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China, Russia, India – Their US 'Asia Pivot' Response Emerging

- China continues to strengthen its economic, political and geopolitical position thanks to its burgeoning relations with Russia, India and other countries.

China, Russia, India – Their US ‘Asia Pivot’ Response Emerging

- China continues to strengthen its economic, political and geopolitical position thanks to its burgeoning relations with Russia, India and other countries.

Pak India Surge: Pre Emption or Rhetoric

Borders, whether declared or symbolic have always played a pivotal role in the revolving dynamics of two nuclear armed neighbors from South Asia, India and Pakistan.

The Practice of Pre-Emption

We're now living and dying in an age of pre-emptive actions.

Brzezinski on Syria: US Waging Mass Propaganda (video)

The two minute video from this morning (Sunday, June 16, 2013) outlines the misguided policy of the US in Syria and its failures across the region

Military Headline News: Week In Review

A Florida lawyer has written Congress alleging that some veterans are falsifying Department of Veterans Affairs benefit claims for sleep apnea.

Israel’s secret “Doomsday” Nuke base revealed by US

America, either duped or fully complicit, has given Israel that capability, a “Samson option” first strike against any nation, even America.

When Π Equals 3: The Battle for a Zionist Chief Rabbi

I can't imagine the Indian government attempting to change the value of a mathematical constant by law. They are too civilized for that. This type of legislation is restricted to colonizers. Indiana legislated in 1897 what is known as the Indiana Pi Bill

The Jesuits Take Over the Nation

The appointment of Pope Francis was the worst thing the Vatican could have done.

India’s History of Hostility Against Pakistan

India has a long history of aggressions against Pakistan since its inception in August 1947. Soon after partition, India burdened Pakistan with plethora of unsettling problems and then forced a war on newly born Pakistan in October 1947 by making illegal intrusion in princely state of Kashmir that was to become part of Pakistan in accordance with the aspirations of Kashmiris and laws framed for princely states by outgoing British rulers.

Hyderbad: "You Strike & We will Strike back".

The message of ‘21/2 Hyderabad serial terror attack’ --- By Feroze Mithiborwala --- The strategic& political target of the terror attack, is the historic 2-day Strike of the...

Hyderbad: “You Strike & We will Strike back”.

The message of ‘21/2 Hyderabad serial terror attack’ --- By Feroze Mithiborwala --- The strategic& political target of the terror attack, is the historic 2-day Strike of the...

Sabotaging Relations Between India and Pakistan

The killings of the 2 Indian & 1 Pakistani soldier at the LOC and the rising tensions & rhetoric need to be analysed. The killings of the 3 soldiers have an agenda to target India-Pakistan relations & that is obvious. On the 15th of January onwards India & Pakistan were going to start issuing "VISAS ON ARRIVAL" for Senior Citizens.

Uptight Geo-Political Environments of Pakistan

India has been principally responsible for disturbing the peace in South Asia because of its habit of meddling into the internal affairs of its smaller and militarily and economically weak neighbors.

A History of the World, BRIC by BRIC

The multitrillion-dollar global question remains: Is the emergence of BRICS a signal that we have truly entered a new multipolar world?

Water Terrorism by India to Overawe Pakistan

The majestic and ravishing landscape of the Kashmir Valley is so enchanting that whosoever happens to visit it gets spell-bounded and overawed by its natural beauty and longs to revisit it.

Tangled Knot of Kashmir

Pakistan commemorates Kashmir solidarity day on 5 February every year to demonstrate their unequivocal support for the valiant struggle of the Kashmiri people in achieving their legitimate right to self -determination.

Indian Military Might Is Overplayed

India claims to be the strongest military power in South Asia. America has now started to authenticate its claims.

Israel Deal Gives Them Missle for US Threat

A year and a half ago, I announced on Pakistani television that there was a deal between Israel and India that would provide 10 ICBMs to Israel.

Darkness Behind Deceptive Screen of India Shining

On one hand India claiming to be champions of democracy, secularism and human rights propagates that India is shining, on the other it suffers from highest rate of poverty, illiteracy, infant mortality, inequalities in society.

India Wishes to Strike Pakistan Before US Exits from Afghanistan

Whereas Pakistan is the next door neighbor of landlocked Afghanistan, which is dependent upon Pakistan land routes and Karachi port for its imports and exports, Pakistan has never tried to exploit its vulnerability or to blackmail it.

Fai arrest: Changing the course of the Kashmir debate?

Mr Fai's attorney said it was politically motivated. "It appears to me that this is politically motivated. Look at the timing when Hillary Clinton went to India and when the ISI is having problems with US agents," said Nina J Ginsberg, Fai's attorney.

Changing cultures

It’s a smaller world with people further apart than ever. We travel to different cultures; we fight other cultures. We want to control cultures we don't understand.

India Fast Becoming SuperPower

The words do not always have to be accurate, or the concepts they project true, to be effective. They do not even have to mention the deed, as long as the deed can be repainted in the colors of new and finer words.

India Pledges Support for Palestine

‘India welcomes the recent reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas on the West Bank and Gaza' Minister for External Affairs, E. Ahamed spelt out India's emphatic endorsement of the Palestinian struggle for a “united State of Palestine, with East Jerusalem as its capital, living within secure and recognized borders – side by side and at peace with Israel.”

Readout of Secretary Napolitano’s Trip to New Delhi

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano visited New Delhi on May 25-27 to launch the first-ever U.S.-India Homeland Security Dialogue—a critical step forward in the ongoing partnership between the United States and India to strengthen homeland security and counterterrorism collaboration and ensure the safety and security of both nations.

Another White Lie of India Exposed

Anti-India feeling in Pakistan and anti-Pakistan feeling in India have always been rampant in both countries. Unabated revulsion for each other since the inception of two countries as independent countries has earned them the title of arch rivals.

Ramifications of British imperialism on Pakistan’s polity

Islam was brought into Indian subcontinent in 712 by Muhammad bin Qasim after he conquered Sindh ruled by Hindu Raja Dahir. His arrival sowed the seeds of antagonism between the Hindus and Muslims.

Para los Pobres de la Tierra

"freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose" (Kris Kristofferson) the decline and fall of a generation destined for greatness By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior...

Pak-US Relations Must NOT Be Made Hostage to Davis Case

Although the US has carried out two troop surges and has increased its force level to over 100,000 and total ISAF strength to 152,000, initiative is still in the hands of Taliban. Possibility of regaining initiative by US military through Kandahar operation has become remote. Taliban have become more aggressive and hardly a day passes without a raid, IED explosion or suicide bombing. In 2010, they inflicted 711 casualties upon ISAF, which is the highest since 2001. Their morale is high since prevalent symptoms have boosted their optimism. They are confident that war has practically been won and total victory is not far off. Other than the Generals, US-NATO soldiers are weary, fatigued, depressed and have no heart to continue facing hazards without any purposeful cause. American economy is not recovering due to expensive war.

PAKISTAN: Fissile Material Quandary

Proposing a Fissile Material Treaty... By Air Commodire Khalid Iqbal for VT and Opinion Maker Pakistan’s nuclear capability has been security driven and not status motivated....

India’s Leaders Diplomats Singled out for TSA Frisk

India's ambassador Meera Shankar frisked at US airport  Ms Shankar was taken to a separate room and searched.  India's ambassador to US has been pulled...


Wikileaks has divided the world into two camps, those who love Wikileaks as a slap in the face for the United States and those who recognize the stench of Wikileaks for what it is, simple Israeli propaganda. Millions around the world look at Wikleaks as poor, harried Julian Assange and his personal struggle against the evil empire of Bush/Obama America. Hate, envy, oh, there is lots of envy here, America stimulates that with its highways filled with gas guzzling cars, eating half the world's meat, all the best music, television and a military that scares the begeezus out of everyone. What's not to hate?


FROM MENTSCH TO SCHMUCK, THE ROAD TO GOY-DOM By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor What if efforts to stem Antisemitism actually were the primary cause of...

The California Mystery Missle

An epic American failure


US SILENCE ON KASHMIR EMBOLDENS INDIAN NATIONALISTS, EMPOWERS TALIBAN By Michael Hughes As ghastly as it was for an Indian diplomat to lexically collate the...

Obama’s Conflicting Policy in South Asia

By Sajjad Shaukat: Most alarming point in this respect is that Indian sinister strategic designs under the pretext of so-called Islamic terrorism are not only creating obstacles in the East-West cultural cooperation, but are also taking the world to the brink of clash of civilizations.

Will Obama address 2Ks to win 2Cs

By Hamid Waheed:


"WIKI" STYLE ESPIONAGE LANDS $300 BILLION DOLLAR SUPER-PLANE PLANS By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor "Another spy disaster like Pollard, shoved under the rug too long...


ISRAEL'S WAR WITH ITSELF By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor It is easy to spot a liar if you are willing to take an honest look. ...


TODAY'S SUICIDE BOMBING IN QUETTA, PAKISTAN LEAVES A TRAIL TO TEL AVIV   By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor Quetta, Baluchistan, September 3, 2003 (VT)  Today, 43 Pakistanis were...

Israelization of Iraq and Indianization of Afghanistan

Rumsfeld’s Pentagon had novel ideas of their own. With people like Dick Cheney in the White House to oil his ego and his boss the President who knew only childhood cowboy’s tricks, had a free hand to think and act on his own. The somber and popular Secretary of State, Gen Collin Powell was made to look like a comedian in a Greek Tragedy Drama.