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NEO – China’s Dragon at Large

- "Neo's Vladimir Terehov takes us into the evolving dynamics of the Asian economy both in terms of inter-Asia trade and the West."

NEO – Japanese Sanctions against the Russian Federation

- The real threat is who is really running the show in the US and Europe. Is it the elected leaders, or those who are really behind who gets elected?

NEO – Sweeping All Away To War

- Konstantin Penzev brings us another insightful article on the Alice in Wonderland labyrinth of US foreign policy with its silly name, the "Asian Pivot"

NEO – Western Sanctions will push Russia Eastward

- Sofia Pale...“That which does not kill us makes us stronger” and “There’s no great loss without some small gain” – are wonderful Russian proverbs.

NEO – School Text Book Wars in Asia

- Under the new political conditions, there is another ideological shift, which is immediately reflected in freshly corrected textbooks.

Is Japan’s Abe Taking his Cues from Cheney’s Washington Friends?

"Cheney is the epitome of the American elite political class who has failed our country so miserably despite the money they looted"

The Case Against the NSA, Condoleezza Rice, and the Orwellian State

I have a dream that one day no man will be above the law in the United States and Europe, and every criminal who lied about Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, etc., will be prosecuted for creating massive terrorism and suffering in the Middle East and America

Washington and Tokyo ramp up military preparations against China

- Who has ever stopped to think that any country who can put up satellites has a delivery option for a nukes? Surprised? You should be.

Pentagon Kicking Some Brass, Hasan Rests Case, Syrian Gas Attack Alleged

To save money, the Pentagon has announced plans to cut senior officers starting next year.

Brzezinski on Syria: US Waging Mass Propaganda (video)

The two minute video from this morning (Sunday, June 16, 2013) outlines the misguided policy of the US in Syria and its failures across the region

Pedophile Network Busted, Ringleader Arrested

International law enforcement officials have raided a massive secret arctic facility and made scores of arrests including of a man suspected of leading the world’s oldest and largest pedophile network.

US Gov: Walk Slow

This "allowed" the patient to go ahead and croak before the life extending heroic measures arrived. It was that way because it was always that way.

The Perils Of Containing China

The Obama Administration’s policy of “rebalancing” to the Asia-Pacific appears to be a nascent attempt to contain China. It would behoove US policymakers to recognise a key distinction between Washington’s current proto-containment of China and its successful containment of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Sterilize the Planet

Arrgghhh! There is no way out! No cure. No medicine. We bought the farm and the cheap energy fantasy, too.

All Nuclear Reactors Leak All of the Time

- Treat the Nuke Boys like the Mad Dogs They Are

Military Headline News: Sextoration, Droneports Coming Soon

Here’s a new word for you complements of the dark corners of cyber land.

CHINA: New Sheriff In Town

Let’s Bottom Line this world changing event. China said "Jump" the US said "How high?"

China vs Japan – Who is Stoking the Fires, and Why?

- An analyst that is only concerned with the material that supports where he wants to go, and ignores everything that doesn't, is less than worthless.

Fukushima’s Melted Reactors 500 Days On

- Radioactive particle emission through the air from Fukushima is not only 3.7 times higher than Chernobyl, but 28.3 times more radiotoxic with every breath taken.

The Drone and the Bomb

The lessons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki belong always before us. The agony of those two cities must remain our dark beacon.