Japan: The Solution to the Blown Reactors

Smoke rises from Fukushima TEEOCO AP 295
Smoke rises from the destroyed Fukushima reactors Photo by TEEOCO AP 295

Time for the “Chernobyl Option”

Update No. 4: “Going to work today, Honey? in the Forbidden Zone??!”

Update No. 3: Bob Nichols on the John Stokes Show on the Rense Radio Network.

Update No. 2: Update No. 2: Tanks Sent to destroyed Reactors

Update No. 1. “Lethal Doses.” See Below

(San Francisco) – On March 18, three days into the Japanese reactor disasters, senior Physicist Michio Kaku called for the “Chernobyl Option” to deal with four out of control nuclear reactors in Northern Japan.

CNN Video, Dr. Michio Kaku

Dr. Michio Kaku’s Recommendations to the Prime Minister.

“If I had the ear of the Prime Minister, I would recommend the “Chernobyl Option.”

  • Put the Japanese Air Force on alert
  • Assemble a huge fleet of helicopters. Put shielding underneath them.
  • Accumulate enough sand, boric acid, and concrete to smother these reactors, to entomb them forever.

This is what the Soviets did in 1986, calling out the Red Air Force and sandbagging the reactor with over 5,000 tons of concrete and sand.”

There is one issue to be solved.

Physicists around the world say the four blown reactors must be “opened” and Boron “inserted” to kill the reactors’ nuclear process. Easy to say, very difficult to do.

Robots must be used. Even though there may be human volunteers, they would die from lethal radioactivity before completing even a small portion of their tasks.

Boron and Boric Acid are chemical products that kill the chemical and radioactive processes and activities inside the reactor.  The Boron must be placed inside the four reactors to do the job.

That is the immediate task. Next job is get the Japanese Air Force up to speed on the Chernobyl techniques.

Let’s get on with it, Mr Prime Minister.

UPDATE No. 1 – “Number of Lethal Doses.”

San Francisco) – Physics Professor Paolo Scampa announced March 23, 2011 that the four destroyed reactors and pools at Fukushima, Japan held about 70 Billion Lethal Doses, finely divided. Professor Scampa used only official IAEA data (International Atomic Energy Agency.)

According to the US Census Bureau there are approximately 6 Billion 907 Million people on Earth today. The wrecked General Electric nuclear reactors contained enough radioactive, highly poisonous fuel to kill every person on Earth about 10 times. The poison is in the atmosphere and spreading all over the world from Japan in 9  to 10 days.

Update No. 2: Tanks Sent to destroyed Reactors

(San Francisco) – March 28, 2011 – The Japanese military has deployed two Type 74 Main Battle Tanks to the destroyed Fukushima Daiichi GE nuclear reactors. The 80,000 lb, or 36,363 kg, Type 74 Tanks are equipped with bull dozer blades and can be equipped with Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare Protective kits.

The 720 HP tanks are expected to clear away rubble from the destroyed reactors; including thousands of tons of burning, highly radioactive old reactor cores stored on site. Internationally known Physicist Dr Paolo Scampa has calculated that 70 Billion Lethal Doses of radioactive particles have been released from the Fukushima Daiichi six reactor site. That is enough lethal radiation to kill everyone on Planet Earth 10 times over.

Dr Michio Kaku, a world famous physicist has recommended that the Japanese military implement the “Chernobyl Option” to entomb the four out of control reactors in Boron and Concrete. The Boron kills the Neutron life blood of the reactor cores.


Update No. 3: Bob Nichols on the John Stokes Show on the Rense Radio Network.


Update No. 4: “Going to work today, Honey? In the Forbidden Zone??!”

(San Francisco) – “Honey, are you going to work today in the Forbidden Zone?”

That is the question a family member or loved one will ask today of thousands of  Tepco employees (Tokyo Electric Power Company.)

The Fukushima district of Northeastern Japan hosts at least two troubled reactor industrial parks. Each industrial park has six reactors for a total of 12 reactors employing thousands of people. The two reactor parks are a 10 km, or 6 miles, apart.

Four of the General Electric reactors are in various stages of a disastrous multiple Chernobyl like Meltdown in the first reactor park. Two more nearby multi-billion dollar reactors are shut down and questionable. They might Meltdown, too.

Six more troubled reactors are in the second Fukushima industrial park 10 km, or 6 miles away and are inside the Evacuation [Required] Zone by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency.) The thousands of employees of Reactor Park No 2 are not exempt from getting Zapped by the outgoing 70 Billion Lethal Doses of deadly Radiation in the air just because they work for the electric company, Tepco.

If you were working there what would you do faced with that question? “Would you go to work today?”


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