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America at War: The Amputation-TBI-Burn-Factory

The VA has the increased challenge of meeting the needs of the veterans returning from OIF and OEF.

VetLikeMe November 6, 2014

  VetLikeMe, November 6, 2014   CVE “White Paper”   DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Center for Verification and Evaluation U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs | 810 Vermont Avenue, NW Washington DC 20420 Phone:...

Stop VA’s Inhuman Treatment of Disabled Homeless Veterans

When will President Obama declare the VA’s inhuman treatment of disabled homeless Veterans a major crime against humanity?

Sue Young’s Endless War on War-Injured Homeless Veterans

- “Sue” Young, an affluent & influential environmental activist has long coveted the sacred land at the Los Angeles National Veterans Home, aka the Los Angeles VA Healthcare System (VA).

Where Are The Good Samaritans?

- All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.

Military Terror Hits US Cities As Veterans Banned From Owning Guns?

VA asked disabled veteran if he owned any guns during a medical appointment.

VA Death Toll Higher Than All Wars

American military veterans are dying in numbers unimagined. The numbers themselves are hidden from the public just like the waiting lists from the Department of Veterans Affairs. There is a reason for this, the two are related.

California Veterans Applaud Shinseki Resignation

Robert Rosebrock, director of the Old Veterans Guard in Los Angeles, an ad hoc group that has fought the Los Angeles Veteran Affairs Department for illegally allowing private entities on the VA campus, was pleased to hear about VA Secretary Eric Shinseki’s resignation on May 30.

Senator Warren’s Illegal Fundraiser at Los Angeles VA

Last evening, VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki allowed the Los Angeles VA to be used as a political fundraiser for U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) while the Vietnam Veterans of America Region 9 (VVA-9) service organization has been denied a permit to host their 4th annual Veterans Summer Celebration & Picnic on these same sacred grounds.

US Military Veterans Frustrated by Medical Care

- VA Secretary Eric Shinseki said on Wednesday he was "angry" over claims that as many as 40 people died while waiting for medical care.

Why Are We Sending Vets to Costa Rica (and Canada and...

End the US Ban on Igobaine    By Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall   The psychedelic drug ibogaine is used to treat drug addiction and alcoholism in more...

LA Marathon Disrupts VA Operations

On March 9, the LA Marathon will once again overwhelm the Los Angeles VA with an estimated 30,000 runners charging through these grounds where war-injured Veterans are trying to heal from defending our Nation's Flag and Constitution.

House Passes Bill That Cuts 14% From Bonuses of Staff of...

VA Paid $400 Million Annually in Bonuses Despite Backlog of Veterans' Disability Claims

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News – November 04, 2013

On Nov. 1, 1945, in response to both Congress and Veterans, VA created the Prosthetic Appliance Service. In 2008, VHA established the first National Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service (PSAS) Day, which evolved into National PSAS Week in 2012.

VA Stops Releasing Data On Injured Vets As Total Reaches Grim...

The United States has likely reached a grim but historic milestone in the war on terror: 1 million veterans injured from the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. But you haven't heard this reported anywhere else. Why? Because the government is no longer sharing this information with the public.

“Glitch” In New Health Care Law Could Cost Veterans’ Families

A “glitch”in the Affordable Care Act [ACA] could cost some families thousands of dollars, especially veterans with children.

"Glitch" In New Health Care Law Could Cost Veterans' Families

A “glitch”in the Affordable Care Act [ACA] could cost some families thousands of dollars, especially veterans with children.

Waxman Sends Shinseki Clear and Unambiguous Message

On the heels of U.S. District Judge S. James Otero's explicit Summary Judgment entered against the Los Angeles VA for illegal real estate dealings, another major blow was delivered in a letter to VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki from U.S. Congressman Henry Waxman, whose 33rd District includes this largest VA in the nation.

VA Land Deals Are Illegal

ifty years and one day after Dr. Martin Luther King’s legendary “I Have a Dream” speech, a Federal Judge entered a Summary Judgment against the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for engaging in illegal real estate dealings with alleged sharing agreements at the largest VA in the nation.

Veterans Helping Veterans

As your constituent and a member of Veterans-For-Change [VFC], an advocacy group for Veterans rights, benefits, and treatment, we bring to your attention the ever-increasing problems affecting Veterans and their families every day.