Riposte Against Zionism: Go Tell It To The People


by Dr. Alan Sabrosky

Archimedes once said, “Give me a place to stand and I will move the world.”

In the preceding articles in this series (listed below after my bio), I have developed the basic thesis of my analysis that define the place we stand now, and where we must stand if we wish to alter the world Zionism has contrived for us.

One is that we must focus our attention on the edifice of Zionist influence and control in the US, and not be mesmerized by events in and around Palestine. Another is that our efforts to date, with the partial exception of the BDS (Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions) campaign, have been ineffectual at best and counterproductive at worst.

And the third, most critical point is that the gate to containing Zionism is in the US; the lock to the gate is in the heartland of the US and not Washington, and the key to that lock is the Israeli orchestration of 9/11 and its spin-off wars.

Examining the Strategic Battlefield

So let us see how things stand. “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good,” the proverb goes, and those of us committed to undoing the great damage Zionism has done so many people and Israel’s leverage over the American government should view the collapse of the Second Flotilla in recent days in that light. The basic concept wasn’t all that bad, but somewhere on the way from its inception to the Eastern Mediterranean, it lost both strategic focus and tactical coherence, becoming an exercise in futility that made the ill-starred medieval “Children’s Crusade” seem like a well-thought-out operation.

I’m not going to indulge here in a blow-by-blow critique of the Second Flotilla. But its collapse, and the international reaction to it, ought to be a wake-up call to everyone. Not a single government of a single country was willing to provide any protection whatsoever to its citizens on the flotilla, although a handful called on Israel to refrain from intercepting it. The one country that had been extremely supportive in the past – Turkey – asked the flotilla’s organizers to delay their departure because of the unstable conditions throughout the region. But said organizers refused, thus insulting and alienating their only real friend in the area – and ended up in Greece and unable to sail in any event, Lenin’s classic “infantile disorder” come to roost, indeed.

This comes on top of a classic, and classically destructive, vote on the UN Security Council a few months before. The measure would have condemned the continued expansion of Jewish settlements in occupied Palestinian territory, itself openly in violation of other UN Resolutions. The resolution would only condemn, of course: no sanctions, no embargoes, just verbiage. But even that was too much for the US, which once again vetoed a resolution critical of Israel that was supported by all 14 other members, demonstrating conclusively that Israel’s ownership and management of the single remaining 800-pound gorilla in the global sandbox pay great dividends to it.

Between the two, of course, was Netanyahu’s triumph in Washington – 29 standing ovations plus some “spontaneous” <sic.> cheering, evidence that members of both houses of the US Congress at least have the dubious virtue of knowing how to stay bought, whatever their personal views. There was also for Netanyahu a blank checkbook from Obama, to be filled in and used virtually at will and continuous reaffirmations of America’s unbreakable bond with Israel. And there was more repetition of the need for direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians as a path of sorts to a peace of sorts – doubtless reflecting a conviction that a lie repeated often enough becomes a truth of sorts to those who hear and know nothing different.

A Strategy for Response: General Precepts

There are a number of steps that need to be taken. As I have indicated before, I am a strategy and plans person, not an organizer. So I will outline here what needs to be done and let those with good organizational skills translate concepts into action, beginning with an overview of certain principles that need to be kept in mind. I’m looking principally at the US situation, because of its centrality to the outcome of this situation, although I think several of the points could be adapted anywhere.

First, we need to remember that the American people do not care greatly about a distant issue like the Palestinians, or an abstraction (however significant) like Zionist domination of the mainstream media (MSM). They do care about things that hurt them, or make them afraid, or enrage them. The 9/11 tragedy is the Zionist’s “Achilles Heel,” and we need to keep shooting verbal and written arrows at it. So every single article, speech or interview, if at all possible, needs to include at least a passing reference to 9/11 somewhere in the body of the text. This is what the Zionist crews (such as AIPAC and the ADL) and Israeli officials do with the whole Holocaust/Anti-Semitism issue, and giving it back to them is important. Start now.

Second, don’t waste time calling for a Congressional investigation or a new official commission on 9/11, when anything the Israeli-dominated Congress and Executive branch would do will exonerate Israel. Don’t go to Congressional offices in Washington — this is their power base and bastion of strength. Don’t keep trying to get the mainstream media to cover these events when it will not do or allow anything critical of Israel to surface in any detail for any significant length of time. Don’t protest anything unless you can assemble at least a thousand people — nothing looks more futile than a handful of protesters with hand-lettered signs few can see and no one bothers to read. Don’t sporadically send letters or emails to the Secretary of State or the President, or encourage others to do so, no matter what the issue. As things stand, none of that will succeed, and failure based on futility is not the path to gaining public support, much less political victory.

Third, no matter what one does, treat all national offices of all organizations in and around Washington, DC, and other key metropolitan areas as part of the problem, or at the very least not part of a solution. Consider them all compromised by assorted PACs, and in this context, by AIPAC and company. Think instead of the state, and especially local, branches and chapters of any and all organizations, and of the local media, especially in smaller cities and towns and in areas where the Jewish population is relatively small, and thus less influential than in areas like Chicago or New York City. That is where we can have our greatest impact, and like innumerable small streams and rivulets come together into a raging river of protest and anger.

Creating a Supporting Geopolitical Environment

To date, the Zionists and their Christian Zionist allies in America have had most of the fight the way they want it. They have won the campaign for control of the mainstream media, and more than that, of many publishing houses and research institutes that do most of the regional and issue-specific work in national security affairs. They have won control of Congress (both houses, both parties) and have a commanding lead in public opinion, but these are both very soft, the former generally driven by money and intimidation, and the latter principally by indifference and misinformation. Resistance to their efforts has been sporadic and largely unsuccessful, and more to the point, mostly reactive to steps they have taken or successes they have achieved. Regaining the strategic initiative, or at least beginning to be in competition with them, is critical.

Perhaps the first thing we need to do is to get organized. We need to map out all of the various networks and distribution lists in our movement. There are an awful lot of them, but there is no organization or coordination (akin to the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations), so the Zionists get tons of disconnected jabs but no series of solid “haymakers,” much less a knockout. Organization and coordination make the difference, especially in an uphill fight against these odds. It doesn’t need to have offices and staff – thanks to our technology these days, we can set up a virtual organization to collaborate on formalizing a network that goes well beyond simply exchanging posts or sharing mailing lists. That way when something public needs to be addressed, we have a chance of making some coordinated waves that may at least rock the Zionist boat a bit, and at some point may well capsize it.

Second, and in support of the first effort, there need to be at least two types of online repositories of downloaded material to share among ourselves and with others in this network. I am putting one together of multimedia (mostly MP4), maps, and graphics, plus some key documents, and will be uploading the material to a new blog I have created; it’ll be generally available within a week. I have also sent distribution copies of the material to several others, and they’ll post news of its availability on their websites soon. Anyone can download it to their computer and/or upload it to their website, but since these can be hacked and the material scrubbed, it needs to be retained in a hard copy off the computer so it can be restored if necessary. A second repository should be of hard copy (files or printed material), NOT just links (for the same reason as above, they can be broken) of good articles, analyses, fact sheets, etc. – I’ll leave that to others.

Third, there needs to be at least an informal collection of lawyers, none of them Arab-American or from any Islamic country, assembled to file an endless stream of lawsuits against organizations like AIPAC, the ADL, and Campus Watch, plus Israel’s individual apologists, for (at a minimum) defamation of character. (I’ll leave it to people with a legal education to ascertain how the litigation should best be formulated and pursued.) If they call anyone an anti-Semite, and their name (or their organization’s name) is on it, sue them, with the proviso that the proceeds go to a Palestinian charity.

Lawsuits are remarkably easy to file in the US, and the costs are minimal as long as legal fees are not driving them. This could easily and quickly put people like Abe Foxman, Alan Dershowitz, and their cohorts in the lovely position of responding to scores of lawsuits in as many jurisdictions as possible. And remember – no out-of-court settlements, bring each and every case to trial, make it a jury trial where the laws of a state permit that, and expose both their actions and their affiliation in great detail. Public disclosure is the one very deadly “third rail” to the overall Zionist enterprise, and the one thing they cannot tolerate. Start as soon as even a handful of willing attorneys can be organized into (dare I say it?) a “legal collective.”

Finally, we need an electronic “how-to” info packet on the way to hit politicians at the grassroots, to be in place no later than January 2012, as 2012 is an election year here and material needs to be circulated in newspapers and on the radio and TV (especially large newspaper ads) in every Congressional district and states with politically vulnerable Senators (or vacated Senate seats). These are the people to hammer in their local Town Hall meetings, even if they are Jewish or committed Christian Zionists: they may not change their positions in the slightest, but some of their constituents and some of the local media will hear very unusual things, and may themselves begin to question what they have been told – especially on 9/11.

Also understand that it would be best to have veterans do this. The embedded video gives an excellent illustration of how the process works, even though it does not deal with our issues.

The man in the video trashing that Congressman began by stating he was a “Marine vet,” and he got loud applause from the audience. This made it very difficult for the politician to ignore him or dismiss him, without enraging the audience. You’ll also note that the veteran’s message and confrontational style of delivery also generated a lot of applause and that the Congressman came across very badly. This isn’t surprising: few of them in either party is able to engage in open, unscripted debate. Even fewer have an understanding of most issues, and none dare look to the side and call on a staffer for support without giving a raft of challengers an open political hunting license on his or her scalp. Just watch them on C-SPAN and you’ll appreciate just how vulnerable they are to this tactic.

Go in particular for the incumbents in their open forums, do everything possible to cost them their seats regardless of who the challenger is. Any successes will be noted by everyone in Congress, to whom the only thing at least as important as money is the retention of their seats and the perks that come with them. Make it public, in-home district/state “town meetings” with the most independent local media and especially the voters, not one in 1,000 (or it may be 10,000) of whom have ever heard, seen, or read anything other than the Zionist line, about the Middle East generally and 9/11 in particular. Put it in their faces. Humiliate the politicians, keep them from turning questions to their staff members, demand that THEY answer personally, and do so while informing the voters and local media present.

Convoys With a Difference

The concept of land convoys and boats or flotillas to carry the struggle to the Zionists hasn’t been all bad. It was just misdirected in terms of location and message: wrong places, wrong targets. Defining the obstacle to peace as Washington and marching in Gaza or sending boats there ignores the schwerpunkt or main target in strategic terms. Since the problem is the US government, i.e. Washington DC, then Washington (and US embassies abroad, for internationals) should be the main targets of these actions. All else is secondary, distractions, or public-relations fluff.

What is needed is a series of small (one or two vehicles) convoys in the US, something like the “Moving Vietnam Wall” memorial, starting on the West Coast and in Florida and New England, and proceeding toward Washington DC. The vehicles would stop at American Legion, VFW or Navy League posts (or those of other similar organizations) across the country that had been contacted in advance, whose leadership (and if possible membership) had seen some key videos on 9/11 and perhaps a slideshow of the problem along the lines of one I put together, or something comparable anyone else might choose to use – there are many possibilities. And they’d show them on the private facilities of those posts, open to the public with announcements and ads for a week or so before. Start whenever and make as many short trips as possible, but plan for all to converge on Washington DC on Memorial Day 2012, and make it truly memorable.

This can be done in many ways. What needs to be understood is that the focus must be on 9/11 and its consequences, and not on the Palestinians, although reference can be made to their plight to demonstrate just what Israel does with and because of our support and protection. Presenters need to keep on message and not get distracted by peripheral issues. They need to make it clear that the official US government interpretation of 9/11 is a lie, and the wars it spawned are therefore also based on lies. And if that isn’t enough to get their attention, just remind everyone that anytime they try and fly, and get to walk through scanners with their shoes in their hand or go through full-body scanners, and know that for the extent of government surveillance that we all labor under now, they have the architects of 9/11 to thank for their discomfort, loss or privacy and loss of freedom.

Show the film of WTC-7 going down, with signs in large print stating that no one supposedly in the planes could have wired the WTC towers for controlled demolition, or even piloted the aircraft.

Show the video with, among other things, both audio-visual evidence of secondary explosions at the base of the Twin Towers, and media reports thereof on 9/11 that disappeared within days from the public discussion.

Show slides or signs with information of the different vans, and the one with the Israelis laughing and celebrating as they filmed the burning buildings. Describe how all of the Israelis were later released at the instigation of Israeli and US officials, many with dual US-Israeli passports. And then, almost as an afterthought, show this slideshow or something like it, show pictures of Gaza under attack, especially the police cadets and the children. Show the pictures of Israeli girls inscribing shells and Jewish settlers mocking a single Palestinian woman. Show them. Words won’t be needed, but explain when questions are asked — and they will be asked.

This is the key to everything. Let the Americans in this picture, and the many like them, fully understand what Israel has done, the losses America has suffered as a consequence, and what we have done to others on Israel’s behalf. By this point, it should not be difficult to argue conclusively and persuasively that 9/11 was a tragedy in many ways, but the bottom line is that we have been killing the wrong people for doing it, taking 70,000 US casualties (killed & wounded) in the process, and destroyed countless lives in other countries as well. The Zionist Conspiracy that created this tragedy must go.

Where to Start the Program

The legitimacy and effectiveness of the veteran displayed in that earlier video confronting a Congressman bereft of staff, lobbyists, and secretaries, combined with the importance of concentrating our efforts in smaller localities and in the home offices of politicians, should point us to the need to build our directed political activity on individual veterans and the local posts and communities of as many veterans’ organizations as possible. “Code Pink” activists, environmentalists, and perennial radical or so-called “activist” groups will fall flat here politically – and we want and need to win.

I’ve thought long and hard about how and where to start this process. It isn’t necessary to begin with a mass movement, although once this gets moving, I expect the numbers to grow in relatively short order. But it also would not be a good idea to simply reside blind faith in individuals picking up this particular torch and carrying it hither and yon, from post to post, local paper to a state legislator, and so forth.

And then it occurred to me that there is an organization in place that is not so large that it would be unmanageable, but with enough members to get things started in a number of areas simultaneously, and which has the motivation and sense of commitment to do this properly, if they chose to do it (I have not asked yet….). That is the USS Liberty Veterans Association, comprised of survivors of the US Navy ship that Israel attacked in 1967 with a loss of over 200 sailors and Marines killed or wounded, and which was abandoned to its fate by the US Navy at the direct orders of then-Defense Secretary McNamara and President Johnson to shield Israel from retribution.

This is the outfit to get things moving at the beginning. No appeals to a Congress that won’t listen, no letters to a mainstream media that won’t care, no protests in the streets that are ignored by that media. But direct approaches to the veteran’s organizations (VFW, Navy League, etc.) to which they personally belong, letters to weekly newspapers in their home counties that collectively reach a large number of people, appeals to state legislators in their own districts, who are far more likely to be attentive than politicians for whom national monies and Washington are their power base. Some of the survivors also have radio programs, and these, too, can help spread the word and get this process moving.

And Once There is a New Consensus

Responding to those who have orchestrated 9/11 and all that ensued is going to be difficult. If I were a Palestinian or an Iranian, I would treat the Israelis and the neo-cons in the US as they have treated me. A neo-conservative writer named Jennifer Rubin, for instance, advocated in print the killing of Iranian civilian scientists – “Think of it as targeted sanctions,” she opined. Others – 9/11 aside – openly fabricated a basis for war in Iraq and are trying to foment a new war with Iran, knowing hundreds of thousands of people would be killed or have their lives shattered. And they did it without a qualm because it was, after all, for Israel, and besides, they were confident could get away with it. It would be interesting to see how these neo-cons liked being on the receiving end themselves of those “targeted sanctions” – recalling a remark a few years ago that the defining characteristics of the neo-cons were hypocrisy and cowardice, I doubt they’d like it much at all – even if they would deserve it.

But as an American, that course of action wouldn’t be needed. That is because in a sense, the neo-cons and their allies have done the rest of us a favor because they have put in place the mechanisms we can use against them. With sufficient public outrage, especially among veterans, and the ensuing impact on at least the US House of Representatives (the US Senate will take a while longer), think how well what now exists could be applied to those who violate their oaths and spent American lives and resources in Israel’s interest – becoming little more than Israeli partisans or puppets, albeit nicely paid ones.

Arrests by Federal officers or the military, followed by transportation to Guantanamo Bay and subsequent interrogation would be just a start – so nice of Obama to have left that in business, after all. So many of these neo-cons and their affiliates were very sanguine about methods of interrogation such as waterboarding or the infamous Israeli technique known as “Palestinian Hanging” – it would be instructive to see if they remained so positive after a few weeks of having those methods applied to themselves.

And of course, as with those currently languishing in that exercise, the usual constitutional guarantees do not apply, and the military tribunals now in place could judge charges of high treason at least as easily, and probably more enthusiastically, than they have heard charges of terrorism and such to date. Nor would we need to look far for established mechanisms for the punishment of those found guilty: we have them in the Nuremberg Tribunals, and I would think that hanging or the firing squad would be more than appropriate for those who have betrayed their oaths of office, squandered American lives and treasure, and inflicted so much death, suffering, and destruction on others – all in the name, spoken or not, of Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel, or “Greater Israel” as it exceeds current borders).

Doing More with Help from our Friends

It goes without saying, I hope, that nothing in the preceding proposal should be seen as proprietary or exclusive of any other individuals or groups, within the US or abroad. It is simply a way to begin the process in what seems to be a workable and manageable way, using a slideshow that summarizes the core elements of our case and some multimedia files that demonstrate unequivocally the bankruptcy of the official US Government case – and why it did, and continues to do, what it does.

Others within the US should feel entirely free to take, adapt, modify and/or replace any of this material to meet their own requirements. A partially or wholly different slideshow could be created – anyone wanting the slides I used as building blocks or points of reference should email me directly, and I will send out what I have. The same for the multimedia files. There are many others out there on the internet, of course, and some of them may be more appropriate, depending on local circumstances – that should be an individual decision. Approaching state legislators and local chapters of any of these veterans’ organizations would be encouraged – even one more contact anywhere would help. This is one of those endeavors where individual initiative is at least as prized as directed group action.

No matter who or what picks up this ball and runs with it, there are certain things to keep firmly in mind. One is to hold to the core message, which is 9/11, although as I did, an introductory reference to the USS Liberty incident as an external validator is certainly appropriate. Supporting that message are details about the Zionist domination of the mainstream media and their leverage over the US government. References to Palestine, Israeli attacks on Gaza, and the character of Israeli society are fine, but not as the primary message: Americans need to know what has been done to them over the years, why, and at what cost – and especially why the US Government under any electable President will be no help at all to them.

Remember that after our first Declaration of Independence, it took seven years of fighting for that independence to become a reality. The smothering of American institutions by Zionists and (more recently) Christian Zionists has been evolving at least for decades, and it will take years to divest ourselves as a country and a society from the web of influence the Zionists have in place. How much time is open to question, but the meteoric rise of the so-called “Tea Party” movement is a very good indication of just how quickly an aroused American electorate can change things.

It is also very likely that an aroused body of American veterans, and perhaps more than a few active duty personnel as well, can change this situation as well – recall that the issue we are dealing with involves not only money, but also a great deal of blood and suffering, ours and our victims, and the safety of families, friends, and country. None of this matters greatly to AIPAC and company unless of course, it involves Israel, but it will to those in America’s heartland, and if they become properly and accurately informed and enraged, then payback, as the saying goes, will be a bitch.

And the Wages of Betrayal Are….

I really believe in the US Marine Corps motto of Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful), and in Marine boot camp I was taught that meant fidelity to God, Country, and Corps –the government was never mentioned then. Many in my generation felt the same way, and it goes without saying that few politicians anywhere, and virtually none in Congress, have endeared themselves to uniformed Americans of any generation. Those in the government whose actions on behalf of Israel constitute treason ought to reflect on that fact, as should Israeli leaders – such as they are.

And I have a final message here for those sworn elected and appointed officials of the US Government who have betrayed their oaths in order to serve Israel, for those around the government who have facilitated this effort, and for Israel itself. You all have been discovered. Your treason, treachery and crimes are known. You may not believe it yet, but your political and strategic Judgment Day is finally appearing on the horizon, as surely as it came for Nineveh and Tyre in ancient times, for the infamous Third Reich in 1945, and for the Soviet Union two decades ago.

Beware. We are coming for you.


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