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Ebola: Very Crafty, False-Flag Vaccination-Blackmail?

In the last couple of weeks, the Ebola Virus seemed to gain notoriety out of nowhere.

Preventing the Transformation of America into GAZA II

- What can be done to thwart the Israeli nuclear blackmail that produced Homeland Security & other abominations after their 9/11/01 Nuclear attack on America?

Stranglehold on America

America is now held captive in a Zionist stranglehold in what has appeared to be an ever tightening grip.

World To Israel: Stop the Mass Murder of Palestinians Now !

Three young Israeli men are dead. Israel claims that they were kidnapped and murdered by Palestinians.

Hezbollah gets “terrorist” label for fighting al-Qaeda

Could Western hypocrisy on terrorism could sink any lower?

DHS Secret Assassination Squads ?

Has the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) assembled "Top Secret" Assassination Squads in every major American city?

Homeland Security Blames Boston on Public

- Post Bombing Retrospectives Lead with the Outrageous Claim that the Public Should do More to Report Threats

New Documents Reveal Homeland Security Deeply Involved in Boston Bombing

Citizen investigators are doing a fine job at exposing the inconsistencies in the story the Feds and corpse media would like us to believe.

Big Flak For Big Sis and Homeland Security

Yep, finally there’s “incoming” over at Homeland Security, the New American Gestapo.

The New American Gestapo

The Staged 911 False Flag terror attack provides the needed support to create the largest, most expensive internal police state mechanism in history.

Terror Factory America

The American people are starting to understand that the War on Terror is a phony that is perpetrated by the American Military through hired cutouts

Press TV: US National Security Set for de-Israelization?

The current nominee for US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, and new CIA Director nominee, John Brennan, are apparently being tasked with “undoing” years of disastrous interference in US defense and intelligence functions, cited by Hagel as “political in nature,” in order to restore a semblance of American control over its national security.

The Third Force

Is this THIRD FORCE non-human or alien and are the major world powers being separately controlled by this entity in different dress inside each nation state's highest echelons of government?

Real Terror in America – Political Corruption and Incompetence

- Homeland Security Fusion Centers - Just Another Budget Scam

A Love Song For My Spooky VT Friends

Maybe spooks are just like ordinary people, only more so.

To Congress and AIPAC Regarding The Trees and The Children

On Tuesday AIPAC "applauded" The House's passage of the U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012—which the Senate approved on 29 June 2012.

Late May U.S. False Flag Likely

Starting with the premise that a false flag attack by the end of May is more likely than not, I'll present the odds for the top targets and most dangerous days, then evaluate the various entities and individuals likely to be involved.

Chicago’s First False Flag “Barack Attack”

Speculation continues to build that the Obama administration and its Israel Lobby handlers will use the 25th NATO Summit to carry out a false flag attack, and according to a recent Canada Free Press article, the Department of Homeland Security intends to strong-arm Americans soon.

Is it Time for Americans to Take up Arms?

When Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act, apologizing for the sections that ended our consitution, civil trials, all human rights in America, I suspected something was going on I didn't see. How could Obama do this? How could he break so many promises?

Updated – Judge Dismisses Conspiracy Case Against Hutaree Militia

- Many things the defendants said are quite offensive, but so what Judge Roberts said.

What Role Did U.S. Play in 2010 Massacre in Jamaica?

To what extent, if any, did the U.S. Department of Homeland Security(DHS) participate in the slaughter of scores of Kingston, Jamaica’s, Tivoli Gardens residents on May 24th, 2010?

Israeli Agents, Phony Credentials, Terrorist Recruiters?

Council on Foreign Relations Busts Israel for False Flag Terror.

The Shocking Truth About the Crackdown on Occupy

US citizens of all political persuasions are still reeling from images of unparallelled police brutality in a coordinated crackdown against peaceful OWS protesters in cities across the nation this past week.

9/11 Hero Detained, Harassed by Homeland Security

Homeland Security harassed 9/11 hero on tenth anniversary showing our movement towards fascism over the last 10 years.

Iran Contra Redux: Have the Drug Cartels Staked Out Your...

Arizona Law Enforcement Officers are under a direct violent threat to themselves and their families. Law enforcement personnel are constantly approached by the cartels with bribes and now death threats. The choice is take the money and become rich by helping us, or we will assassinate you and murder your entire family.

Gaddafi’s Israeli Intel Mercenaries Uncovered

incontrovertible proof that Israelis, working in Tripoli, actively managed Gaddafi's intelligence services.

False Flag Racism: The Internet Proxy War

Drug empire would be built in Afghanistan churning out enough dirty money to buy every "free election" in the world. Interfere and get tied to Nazi orgs run by Israeli intelligence through ties to Jewish lobbies in USA.

Warning: This Message Contains Democracy

Last week Congress set the record straight. Breaking campaign promises to defeat the Patriot Act, Congress blocked hearings and debate on amendments that would fix problems in surveillance rules, and rammed a four year extension on the American People. Only 31 Republicans and 122 Democrats voted against the Patriot Act in the House.

DOD, Homeland Security Collaborate in Cyber Realm

Recognizing the huge national security implications of compromised U.S. computer networks, a senior Pentagon official said the Defense Department is working hand in hand with the Department of Homeland Security and others to shore up vulnerabilities against an increasingly sophisticated threat.

Homeland Security Launches "If You See Something, Say Something™" Campaign at...

If You See Something, Say Something™” public awareness campaign launched at the Indianapolis 500. Any other attempt to scare the public?

An American First; ‘We the people’ Call for Action

America, for the last 40 years has been going through a transformation that has not served the best interests of “We the People” but serving the narrow interests of corrupt political Washington colluding with the greedy scrubless Wall Street financiers and bankers with their army of Wall Street lawyers, bankrupting the nation and fleecing the citizen, creating an army of unemployed in the tens of millions, shutting down our factories and industries.

Hearings on Islamic Radicalization: God Bless America

Beginning March 10, I understand that you will hold hearings to examine "the disconnect between outstanding Muslims who contribute so much to the future of our country and those leaders who -- for whatever reason -- acquiesce in terror or ignore the threat".


Let's begin with one fact. We are using expensive, dangerous and illegal scanners in our airports for one reason. Now get this straight; A single terrorist carrying a bomb was escorted onto a plane for Detroit, no search, no passport, not even a ticket, placed on a plane by an airport security officer who is a former IDF "commando."

Mossad Paid by US to Spy on Tea Party

  TAXPAYERS FUNDING ISRAELI DATABASE OF AMERICAN CITIZENS By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor   (WITH UPDATES) Did you know that attending a meeting to organize a bake sale...

VA and Homeland Security Sharing Information RE: Guns?

Is the Dept of veterans Affairs Sharing Info with Homeland Security? Anaecdotes coming in say 'Yes.'


ISRAEL TO USE IRANIAN AND PAKISTANI DUPES IN DIRTY NUKE PLOY    ... by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor   This week, the last piece fell into place. ...

Maidhc Ó Cathail: Guess Who Wants to Kill the Internet?

Guess Who Wants to Kill the Internet?  By Maidhc O' Cathail for VT It would be hard to think of anyone who has done more to...


Faked Israeli Flotilla videos provide opening to expose Israeli Espionage here By Jim W. Dean for VT Dear Friends, The Zionists shot themselves in both feet...

Student Detained at Airport Over Possession of Arabic Flashcards

Nicholas George, the 22-year-old senior attending Pomona College, said he was on his way back to school in August 2009 when he was stopped at an airport security screening point and told to empty his pockets by Transportation Security Authority (TSA) agents. He was carrying a set of English-Arabic flashcards that he used in his studies, which had English on one side and Arabic on the other.

4 Nabbed In Espionage at Office of Homeland Security Committee Member

a "Watergate" type attack on the Federal Building in New Orleans was thwarted when 4 "black bag" operatives, one the son of US Attorney, William J. Flannigan, whose offices were in the same building, were arrested "in the act."