False Flag Racism: The Internet Proxy War


“Proxy Buster” Software Exposes False Flag Antisemite


Spammers Tied to Spy/Terror Groups


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


An unclassified version of the software used by the FBI has allowed Veterans Today to track the IP addresses of a group of, what appeared to be, hate mongers and racists whose rhetoric borders on terrorist extremism.  What we found was astounding.  In one case, an individual using the email address “[email protected]” was traced to the computer of the head the largest Jewish “defense” organization.

Others, reposting copyright materials without permission on extremist sites or posting comments filled with racist threats were traced to homes and public buildings in Tel Aviv or to members of Washington lobbying groups tied to Israel.  Most noticeable, though the message is primitive, the syntax is flawless and often elegant.  Spelling and punctuation are “spot on.”

Veterans Today editor, Jim W. Dean said;

We spend hours each week, time we could spend helping veterans, cleaning this garbage off our website.  All of it is blatant and amateurish.  A good friend who works for the Anti-Defamation League, an organization headed by Abe Foxman, told me that hundreds have been recruited, here in the US and more in Israel, whose job it is to seed Antisemitic material into websites that are critical of Israel’s apartheid policies. They openly joke around there how the Nazi and White Supremacist websites have been “theirs” for years.

Ex-CIA Phil Giraldi Spills the Beans on Israeli Espionage in America…by Jim W Dean


For decades, no one has met a real person behind any of the supposed “skinhead” or Nazi websites.  The last Nazi “parade” had 8 participants yet hundreds of anonymous screennames continually post bizarre and “dated” racist rhetoric using language learned from popular TV dramas.  It didn’t take long to get to the bottom of this.

Back during the 1980s, organizations like today’s Stormfront.org were used by the FBI to track what they believed to be domestic terror threats.  As 90s came to a close, the militias disbanded.  The most notorious of all, the Michigan Militia, claimed they were no longer needed since their chosen candidate “George W. Bush” had assumed the presidency.  The chosen candidate of the White Supremacists and Antisemites, had, according to many “militia” leaders, assumed power and Americans were safe from government intrusion, wire-tapping, illegal searches and new federal agencies imposing more restrictions.

Never has a group been so wrong, as we all know only too well now.

As the FBI moved aside, the groups claiming to protect Americans of the Jewish faith from persecution stepped in.  Their intent was something else.  They saw initial infiltration of White Supremacist internet groups as a broad opportunity to instill cohesion within the Jewish community by manufacturing a threat, much as Hitler had done when he blamed the Jews for Germany’s downfall in World War I.

And, of course, there was no need for a Nazi resistance when the Bush administration itself exceeded even the wildest expectations of any right wing group.  Typical rhetoric out of the White House and GOP, purportedly stressing “family values” and “compassionate conservatism” was little more than thinly veiled hate mongering against Jews and African-Americans.

After 9/11, Muslims began to take on some of the heat, much to the relief of the “welfare cheats” and “left wing intellectuals”, code words for “Blacks and Jews.”

When real Nazis moved into the mainstream of the Republican Party, the groups formerly labeled extremist by the FBI became, not only acceptable but close allies of both the Bureau and the new extra-constitutional police organizations like the Department of Homeland Security.

Nazis during the Clinton Administration threatened to blow up public buildings.  During the Bush administration, they became government snitches.

During the Clinton Administration, the FBI infiltrated and prosecuted these groups, under Bush they were “above the law.”

Thus, with violent extremists moving into mainstream politics, repackaged as Dominionists, “neocons” and Christian Zionists, the “skinhead” organizations would have faded away except for the fact that they had now become useful.  With all members now “internet only,” anyone could claim to be anything with impunity.  Without Nazis, there was no need for groups like the ADL or JDL.

With no real members, the glory of internet anonymity allowed these groups to, not just infiltrate, but totally overrun the domestic Nazi movement.


America’s Jewish community has always been allied with the Democratic party.  78% of American Jews voted for President Obama in the last election.  Jews have always been the leaders of every progressive movement, forming the core of civil rights organizations, trade unions, environmental groups and organizations tied to government reform.

That had to change and 9/11 was the catalyst for that change.

Few Americans, Jewish or not, had been aware, until Wikileaks, that Israel had been closely allied with the nations it claimed were ready to “push Israel into the sea.”  With the exception of Syria, every “enemy” on Israel’s borders had a repressive government that either cooperated with Tel Aviv or as with Mubarak in Egypt, took direct orders.

The concept of “poor threatened Israel,” now recognized as the 4th richest nation on earth with a military openly rated as among the “Top 5” in the world has become a hard sell.

Thus, in order to provide cover for Israeli spy operations in the United States, not only suppressing investigations and prosecutions, but to keep American Jews in a state of constant fear bordering on severe depression and paranoia, internet organizations known for their racist or Nazi ideology, became tools, not just of lobby groups like AIPAC but culpable in probable acts of treason as well.

YouTube - Veterans Today -


In order to support a foreign policy agenda aimed at re-colonializing the Middle East, an unholy alliance between traditional Antisemitic groups in the US and the Israel lobby had to be formed.  Regions of the US where Jews had been banned from neighborhoods, from country club membership and full participation in society for generations suddenly became defenders of Israel, defenders of Israel but still, haters of Jewish Americans.

The deal was simple.  America would destroy Iraq, invade Iran, destabilize Pakistan and “globalists,” the cabal of Rothschild banks, Swiss financial criminals and Wall Street thugs would rape the world of resources, starting with the Caspian Basin’s $12 trillion in hydrocarbon resources while bankrupting the United States in the process.

To sweeten the pot, a drug empire would be built in Afghanistan churning out enough dirty money to buy every “free election” in the world.

Any group or individual, any publication that exposed these operations or interfered with these plans would be tied to the Nazi organizations now run by Israeli intelligence through their ties to Jewish defense and lobbyist groups in the United States.

YouTube - Veterans Today -


The long term agenda of this globalist organization is dependent on its ability to orchestrate tensions around the world.  Its primary tool for this is terrorism, blamed on long dead, now even deader still, Osama bin Laden and the imaginary “Disneyesque” Al Qaeda terror organization, a fabrication of the US Department of Justice back during the 1990s.

The attacks now either proven as false flag or highly likely include:

  • 9/11
  • 7/7 London
  • The Alexandria, Egypt church bombing
  • The Mumbai attack
  • The USS Cole attack
  • Car bombings in Iraq (several hundred)
  • Terror attacks in Iran
  • Terror attacks in Pakistan (several hundred)
  • Attacks on American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan (some)

Since 2001, charges of Antisemitism have been leveled against anyone exposing Israel’s role, be it primary or secondary, in the planning and execution of these attacks.  Nazi organizations under the control of groups allied to Israel have played an important part in this, and in doing so, have been fully complicit in terror attacks responsible for the deaths of many thousands around the world.

Thus, when publications like VeteransToday report on spy operations against the United States, it quickly attracts the attention of the network of organizations tasked with undermining America’s free press.  In the case of Veterans Today, the absolute top echelon of the propaganda and disinformation world takes this on as his personal task, little knowing that a publication run by retired intelligence officers can punch through a $10 per month proxy server in seconds.

Again we find the most heinous and vicious Antisemitic rhetoric emanating from the email account of a close friend of Israel’s prime minister.

And so it goes….

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Americans for a Stronger Israel



  1. The Egyptian church bombing false??? There are Muslim attacks daily on Christian churches throughout the world. Just read Jihad Watch (website Jihadwatch.com) for corroboration. Our media is pro-Islam. Does one EVER hear of Jews attacking Christians because they are Christian?

    Mossad went on trial January 2010 for bombing the Coptic Christian Church last December!

    Watch Christian guy attacked in Israel by jews…


    Tourists praising the Lord / all hell broke lose! (1 of 2) these guys are Nuts!



    American Christians don’t know the half of it!

    Anti-Christ laws being enforced in Israel!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oO6XGF15Eg&NR=1 The guy sounds American…

    What Christians Need to Know About Israel


    Your Fxxxxxx Jesus- UK TV Crew..

    Israeli abuse – We killed Jesus & We’re Proud


    Mocking Jesus on Israeli Zionist TV – צליבת ישו – The Crucifixion of Yeshu
    Jesus part played by a Monkey…


    Theres’ plenty some much worse- you won’t see on TV.

    Does one EVER hear of Jews attacking Christians because they are Christian?

    You were saying- Beci?

    Attacking Churches is attacking Christians!

  2. Reed also claims – via first-hand reporting – that there was a good deal of Jewish (Pharisaical) influence over Germany’s concentration camps. These in fact, mimicked Russian ones, he suggests.

    He is also clear that many of Hitler’s actions were not aimed specifically at the “Jews.” His famous book burnings in the 1930s destroyed books of all sorts, not just Jewish books. Concentration camps included many different kinds of ethnic groups – not just “Jews.” Reed is especially emphatic that it was impossible for six million “Jews” to have died in these camps. The census numbers do not support it, he writes:

    The victims were in the great majority, certainly much over ninety percent, Germans, and a few were Jews. This reflected the population-ratio, in Germany and later in the countries overrun by Hitler. But the manner of reporting in the world’s press in time blocked-out the great suffering mass, leaving only the case of the Jews …

    All these statements are false. The measures against the Jews did not outstrip the terror against other groups; the Jews were involved in a much larger number of others. The reign of terror did not begin on January 29, 1933, but in the night of the Reichstag fire, February 27. No ‘burning of Jewish books’ was ordered; I attended and reported that bonfire and have looked up my report published in The Times, to verify my recollection …

    A mass of “Marxist” books was burned, including the works of many German, English and other non-Jewish writers (my books, had they then been published, would undoubtedly have been among them); the bonfire included some Jewish books. the “brunt” of the terror was not borne by Jews, nor were the concentration camps ‘filled with Jews’. The number of Jewish victims was in proportion to their ratio of the population.

    Reed claims that the Allies war effort was deliberately crafted to give the USSR control of Eastern Europe. The idea (as we have discussed) was to set up a faux Cold War that would further militarize the West and drain it of its freedoms.


    An eye witness!

  3. Don’t you believe that!
    Russia still has jews in it’s administration- and are newly arming themselves upto the teeth- by 2020 490 Billion euros’.
    Communist artifax have not gone away- just covered over- waiting for another day.
    Would it surprise you to find that the Arab Spring was Israeli inspired?

    28 Apr 2011

    [CC English] Exposing Democracy Promotion in the Middle East
    [CC French] La Promotion de la Démocratie au Moyen-Orient

    Middle East analyst and investigative journalist Maidhc Ó Cathail exposes the Israel partisans, embedded in US governmental and quasi-governmental agencies, that have been involved behind the scenes in encouraging “democratic” reform in the Middle East.



    I knew something was up when the Copt Church was bombed 1/1/11 designed to destabilize Egypt. It was blamed on “Al-Qaeda from Gaza”. Flags went UP!!!! Mossad got caught running provacatuer operations in Egypt and was going on trial January 25, for recruiting Egyptians for “operations in Syria”. Mubarak and Gaddaffi had threatened Obama with the Israeli “Peace Plan”. All the countries that Israel does not like had CIA style civil unrest turned violent coups, from twitter and facebook. Adios Syria
    IranContraScumDid911 2 months ago 6

    Wow…how did I miss this episode?

    You can even see the plan to propagandize the populace using T.V..
    FreedumbFighter28 2 months ago

    This journalist did an excellent job- he turned every stone.


  4. “””A few years ago, you may recall a Jewish student at GWU who reported Swastikas on her dorm room door. It turned out that SHE was the one who put the Swastikas on her door.”””

    Sounds Like > Does Any Remember the Story about the Blood of the Lambs at the Doors to avoid the wrath of herod in the biblic king herod Story? Would jews leave Me alone When I Paint a swastika at My Door?

  5. The battle for ideas isn’t a two sided war. There are hundreds of sides. White Nationalists/Nazis/Separatists have very little in common, ideologically, with Republicans. Especially George Bush, who was more responsible for the ‘browning’ of the US via immigration than any president in your history. White Nationalists/Nazis/Separatists tend to be anti-capitalism, anti-free trade, anti-war as well as being for ethnic self determination. They are almost as opposed to generic American right wingers as they are to your left wingers. I suggest you explore the world more fully. To suggest that any White Nationalist/Nazi/Separatist was a fan of George Bush is outrageous.

    As for Jewish influence/infiltration of White Wing groups; of course they have some hands in that pie. But it doesn’t extend very far at all. Although White Nationalism isn’t ever going to really take off in the USA(a country that is raceless by definition), it is a very real possibility in Europe in the next decade or so. And if it ever takes off, the number 1 enemy will be the anti-ethnostate USA, regardless if there is a Republican or Democrat in office.

  6. I have to disagree with whatever it is you said simply because it’s rambling. Seriously, a simple thing like a period (it looks like this “.” by the way) would make you appear less of an idiot. That’s right. Amazing how such a tiny thing can transform what you’re trying to communicate. Commas also help. They look like this: “,” and are located, along with the period, at the bottom right of your keyboard.

    Try it. Or be ignored. The choice is yours.

  7. Just go look at that Cynthia McKinney video: “Cynthia McKinney Former US Congresswoman (20-May-11)(1-2)(THE INTERVIEW series)” on Youtube. I’m not pro-Black or pro-McKinney but I have to agree with her when she lays it out about the Zionists. Jews are extremely wealthy (despite their claims of being persecuted) and they use all that money to buy elections by donating huge sums to only pro-Zionist candidates. A candidate must sign “The Pledge” in which essentially, they agree to grovel before the Jews. It’s hard to imaging some other special-interest group (say the farmers) demand that a candidate sign some contract before the donations come in, but that’s the way it works with the Jews. I suppose we should be doing the same thing, as long as the Jews are doing it, there’s nothing stopping us from doing the same thing.

  8. Howard …Is it possible You put jew critic Comments on Forums?
    Then You Can Be Victim of abuse by jews who abuse in sneaky ways rules and laws to neutralise Opponents of their Worldparasitism.They hugely abuse rights also for it authorrights softwarerights morals accusations and Fraud.askenaZi jew Bill gates even helped the now jewish president of Russia to become one by having attacked all Opponents And Political Active People on microsoft softwarerights and had Their Computers seized ..SO No Communication There Any More!
    Google paypal ebay youtube hotmail(microsoft) …jews in almost total jewish law police and state And a huge lot of other media and institutions under jewownership or jewcontrol abuse their power and possiblities to suppres and neutralise Native Populations. Beware jews are NO People As You Think People with a Culture Are BUT A Criminal parasiting mafiasekt by raisings and millenia Old Brainwashes Since they were made by the priests of the faraos! So in Contrary to Us they can act and respond like an army under central control -Worldwide! They respond to Any treat to them with in days ..Us it Takes Sometimes Years – And Mostly sabotaged by them – Never!
    They even Since People in My Nation Became Aware of them And Started to Protest imported Illegally israelis jews and ex idf from al over the World to enforce their powers in state law police and media … So in Fact We are taken hostage!

  9. An other trick of seeding False Flag Racial And Subgrouppolarisation IS …it is giving the mafiajewcells in Governments And Politics the change to lay more violent laws on the Population with these False signals as excuse and can have the Native Population more suppressed and attacked by False informed Governments and Services.So they make a policestate under jewish control.Al of Western Europe And Amerika Already IS. Jews like charlie veitch ( Do You Feel the Timothy Mc Veigh association And There For False trustworthyness?) Also is on order by israel growing violence and polarisation in between Governments And Populations and became famous VERY fast …usually a Sign jews are behind it because they control Worldmedia And propagate and ban Any One they want Also Any News they censurise and manipulate And have thrown Us into many wars already with it! israel IS Realy And actively seeding hate and promoting war between ANY they can! ALso in Every Nation they commit False Flag attacks from sinking a South Korean Warvessel up to setting Russian Forests on Fire and blame others in their Terroristtoiletpapers and media!

  10. The only ones being ethnically cleansed are the natives who are Christian or Palestinian. A Western goy can go there tomorrow and have more rights than natives “becie”. As for religious freedoms that is rubbish. Israeli rabbis call for the burning of the New Testament in public, the international plus sign is not used there as it looks like the Christian Cross (they use an inverted T instead) & The religious leadership of Israel wants to enforce the 7 Noahide Laws, #2 of which means death to all who say Jesus is the Son of God, or God, period, because that is blasphemy. Every Christian priest there could tell you he has been spat on.

    SINCE the Zionists arrived in the Holy Land with their “Greater Israel”, the Christian population has plummeted from 20% to less than 2%. Many who could afford to, have left due to the military occupation & its mindless restrictions on education and business, and the blocking of access to the holy places. The Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem’s residency permit has been revoked by the Zionist regime for the last six months, making it impossible for him to carry out his duties properly.

    Would you like me to go on?

  11. It is sad that most of americas military men are totally brainwashed by zionist propaganda, not to mention evangelical zionist so-called christians which serve talmudic zionists(aka synagogue of satan) as zombie debt slaves and cannon fodder. Russia got rid of zionist mafia(by patriotic people in secret service like Putin, btw no wonder that he as the first step destroyed zionist media in Russia ), Egypt freed themself too through patriotic military .. no wonder that zionists corrupt 24/7 american secret services and top rank military men(especially marines and navy), because they know where lies the real threat to zionist occupation of America

  12. becie, jews do attack christians daily , the jews did 9-11 and murdered over 3000 innocent christians and others , terror attacks blamed on muslims. how many jews died in 9-11???

    jews are the ones who did the bolshevik revolution and murdered over 50 million christians under stalin the (jew).

    they starved to death 12 million ukrainian christians.

    the turkish jews killed over 1.5 million armenians and blamed the muslims!

    the jews in the american administration lied to the american people and led them to wars in vietnam where millions of innocents died!

    today we are seeing wars based on lies by jews in the american administration and the resulting millons dead and countrys destroyed as a result and america being bankrupted!

    how is it the muslims are supposedly the security issue and yet christian americans libertys are curtailed similar to jew led russia,s communism!

    The jew winston churchill of england murdered over 7 million indians in 1943 by starvation while supposedly fighting for freedom from the japanese for the indians!

    these are some of the crimes of these evil people the christian should be aware of, muslims are not a threat to you at all and never have been!

    as for these devilish miscreants, we muslims make no apology about they future in relation to they crimes against humanity and us , the sign for your retribution will be the drying up of the sea of galillee or lake qinnaret as its called now in israel. the prophet mohammed predicted 1435 years ago this will happen after which there will be no state of israel and to a very large extent no jewish people due to the devilish work of your own hands and its attendant result plain to see!

    jihadwatch is a zionist jew website and propaganda mouth piece, if any one wishes to see real true news of these creatures of the devil, got to the jewwatch website of a christian called brother nathaniel, its pure facts and figures not alleged lies these vermin excrete but concrete evidence based factual news which no one can ignore!

  13. “One must remember that the mainstream media is comprised of only five huge corporations”'”
    (Mainly owned by Jews.)

    “Israel allows a plurality of religions; do Arab countries?”

    (You get arrested in Israel for distributing The New Testament in Israel, try again.)

    “Yes, the Rothschilds are partly responsible for the One-World Order and all that, but those are the Zionists, not the regular Jew;”

    (The “regular Jew” will benefit though, from the fruits of this plan. Also, Jews believe in collective punishment, as in Palestine.)

    I don’t really care how Palestinians feel about Americans, but even if you are correct and they “want to kill every American” (I assume you are correct because Americans finance and arm their oppressors) I assume they would stop hating Americans so much if America stopped supporting Israel. Also, since Palestinians do not have the capability to kill every American except in your insane universe, I’m not too worried about it. Shouldn’t you be on Twitter awaiting instructions from Weiner or something?

  14. One must remember that the mainstream media is comprised of only five huge corporations, who have bought up nearly every newspaper, radio and TV station, making a brainwashing machine the likes of which the world has never seen. It is constantly misreporting numbers at events, some at which I have been present, so I know this for a fact. Any event that is non-PC, like anti-abortion rallies, Tea Party events, anti-illegal immigration events, etc. are ignored or downplayed.

    People get their e-mails stolen, hacked, and/or used by third parties to disseminate information for which the owner of the site is unaware. What better way to discredit one’s enemies? I’m not implying this is always the case, but it sounds like most of these cited are bogus e-mails.

    Duh—in every war, enemies collaborate in some way, if not the governments, at least the people do; even in the American War Between the States, businessmen still traded “king cotton” and other goods illegally—why is there such a thing as a “black market?”

    Yes, POOR Israel. A country may be “poor” as in “to be pitied,” or “lacking in some necessary commodity,” which Israel certainly is—respect from Musslemen! Threatened on all sides, it stands alone amid wolves.

    Yes, the Rothschilds are partly responsible for the One-World Order and all that, but those are the Zionists, not the regular Jew; it is a minority, an elite—just as it is an elite group of ANGLO men who co-rule in the CFR, Bilderburgers, Masons, UN, etc.!

    The Egyptian church bombing false??? There are Muslim attacks daily on Christian churches throughout the world. Just read Jihad Watch (website Jihadwatch.com) for corroboration. Our media is pro-Islam. Does one EVER hear of Jews attacking Christians because they are Christian?

    Israel allows a plurality of religions; do Arab countries? Quit crying for the Palestinians, who are latecomers to Israel, who not only want to kill every Israeli, but Americans as well. It will be too late if we allow Musslemen to get all the breaks, like we are doing here.

  15. Thanks for posting the free link, foo. I don’t know why Max said you have to buy it. Also, don’t see why he has to compare Douglas Reed to David Duke-Douglas Reed will never be commented on by any Jewish person, because Douglas Reed used Jewish sources almost exclusively in compiling his masterpiece. Linking him to Duke is one way to discredit him, I suppose, though Reed was a known anti-Nazi. Almost seems intentional……….

    The Controversy of Zion is not about hating your enemies, but rather loving them. Jesus said we are to love our enemies, but he never said we have to trust them. The book is about how fanatics hijacked a great religion and perverted it into Moloch worship and extends the study of the crime almost to our present day. Everyone should read it.

  16. Apparently the IMF cyber attack happened before Strauss-Hahn was arrested and now the Bank of Israel’s Governor is putting his hand up for the job. The IMF cyber attack was done by a Nation State, Israel would have to be the front runner.

  17. Subject: this man is spot on with his thoughts of interesting knowledge!! and i was wondering if any one could prove him wrong in anyway?

    when will you christians wake up to the reality of what you are facing and been at the receiving end of for centuries?

    There will be more to this even when all the Jews finish sholeving their smoke and mirror act as they always do. I smell a rat here – or better put – I SMELL A JEW! What was the Major using as a weapon that had hundred of rounds to fire. What the hell is the TRUE story? It’s not like it happened 30 minutes ago. Was it 7 killed and 12 wounded – or 13 killed and 30 wounded. Was there a second person involved in the shootings?

    This perfect propaganda PR for the filthy sadistic murdering lying Jews. I read many comments and much of the profiles of the victims. With a few exceptions – I damn sure would not ‘welcome’ these hateful sadistic people in MY home. You should see the racist and just plain redneck ignorant comments – and we wonder WHY we are so hated world wide as killers rapists and criminal thugs.

    ALL of our problems are the fault of the JEW – as well as our own stupidity for not kicking their sorry asses out of my Christian nation in the first place.

    You morons! While the Arab people of faith refer to Christ and His blessed mother wil the HIGHEST of respect – the SAME respect and reverence with which they address the name of Muhammed – the Godless filthy sex crazed lying jews blaspheme our Lord as a “BASTARD” and His Holy mother as a “WHORE” ON PUBLIV TELEVISION!. Watch some of the 100% Jew channels for a few days and you WILL see what i am talking about.

    Just in case ANY of your have forgotten the TRUTH Of the matter – here is a refresher course of FACTUALLY UNDENIABLE Jew filth. Unlike 99.9% of you readers _ I have spent time in IsraHELL with
    top ranking intelligence officials and witnessd crimnal Jew gangsterism up close and personal. LEARN THE TRUTH


    It wasn’t the Arabs who called the mother of Jesus a “WHORE” – it was the Jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs who wrote the largest assemblage of anti-Christ/Christian hate literature (TALMUD) in history – it was the jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs who mocked the early death of our Lord – it was the jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs who declared that our Lord’s fate was to be boiled alive in a pit of excrement (shit) – it was the jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs who said that Jesus “ seduced, corrupted and destroyed Israel” – it was the jews.

    It wasn’t the Arabs who called Jesus an “ Idolator” and “seducer” – it was the jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs who said Christians “were idolators, the worst kind of people, much worse than the Turks, murderers, fornicators, impure animals, like dirt, unworthy to be called men, beasts in human form, worthy of the name of beasts, cows, asses pigs, dogs and worse than dogs; that they propagate after the manner of beasts, that they have a diabolic origin, that their souls came from the devil in hell after death; and that even the body of a dead Christian is nothing different from that of an animal” – it was the jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs who said “ A Nazarine is one who follows the false teachings of Christ..” it was the jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs who called Christians “Goy” – an insulting and demeaning term – lower than an animal, it was the jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs who said that the sexual intercourse between Christians is like that of a beast – it was the jews.

    It wasn’t the Arabs who said that “ They (Christians) give birth to sucklings the same as dogs” – it was the jews.

    It wasn’t Arabs that said “The seed of a ‘Goy’ (Christian) is the same as that of a beast” – it was the jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs who were called the “children of the Devil – By Christ- God – it was the jews

    It wasn’t the Arabs whose laws demanded that a Christian’s greeting must not be returned – it was the jews.

    It wasn’t the Arabs whose law states that they cannot go before a Christian Judge – it was the jews.
    It wasn’t the Arabs whose laws state that a Christian – because he is considered lower than an animal – cannot be used as a witness – it was the jews.

    It was not the Arabs who refused to associate with Christians because they were considered unworthy and “unclean” – it was the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who must refuse to be attended by a Goy Christian physician – it is the jews

    It is not the Arabs who teach that whenever possible they must murder Christians and do so without mercy – it was the jews

    It is not the Arabs who call Mary, the mother of Jesus – “chairia” – shit, dung , it is the jews

    It is not the Arabs who call Christian Saints perverts an homosexuals. It is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who call Christian Churches a house of evil – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who teach that Christians honor ‘their’ God ( Jesus) by shitting before Him – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs whose law says that Christians must NOT be told if they are paying too much – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who teach that the rightful propertyof Christians must NOT be returned to them – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who teachings state that it is allowed to cheat/defraud Christians – it s the jews.

    It is not the Arabs whose written laws encourage ‘usury’ against Christian ‘Goy’ – it is the jews.

    It is not Arab law that teaches that they may lie and perjure themselves to condemn a Christian – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who teach that an injured Christian must NOT be aided – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who teach that a Christian must ALWAYS be deceived whenever possible – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs that teach a Christian woman in childbirth or that ANY Christian in danger of DEATH must NOT be helped – it is the jews

    It is not the Arabs who teach that all of the Christians – even the best of them are to be killed ( as were 20,000,000 Christians in Russia!) – it was the jews

    It is not the Arabs who teach their ilk that no festival – no mater how solemn must prevent the murder of a Christian – it was the jews

    It is not the Arabs whose leader teach that it is OK for them to do evil if they do it in a city where they are not known – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who teach that hitting one of them is the SAME as hitting God – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who are taught that if they are hit by a Christian, it is permissible to murder that Christian – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who teach that they need not pay a just debt to a Christian – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who are taught it is good to rob, cheat or kill a Christian – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who consider all Christian children as “ animals’ – it is the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who taught that the disciples of Jesus practiced sorcery and black magic – it was the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who were taught that the very name of Jesus was an abomination – it was the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who were taught that agriculture is the lowest form of occupations – it was the jews.

    It is not the Arabs who are taught that it is “nothing” for an adult male to have sex with a pre-school child (sound very much like the USA jew originated NAMBLA perverts?) – it is the jew.

    It was not the Arabs who recently wrecked our entire economy and looted the country as did mega criminals like JEW – Nicholas Cosmo – stole $300,000,000 or JEW Arthur Nadel – stole $400,000,000 or Talmudic JEW, Ezra Merkin – stole $2,400,000,000 – or JEW thief, Bernie Madoff – stole $50,000,000,000 or JEW mega traitor, nation robber – *Rabbi Dov Zakheim – who literally raped our nation (the Pentagon) for a whopping $2,000,000,000,000! – The largest theft in America’s history! (read more below)

    Yes – that number is TWO TRILLION DOLLARS! To putt that into perspective – If you had a time machine and returned to post-war USA in 1950 – you could ‘OWN’ ALL of America – it’s entire wealth including ALL personal income (GNP) for a bit over $350 billion. Think about that next time you hear about some Godless Christian hating IsraHELL loyal Jew criminals like the above scum.

    Then – imagine a struggling AmeriKan ‘goy’ widow having her meager SS check confiscated because she didn’t report some modest stock cap. gains she honestly forgot and never even benefited from after the market crashed recently. Yes ‘Dorothy’– der ‘OZ’ (occupying Zionist) IRS Gestapo WILL take her pitiful pittance check along with a nasty letter telling her that she has NO recourse under our laws – if they decide to – and that is from PERSONAL Experience!

    Forget about ‘writing your Congressman’. Chances are that he promoted the Jew mandated Draconian legislation that allowed the feds to rob your piggy bank in the first place!

    *”Also involved is a demented wealthy-beyond-wealthy rabbi, Dov Zakheim, say Thorn and Guliani. Zakheim, they tell us, is the man who filched more then $2 trillion (yes, that’s trillion) from the Pentagon, making him the biggest thief in history. Zakheim, former comptroller in the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense, was one of the architects, along with some other rabid Zionists, of a document called Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century, published by the Project for a New American Century.

    This document, which has been dubbed the blueprint for the 9-11 attack, called for “some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new ‘Pearl Harbor’ as being necessary to foster the frame of mind needed for the American public to finance and die in a war in the Middle East that would politically reshape the region for the benefit of Israel and Zionists in power in the United States”

    MY NOTE: If your son or father or brother died for the greater glory of IsraHELL in murdering hundreds of thousands of perfectly innocent civilian human beings – mostly children – in the JEW serial wars of the Mid-East – Talmudist Rabbi Dov Zakheim is probably the MOST responsible Jew for ALL of the destruction and murder of innocent people – including the deaths of OUR sons – since not one drop of precious Jew blood was spilled. OH- and if you ignorant goy our there STILL don’t believe the Jew is laughing his collective ass off about your son’s deaths – read on ====.

    AND IT WAS NOT THE Christian or Muslim ARABS WHO SAID THAT “THE DEATHS OF A MILLION *ARABS (* or- of course any other gentile unclean beasts) ARE NOT WORTH THE FINGARNAIL OF ONE JEW”
    ——– IT WAS – of course THE LYING THIEVING JEWS

    AND it wasn’t ANY Arab person who ruined my son’s life with deadly poisonous Psychotropic drugs – it was the filthy Jews!!!

    My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.
    I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

  18. “Turn the USA into a Nazi-style antisemitic “Fourth Reich” forcing most of the 5 to 6 million Jews living here to leave and settle in Israel.”

    Ok, whats the drawback again?

  19. Intelligent folks simply did not believe that three tall steel buildings collapsed LIKE DEMOLITIONS, falling amazingly straight down (squibs exploding in sequence below a falling top, in slow-mo reruns) when TWO building had (apparently) been hit off-center by horizontal-momentum jet impacts that would have done major assymetric damage to two towers…. and yet three fell straight down! Also jet fuel won’t melt steel buildings like that. IT NEVER HAPPPENED BEFORE! (At most some bending might occur at impact location.) The Pentagon impact was also strange. Where were the jet engines? The wing impact? How did offices have unburnt paper exposed next to the hole of a “flaming inferno?”

    So…. clearly the tower-falls were pre-designed long in advance. THAT IS OBVIOUS.

    Who benefitted most?

    The owner (who clearly had access to the building needed to set things up!) who was Larry Silverstein and his partner (name slips my mind, an Australian Jew also). Definitely not Muslim extremists!
    They got over $7 billion. Those are the simple facts. To deny “Jew involvement” is absolute rubbish.

    And much more has been dug up, notably who ran the “security” at airports the flights took off from. The van of cheering Israelis watching the fall should have been fully investigated and those folks HELD, but they got free to go back (to Israel). It’s more evidence of collusion. And there is much much more.

    See… www dot 911missinglinks dot com

    for a deep analysis on evidence regarding Israel. (I’m sure the Israel groups didn’t do this video!)

    Given the massive smell of deception in the whole 911 event, there is simply no way it is going away, without pinning down the role of various “Jew” persons and groups! So let’s push re-investigation now

    Sure, Congressmen won’t touch this. And yes, groups like AIPAC have cash to buy silence, and clout to destroy uppity politicians via bad publicity. But we need to re-investigate with scientists NOT IN THE US GOVERNEMENT at all. Look at various angels of doing this, including via other countries (rightly concerned about who did what, influencing their foreign policy, especially relative to Washington).

    I’m not sure how much George Bush knew, but it seems odd there were Saudi Arab leaders in US at the time (even Bin Laden members) and they got to LEAVE on a jet while others jets had to land. Old George certainly did appear like a puzzled schoolboy when the news arrived. The USAF failed to take fast action because they had a mock attack operation underway far from the real attack – showing that conspirators either control the US military, or at least know its operations to use such events, and that is really dangerous to security of real Americans – despite all the DHS/TSA bullshit now (groping folks!)

  20. It may seem to simplistic to you, but this is a huge huge problem for Israel. Demographics is everything. It challenges the very existence of Israel. For Israelis and Jews worldwide, the destruction of Israel is the most horrible thing imaginable. To be a minority in your own “Jewish” State is unthinkable, untenable. It breeds desperation.

    And yes, of course there are other factions in parallel, or with different agendas, people trying to make a buck along the way, people trying to become powerful, people trying to take advantage, but creating a Great American Exodus of Jews to Israel is high up on the list of Israeli (Zionist) desires. If it means breaking the USA to bits to achieve that goal, so be it. It’s no different that bringing the great Pharoahs to their knees to establish “The Promised Land”.

  21. Nelson,

    You mentioned Jewish supremacism. Isn’t there a book out there somewhere by the same title? Let’s see…… Yes, there is and I believe copies of the book have been burned in Canada and it is known to have been confiscated upon arrival at the Canadian border I do believe.

    The author, as you more than likely know, is none other than Dr. David Duke. It is a little more than 300 pages with over 600 well documented and researched footnotes which drive the supremacists absolutely wild. There is not one thing in it which can be construed as hateful. It is truthful though in a big way.

    Nice to see someone else mention “The Controversy of Zion.” Douglas Reed nailed it with that one. I suggest buying it while one still can.

    Gee, I hope this post does not get burned by the moderators like Duke’s books do in various parts of NATO land.

  22. The vulgar obscenities of the Talmud, Kosher slaughter, Bolshevist revolution, Communist Party USA, Judea Declares War 1933, The Cult of the Shoa, The King David Hotel bombing, The Lavon Affair, The U.S.S. Liberty attack, Aldric Ames… Fact people are not supposed to talk about are the very facts patriots must address!

  23. Kosher slaughter, Bolshevist revolution, Communist Party USA, Teh Cult of the Shoa, King David Hotel bombing, the Lavon Affair, The U.S.S. Liberty attack, Aldrich Ames… Facts we simply can not talk about. Yet a few brave patriots still do!

  24. Now, it is said that only one tribe, tribe of Judah survived to this day, but it is not true , infact 2 tribes survived ,but 1 of them “the levites” hide themselfs behind tribe of judah themself acting as tribe of judah , and for more they are infact not a hebrews , (those “elites”,rothschields etc, 6 point star is their symbol, it is infact called solomon star, not a david star, because solomon was infact a levite egyptian pagan, and rothschilds believe that they are direct descendants of solomon, that is why they founded mansonry “to rebuild solomon temple” which was infact pagan egyptian “temple of achnaton”) those levites are infact egyptian priests of cult of achnaton driven out of egypt after defeat of achnaton cult by pharaoh Tutankhamun, and it it is even written in bible that levites are different from all other hebrew tribes , those levites are “the jews which are infact not a jews” as person known as Jesus said, plus todays askhenazi khazarian “jews” are infact only cannon fodder for those levites as most of those “jews” killed in holocaust were infact those khazarian “jews”

  25. I notice no calling in your list of possible false flags the USS Liberty. Thankfully it is said twice in the comments.
    Keep up your great work Gordon. America needs people who write the truth like you do. Thanks Mate.
    Stay safe.

  26. Mr. Duff – You don’t know your Nazis.

    George W. Bush, also known as “Senor Boosh”, was no more loved on “Nazi” message boards, such as VNN Forum, than Barack Obama is loved today.

    Republican or Democrat, everyone in Washington is a Zionist. The only difference between any two candidates is “Who loves Israel MORE?” That is why Neo-Nazis have called this government ZOG – Zionist Occupied Government – for a very long time.

  27. @ Gordon Duff: here’s another video for your collection http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RUjar55CvE&feature=player_embedded

    So, their plan is to frighten all the little Jews into fleeing to Israel from the US and Europe…thus, antisemitism will give them the excuse to totally destroy of what’s left of Palestine.

    Also, we must always remember what the founder of Zionism said concerning antisemitism, “It is essential that the sufferings of Jews become worse…this will assist in realization of our plans…I have an excellent idea…I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth…The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends” – Theodor Herzl, Founder of Zionism in 1897

    THAT is why the people who run around the internet screaming “Kill the Jews!!” are actually playing right into the hands of the enemy! On the other hand, there a sh!t-load of wicked Jews here in the US, and in Europe, who do want to hurt us…they number anywhere from 250,000 – 2,000,000. I believe that we can separate the good from the bad…erring on the side of caution at all times, of course.

    Here’s another excellent video on the huge number of Jews in the Third Reich http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mO6-P9RfztA&feature=related

    Just one more reason to investigate the holocaust mythology.

  28. For the record, I am Semitic, and Hebrew, and an Israelite. 90% of so-called “Jews” are not Semitic, NOT Hebrew, and Not Israelites, despite being proselyters to Talmudic Judaism = a STOOL SCULPTURE DEITY CULT that emanates from pilpul twaddle/steaming pile of SHIT.{a “JEWISH” thingy}. Why is it that the only thing that makes someone “JEWISH” is that they have to Hate Jesus and adhere to the Talmud ? If Jesus said KNOW THE TRUTH, why would anyone hate Jesus for that reason ? Love your neighbor ? 90% of “JEWS” don’t have to be…At ALL….they can return to Khazaria; redistributing the “MONEYCHANGERS” Stolen “WEALTH” will be all the more fun, and Justice will be proclaimed, once all the JEWS are in the white HOT fiery OVENS of TRUTH….Tell the Truth…put a “JEW” in the oven. The Truth is there were never any so-called “Jews” among the 12 tribes of the Children of Israel in the Old Testament. I found Koestlers’ book = The 13th Tribe at the Library @ Ft. Huachuca in June of 1979…..and the TRUTH is still the Truth…90% of “Jews” don’t have to be…”Jewish”. [See Willie Martin Files Outline]. BTW the FBI is the ADL. All Federal “RATS” are paid by the Synagogue of Satan…”FEDERAL RESERVE”…FACT!!

  29. That is a nothing new, whole nazism was a “False Flag Racism” as Hitler (the zionist jew who murdered 45+ millions of white European christians in mindless whites-against-whites extermination race war) and nazi regime as whole was sponsored by US and Switzerland banks, and made a good biz together
    (especially Rothschild BIS switzerland bank bouhgt tens of tons of jewish teeth gold for a good prize in exchange of dolars which Hitler needed to buy stuff from Sweden).

  30. Very interesting but not at all surprising as they revel in deception. I even heard its probably the zionists who leave pigs heads and nazi graffitti, etc on synagogues in Western countries too. Such devious dishonest contrary to all men types.

  31. Huh, TJ?

    I don’t understand your post. What did you mean by “I thank you for the expose’?”

    Each issue of Byte had a theme, to which several articles were directed. The theme of the July, 1991 issue was WANs — Wide Area Networks. Al Gore’s article was the top-bar on two facing pages.

    As Gore pointed out, the means of disseminating discoveries in science and technology at that time was in printed, peer-reviewed journals, meaning a delay of several months. He advocated replacing that with real-time interchange. He further foresaw that it would be valuable to the US position in science and technology, with advantages to the US economy.

    I wish that I still had that issue. Although one can find pdf files of scans of many issues of Byte on the Internet, I wasn’t able to locate that particular issue. Had I found it, I would have done a copy-and-paste of a few lines from the article.

  32. Al Gore never said that he invented the Internet. People twisted his exact words:

    “As many of you know, I was very instrumental in the founding of the Internet.”
    –Al Gore to Katie Couric, 3/99.

    In the July, 1991 issue of Byte, the foremost geek monthly magazine of the time, there was an article by Al Gore, advocating a system of wide, unfettered electronic information interchange. (Yes, I read it.)

    In the ensuing years, he used his position in the US Senate to push for government funding of what became the Internet.

    Believe me, I am no fan of Al Gore. I am, however, a big fan of historical accuracy.

  33. Their long term goal is to rule the world. They generally see themselves as infinitely superior beings, vis-a-vis the low-life Goyim cattle. And superior “people” belong at the top. It’s that simple.

    Whether we like it or not, or know it or not, or wish to acknowledge it or not, the fact of the matter is that the Jewish collective is engaged in a race war against us (against the non-Jewish balance of humanity, that is).

    We didn’t ask for this race war, but we’re being attacked by a vicious, implacable foe, and the stakes are very high.

    So you see, the problem is not “Zionism”, the problem is Jewish supremacism, of which “Zionism”, is merely a symptom. And, as a practical matter, since Jewish supremacism is apparently pathological, the problem can be simply summarized: The problem is the organized Jewish community in our midst.

    Is that view “racist” or “bigoted”? No.

    Let’s say for the sake of argument that the U.S. was not the bloody, Jew-controlled, abominable purveyor of senseless violence that it obviously is, and that, tomorrow morning, Russia and/or China launched a surprise nuclear attack against us. What would we do? We’d retaliate by firing nukes back at them, wouldn’t we? We wouldn’t hold our fire for fear of taking out some “good” Russians or some “good” Chinese, would we? We would argue that the moral responsibility for the deaths of any “good” Russians or “good” Chinese killed in retaliation would lie with the aggressor.

    So here we are and the organized Jewish community attacks us. The main weapon used against us is the lie. A system of unjust laws and social customs have been erected to prevent us Goyim from effectively defending ourselves against the lies and deceptions that help to keep us oppressed, e.g., the anti-semitic epithet, the laws against questioning the Holocaust in Europe, etc.

    Now, if there were any “good” Jews among us, wouldn’t they have a special duty to renounce the Holocaust lies? Wouldn’t they have a special duty to renounce the lies about the USS Liberty? Wouldn’t they have a special duty to expose the Jewish supremacist role in 9/11? Wouldn’t they have a duty to try and stop the rest of the tribe? With economic disaster and WW3 looming, where are all the “good” Jews?

  34. This website’s articles and the vast majority of its commentors are virulently anti-semitic. Wait a minute. Wait a gosh darn minute! You guys are Zionist Jews!

  35. This website’s articles and the vast majority of its commentors are virulently anti-semitic. Wait a minute. Wait a gosh darn minute! You guys are Zionist Jews!

  36. YES INDEED FOO ! too many Americans (except may be on this Site) have no clue…
    Under the Symington amendment to the 1961 Foreign appropriations bi, the US is banned from sending aid to any nation with nuclear weapons who has not signed the Non Proliferation Treaty (NTP) so Israel who has about 200 Nuclear weapons or more should not receive any aid from the US, The United States is in violation of the law in sending aid to Israel Can you imagine if one Muslim country was doing the same what AIPAC and their US congress lap dogs would demand ?
    Embargo, Bombing or more….
    Unlike Israel IRAN did sign the NTP by the way…
    And also another FACT :
    AIPAC is in violation of the FOREIGN AGENT REGISTRATION ACT , Its founder Si Kenen did registered with the US Department of Justice as an employee of the American Zionist committee for public Affairs.

  37. THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION by Douglas Reed explains why Jews do this stuff. People need to read this book,google it, it’s free and online.

  38. bonnie
    you mean the republican party
    paperclip was run by allen dulles and his young assistant
    richard milhouse nixon

  39. Gordon Duff: You mention Nazis here and Nazis there insuch horror, but the joke’s on you, because the U.S. government, itself, brought in Nazis, after WWII, under Operation Paperclip! The Feds brought in their families, as well!

  40. Here’s an excerpt from an article at the ADL website:

    Anti-Semitism – U.S.

    9/11 Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories Still Abound

    Posted: September 7, 2006

    Five years after the devastating September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States, conspiracy theories about Jews’ involvement in the events of that day continue to be promulgated through the Internet, publications, books and videos. Soon after the attacks, a number of conspiracy theorists on the far right and far left, as well as in the Muslim and Arab world, blamed the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad or the Israeli government for the attacks. Today, those theories are even more widespread and some have taken their anti-Semitic allegations even farther by claiming that it was specifically Jewish members of the Bush Administration who directed the government in planning the attacks for the benefit of Israel.

    Brian: 911 was a Mossad operation and its highly likely the Mossad planned the whole event. Perhaps they took some suggestions from Jewish Zionists who had positions in the Whitehouse and the Pentagon. Planning and operating false flags to blame the Muslims is the specialty of the Mossad.

    My guess is it was Jewish Zionists in the Whitehouse that had Bush make a fool of himself and look suspicious by reading a book about goats to children for minutes after the second tower was hit by an airplane. If Bush had anything to do with the 911 attack he would of acted like a president whose country was being attacked.

    What happened after Bush learned about the second plane hitting the other twin tower from the History Commons website:

    Bush did not say one word. He did not ask Card any questions. He did not give any orders. He did not know who (or which country) was attacking, whether there would be more attacks, what military plans had been taken, what military actions should be taken—indeed, he knew virtually nothing about what was going on outside the room. He just sat there. Bush later recalled: “There was no time for discussion or anything.” [Fighting Back: The War on Terrorism—From Inside the Bush White House, by Bill Sammon, 10/02, pp. 83-84] Even stranger, as one newspaper put it, although the nation was under terrorist attack, “for some reason, Secret Service agents [did] not bustle him away.” [Globe and Mail, 9/12/01]

    Brian: Bush was set up to look like he was involved in the 911 attack. AIPAC ran the Whitehouse. The popular 911 websites are controlled by Jewish Zionists and Mossad agents. They won’t allow any information about the Mossad 911 connection but provide information that the US government planned and operated 911 and it seems the majority of 911 truthers have bought their nonsense. A well done plan by Jewish Zionists and the Mossad.

  41. From the article:

    In one case, an individual using the email address “youdirtyf%$#[email protected]” was traced to the computer of the head the largest Jewish “defense” organization.

    Brian: Perhaps a journalist from Veterans Today should call this person and get his rejoinder. This could get even more interesting.

    This is from the U.S Department of State:

    The Office of the Special Envoy To Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism (SEAS) advocates U.S. policy on anti-Semitism both in the U.S. and internationally. Anti-Semitism is discrimination against or hatred toward Jews. SEAS develops and implements policies and projects to support efforts to combat anti-Semitism.

    SEAS was established by the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004, and is a part of the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL). DRL produces the State Department’s annual reports on Human Rights Practices and International Religious Freedom, and SEAS provides input on anti-Semitism for these reports.

    Led by the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Hannah Rosenthal, DRL/SEAS welcomes information on anti-Semitic incidents, including personal and property attacks; government policies, including judicial/prosecutorial decisions and educational programs on the issue; and press and mass media reports.

    Brian: Perhaps somebody from Veterans Today should notify SEAS that some Jewish people are spreading anti-Semitic comments on the Internet.

  42. So, they just want to increase their population? They don’t want to take over this, that, whoever, or whatever? That seems to simple.

  43. Their are no police that work FOR the public foo. The powerful and wealthy criminals that own the people that run our management system of public affairs will just hire new people when you figure out that the ones they already hired work for them. They have all the cash. This problem will never go away until money goes away. thevenusproject or something like it is probably our only natural evolutionary way out of this mafia mess.

  44. These misdirectors of hatred are not self-hating Jews. They are hateful Zionists who seek undeserved sympathy by fictionalizing anti-semitism. They are anti-semitic of course– anti-Arabs, who also are Semites. – G. Beres

  45. Simple. Turn the USA into a Nazi-style antisemitic “Fourth Reich” forcing most of the 5 to 6 million Jews living here to leave and settle in Israel. The Exodus type event would put an end to the growing demographic problem in Israel. Currently, Israel’s Jewish population is declining, while the Arab population is exploding. Very soon, Arabs will outnumber Jews.

    There is no other way to get American Jews to leave and settle in Israel. So, Step One is collapsing the American economy and create Weimar Republic type inflation. (If you’ve been paying attention, you will remember that most of South Africa’s Jews left that country once it collapsed into chaos over Apartheid. Unfortunately for Israel, not all those Jews went to Israel. A great many of them came to the USA.)

  46. Although I consider it likely that most readers here are already aware of it, it still bears repeating that under US law — the Symington Amendment — foreign aid to any country that has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is prohibited.

    Israel refuses to sign the NNPT. Congress votes at least three billion dollars in foreign aid to Israel each year.

    Nothing will ever be done about it. Members of Congress know that anything less than full support of Israel is political suicide.

  47. “Back during the 1980s, websites like Stormfront.org…”

    Back during the 1980s, there were no websites, because there was no Web.

    As far as Stormfront is concerned, it began as a BBS in the early 1990s and registered as a website in 1995.

    Or was 1980s a typo for 1990s?

  48. Yesterday, Zionist media fired its latest smoking gun “UN Report: Iran caught smuggling to terrorists”. Agenda, to provide more ammunition to UNSC to expand its current four sanctions against Islamic Republic. The “Report” cites that Tehran, in recent years, has tried to supply arms to Islamic Resistance groups Hamas and Hizbullah, and Taliban. However, the ‘Report’ conveniently ignored to mention that Washington has been providing $3 billion worth of most deadly arms on annual basis, for decades – to an entity created and maintained on terrorism against its Arab neighbors and around the world.

    Tel Aviv is known to have supplied arms and military training to rebels, terrorists and dictators in the US (USS Liberty, JFK assassination, 9/11, etc.), Sudan, Syria, Kurds (in Turkey, Iraq and Iran), Britain (7/7), Burma, Argentina, Philippine, Kosova, Nigeria, India, Georgia, Uganda, South African apartheid regime, Egypt (church bombing), Indonesia (Bali bombing), Libya, Dubai, Lebanon (Beirut US barack bombing and Rafik Hariri’s assassination), Islamic Republic, Spain (Madrid train bombing), Pakistan, Yemen (USS Cole bombing), Malaysia, and Kenya.

    Israel’s record as one of world’s greatest terrorist entity is hardly reported in the Zionist-controlled western mass-media. For example, the 2002 bombing of Israeli owned Hotel Paradise in Mombassa, Kenya was a Mossad operation according to Israeli Hebrew daily Maariv (translated by Gilad Atzmon).

    Israel has existed on myths and propaganda lies. John Gee, a Singapore-based writer, described recently how an Israel-run school in Singapore teaches its students on counter-terrorism combined with a an all-expenses-paid trip to Tel Aviv.

    “They will also have only a partial idea of what “counter-terrorism” Israel-style means. They’ll learn about security at shopping malls, protection on city streets and being on guard against suspicious characters, but not what Israel does under the guise of countering terrorism: perpetuating an occupational regime over another people who wish to live in freedom in their own land, and doing so using violence and collective punishment,” he wrote.

    Under international law, Israel is a Terrorist State and that’s how it must be declared by the UN Security Council. Whatever plan Israel chooses would be a criminal act. But criminal acts are nothing new to Israel, its government, or many of its citizens. Americans must stop their government being dictated by Israel Lobby (AIPAC, ADL, AJC, JINSA, etc.). It is a violation of US Constitution to provide material support for criminal and corrupt governments. Israel is in violation of near seventy UN General Assembly and Security Council Resolutions in regards to the Middle East conflict.


  49. HEEEYYYYY!!!!! Over here. I have had my ebay business hacked 3 times and my emails taken.And now I am again accused by the geniuses at Hotmail that they want to cut off my Hotmail account because of my numerous ‘Anonymous’ emails. I never sent any and I do not know who or how someone else did, since I do not loan out my computer to anyone. All this inflammatory but true and vital speech is mine with my two index fingers doing ALL of the typing. And I put my name on everything I do. Only 1 or 2 sites insist I use apeman2501 as a user ID, even though they have my name on file. Perhaps this is the excuse these tax payer sponsored retardamentes use to search for dirty laundry I may have entered. There isn’t anything that can be construed as threats to national security. The assholes and pedophiles in charge have that covered. Too bad the square-jawed gun carrying narcissists with the badges grew up without moral training or respect for our country or laws when it suited their animal appetites.

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