Japan: The Solution to the Blown Reactors

Smoke rises from Fukushima TEEOCO AP 295
Smoke rises from the destroyed Fukushima reactors Photo by TEEOCO AP 295

Time for the “Chernobyl Option”

Update No. 4: “Going to work today, Honey? in the Forbidden Zone??!”

Update No. 3: Bob Nichols on the John Stokes Show on the Rense Radio Network.

Update No. 2: Update No. 2: Tanks Sent to destroyed Reactors

Update No. 1. “Lethal Doses.” See Below

(San Francisco) – On March 18, three days into the Japanese reactor disasters, senior Physicist Michio Kaku called for the “Chernobyl Option” to deal with four out of control nuclear reactors in Northern Japan.

CNN Video, Dr. Michio Kaku

Dr. Michio Kaku’s Recommendations to the Prime Minister.

“If I had the ear of the Prime Minister, I would recommend the “Chernobyl Option.”

  • Put the Japanese Air Force on alert
  • Assemble a huge fleet of helicopters. Put shielding underneath them.
  • Accumulate enough sand, boric acid, and concrete to smother these reactors, to entomb them forever.

This is what the Soviets did in 1986, calling out the Red Air Force and sandbagging the reactor with over 5,000 tons of concrete and sand.”

There is one issue to be solved.

Physicists around the world say the four blown reactors must be “opened” and Boron “inserted” to kill the reactors’ nuclear process. Easy to say, very difficult to do.

Robots must be used. Even though there may be human volunteers, they would die from lethal radioactivity before completing even a small portion of their tasks.

Boron and Boric Acid are chemical products that kill the chemical and radioactive processes and activities inside the reactor.  The Boron must be placed inside the four reactors to do the job.

That is the immediate task. Next job is get the Japanese Air Force up to speed on the Chernobyl techniques.

Let’s get on with it, Mr Prime Minister.

UPDATE No. 1 – “Number of Lethal Doses.”

San Francisco) – Physics Professor Paolo Scampa announced March 23, 2011 that the four destroyed reactors and pools at Fukushima, Japan held about 70 Billion Lethal Doses, finely divided. Professor Scampa used only official IAEA data (International Atomic Energy Agency.)

According to the US Census Bureau there are approximately 6 Billion 907 Million people on Earth today. The wrecked General Electric nuclear reactors contained enough radioactive, highly poisonous fuel to kill every person on Earth about 10 times. The poison is in the atmosphere and spreading all over the world from Japan in 9  to 10 days.

Update No. 2: Tanks Sent to destroyed Reactors

(San Francisco) – March 28, 2011 – The Japanese military has deployed two Type 74 Main Battle Tanks to the destroyed Fukushima Daiichi GE nuclear reactors. The 80,000 lb, or 36,363 kg, Type 74 Tanks are equipped with bull dozer blades and can be equipped with Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare Protective kits.

The 720 HP tanks are expected to clear away rubble from the destroyed reactors; including thousands of tons of burning, highly radioactive old reactor cores stored on site. Internationally known Physicist Dr Paolo Scampa has calculated that 70 Billion Lethal Doses of radioactive particles have been released from the Fukushima Daiichi six reactor site. That is enough lethal radiation to kill everyone on Planet Earth 10 times over.

Dr Michio Kaku, a world famous physicist has recommended that the Japanese military implement the “Chernobyl Option” to entomb the four out of control reactors in Boron and Concrete. The Boron kills the Neutron life blood of the reactor cores.


Update No. 3: Bob Nichols on the John Stokes Show on the Rense Radio Network.


Update No. 4: “Going to work today, Honey? In the Forbidden Zone??!”

(San Francisco) – “Honey, are you going to work today in the Forbidden Zone?”

That is the question a family member or loved one will ask today of thousands of  Tepco employees (Tokyo Electric Power Company.)

The Fukushima district of Northeastern Japan hosts at least two troubled reactor industrial parks. Each industrial park has six reactors for a total of 12 reactors employing thousands of people. The two reactor parks are a 10 km, or 6 miles, apart.

Four of the General Electric reactors are in various stages of a disastrous multiple Chernobyl like Meltdown in the first reactor park. Two more nearby multi-billion dollar reactors are shut down and questionable. They might Meltdown, too.

Six more troubled reactors are in the second Fukushima industrial park 10 km, or 6 miles away and are inside the Evacuation [Required] Zone by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency.) The thousands of employees of Reactor Park No 2 are not exempt from getting Zapped by the outgoing 70 Billion Lethal Doses of deadly Radiation in the air just because they work for the electric company, Tepco.

If you were working there what would you do faced with that question? “Would you go to work today?”


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Type 74 Tanks To Be Used For N-Plant Cleanup Japan Security Watch, Kyle Mizokami – March 22, 2011

“Four damaged Japan reactors to be scrapped,” TEPCO Press Conference, CBC News, Mar 30, 2011 9:41 PM ET.



  1. how close can you get , start sand blasting , use industrial diamond and blast a hole or go under ground use earth as shield maybe bring in insulated 8 ft pipe lined with lead and create a zone to work out of, always pressurize the steam pipe and inject eplosive material , giant magnetic field to draw frequency away create a safe zone

  2. John,

    The reactor area is running up to 10 Quintillion (18 Zeros) Bq or counts of radiation an Hour.

    There is no human or robot capable of simply living long enough to do this. Get it?

    What now?


  3. Thebes,

    All indications are the pools don’t exist anymore.

    This means the 2800 tons of reactor contents is scattered about, exposed to air and burning; poisoning us all. That stuff spreads world wide, Northern Hemisphere first.


  4. Big M,

    Dr. John Gofman has passed on now, but used to be the Medical Director at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab. He also co-discovered Plutonium 239 and invented the “stint” used in medicine today. He was a cardiologist, too.

    John got a real kick out of the PR Psycho attempts to explain “perfect containment” at the reactors. Of course, perfect anything is a crock and miserable lie.

    The simple fact is Big M that the 1400 plus radioactive isotopes and elements will absolutely eat their way through anything. Therefore, the variety of rotten containers also have to be boxed up and stored for an eternity.

    Let the stuff get out and, just like at every operating nuke plant and Fuku, it hunts and kills humans.

    uhh, any questions or comments?

    I’d be happy to discuss it further.



  5. A further explanation is on your question below, bao.

    It is certain that the force of the earthquake prevented the successful Scram of the operating reactors.

    The tsumami did the rest by obliterating the fuel for seven emergency generators.


  6. Hi bao,

    Good comment. Here’s what happened as best I can tell. No, this has never happened before.

    The million kiloton equivalent of TNT earthquake hit slightly offshore. It drops the reactors three feet, moved Japan eight inches to the west and knocked the Earth slightly off its axis. It was the fourth largest quake in the past 100 years.

    The reactors control rod motors immediately Scrammed the plants that were running, at least seven in two groups at Dai-ici and Dai. It is unknown if the Scrams were successful and insertion of control rods accomplished.

    The 46 ft tall tsunami overwhelmed at least 7 running reactors. The earthquake tsunami combo cut off the reactors from multiple outside electrical lines and swept away and destroyed the emergency generators fuel tanks.

    With no electricity, the reactors were hot and still running – fission continued unabated from TEPCO reports.

    Protective, cooling, de-mineralized Water covering the fuel rods in the multiple cracked reactors and old core storage evaporated away exposing the hot fuel rods.

    The active reactor cores started melting about three hours after the cores were exposed to air, the IAEA reported 2800 tons of old reactor cores stored on site started burning shortly after that.

    This all happened within 6 hours after the earthquake/tsunami combo struck. The rest of the story was all over except the shouting and people asking “What happened?”

    Long story short, bao, as you well know, without electricity and fuel the GE Mark 1 reactors course was irrevocably set. Further, nothing can stop it now.

    The neutron absorbing Boron must now be applied energetically by missile and bomb drops as a part of a coherent plan to entomb the reactors.



  7. Where are you getting this crap information? They were scrammed as soon as the earthquake hit. Before the Tsunami and before they would have been able to heat up this much.

  8. The reactors, you see, they have these things called ‘control rods’. The control rods are made of a neutron poison, boron,that basically slows down the reaction. As soon as the emergency flag was raised, the reactors automatically scrammed themselves. That means that the control rods were forced in fully and the reactor was in an idol type state. All of the heat left in the reactors is basically decay heat of the uranium or MOX fuels.

  9. Get one pump going to reactor core inject your boren or boric acid through cooling system, cooling or shut down the reactor?

  10. Right HAILBOP,

    Well, those are different ideas and attempts to make sense out of some theoretical event. Big difference now. The Fukushima Kill Off is reality, big time.

    Why don’t you give that control question a re-look, HAILBOP. There is actually exquisite control being exercised right now. And it is absolute. The solution is obvious, the reactors have to be Boron-ed and Chernobyled. All it takes is pulling the trigger and the planes on suicide missions will fly.

    That ain’t happening.

    Every day that goes by, the kill number goes up.


  11. Grand plan, reduce the populous, The rumors been around for years. seems likely thats whats going on. the medias been gagged ? amazing how most people are not concerned. no wonder they want us all gone. . well most of us anyway. Think the haarp could fix the problem, that is if they really want to fix it. All a bit suss . and the jokes on us. Who is actually in control here? nobody its out of control, thats bloody obvious.

  12. Is it possible that the Japanese are not yet burying the reactors because they still hope to retrieve evidence that an Israeli earthquake machine is buried beneath them?

  13. RD asked:
    “As these pulsars Half Life is X——?”

    I wish. Thanks to the lying government fools deceiving you every single day, RD, you do not know that there are more than 1,400 different kinds of Rad when they leave the reactor. That means 1,400 different radioactive life spans.

    The simple answer is “For an Eternity.”

    The long answer is a list 1400 plus entries long, ranging from less than a second to a majestic 90 billion years. All will kill us deader than a doornail.


  14. Bob’ you write “Think of these four destroyed reactors as the center distribution point on Earth for 70 Billion shells. They don’t ever jam or stop firing. A tiny piece fires 850 rounds a minute and it does that inside us, too. It never stops. We stop. We don’t win this engagement.”

    There are a few pre April 1 stories running on VT “early” now. I hope we all laugh after the First. If not this is shit’s with out a life time supply tp.

    So these “70 Billion LDs.” are out there firing away at 850 radioactive pulses per minute to alter and eventually destroy any DNA STRANDS OF LIFE AS WE KNOW. As these pulsars Half Life is X——? they just keep playing there fricking shell game what DNA strand is next.

    If: fish,foul or beast ingest LDs pulsars and best one use humans ingest the pulsars as food, not good. We Crust Scratches may just stop scratching. Thank’s still waiting for April 2.

  15. Wish it did, RD,

    Nawww, the boron does not effect the tiny particles in the air, the 70 Billion LDs.

    The Boron Kills the neutron “life force” that keeps the 174 ton reactor cores white hot and burning through the pot to the permanent water table. You physicists, chemists and NBC guys, or gals, out there who have another description of the “neutron flux” are welcome to give it a shot. But, RD, that is the target we want to kill.

    When the reactor is out of control there is not enough of the half million gallons of water to keep the Core from burning right through the earth to the water table. RD, The Boron “quiets the atomic fire.”

    Once the radioactive particles burn and go Air Borne those suckers are scoutin’ for us. There are 10 for every man, woman and child on earth.

    Think of these four destroyed reactors as the center distribution point on Earth for 70 Billion shells. They don’t ever jam or stop firing. A tiny piece fires 850 rounds a minute and it does that inside us, too. It never stops. We stop. We don’t win this engagement.

    The Boron WOULD HAVE stopped the radioactive killer particles in their tracks. I think it was exactly the thing to do at the time, still do, though it is awful late in this war against the machines — and we ain’t winning it.

    The guy who can pull the trigger and get this war against the planet killing reactors on the hump is the Prime Minister of Japan.

    What’s he waiting for? — More of us to croak from his out of control reactors!? The only thing the reactors are good for now is killing lots of people! Take ’em out!!


  16. Bob you write “Here’s the situation. Currently 70 Billion Lethal Doses are out ‘n about the planet. A certain percentage of us are going to be taken out by these LDs.”

    Can Boron be ground fine enough to float and be dumped at high altitudes in to these plums coming our way to make significant’s reduction to be worth the efforts?

    “are out ‘n about the planet” Not sure how to get a meaning full handle on this.

    Nova Time by by

  17. Ok, bobt,

    Here’s the situation.

    Bob than this decision better be made pretty damn soon.. Im not to sure I want to see the evening news..or Glen Beck screaming “God’s wrath” over the next two years while watching the plague spread Eastward with El Nino and the jet stream.
    Is anyone Really addressing this..or are they all( you know the ones who believe they should be running everything) sitting around lookin down the
    hole in the end of there favorite part. ( physical not wallets altho thats the next place and most important place they would think to look.)
    Sad as it is, for the currently affected..the rest of the world needs to survive and I doubt learn but survive..
    who is hammering this home..who knows enough and can get thru to the leaders??

  18. Ok, bobt,

    Here’s the situation. Currently 70 Billion Lethal Doses are out ‘n about the planet. A certain percentage of us are going to be taken out by these LDs. It looks like they knew all this in Japan and Sacrificed 103 Million people in Place on Honshu. Write them off. It is spreading fast, too. Real Fast.

    A decision now has to be made to slime the four reactors, maybe six reactors. It could still spread to two more.

    I suppose when enough people are wasted as in dead, the Japanese Military will Gorbachez the reactors with the Chernobyl Solution. No, there is no other way. Uranium is its own Standard. Uranium must be dealt with according to those exacting requirements or it will kill you dead. Period. No if, and or but is tolerated.

    That’s my take on it right now, bobt.


  19. bob
    Welllllll ….. not necessarily, bobt.

    That’s what I have been thinking..Okay..out of 5Billion minds..gotta be a couple that will noodle thru this and. propose something unique and better than my thoughts to nuke it…or the feeble attempt to coat it with quick lime.
    Are you saying the genii is out and we’ve been had?
    The gods must be casting a quick wink around mt Olympus..

    its “on the beach” all over again..but with out actors…just us customers.
    Plenty of secret meetings in DC where the chief Scientist predicts the worse and they decide to not let us know, might cause a panic….
    I’m going to be so bent out of shape should the Prophets end up being right after all and i believed in science..fool that I am.
    we men can do it all conquer the planet the stars ourselves..How morbid..how we gonna fix this mess…?

  20. “we’re humans there will be a solution..right? ah right,,bob???”

    Welllllll ….. not necessarily, bobt.

    Millions of people in NE Japan are already the walking dead. The count will not stop going up till the choppers fly. That will take at least a month, with no screw ups.

    There are 70 Billion Lethal Doses in play, y’know. There are 7 Billion, or so, humans.


  21. Thanks for the comments Bob..
    This thing sure is turning into a Godzilla moment. There does not seem to be an
    intermediate powered solution..Roman encasement ( ie Cement) or end of everything
    atomic obliberation..Blowing up the area doesnt work..coating it, with what available mechanism..concete from helicopters…ah Ive seen the efforts in california, Planes and copters dumping water on fires..and its gonna take a lot of helicopters..lots.
    concrete is a bit heavier..so more helicopters..
    all that water now being poured on the reactors finds its way back to the ocean..and
    eventially ends up at Charlie Sheens bungalo in Malibu..prevailing winds take it across the US… We’re running blockage for Europe right now, but for how long..maybe the guys perdicting 2012, nah!!! we’re humans there will be a solution..right? ah right,,bob???

  22. Hey, bobt, this is All new stuff, there sure aren’t any dumb questions, y’know!?

    Let’s think through the science, OK?

    You reasoned, as a lot of Vets and others are doing right now that a couple of tunable yield nukes would “destroy” these nuclear reactors and everything around them.

    That is true up to a point and that point is the Tons of highly radioactive, poisonous reactor cores around to be burned in the regular fires, yet.

    Nope. Regular thinking ends right there. The tunable nuke weapons would just “Vaporize” the uranium, plutonium and other uranium based poisons they got there at the six Fukushima nuclear power stations,by the Ton!!

    Can you imagine this new way of thinking! We’d all be Worse off; much worse off!!!!

    Thanks for writing in, y’know, probably thousands of others were thinking the same thing. Maybe more.


  23. A Dumb question? can the 4 reactor areas be destroyed effectively by a (couple?) of strategic nukes
    ie: the ones Iam hearing about with tunable yields and mimimalized radiation, that would basically destroy the Nuke Reactors and all the fuel rods etc and thus eliminating the continual leaching of radioactive material into the atomosphere and Pacific ocean..
    the place will not be inhabital anyway..and could this possibly negates the threat..
    pouring sand and cement on the place doesnt feel like a viable fix..
    I know japan has had nukes on it before and would find this very offensive but we’re talking about possible world wide effect of the poison on all of us..

  24. I have 2 ideas.

    I have found out that plutonium is paramagnetic which means it can be collected with electromagnets. Other metallic radioactive elements are probably paramagntic as well. So why not make a large frame with a wire screen and charge it up and collect the radioactive isotopes at or near the reactor. The next step would be containment and disposal.

    Secondly would putting radioactive waste and fuel in the Erta Alle lava lake in the danikil depression work as a means of disposal? I am assuming the radioactive elements could be sunk deep into the magma if they are encased in some kind of a casing that is slow to melt and is heavier than basaltic magma. At some point the radioactive elements would be incorperated and contained in the earths crust as they were in the beginning.


  25. Solar energy was supposed to use to much land compared to other energy sources like nuclear, but if you add the 30km no mans land around a nuclear disaster voila! solar equals nuclear in land use!

  26. Maybe now some creative thinkers willing to step outside the box will finally consult the work of Nicola Tesla who had the solution to all our energy problems a CENTURY ago. Oh yes. Then WHY don’t we have it?

    As J.P Morgan said when shown Tesla’s method of extracting electrical energy from the ambient environemnt—-“WE CAN’T HAVE THIS!!! I CAN’T PUT A METER ON IT!!!”

    Indeed. It’s New Paradigm Time friends.

  27. Good comment, stinkmeamer,

    But,… No, I don’t think so.

    It seems to me it is just good practice to do that, especially to GE reactors. It seems to be an effort to get Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) off the hook for killing Japan – literally.

    BTW, stinkmeaner, there are 23 GE reactors like the blown Japanese reactors in the US, have you heard of them shutting down and rebuilding the controllers? I have not.


  28. Good try, Rupert. Really.

    I usually don’t mention it; but, whenever uranium burns in air, there is a big group of compounds called uranium nitrides.

    Yup. The poison burns in nitrogen, too.

    Bummer, eh?


  29. That is pretty grand thinking, Michael.

    That “solution” of your own invention just makes it worse.

    Thanks, you would have just killed the world.

    Hitting the permanent water table is what we are trying to avoid.


  30. Degenerates! Before building reactor you dig a deep hole, put the reactor on a platform which can be blown out when something happens. Reactor goes down a couple of hundred meters, that’s all.

  31. I heard that rumor, Willy.

    I don’t think so.

    This was far simpler than that.

    Just simple incompetence, Willie.


  32. Use liquid nitrogen to cool the core or the water that is cooling the core. It is available in industrial quantities and portable liquid nitrogen plants can be transported to the site. The liquid nitrogen is not only extremely cold but when it boils the resulting nitrogen gas will not react with the hydrogen to cause an explosion and the volume of gas will displace the oxygen reducing explosion risks.

    Liquid Nitrogen was used to cool the core in the Three Mile Island and Chenobyl meltdowns.

    All nuclear power plants should incorporate a liquid nitrogen plant on site as a fail safe in the event of a meltdown to cool the water in the reactor vessel or replace it in the event that there is no more water available.

    Using water to cool a meltdown as done now is a guarantee of a hydrogen and oxygen explosion.

    Use liquid nitrogen and prevent further containment building explosions.

    This solution has been offered since the Monday after the accident. It has not been done.

  33. Sotir,

    It IS, Sotir.

    Every single Uranium based Reactor made is shut down by inserting Boron Filled Control Rods. It is Standard Operating Procedure. There are 438 of the big ones like these 6 broken, old, dilapidated GE reactors in Japan.

    The Boron Control rods are so important they are driven into the heart of the reactor core by powerful electric motors in the event of an Emergency just like this.

    Soooo, why did not they work? The cores got too hot, white Hot, melted and the Boron Control Rods could not be inserted.

    This was another design failure of a powerful corporation – GE.

    It is pretty simple. TEPCO incompetence like at every other GE reactor in the world. That coupled with GE design incompetence and Bingo – a disaster that looks like it will kill millions.

    Bob Nichols

  34. Yo! Dandy,

    Check this out. The “schedule” got changed to 10 years from now.


    Japan Extended Reactor’s Life, Despite Warning


    Published: March 21, 2011

    Japan Extended Reactor’s Life, Despite Warning
    Published: March 21, 2011 ….

    Ain’t that just like these monsters?!


  35. “By the way, are the people who design these reactors just a bit nuts?”

    I suggest you read “Cat’s Cradle” by Vonnegut.

    Ice Nine baby.

  36. Spot on!

    I’d be willing to bet that France and Germany’s haste in shutting down their pre-1980 nuclear reactors has more to do with rebuilding infected Siemens controllers used to operate those plants than structural verifications.

  37. Hi there Rattner,

    I could not find your assertion that Boron “inserted moments after the earthquake.” Do you happen to have a URL on that?

    I Googled this: “Japan reactors” + boron and turned up hundreds of stories. Including this one:

    “Korea to ship boron to help stabilize Japan’s reactors” here: http://search.babylon.com/?babsrc=adbartrp&AF=14542&q=Korea+to+ship+boron+to+help+stabilise+Japan%27s+reactors

    Whether the Japanese did or not, theirs is about gone, S Korea is shipping their reserve supply, and Japan is in a world of hurt.


  38. If they entomb it they MUST remove or stabilize the fuel in the storage pools. Those pools are not designed to hold in molten Corium and at least some of the fuel is still strong enough to try to eat its way toward the center of the earth if left dry and uncooled.

    If it ate through just 20 feet of bedrock it could reach small amounts of ground water forming an extremely powerful geiser that would spew its fission products explosively into the atmosphere. There is no telling if this would happen and there would be no warning and no chance of correcting it.

  39. Pardon Phil, I am back,

    As I was saying dude. The solution is to get more Robots; not more humans to kill with lethal radiation.

    The militarization of the site has already started. Two Japanese 80,000 lb Main Battle Tanks equipped with Dozer Blade accessories are on site clearing away the rubble of the once former big nuke power plant buildings.


  40. There’s a bit of a problem with his recommendation(s). The containment structure at Chernobyl has been leaking ever since 1986, and the Russians are right now building a structure with an expected life of 100 years to “permanently” entomb the reactor.

    By the way, are the people who design these reactors just a bit nuts? Why are the spent fuel rods stored above the reactor? This is like putting your gas tank above your car’s engine, so that if you have an engine fire, the gas tank will explode. And why in Hell are so many reactors, in Japan and elsewhere, built so close to fault lines? Good grief!

    Nuclear power might be comparatively cheap and clean, but the trade-offs are too risky for mankind. Nuclear power has to go. Seriously. Now.

  41. I was thinking instead of a dozen waterpark slide complexes all redundantly flowing into the plant complex, as a show of how safe it was. All equipped with super-ultra-redundant water supplies.

  42. Cherbobly wasn’t sitting on top of the Pacific Ocean. What happens when the radioactive material eats down into the water?

  43. GE and their buddies did everything possible to avoid having an effective kill solution in a disaster scenario. Putting the spent fuel rods on top of the reactors is brilliant — I keep my propane tanks next to the fireplace and my loaded .44 in my baby’s cradle next to the pit bull. Meanwhile, I have hired an Israeli security firm to ensure the safety of my family’s internal organs.

  44. Why isn’t this boron and boric acid pre placed near these reactors in advance so that in case of this kind of catastrophe one can simply activate some explosive charge to release these chemicals and neutralize these nuclear reactions? I guess I already know the answer, machines are more valuable then people.

  45. Can the world take one melt down every thirty years? We will need a class of holy men to live near by and warn people for 10,000 years. The plants that sit on famous fault lines and in view of the ocean should be eliminated. The Humboldt Bay plant is an example of the aged and useless threat the industry turns into.

  46. Ahhhh, that very nice fantasy parallel universe we have heard about.

    Yes, and everything will be OK, children.


  47. Boron was inserted moments after the earthquake was detected, and all operating reactors were brought to idle a short time therafter. So then. Mr. Kaku, shall we attempt to defuse the fear rather than stir it up unnecessarily? Tell your big petrol financiers that the shutdown to idle news appeared in the very first press about the earthquake, in the very last paragraph in an already long article.

  48. Right, Dandy, the reactor machines were junk.

    That is not the same thing as the 70 to 100 Ton reactor core inside it generating its own life force – the neutron flux.

    The Boron or Boric acid is aimed not at the reactor machine; but, at the lifeblood of the reactor Core, the neutrons.

    Boron is used world wide to “slow” down real fast neutrons and in giant amounts, to Kill the Core by absorbing all the neutrons.


  49. Hi Phil,

    That was my suggestion; not his.

    Appropriate military Rad hardened chips will last a bit longer than normal chips.

    A little longer; but, you are right. In the end, they too will die.


  50. Poor Michio Kaku!

    Perhaps he should brush up on other areas of physics. Then he would find out that robots will not work in his scenario – their circuits would be fried by the radiation.

  51. Cadmium solutions were the preferred dousing technique in runaway experimental reactors back in the 60’s/70’s. These were much smaller than commercial power reactors, so it may not be applicable. Just a thought…

  52. Have you heard about the Stuxnet worm having been found in Japanese nulear facility mainframes BEFORE the quake and tsunami?

    New Cybervirus Found in Japan /Stuxnet designed to attack offline servers

    Keep in mind as well that the facilities were under Israeli forces as well…thus physical access to offline machines.

    Also worrisome is that Isreali security companies guard some US nuke plants…

  53. As soon as they started flooding sea water into those reactors, they were useless. Adding boric acid wouldn’t hurt them further.

    It’s just that you can’t flood boric acid in there like you can sea water (with water cannons).

    And no, these 40 yr old reactors are not worth $48 Bn – they were scheduled for decommissioning this year.

  54. The nuclear genie is out of the bottle, never to be contained.
    One may understand this in any way one chooses, scientifically, mystically, realistically… game over. With everyone and their uncle now owning Geiger counters, the truth of our irradiated lives are becoming shockingly clear.
    Whether natural or man-made, Oil and it’s bastard spawn, nuclear energy (Nuclear energy came to be as a result of oil driven science’s power to make it possible) and the explosive paradigm they have us trapped in are now at end. An explosive end.
    To think otherwise is to deny reality staring us in the face.
    All solutions are now individual and inward. The outward game is going to play itself out.
    Otherwise, ask yourself, why is Libya now being blanketed with DU dust? Why?



  55. Yup.

    Dumping Boron kills the “blood cells” of the reactor – the neutron. That is the decision to kill a $12 Billion Dollar Machine. In the case of the four Japanese that’s is US$48 Billion Dollars, at a minimum.


  56. Bob, did you imply that there was a way to shut down reactions . . . That they wouldn’t use because it would, in essence, destroy the plant?

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