We Will Not Be Silenced!

Photo by G. Duff
Photo by G. Duff, US Military Cemetery Luxemburg

Veterans Today Responds to Attacks by Zionist Fear Mongers


Abe, (Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League)

I call you that because you are like an old friend, perhaps one gone a bit potty, a bit over the edge, a bit obsessed. So many of us have that crazy aunt in the attic. You are mine.

Last week, you called me a “vicious anti-Semite.” Last week John Kaminski called me a “Jewish cockroach.” Gaddafi’s secret police called me a “CIA thug” then, later in the week, we learned they themselves had been running CIA rendition programs from Tripoli since 2002.

Your supposedly “Jewish” website spews hate, with rare incompetence, making wild and bizarre accusations. White supremacist groups do the same, exactly the same, often threatening my life.

At times I suspect you run and fund both, not without good reason. Do I care? Not hardly.

I am a simple person, not a “master of the universe” like you. I don’t dictate to members of congress and strike fear into the hearts of Jews around the world. Is this what you do, “strike fear into the hearts of Jews around the world?”

Of course it is, in fact you do little else. You have no greater enemy than a free thinking human, a discerning individual capable of rational thought. That is the enemy and if that individual is a Jew, he is thrice your enemy.

There is no greater enemy than a Jew, such as the 500,000 standing against your Zionist/Likudist thugs last week.

Call this conspiracy theory, call this paranoia or call this something else, enlightened watchfulness, but whenever people stand on their hind legs and rise above those who would have them live in chains, the dogs of war, overly convenient acts of terrorism descend. Norway? 9/11? Rockets from Gaza or Lebanon?

We are not all blind.

You might want to stop and think, something I don’t see any signs of you doing.

Fact. 90% of the people of the world are ready to declare, at the United Nations General Assembly, Israel as a criminal state, what you call “delegitimization.”

Fact. 500,000 Israeli Jews, this week, protested against their own country, how it has treated them, the “chosen people” as second class citizens in a land the rest of the world believes tortures only its Palestinians.

Picture a Jewish child, anywhere in the world. Each day, because of you, he or she wakes up, expecting their door to be kicked down, expecting to be hauled down the steps and into the street, thrown into a box car and taken to a camp.

Every Jewish child everywhere in the world is taught this every day, expects this every day, lives with this nightmare every day.

They see themselves stripped naked, made to run in a circle and those not fast enough or not compliant enough are selected for “special treatment.” Their heads are shaved, they are gassed, skin for lamp shades, human fat for soap.

Some say this never happened. Those doing so are imprisoned or castigated by organized gangs of thugs you control.

The real victims, however, are the children who hear this story every day. They live in fear, they lose the ability to judge right and wrong, they become slavish, compliant and some capable of inhuman acts of barbarity.

Is it just Jews? We know better. We saw it in America after 9/11. Americans were told that, at any time, Muslims, one of many races, white, brown, black, Asians of any background, stood ready to cut our heads off unless we chose to imprison them, without reason, torture them for years, so we could be safe.

The world became a form of Israel, not the Israel of the Jewish religion but your Israel, ruled by fear, a population under mind control, fear, hate capable of barbaric crimes that so deeply parallel the exact scenarios of the holocaust in so many ways.

From Frank Herbert’s Dune, “Fear, the mind killer.”

Peddling fear is a business, not just a Zionist business, one centuries old, one at the heart of any criminal culture, certainly at the heart of the definition you love so much to peddle as “fascism.” “Blame a minority group, get a population to fear and hate and they will believe any message, any message you repeat over and over through control of all mediums of communication.

This is the definition you would use for Fascism. In fact, it describes you.

Is there a Jewish conspiracy? If there weren’t one, you could be used as proof one exists. Is that, perhaps your purpose, to make the world fear and hate Jews, to foster hatred of Jews, a people you claim to represent, a people you claim to be one of?

Is it love, such as the love a parent has for its children or is your love of the Jews like the love of a hungry man sitting in front of a juicy steak?

You have made one horrible mistake, you have underestimated and misjudged. Yes, you may be able to accuse and besmirch to your hearts content but you are not loved. Next to former vice president Dick Cheney, you may be the most hated American, the least credible, the least loved, particularly by Jews, such as the 500,000 in Israel sick of selling their future for a handful of fear.

Think of the generations of Jewish children raised to feel hated, diminished, and lessened. Your story, the endless terror of the holocaust, your tool of control has harmed so many, so many Jewish children who live every day thinking, “Why do they hate us so much?”

There is no “they.” You invented it. There is no “us.” Children are only children and all decent people should live to love all children equally, to protect them, to help them grow, feel safe and loved, all decent people but not you.

Today is your day to head to the wood shed and get that “hiding” that the errant deserve. Is there Jewish conspiracy?

There certainly is a conspiracy, this again was your mistake, as the stupidity of the 9/11 coverup will never stand. The proof of conspiracy is too great, fingerprints all over it, some of them Jewish, some of them not.

What focuses our attention to the Jewish “fingerprints” on 9/11 is you. As with any good detective novel, the guilty party shows himself. This you have done with your intimidation and threats, your endless efforts to stifle those seeking honest answers to very real questions about 9/11.

You look guilty, very very guilty.

You made yourself look guilty because you act guilty. There is evidence against many, powerful groups in America that sought war, extremist groups in Europe, similar groups in Israel and elsewhere.

Nowhere, however, is there any single individual whose poor judgment has screamed out “look at me” as loud as you have.

We who are people are Jews and Christians, we are Muslims, we come in all ages and races, we judge men by their hearts not by the color of their skin on whether a book somewhere, one of a hundred tales we who study sociology and anthropology know of, a mythical being awards land and privilege to his people, a story told in almost every culture in the world.

As humanity advanced, we threw aside such childishness for what it is, the fodder of hate, of racism of inhumanity.

I suspect you slept through that class.

Gordon Duff

Senior Editor

Veterans Today


  1. Come on,Gordon. Be honest for one lousy time in your otherwise miserably deceitful life. The reason people tend to eventually see the light on the ‘jewish problem’ is very simple. They begin to notice how all jews (well, aside from Brother Nathanael Kapner maybe) constantly work to cover the criminal and evil doing asses of their fellow jews and try to make excuses or gloss over or spread disinformation that tries to peel the blame for said evil deed off of their fellow jews and redirect it, usually to their white gentile collaborators. I listened to your recent interview on Kevin Barrett’s radio show – and you were a classic example of doing exactly that. On one hand, you are forced to admit Israeli involvement in the false flag terrorist attacks on America on 9-11-01, but then you try to spin the enormous Big Lie that poor little Israel didn’t really want to do it, and were just ‘contracted’ by those evil, white demons Bush and Cheney and had to go along because they were our ‘loyal ally’, blah, blah, blah. Yea, right. And Larry Silverstein didn’t really want to take out double indemnity insurance polices on those WTC towers a few months before 9-11 and specifically demand that they be insured against ‘terrorist’ attacks due to a sudden affliction of the famous and well documented ‘jewish lightning’ syndrome, either.

    So, you see, Gordon? Even when a jew is cornered and is forced to admit a little bit of the truth about some of the massive amount of evil committed by his tribe, he still can’t come completely clean. He always has to try to spread the guilt around and claim that some evil gentile (usually a white one)
    ‘made me do it’. This is why people tend to condemn all jews, Gordon. This aggravating and infuriating habit of jews to lie and spew incredible piles of stinky bull manure.

    Oh, and by the way – I like John Kaminski’s work and think he is right on the money about the world’s ‘jewish problem’. As far as him calling you a cockroach, I wasn’t aware of this allegation – and without more research, in all fairness to the cockroach world, I can’t agree with him 100 percent. I will say, however, that you are afflicted with the typical jewish hatred for White European people – and can seldom produce a column or give a radio interview where you aren’t spewing venomous bile and hatred about some aspect of European history. For that reason alone, you provide a classic and textbook example of how accurate Adolf Hitler was when he stated that jews have no business being allowed to reside inside any White European nation.

    Frankly, I look forward to the next exile and expulsion. Whites and jews really are totally incompatible, and it’s time to part company – permanently.

  2. Whoever wrote this wants to scapegoat foxman like all jews scapegoat zionism. The real problem is they still want to be supremacists and they still want their billions from the children’s children of the german people. Otherwise they would stop calling themselves jews altogether and admit that they are a mixed race(NOT ISRAELITES),they DON’T follow the torah(WHY WOULD THEY?) and that they lie about the holocost.

  3. good one, gordon. all the vets i meet have to hear about this website. that would include my brother, who still has not come to grips with the USS Liberty.

  4. Mr. Duff, thanks to you and people like you for educating the ill-informed and those who are bombarded by Israeli Zionist Propaganda, and helping them to separate the facts from fictions.

    What Foxman and his group are trying to do is to silence people like you, and in the process to take away our “Freedom of Speech,” and I say to him “NOT A CHANCE”

    __In order to solve any problem, one has to go to the source of the problem.

    __Here, the “operative word” or the source is “Semites or Hemites.

    __What & Who are the Semites or Hemites?

    __Semites (lighter skin) or Hemites (darker skin) is the ethnicity of a group of people in the Middle-East, the entire Arabian Peninsula, North Africa and some countries in Southeast-Asia and beyond.

    __What does it mean, when someone have been accused of being Anti-Semites or Anti-Hemites?

    __It means he/she is against of all these groups of people, NOT ONLY OF THOSE OF ISRAELI ORIGIN.

    __So, why do the Israeli Zionist (the political wing of Judaism) around the world, HIJACKED THE WORD “SEMITES” and made it their “OWN AND USED IT FOR YEARS.”

    __Because the Zionist wanted to use it as their propaganda tool, since they knew the majority of people in the world are lazy to investigate the meaning of “Semites.”

  5. Dont go around thinking all christians are good guys cos the evangelists are sure on a high with the Israelis and their islamophobia….christians do a lot of bad stuff too…take it easy on the “good christian” and try a little on the “good samaritan”….werent they semites too??

  6. So the goons know that a lot of good people are rooting for Ron P…so they bought him off and probably he will be the next puppet pressy of the good ole U-S of A, being that people will think they got a real champion now and not that MKUltra stooge and non american Obama Bin Lying.

  7. Seriously though, here’s the thing: Most Americans are Christians. Christians have a certain moral code and ethics that they go by. I’m not talking about the secular humanist crap derived from Christianity a.k.a. “do unto others” or “the Golden rule”. I’m talking about Compassion, Humility, Decency, Honesty, Integrity…… jews see all these traits as weaknesses and character flaws, not as admirable traits. jews are 100% incompatible with Christian and Muslim cultures. jews do not believe in having these traits and see them as weaknesses to be exploited. That’s why you should ALWAYS shun a jew in your midst. They’re sizing you up to see what weaknesses you have that they can exploit such as “are you a source of information?” “can you be talked in to doing their dirty work (hence become a fall guy)” “can they extort sympathy from you and thereby fleece you”……

  8. You guys want to see an example of an oxymoron?

    “Nice jewish boy”

    That’s an oxymoron because everyone knows you can’t use the word “NICE” to describe a jew.

  9. DWC!!!

    Snake, I thought you were dead man.


    Hey man! I got to somehow get your email address! After they killed you on Incogman I didn’t know how to get messages off to you.

  10. Facts are facts and they bear witness to the horror on this planet. Those who inflict that horror, scream the loudest when caught defaming themselves by using the falsehood of indignation they arrogantly flaunt to repudiate the revealed truth.

    By their own hand in history, they have left this account of themselves;


    ” Towards thee I roll thou all destroying but unconquering whale; to the last grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hates sake I spit my last breath at thee. ”

    Herman Melville – ” MOBY DICK “

  11. Me too….. thanks for the affirmation that it wasn’t my imagination……! Funny how the Reptilians always seem to have the best lies……… (it’s not REALLY funny…. that was a figure of speech….. forgive me….!)

  12. If you want to get really concerned, join the “open source intell mailing list” run by Fein. Not only is he MORE paranoid than Abe Foxman, he is the most vituperative merchant of hate against Muslims, Germans or anybody that he feels like labelling as anti-Semites. Even though I like to keep up on the opposition’s mind set, his rants were so awful that I could no longer stomach them.

    I do not know which side that Ron Paul is on…but his idiotic Libertarian stance on Trade (FREE TRADE/FREE MARKETS) which was largely built on Ayn Rand’s repetition of the pap fed to her by her Rothschild benefactor do deeply concern me. We cannot rebuild this country or protect our own strategic interests with a FREE TRADE orientation. Think about this people…as long as we permit multinationals to chart our fate, we cannot be free or safe in the USA. How safe can any country be which buys its spare parts, food and other manufactured goods from OUTSIDE its borders?

    Everybody needs to take a very long view on all the candidates and begin analyzing their platforms, plank by plank, for their impact on the citizens of this and other countries.


  13. That’s always a common photograph used for military cemetaries with the jewish grave marker the front and slightly off center to highlight a dead jew as being more significant than the hundreds or thousands of dead Gentile graves.

  14. I wish you could name names Gordon. I would take the phony sites off my reading list if they are places I frequent.

  15. “Rothschild owned central bank” closely followed by a murderous very profitable war Eustace Mullins makes reference to the events in detail and stated that without the funds generated the war would never have started.

  16. I am not ready to accept that Ron Paul was bought by the zionists. He has 30 years of history where he has shown no indication of ever having been bought by anyone. I would be amazed (and very despondent) if in the last years of his life he would sell out the very people that are rallying to him today. He is a God-fearing man and any betrayal on his part would have been evident by now, because those of us that support him are always looking at everything he says or does.

    Having said that, many of us are very concerned by the appointment of Bruce Fein, a known zionist and member of AEI, as senior legal advisor by his campaign team. A number of us have voiced our objection to this. For the moment, I am willing to accord him the benefit of the doubt and regard the incident as something done by one of his staffers, and perhaps Ron Paul was not personally aware of this or of Bruce Fein’s history. There have been past incidents of stupid actions by his staffers where he himself was not in agreement. I believe that his past history of apparent high integrity has earned him at least the benefit of the doubt. It would not surprise me if the zionists were to attempt to infiltrate his organization and try to destroy it from within.

    So, we are watching carefully to see how this matter evolves. If he has been bought, then we will drop him like a hot potato, and all the grass-root support and money-bombs will instantly die – along with any hopes for his presidency. I believe and pray that this will not be the case – but it won’t be the first time that I am betrayed by those whom I trust and probably not the last.

    For now, I will continue to trust Ron Paul and support him, but like any sane man, I will trust but monitor.

  17. Great Post!
    But how could u say the iranians been duped!? Look what they haven been doing in Iraq all along! I am absolutely certain they work in cohort; Iran US/UK, Israel – posing as enemies, at least one to the other two. A perfect scenario for an ongoing deception. But for some strange reason The Left has bought into this Ahmadinejjad anti- US stand. remember there is at least 20 000 jews living in “healthy” communities in Iran (Teheran formost) U really think Israel should nuke so many jews in one blow? Also: who is Maliki taking his orders from? see this post; http://arabwomanblues.blogspot.com/2006/12/eye-for-eye.html

  18. “we judge men by their hearts not by the color of their skin” – you missed it again Gord. “You Shall Know Them By The Fruits They Bare”, plain and simple with out the Marxist/Liberal rhetoric about “color of their skin”.

  19. I am not a robot. I don’t have to agree with everything someone says. When I do, I say so. When I don’t, I say so as well. What’s the mystery?

  20. Masha’Allah,

    What an article!!

    May Allah awake you [Mr Duff] to revert to Islam and die shahid insha’Allah!! Please, “true” muslim brothers and sisters, pray for him [and anyone of his kind] as we owe him a very serious dua because of his contribution and strugle for revealing and telling the truth, facts, transparence on justice!!

  21. with deep respect to mr gordon duff i would like him to read these couplets of verse and anyone who cares about humanity:

    The prophet mohammed (pbuh) said,

    That Truth (God Almighty)has declared,

    I am not hidden in what is high or low

    nor in the Earth nor the skys nor Throne.

    This is certainty,Oh beloved,

    I am hidden in the heart of the faithful

    If you seek me, seek in these !

    It is from the numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.

    “Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital, quality for those who seek to change a world which yields most painfully to change.”

    I see that courage in you for truth and change mr duff and i wish to show you my respect for that!

    peace to all believers!!

  22. Your writing goes from pinnacle to pinnacle these last few days! I am mesmerized by the poetry of your pen and liken it to listening to an invigorating symphony that soars to a climactic crescendo. We are humbled, maestro! Encore!

  23. Most us know Israel’s intelligence agency the Mossad did 911. Yes, they had some help from traitors in our government. The ADL is sprinkled with Mossad agents and the ADL is well aware that the Mossad did 911, yet look at this crap from their website:

    Muslim Extremists Targeting Jews After 9/11

    The terrorists responsible for the September 11, 2001, attacks were motivated, in part, by an ideology rooted in the hatred of Jews. Mohamed Atta, a key member of the Al Qaeda Hamburg cell responsible for the attacks, considered New York City to be the center of a global Jewish conspiracy, and Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who masterminded the attack, had previously developed several plans to attack Israeli and Jewish targets. In their view, New York, as a center of world finance, was the quintessential Jewish target.
    In the years since the attacks, a significant number of American citizens and residents involved in terror plots in the U.S. have been influenced by violent ideologies developed by Al Qaeda and other foreign terrorist organizations that promote hatred of Jews and Israel.

    As a result, American citizens and residents influenced by these ideologies of extreme intolerance have not only expressed hatred of Jews and Israel, but also in several cases specifically targeted Jewish institutions.

    While most plots in the U.S. since 9/11 have been foiled by law enforcement before they were carried out, several cases demonstrate the willingness, if not the capacity, of extremists motivated by radical interpretations of Islam to target Jews.

    Brian: If there are any attacks against Jews in this country by Muslims they’re probably Mossad/sayanim false flag operations. Also, Atta was impersonated by at least two Mossad stooges and active Al Qaeda franchises are Mossad operations.

  24. Interestingly, the ADL was founded in 1913. Wasn’t there some sort of Rothschild owned central bank implemented in America that same year? hmmm…coincidence probably

    Is it true that Foxman’s salary is over $560k per year? wowzer…would buy a lot of Snickers bars

    Just saw this clip of Jim Trafficant sparring with zionist tool, Sean Hannity. I might have to write-in Trafficant instead of Ron Paul next Novenber: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tU6Mbzd3AIg

  25. Oh, the nitpicking jews are reading every word. They have completely forgotten that the only reason they have any role to play in the world is because we have allowed it. Those days are coming to an end.

  26. Mr. Duff,

    Excellent article/letter!

    SCUM like Foxman, and the TREASONOUS VERMIN within our own government need to be exposed for what they really are! DETRIMENTAL TO ALL HUMANITY!

    As you may know from past comments, I personally feel that something has to be done very soon to actually TAKE BACK our “Republic”! I do not say this lightly, or without respect for those who will be hurt!

    I do not wish to see more innocent people hurt, but it has to be done, or this world will NEVER see peace again!

    This is not the type of world I would want to leave for my children, if I had any (thank god for that)!

    Some may say I am a fool, or irrational, or a revolutiontist, etc., but I say this needs to be done! We have an abundance of evidence to prove what is, and has been done! Waiting much longer may realistically stop any chance we will have to put an end to this BS altogether!

    When are “We, The People” going to finally say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

    Remember 9/11, and The USS Liberty, done by the same COWARDS!

    Restore the US Constitution!

    US “Republic” First, Always!

    US Army Veteran,
    Marc C. Daniele
    Herculaneum, Mo.


    Foxman would not have the guts to debate Mr. Duff because he would be proven for what he really is, a leach, and liar that must be TAKEN DOWN!

  27. You’re absolutely right, Ron Paul is bought, paid for and owned by the zionists. He talks a good game and takes some radical stances on issues he knows have absolutely ZERO chance of becoming law, like the Fed for example, in order to paint himself as a libertarian or a progressive. He is anything but, if you look at his REAL voting record.

    He’s another Obama, voting “no” on the Iraq war knowing full well that it would happen, anyway. Pure propaganda which would later prove to win him the election, where he would show his true colors. (I know BLACK isn’t a color and I’m NOT talking about his skin, either….)

    Unfortunately, anyone who thinks a politician will arise through the zionist-rigged system who has an ounce in integrity is in for a very unpleasant surprise.

    The time is past talking, folks.

  28. Great stripping naked of “Abe” Foxman (‘Abe’ is by the way the Danish word for monkey), but any primate has more sense and decency than Fox-man, who here got ‘outfoxed’, weeded out, for all to see, who he really is and the damage he and his ilk do to their own people for being perverse psychopaths, maybe without even suspecting that it is exactly what they are.

    But, you are asking him way too much, far much than what he ever will be able to grasp, less to honor. You are asking him to give up the Talmud and join the ranks of HUMANITY. It is like asking Dick Cheney to collect signatures for an independent investigation of 9/11…

  29. not only did we catch israel behind gaddafi but a bunch of peace organizations, phony antizionists and broadcasters, some closely aligned with press TV….meaning the poor iranians have been duped

  30. A good message, Gordon. All you have to do is to get the Congress, sycophants to the state of Israel and the likes of Foxman, to read the article as well.

  31. True, eloquent, rationally analytical, unbiased, unprejudiced, historically documented and SMART! This is not just a free thinking individual’s own opinion on the eon’s old “cry of the Hebrew children…”. More and more well informed, free thinking scholars and right thinking men and women of authority and influence are coming forthwith exposing the “Jewish victim, antisemitic, prejudice…” mentality, excuse and justification in committing their own atrocities and genocide of the Palestinian people. The good news is that there are way more Jews than gentiles who despise and disapprove of the Zionist apartheid tactics and doctrine; their despicable acts -ironically all harming the ones they pretend to protect.
    G you should challenge Mr. Foxman to a prime time debate, take his mask off and expose his real face, and let the whole world witness his demise as he runs out of “Mr. Foxy tricks”!

  32. Yes Clinton, who appointed endless Zionists to his administration, who has taken millions from Israel and whose daughter just married a Jew (and converted), is a Hamas pawn. What an absurd and sick joke.

  33. you are making them real troubles…. I think they don’t like the fact that saying that israel is behind al qaeddafi… you are really really annoying them… believe me…

  34. Stay on them Gordon… israel is the product of the Rothschilds and as such must be exposed at every turn.
    As we witness worldwide their lies are becoming more and more obvious to everyone… we are Spirit and the
    behind the scenes shadow government has no legitimacy whatsoever.

    Defy, Do Not Comply, pay no taxes or interest , your credit card debt has been cancelled by the bailouts… HA!!

  35. Zionists are on the run. Europeans, Asians, South americans, Africans all got their number. Finally, because of the. internet and our ability to research these vile people…the american people are waking up too. Ron Paul has been getting support but you can bet his followers have no idea is a out and out zionist. Another group called PakAlert are a mossad operation. They claim that Obama, Clinton are funded by Hamas. Now those of us who know the facts laughed out loud at that story, Pakalert in the past had some great articles but they have been taken over by zionists and now run that site like the real zionists they are. We have to be very careful these days about the sites we go too…many of them have been taken over by zionists. Thanks Gordon for standing up to this racist pig and telling like it is. Wonder if he was one of those like Frank Gaffney, or Dershowitz who got billions from the Koch Brothers to bring fear against muslims. Its called Fear something…or other.

  36. In another news:

    Ex-US gov’t scientist admits attempted Israel spying


    Read more:US government scientist|Israeli intelligence officer|Israel spying|FBI agent

    This file photo, taken from NASA’s web site, shows an undated image of Stewart David Nozette.A former US government scientist pleaded guilty on Wednesday to attempted espionage for passing top-secret national defence information to an undercover FBI agent posing as an Israeli intelligence officer.

    The plea deal calls for Stewart Nozette, 54, of Chevy Chase, Maryland, to receive a sentence of 13 years in prison. The judge said at the hearing that he would accept the guilty plea and would impose the agreed-upon prison term.

    Nozette admitted that in 2009 he provided classified information about US satellites, early warning systems, defense or retaliation against large-scale attack, communications intelligence and key defense strategy elements.

    According to the charge, he did it with the intent to hurt the United States and to help Israel. As part of the deal, he pleaded guilty to one count and US. government prosecutors agreed to dismiss the remaining three counts against him.

    “Stewart Nozette betrayed America’s trust by attempting to sell some of the nation’s most closely guarded secrets for profit,” said Lisa Monaco, assistant attorney general in charge of the Justice Department’s national security division.

    The Justice Department said the criminal charges do not allege that the government of Israel or anyone acting on its behalf committed any offense under US laws in the case.

    Nozette, who had top-secret security clearances, worked for various government agencies, including the Department of Energy and the the US space agency, NASA.

    He worked at the White House on the National Space Council in 1989 and 1990, developing a radar experiment that helped discover water on the south pole of the moon.

    Nozette also was president of the Alliance for Competitive Technology, a non-profit corporation where he had access to classified information.

  37. Mr Duff please ignore the hate-mongers and keep showing the great courage which have to date. The sniping is a sure sign that you are landing real blows on the beast. You work is important and is greatly appreciated by many who are passionate for truth and justice.

    The tide is turning and the forces of evil will be defeated, it is now just a question of when.

  38. Nice takedown. Your writing is getting better too, Mr. g.

    I must say, however, that undoing 2,000+ years of racist programming is not going to be easy. Christians aren’t much better in acknowledging their brainwashing, but Christ’s message wasn’t intrinsically rotten, either. The Talmud and to lesser extent the Torah are the source of the evil and as long as people need to believe themselves to be superior to others and have their “word of God” to back them up, there will be cretins like Mr. Foxman.

  39. Run it up there sideways. Abe needs a good enema. – http://www.israelect.com/reference/Willie-Martin/ – And so does the middle east. There were no so-called “Jews” in the Old Testament, Judaism is not a religion for the Children of Israel. Judaism is an Anti-Israelite stool sculpture deity cult., which should vanish from the pages of History and soon will. Praise be to Jesus {the One Jews must hate to be “Jewish”}. That was a pretty good one Gordon, …can it be e-mailed to the protestors in Talmudia ?

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