Time to Say a Resounding “No” to Government


No More Second Chances

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


The “Tea Party” has spoken, using their congressional bludgeon.  America’s working class has to pick up the bill for decades of waste, corruption, illegal wars, payoffs to Israel and massive tax cuts to the richest 1%.

When we are done, the average retiree will receive benefits, frozen for years due to rigging COLA (Cost of Living Allowance), Social Security for less than 2 years before dying.

What the president and congress put on the table during this first attack, few know of.  Military pay, veterans benefits, pensions, medical care, all are classified now as “entitlements.” What didn’t disappear this time will eventually go.  It is only a matter of time.

Let’s add more things to the list, see if we can push the savings even further.  It’s time we got serious about debt, time we stopped screwing around.

We have 4 chronically underperforming bureaucracies that, not only waste money but threaten our freedoms.  These are:

  • The Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano.  I would say more about Janet, the worst decision President Obama or any president ever made if it weren’t for Tom Ridge, DHS director from 2003 to 2005, perhaps as bad a public servant as former Attorney General John Ashcroft.  DHS has to go, dismantled, gone, no more, we can keep the Coast Guard and shitcan the rest.  Comparing them to the Gestapo is an insult to Himmler.
  • ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement:  Does it get any worse than this?  If the states can’t handle it themselves, it will never be handled at all.
  • Department of Justice:  Years ago, Karl Rove restructured the Justice Department to mimic the Capone organization in Chicago.  Those who refuse to pay for protection, political donations and “favors,” are subject to millions of pages of obscure laws and regulations.  Monkey’s with machineguns would be better at delivering justice.

[youtube qR_EhpnaNh4]

  • Department of Veterans Affairs:  250,000 employees spend endless billions of dollars on obfuscation, abuse, denial and open cruelty.  Turn the whole thing over to the Irish Catholic Church.  If vets are going to be screwed, it might as well be in a good cause.

The next step would be to eliminate all outsourcing, military, CIA, everything.  As government does nothing, hiring 420,000 people around the world to help it achieve that lauded goal at a cost no one can ever know, so much of it is “black budget,” can only be waste.

We are currently in two wars, a decade or more old, Iraq really started in 1991 and 2003 was simply a “flareup.”

We thank Wikileaks and Congressman Ron Paul for proving the first Gulf War was in response to the invasion of Kuwait, an attack approved by the White House.  Read the cable here.

Despite the fact that we have continual claims that Al Qaeda, the mythical terror organization is plotting against poor innocent Gaddafi, I think the BBC made their point very well:

[youtube r-hYorNi0nA]

We can go further than that.  Osama bin Laden was an innocent man who worked for the CIA until the day of his death in 2001.  We can prove it, that and so much more.  For an outline on some of that case, enough to discredit those peddling Al Qaeda scares and bin Laden fairy tales, go here:

With no Al Qaeda, responsibility for 9/11 entirely with Bush and Cheney, no enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq, it isn’t about bringing the boys and girls home or bringing the dead back to life, it’s time we asked for our money back.

For those who aren’t aware that Britain has been subjected to government orchestrated terrorism, carefully planned in congress with Israel and America, you can read about it here.

Take a moment and watch this video by Anthony Lawson:

[youtube YT28hCyXsLs]

There has been a general refusal on the part of the United States military establishment to accept that the Cold War is over.  Now that we can prove the war on Saddam and the subsequent military operations that made use of the army built to fight the Soviet Union in Europe were orchestrated by treasonous acts by two Bush presidents, we no longer have any excuse for keeping this capability alive anymore.  This is where we start:

  • Close all overseas bases, “mothballing” critical ones like Aviano, Ramstein and Spangdahlem.  Leave Diego Garcia to the British and move everything out, in total.  Remove all forces from the Gulf and leave the defense of that region to the UAE, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia.  Iran?  Yes, get real.  They have been begging for the chance to get on our good side for years.  How do I know this?  After all, if you read Jonathan Kay, I am an Iranian spy as are all at VT.  This also means we should pull out of Korea and Japan, especially Okinawa.  Korea is a powerful nation and Japan, despite setbacks recently, nearly conquered half the world not that long ago.  I think they can manage, with China to help.  There is no “return on investment” for further American involvement in the region.  It has all been smoke and mirrors.
  • Mothball the nuclear submarine force.  Russia, China, India and Israel, those who currently possess nuclear armed submarines, should agree to the same.  Russia is ready to agree as is China.  If India and that other country make noises, cut off their welfare checks.
  • End all foreign aid.  Israel uses theirs to bribe congress.  Other nations steal it all or spend it on fighting their neighbors.  We need it ourselves.
  • Cut congressional pay by 70%, eliminate ALL congressional pensions and health care.  Staffers can all be volunteers.  Congress can work from home, meet over skype and members of congress can make ends meet by getting second jobs like real Americans.
  • Bring the Army home and close the friggin’ borders totally, “shoot to kill” totally.
  • Freeze all assets held by Federal Reserve banks.  If any (almost all) those banks are found to be foreign owned, declare all relationships with them to be inconsistent with our constitution.  America will no longer pay banks, particularly foreign owned, to profit on our debt, sell us our own money and do so in direct violation of our laws.
  • Declare all debt and all currency worthless until those holding it can explain why they have it.  Got a billion dollars?  Tell me where you got it, prove it?  Tell me you are holding a trillion dollars in treasury bills?  Prove to me where it came from.  America will no longer recognize currency or debt instruments that can’t be shown to have originated legally.  70% of the national debt will turn to mist in seconds.

As for corporations, there is no reason to tax them out of existence.  However, if corporations have “moved overseas” to avoid paying taxes, set up phony operations in the Cayman Islands or a dozen other safe havens, they either account for their activities there, bring those funds home and pay the taxes on them or say goodbye to America.  Fugitive warrants will make the lives of those who are now estimated to have moved over 65% of America’s former commerce “off the planet” more colourful and al fresco.

A few minor changes in government will be a good start.  The “electoral college,” something no one understands has to go.  Votes, from now on, are paper, counted on the spot and carefully registered, at gunpoint if necessary.

The “seniority system” in congress that has allowed crooked politicians from the most backward parts of the country to run everything, make rules, dictate to presidents, silence all opposition, crush reform, ends now.

Our legal system will have to be totally trashed, depoliticized, with courts eliminated, replaced by citizen arbitration panels and political control over law enforcement and the judicial system eliminated.

Laws have to be in plain English only.

We can no longer afford our legal system, it has to go.

Drugs have to be eliminated from America, stopped at the border totally and organizations like, for instance, Congress and the CIA that are involved in narcotics importation on a massive scale, Afghanistan, Columbia and Mexico have to be rooted out and the guilty punished, yes, by those same citizen arbitration panels.

The medical system doesn’t need to be publicly controlled.  Nurses must be allowed to open medical practices and compete openly with doctors.  If some choose to partner with doctors and drive down costs, compete with other businesses to deliver better services for less money, they should all be allowed to do that.

Our current system is an artificial monopoly that exalts the expensive and incompetent and stifles competition.

Many recent moves in the drug business, pushed by crooks in government, such as those that allow patents to be placed on simple and inexpensive medications once freely available, raising their prices a hundredfold, have to be recognized as the criminal fraud they are.

The mortgage and credit card systems in the United States have to be eliminated entirely, they have failed and nearly taken all of us down with them.  Only medical thievery has done more damage than these two areas.

All lobbying organizations, political groups,”think tanks” and “not for profit” or “non profit” organizations, churches included, that involve themselves in politics or government regulations should be taxed.

The United States Supreme Court, as with most state supreme courts, should be elected, 4 year terms and include non-lawyers.  Would any of you have Justice Clarence Thomas defend you on a speeding ticket?  Nuf sed.

Senate terms would be 2 years and senators would be required to represent a minimum of 4 million people.

New senate districts, when redrawn, would be done so with straight lines only, no islands or convoluted snakes as with congressional districts.

Congressional districts will be redrawn to reflect contiguous geography and no longer be tortuously gerrymandered so as to deny “equal protection” as guaranteed by the constitution and ignored by the crooked as hell Supreme Court.

In the end, the new America would have 5% employed by the  government and military, not 43% or more.  Honest work would be rewarded by honest pay.  The sick would be treated by honest professionals subject to the same accountability we expect from the people who clean our carpets and fix our cars.

Courts would no longer be run by judges selected in smoke filled rooms by local oligarchs while our lawyers, in many ways those who should have been the best and brightest, those most capable of contributing to the wealth of our communities, pour through endless pleadings based on legal concepts Napoleon or King John would no longer recognize.

This is simply what we have to do to save ourselves, save our country and save the future of our children.

We won’t be able to make this omelet without breaking a few eggs.





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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.