9/11: Infiltration and Derailment


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Misguided Bullying and Intimidation for “Truth”


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


With dozens of intelligence organizations, massive privatization, the “police state” in full operation and a “black budget” for domestic spying almost unlimited, any organization seen as a threat to the crimes the American government – torture, massive theft, war crimes of every kind and, especially 9/11, is infiltrated and controlled. 

In fact, rather than infiltrate, many organizations are created.  It “cuts out the middle man.”

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it
ourselves.”— Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Lenin in 1917 - the Rough Look
The best way to accomplish Lenin’s task is to get in “on the ground floor” as it were. Worst case scenario, members will all suspect each other and end up on an endless witch hunt, one the real agent provocateurs can orchestrate easily while laughing themselves to death.
However, one methodology is used above all, the cheapest and most effective.
 Opposition groups are led down “blind alleys” or tied to complicated theories. What is avoided, at all cost, is real intelligence gathering using informants, ‘real world’ solutions.
Thus, those who believe they are fighting government conspiracy are easily debunked themselves as “conspiracy theorists” or simply ignored until they self destruct.


This methodology has a clear track record of success, one so obvious even the blind can’t help but find it obvious but, seemingly, no one cares.

[youtube 972ETepp4GI]


Old Testament Warriors - What Has Changed?

After all, the science of profiling and “game theory” feeds on the pugnacious, the paranoid, the disorganized thinkers and gives voice to the divisive and destructive.

The originators of these tactics wrote the Old Testament and dozens of other “holy books.” The enslavement and dissemblement of mankind is their game and the foolish their fodder.

9/11 is the biggest disaster of our lifetime.  If some of us are right, it means the American government staged an attack on its own country and has for ten years has stifled any real investigation.

They did this despite a flood of solid evidence debunking official “findings,” but have thoroughly managed a myriad of organizations ostensibly set up to establish the truth and find real justice for the victims, now in the hundreds of millions.

Predicting 9/11 was easy.  Anyone profiling President Bush knew he and many of those around him are sociopaths, willing to do anything for power and money. 

A closer examination found, in addition to this army of “apocalypse” fanatics and con men, an army of Israeli agents pushing for an invasion of Iran and the destruction of Pakistan and Iraq.

Not so public information told real insiders that the terror organizations were phony, fabrications, ghosts, to justify draconian laws and runaway spending or, more than that, the usual subversion, rigged elections, invasion and murder for profit that governments do…the bidding of the corporations and global banking conspiracies that control them.

The goal wasn’t 9/11, it was global domination.  The tools were terror but the real goal was to destroy the United States and the European Union with debt. 

The darker methodologies coming to play as we speak involve control of world governments, all natural resources, suppression of technology, massive population reduction and the appearance of worldwide revolution and social disorder to mask it all.


Two Levels of Masons - Visible and Invisible

This isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s geopolitics.


In order to accomplish these things, “secondary actors” had to be recruited, a series of organizations brought to play that would knowingly or unknowingly serve some part.  Prime among these is Freemasonry.

Freemasonry:  Whatever is said of Freemasonry, it is a Cabalistic religion, steeped in Jewish tradition. 

Its members cross all ethnic and religious lines, thoroughly infiltrating the agencies of power, even monarchies of the west and even Islam. 

Secret Masonic levels, the 7 above “33rd degree” run much of the worlds police, military and intelligence agencies, most terror organizations and include dozens of world leaders. 

Europeans discovered that secret Masonic lodges run by their most powerful politicians were organizing terror bombings, murders and kidnappings.  This went on from the 1970s and supposedly ended a short time ago. 

The recent Norway killings dispelled this myth, proving the threat real and continuing.  Freemasons were at the heart of the planning and execution of 9/11.

The Brothers Rothschild

Jewish groups:  The idea of Israel as a “safe haven” after the holocaust was just too attractive to leave alone.  Real history, the control of world finance by the Rothschild family, organizing wars, crashing governments and economies, became “conspiracy theory” or “Nazi propaganda.” 

The Rothschilds believed, very rightly so, that controlling national banks, like the Federal Reserve System in the US, printing money and collecting interest on interest on interest while pushing governments into financial ruin was a way of controlling the world. 

This is another “conspiracy theory” more real than real.  Aiding them, both “witting” and “unwitting” is the government of Israel and Jewish organizations that run the world’s news and entertainment.

Work - Work - Work

While trying to keep Jews frightened to death, they work to stage terror acts, fabricate imaginary threats and flood the world with “victimization” propaganda. 

They are just another part of the global conspiracy, however, one many believe to be the prime movers. 

This isn’t proven but the role of Israel in the planning and execution of 9/11 has surfaced, backed by hard evidence.  Were they the instigators or simply helping?


Evangelical Christianity:  Steeped in political traditions, anti-immigration, anti-education, prone to violence and anti-government feeling and influenced by Scofield’s outlandish “science fiction” mythologies, this group, a major voting block, is, perhaps, the most easily controlled population in the world. 

Cyrus Scofield of Bible Fame
No other group would vote away their own security, their own rights, their own well being, no other group would throw away democracy so quickly as Christian Evangelists. 

Their darker traditions are a literary subculture in America, one of “preachers” who are generally, not just carnival entertainers but thieves and sexual predators.

Their real roots are race hatred, the primal fear that “well endowed” black males are secretly sought as sexual partners by their “womenfolk,” who are second class citizens in their subcultural traditions. 

This is called “the Mandingo syndrome.” 

The current “Mandingo” is President Barak Obama, whose very presence emasculates millions of American males in what are called “red states.” 

There would have been no 9/11 without this group cheering on wars, supporting torture and remaining utterly oblivious to science and reality.


Roman Catholicism:  Back in the 1870s, the pope declared Freemasonry an enemy to the church.  The new church is something else.  If anyone thinks the child abuse scandals of the church are coincidence or accident, they are mistaken. 

Lucifer - Hollywood Version

Years ago, the core beliefs of Freemasonry, Judaism and Catholicism strayed toward the worship of Lucifer as a more “effective” alternative to the god “Yehwah” or Jehovah. The sacraments of this belief involve murder of babies, sex with children and bizarre rituals. 

Here in my own small town, a local priest, one of a “coven” of 7, was sentenced to life in prison for murdering a nun during a “Black mass.”  His last appeal was refused only a week ago. 

Ireland claims over 200,000 sex abuse victims.  Years ago, author and Jesuit Malachi Martin explained the takeover of Catholicism by worshipers of Satan.


[youtube mVMkceYOkWk]


The Infamous Father Malachi Martin
Father Martin, primary advisor to Pope John XXIII, speaks of Satan being “enthroned” in the Vatican, of, for the first time in church history, having a powerful following among the princes of the Church, the cardinals. 

Martin had become a good friend and constant foil on areas of religious belief.  Suppressing his teachings, destroying his books and attacking his reputation is a primary goal of the very real “New World Order.” 

Without the Church delivering votes, including working class and union members, to support totalitarian extremists closely allied with Satanic sects, the Dominionists, the Evangelists, the Mormons, the Freemasons, the Zionists, there would have been no 9/11.


The Kabah
Islam:  The “Arab Spring’ has taught us a couple of things.  Overtly, we learned, those who didn’t know all along, that Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen and Jordan and other states were full partners with Israel. 

Millions are being spent, money thrown everywhere, Gaddafi, the Saudi’s, to put this genie back in the bottle.

Sometimes I pick on Iran.  They are always hunting down Satanists and Freemasons, claiming them to be in league with Israel and the Catholic Church.  There is no other country I know of where top officials are arrested for “sorcery.” 

This seems funny unless someone were to look at, let’s say, the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.  Dozens, many dozens, of cadets have come to us and other organizations claiming their “religious instruction” was more than a bit “Satanic.” 

Where are the Salem witch trials when we need them?

It is the moralistic and hierarchical aspect of Islam that has exploited the weaknesses and left the majority of Muslims victims to vast global conspiracies, enslaved and victimized. 

Moreover, when a replacement enemy was needed for the Soviet Union, one to help push forward the globalist agenda of world domination, carefully orchestrated radicalization of Islam framed in the backdrop of “clash of cultures” mythology allowed the Cold War to continue decades after the fall of communism.


Cynthia Shilling for Gaddafi in Libya

The Left:”  No group has been as self defeating as those labeled “peaceniks” and “liberals.” 

 If ever Lenin’s statement on the control of opposition was proven true, “the Left” has been the best case. 

It is almost as though there is a continual “casting call” for malignant narcissists, weaklings, indecisive political leaders and the corrupt.

Where, years ago, progressive voices were seen on picket lines or marched with Dr. King, they now sell books, fill 5 star hotel rooms in Tripoli or drown out opposition to Israel’s apartheid state. 

Some do one, some do others, and a few have the moral flexibility to do it all.

What we see from the worst of them is, despite their “anti-establishment” mien, the ability to fly first class, receive funding when needed and live very well.


Abe 'da Fox' Foxman - ADL Bomber

 The “anti” and “truth” crowd:  These are the place holders, those who work to censor, manage the limelight, and, where they are incredibly effective, run off anyone of ability who takes interest in an important cause. 

They are the Peter Principle on steroids.  The loudest and most obnoxious, the least stable, those with the worst judgement drown out everyone else.

9/11 debate is the one very strange area where we have people known as strong activists for Palestinian rights inside Israel fully supported by their worst political enemies, the Anti-Defamation League and Israeli funded Islamophobes. 

The more “hare brained” the 9/11 debate gets, the more Israeli hasbara assigned to cheer it on.

How can torture go on forever?  The answer is simple.  Those who oppose it are clowns, caricatures hated by most, their arguments are hollow, irrational and their personalities repugnant.

During Vietnam, legless veterans were beaten by police while protesting the war.  In many cases, the “peaceniks” were hardcore combat vets, highly organized, highly articulate and very poor targets for riot police with batons.

The end result?  They ended  a massive and highly profitable war and brought down a president loved by the rich, the powerful and tens of millions of the hateful and ignorant.

Replacing them, opposing the war?  Some wonderful people for sure but past that?  The anti-war movement is owned and operated by the government itself that has spent tens of millions on surveillance, paid infiltrators and carefully managed publicity, either thrown negativity or total press blackouts.

This brings us full circle, back to 9/11.

[youtube lIs9eEB6IG8]

Not one credible political leader in the world, other than Iran’s president, backs 9/11 truth.  Not one serious politician in the United States, ten years later, tons of evidence later, supports the organizations that claim tens of thousands of “professionals” in their membership.


The answer is simple.  There is no functioning “organization” at all, simply a pack of yipping spaniels who provide effective cover for one of histories most brutal acts.

Who is at fault?  Some tasks can’t be accomplished, some enemies can’t be beaten.  If the strong were strong, why did they run away?  If groups were infiltrated, and they most certainly have, why weren’t security precautions put in place?  Who prevented it?

Doesn’t anyone ever notice the patterns, failure upon failure?

I keep forgetting, the US intelligence agencies themselves have, for decades, been penetrated by Israelis with few caught and even fewer prosecuted.  Before that, Soviet agents humiliated the west repeatedly.

Is giving up the answer?  Truth is, most have given up, even as more and more around the world are aware of US government complicity in 9/11, the real moves for accountability have never been at a lower ebb.

How is this possible? I think we have explained it pretty well.




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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.