly at Rumsfeld for turning down request for reinforcement as Bin Laden was trapped in December, 2001, in caves and tunnels in a mountainous area of eastern Afghanistan known as Tora Bora. Because of Bin Laden would have been arrested, in 2001, there was NO justification of carrying on “war-on-terror” and stay of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan any more.

 And now the same Robert Gate who was working with Rumsfeld, then as an undersecretary of Defense in US administration, now taking the plea that LeT working jointly with Al-Qaida. In fact, like they invaded Afghanistan in 2001, now they, the US forces’ Command in Afghanistan, also wants to attack on Pakistan from all sides, the eastern borders of Pakistan with India and the LoC between both the Kashmirs, the north-western borders and the western border of Balochistan, jointly, along with India, whereas NATO will take the control of a ‘Watchman” of the whole of Afghanistan to maintain statuesque and not to incite or go for war against Afghan Taliban as long as the US forces are ‘busy’ in Pakistan.

Moreover, by the way, why Gates felt need to bring such a heavy and high powered delegation, of 125 members, to India and Pakistan as no such a big delegation has come to visit India & Pakistan in the past except when the Presidents used to visit the countries …? The majority of them will certainly be war experts of different departments, of ground forces, air force and the Navy, simply to discuss modes-opernedi of a joint attack on Pakistan and the requirement by India otherwise what for so many ‘people; accompanying the Defense Secretary.?

 The stronger indications, of a joint attack, by US and India being planned, came from the joint statement issued by Barack Obama and Manmohan Singh that US, India to jointly act against ‘safe havens’ and “the United States and India have agreed to work jointly to deal with terrorism “emanating from India’s neighborhood” and to defeat terrorist safe havens in Afghanistan and Pakistan”. 

One can easily read between the lines as what they are up to. The “sudden realization” by US Defense Secretary, Robert Gates and Daniel Benjamin about LeT is the first step towards implementation of the “Mission Impossible” but it seems that they have finally decided to embark upon it.

 As a matter of fact we believe that in view of much more criticism, at home and abroad, on Obama’s policy of continuing Afghan war, he wanted to call off operation “war-on-terror” but upon insistence of CIA and Pentagon, which is fully infested with Zionist Jews, Obama approved the required reinforcement of additional 30,000 US troops and 7,000 troops from NATO. But Obama has also given a time-frame as well to finish the job, of Al-Qaida, that’s what he has been told, and to start withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by the summers of 2011. Aren’t these preparations being made for a possible full scale attack on Pakistan?

 However, as a first step, in order to “finish the job” i.e. denuclearization of Pakistan and take-over Balochistans’ rich mineral resources, the world’s largest mines of Gold, Copper and other precious metals, Robert Gates has come out with a “new” theory and of a possible full scale attack on Pakistan’s, western borders, jointly by India and the US, on the eastern borders by India and also a possible naval attack on Gawadar by both the countries, probably that is why US has withdrawn all of its fleets from Persian Gulf and has stationed them in the Arabian Sea.

 USA has planned to hand-over Afghanistan’s eastern borders, aligning Pakistan from Nooristan to Kabul, to India, and take full control of the borders, from Kabul to Chaman, along with Balochistan, after getting 30,000 additional troops.

US, very cunningly deputed India to fight in the hilly terrains of the North-Eastern border of Afghanistan with Pakistan where more casualties are expected whereas US will attack on the Afghan border with Pakistan on the Balochistan side which is not as hilly area as compared to in the north. Moreover, US Naval fleets may also assist the US army attacking and capturing Balochistan’s coastal areas adjacent to Iran and also likely Gawadar Port to make-out a direct approach to the sea, for US army from the southern Afghanistan.

 As a second step India will have to send large number of troops, at least 2-3 divisions, particularly its’ Mountain Division and enough war machines and ammunition, to Afghanistan, overlying Pakistan. In order to complete the process of sending of required troops to Afghanistan by summers, which would be a pretty long process, it is quite likely that India would start sending the troops and other paraphernalia in March, 2010 and complete it by June/July, 2010 as by then the US would also have completed transportation of its 30,000 troops and additional 7,000 NATO troops from EU countries, therefore, a full scale attack from India and US forces is expected in June or July, 2010.

 I have mentioned more than once in my previous articles that in view of Indian sabotage activities in NWFP and Balochistan through RAW and IMI, using Afghanistan’s soil, Pakistan should put a ban on all airlines over flying Pakistan between India and Afghanistan but the government did not pay any attention to it, however, in view of the above, the time has come to put ban on all aircraft over flying Pakistan, before it is too late, taking the plea that it’s a war zone which actually it is as our forces are still fighting with Indian terrorists in NWFP and some times our air force has also to take part.

 India, in-accordance with her diplomacy of using others’ “shoulders” in firing guns, has been successful in ‘using’ USA against Pakistan and the USA, apparently a ‘friend’ of an old ally, Pakistan, is playing the game of cloak & dagger as she is keeping a dagger in her ‘cloak of friendship’ to stab in the back of Pakistan by taking Pakistan into confidence, issuing the following statements, and many more have been issued by the officials of US administration from time to time, sorry to say, look like “Bull’s Shit”, under the current scenarios.

10/11/09, “US committed to Pakistan: Holbrook

02/12/09, “US can ignore Pakistan only to its own peril: Hillary Clinton

13/12/09, “US is Pakistan’s partner, not patron: Hillary Clinton

14/12/09, “US helping Pakistan in new, vigorous ways: Hillary Clinton

16/12/09, “Stabilizing Pakistan main US goal: Biden

….and so on.

But the fact of the matter is that a “friend’ like US, an enemy under the cloak of friendship, is more dangerous than the enemy who is openly an enemy like India and Afghanistan. Therefore, Pakistan should NOT take USA’s Aid programme, the controversial KLB, and other assurances for granted, and also do not let US embassy have more facilities than been decided in bilateral issues between the countries under Geneva convention, because enemy is after all an enemy and the US is a very dangerous “friend” as she has been keeping a dagger under its’ “cloak of friendship”.

However, the US and India should also keep in mind that if Pakistan is pushed to the wall and there is a “come what may situation” then there is no alternative, for Pakistan army, but to use all of its’ nuclear arsenals to defend sovereignty of the country as otherwise what for these nuclear arsenals are if can’t defend sovereignty of the country. Pakistan has ICBMs with a range up to Israel and could also penetrate deep into India besides using these on our western as well as eastern borders plus if enemy comes from the Arabian Sea as well, we shall use the nukes all around. India should also keep in mind the China factor, as China will never tolerate the “joint venture” of US and India in this region, near to its doorsteps.

 And lastly, the world knows, particularly by US, Britain and India that in case of war, with any country, the people of Pakistan always stand by its gallant forces and will be prepared to brace the backlash of nukes, come what may, but would never ask Pakistan’s army to withdraw or surrender, inshallah.










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