VA Focuses on Prevention to End Veteran Homelessness


by Alex Horton



Veteran homelessness is a critical issue: The economic downturn continues and thousands of service members leave the military every year to a tough job market. VA has recently focused its efforts on preventing homelessness–that is, helping Veterans get access to resources before they end up without a roof over their head.

Part of the solution is a partnership with non-profit groups that can provide on-the-ground support to Veterans and their families who are either homeless or at risk to become homeless. Under the Supportive Services for Veterans Families program (SSVF), $60 million will be spread around 40 states and Washington DC to provide outreach, case management, and VA benefits assistance to approximately 22,000 Vets and their families. Temporary financial assistance payments can be made on behalf of Vets at risk of becoming homeless to help with rent, utilities and other bills.

Homelessness is one of the most serious issues that a Veteran can face. SSVF is one of the many services VA offers if you’re homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Temporary or permanent housing, a 24/7 call center (1877-4AID-VET) and homeless stand-downs are some of the resources there to help.

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  1. Homeless veterans are sick & tired of referrals after referrals after more referrals; how about IMMEDIATE REAL HOUSING, IMMEDIATE REAL TRAINING, and IMMEDIATE REAL JOBS….


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