Anthony J. Hall: Racism, Cover-Up and Corporate Fraud in the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe


Fukushima nuclear catastrophe zone

What are the Reasons for the Massive Inadequacy of the International Response to the Humanitarian and Technological Crisis in Japan?

by Anthony J. Hall / Professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge

The Fukushima nuclear disaster shows every sign of becoming the most serious industrial accident in history. Thus the failure to properly internationalize the response to this catastrophe is mind boggling. One month after 3/11 a corrupt little company in Japan, TEPCO, is still being left in charge of dealing with an emergency that is quite literally poisoning the planet on a scale that we may not have ever seen before.

Given the history of the mainstream media as a funnel for the propaganda of the national security state, we have no cause to give credence to even the limited flow of news fed to the public on the severity or possible severity of this constantly worsening global disaster. I find myself especially disgusted by the failure of US authorities to get front and center in this matter that really goes back to the US occupation of Japan and its propping up of anti-communist puppets like Shoriki Matsutaro.

Anti-Communist zealot Shoriki Matsutaro was frontman in Japan for President Eisenhower's "Atoms for Peace" propaganda initiative

As I explain in my article, “From Hiroshima to Fukushima 1945-2011,” Shoriki is the founding father of Nippon Television Network as well as the main publicist for the Japanese version of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s “Atoms for Peace” propaganda campaign that formed the ideological foundation for the US-based nuclear industry in Japan.

Of course Barack Obama, probably the most prostituted US president ever, is hiding in the White House wings hoping the world does not notice he has been bought and paid for by the worst elements of the cowboy culture currently controlling the nuclear energy industry. This element of the military-industrial complex is composed of a bunch of corporate welfare bums, such as Jeffrey Immelt’s and Ronald Reagan’s GE, who created the underlying basis for the Fukushima nuclear mess in the first place.

Is Barack Obama the most bought-and-paid-for US president ever?

Since 1945 the US military has been studying radioactivity to develop machines and methodologies for operating in radioactive environments. Now that so much depends on it, why not fully deploy this legacy derived from studies set in motion in response to the nuclear infernos first visited on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Is racism a factor in the international failure– but especially the failure of the US military– to do due diligence in affording the Japanese some reasonable chance of healthy futures for their posterity? What is to be said of the decision of so many European and North American nations to withdraw their citizens from Tokyo while leaving the Japanese behind?

In the course of his career as TV spokesman for General Electric and then as US Commander-In-Chief, Ronald Reagan epitomized the tight marriage of interests at the heart of the military-industrial-complex. Reagan was GE's poster boy between 1954 and 1962, the very years when Japan was being force-fed GE's military technology in the name of "Atoms for Peace".

Meanwhile the most overtly military part of the nuclear industry continues to spray around increasing quantities of depleted plutonium in all sorts of theatres, including at firing ranges within the United States as well as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and now Libya. This military deployment of heavy plutonium with criminal disregard for the genetic integrity of entire human populations (genocide?) is similarly exemplified and extended in the pathetic response to what is transpiring at Fukushima. Many sources say that the cooling down procedures in the maimed reactors will take 50 to 100 years to execute.

And who knows what will happen in the meantime to the tens of thousands of tons of highly radioactive nuclear waste building up at Fukushima, and, for that matter, at most of the world’s other 600 or so nuclear plants? My guess is that the lies and crimes of 9/11 will be dwarfed in the years ahead by the lies and crimes associated with the nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima, a community whose fate is closely connected with the legacy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Will Honshu Island, including Tokyo, become a nuclear sacrifice zone and a testament to the failure of the international community to respond when it still could on a scale of magnitude equal to the enormous scope of the catastrophe? Come out of hiding Mr. Obama and deal with a situation largely created by US policies in the Cold War. The deteriorating situation at Fukushima, just 150 miles or so north of Tokyo, requires the full and concerted attention of the US Commander-In-Chief and the global military state over which the US president currently presides.



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