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Is Debt Consolidation Worth it or not?

If you have racked up a ton of debt and you can’t seem to get out of it, don’t worry. The world has not ended yet.

Dealing with debt? Here are some pointers on how to handle...

If you find yourself in need of debt consolidation and things are generally not looking that well for your finances, you might understandably be frustrated or even scared.

Military veterans are being targeted by an industry 'infamous for saddling...

The Department of Education began negotiations to change regulations related to the for-profit college industry in December, a move that some advocates say will harm students.

Student debt can create challenges in housing, other areas

As students at Hood College and Mount St. Mary’s University begin classes on Monday, many will likely have their minds on their course schedules and syllabi, planning out how they’re going to make it through the semester.

Credit Card Debt Is Becoming More Expensive

With credit scores at an all-time high and credit card delinquency rates near all-time lows, the Federal Reserve has raised rates four times since December of 2015.

Medicaid expansion increased enrollees’ financial satisfaction, decreased unpaid medical debt

Medicaid expansion not only led to significantly more insured people, but also played a role in improving financial health and reducing medical debts for low-income people, according to a new report.

The economy has improved but money worries persist High levels of...

Consumers across a range of income levels are worrying more about money. A new study by MassMutual suggests the worry stems from personal finance issues, but is not confined to financial matters.

4 keys to successful debt consolidation

When your personal finances teeter on the brink, your first instinct might be to do something drastic.

Don’t follow Mr Financial Fugitive and leave a mountain of debt

Meet Mr Financial Fugitive. I’m not privy to all the details, but know that this person skipped the country leaving behind a mountain of debt.

Chipping away at the personal debt problem

At the time of David Oliver’s arrest for unpaid debt in the UAE, he had no idea he was in trouble. In fact, he says he did not even realise his payments had stopped.

How one man climbed out of $109,000 worth of debt

In 2010, Brian Brandow, the author behind the personal finance blog Debt Discipline and member of the Finance Collective, found himself face to face with over $100,000 worth of debt.

15 tips to manage your finances, debt

A dozen women gathered at Jacksonville City Hall Saturday morning with a similar goal in mind: to learn how to manage their finances.

Money Challenges Veterans Commonly Face

From buying cars to houses, to automobiles, many veterans have looked forward to being able to spend some of the money they earned while in service.

Should You Start a Business If You Have Debt?

If you want to start a business, but have debt, you are probably wondering whether it’s a good idea. The short answer is that it can be — if you’re smart about it. Take a look at the questions below to help you assess your unique situation.

On Halloween, the scary truth about American families’ horrifying debt levels

Some scary things last long after Halloween. If anything, the ghouls and ghosts that haunt American streets today are a welcome distraction from what’s truly frightening: the precarious state of the household finances.

Money Saved = Money Earned — Top-5 Tips

In the ever growing materialistic world we live today, money is definitely one of the very important things (if not the most) for living.

Best Ways to Manage Your Debt

Whether you have a lot of debt or just owe a few dollars a month on a credit card, it is critical that you are able to pay your bills on time.

US Credit Card Debt to Top $1 Trillion in 2016

Americans added $34.4 billion to their credit card debt in the second quarter of 2016, nearly half the total added in all of 2015.

In Debt? These 7 Jobs Can Wipe it Out Fast

Redd Horrocks had a five-figure problem. "I had credit card debt from a plethora of bad choices," she says. While her job with an event production company was paying the bills, it wasn't doing much to put a dent in her debt.

What Happens When Your Debt Goes to a Collector?

You're behind on your debt payments – big time – and you know that you should pay what you owe, and that if you don't, your credit score will tank, and your credit report will signal to lenders that you're a risky bet.

So Much Student Debt, So Much Ignorance

It will come as no surprise that a lot of people are burdened by education-related debt. What may be surprising is how few of those people even know the terms of that debt.

Debt Snowball Or Debt Avalanche: How To Eliminate Credit Card Debt

The average American household carries $15,762 of credit card debt according to data from NerdWallet. The average credit card interest rate is 13.51%. That means the typical American family could be losing $2,000 a year to credit card interest alone.

Want Your Student Debt To Disappear?

If you have student loans, you’ve probably heard the numbers: There is $1.3 trillion in outstanding student debt in the U.S. More than 40 million Americans have at least one student loan.

Embarrassed Americans underreport credit card debt by $415 billion

It’s not uncommon to fudge some of life’s most sensitive numbers, such as age or weight.

@Jackson Hole: Be Very Afraid, Bankers are channeling their inner Rothschild

My odd yet intimate knowledge of the outrageous inner workings of our Central Banks gives me insights heretofore unavailable even to the most celebrated, revered and feted economists. I will explain how I came to be amongst the celebrated elite at the Economic Symposium held at the Jackson Lake Lodge last week end.

Gold Price to Plunge: My Remarkable Visit to Fort Knox

Pandemonium erupted in the room as everyone realized they were going to richer than King Midas. Even the North Korean delegation seemed to be quite 'stoked' at the thought of vast personal wealth

Puerto Rico Says Services Come Before Agency Debt Payment

Puerto Rico’s budget director ratcheted up the risk of a default on some agency securities, saying cash from the commonwealth’s operating budget won’t be redirected to make debt payments due next month.

Puerto Rico facing historic default on its $72 billion debt

Puerto Rico is just days away from a historic economic collapse after the commonwealth's governor said the island cannot pay its $72 billion in debts.

Greek government confident despite backlash over debt deal

Greece's leftwing government expressed confidence on Tuesday that parliament would approve a debt deal with lenders, despite an angry reaction from some of its own lawmakers who accused it of caving in to pressure for more austerity.

The Six Most Common Reasons Americans are Going into Debt

Americans should be aware of the common causes of debt so they be more smart with their finances and have more control over their money.

Are Americans Still Struggling To Pay The Bills? Six Financial Problems...

Today, people struggle under the burden of a failing economy. It seems that no matter where people turn, prices increase and wages decrease.

Greece and I.M.F. Hold Talks on Crucial Debt Payment

As a crucial date approaches for Greece to make a major debt payment, the markets are yet again weighing the possibility that the country could actually default on its loans.

Inside the Vault-Exploring the Debt Ceiling

In this interview, Nick Barisheff discusses the debt ceiling and the US economy Watch Now

6 Secrets to Blasting Debt and Securing Your Financial Future

Most people will get into debt at some point in their life. People go into debt for various reasons, such as getting into an accident, losing a job, educational expenses or bad spending habits.

Various Debt Relief Options

Although working out solutions to your debt problems with a debt settlement company is a viable option, there are other alternatives that you can choose from.

6 Key Considerations When Choosing Between Debt Settlement and Bankruptcy

If you want to know the ways out of debt, you will need to know what your options are in order to hold your creditors at bay and avoid a situation where you lose your possessions in order to settle your debts

Why You Should Consult Professionals When You are Considering Debt Consolidation

The consolidators should give you free advice, including tips on how to consolidate debt

Dead Giveaways: Tell-Tale Signs that Mean You Could be Headed for...

While you may think that bankruptcy is usually a result of bad decisions or poor financial planning, CNBC reports that medical bills are the number one reason for personal bankruptcy filings. Other common causes are job loss or suffering a major accident. In short, bankruptcy can happen to anyone. How can you see it coming?

How to make use of the Obama Debt forgiveness program

With debt relief soaring beyond numbers like never before, more and more American students are reeling under the burden of meeting their student expenses through loans

The 3 Worst Types of Loans To Take Out

The most basic type of loan is a pawn - you sell your item to someone, and you have the opportunity to buy it back within a certain time frame for a certain amount extra. Unfortunately, not all loans are this simple.