Col. Fletcher Prouty, Witness to Power, History, and Corruption

Col. Fletcher Prouty
Col. Fletcher Prouty

by Tom Valentine


Radio Free America broadcasts were a Smorgasbord for anyone sick and tired of fascist chicanery in our government, and I was lucky to have guests with first hand experience most of the time.

No guest on the program had more to say about how we got into the new world order crap than Col. Fletcher Prouty, author of two truly important books, and a soft spoken veteran who witnessed first hand, momentous changes in history, and had the brains to understand. Fletch appeared as my only guest more than 30 times in the mid 1990s.
His two books are: The Secret Team, 1972, fittingly published by The Institute for Historical Review; and “JFK—Vietnam, the CIA and the plot to kill him,” 1992, published by Carol Communications.

Both books are significant in that both reveal the rotten fact that a “High Cabal” operating in secrecy actually runs governments, all media and International finance, which is far more obvious today than it was at the end of WW2, when Fletch watched real power in action.

I will never forget the excitement I felt the time he described looking down from the cockpit on two long ship convoys departing Buckner Bay, Okinawa on the same day as the Japanese officially surrendered in ceremonies aboard the USS Missouri—September 2, 1945.

My journalistic bones tingled as he told the story: One convoy headed south, and the second turned north.” After landing, Fletch, always alert and curious, arranged to talk with the Harbormaster at the officer’s club where he was told that the ships were loaded with armaments. The ships heading south were bound for Hanoi. Those heading north were bound for Korea. “I often tried,” he said softly, “to learn who gave the orders for these armaments to be used in future wars to be shipped off to Ho Chi Minh and Syngman Rhee.”

Perhaps more than any other person, Fletch was uniquely equipped to know about the “High Cabal” whom Winston Churchill admitted was behind the huge wars of history.

Fletch gave clear examples of blatant elitist control over events from the perspective of the pilot who flew delegates and big name puppets to Cairo and Tehran where Churchill, Stalin, Chiang and FDR carved up the burning world for the Banksters.
In his first book he dissected the truth behind The Dulles Brothers establishing an agency that runs government secretly on behalf of the cabal, and he detailed just how they managed to do so, and to maintain it. It is no wonder that establishment publishers refused to touch this manuscript.

This honorable American displays an uncanny sense of history, especially in tandem with Oliver Stone, filmmaker who rocked the world with the film, JFK, the two collaborators on this sensational expose were ideally matched for the project; While Stone never came aboard RFA, he was often discussed at length because he was taking so much flack from hacks in the establishment, who could not convince thinking people that the movie maker had it wrong about the greatest assassination since Julius Caesar.

Wise persons will read both books in order to fill in many holes in their perspectives of history. I can only dredge up memorable interviews to whet appetite.

It was Fletch who pointed out just how “phony” the entire “Cold war” was. He told us that Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan Bank had a branch in Moscow from 1929 on and never closed its doors, not once, even in the face of the Bolsheviks and all.

He related how his plane was used to bring some of the first German officers into America’s orb back in 1943 when the so-called “Great War” was at its height;

He also added unique touches to his first hand accounts, such as telling how he left the cockpit in the hands of the copilot to mingle among the German officers and how they responded to his question about : “Who were your toughest enemies in battle?”

The answer surprised.

It was not the “desert rats” nor any of the Allied armies, but “The women of Kiev defending their homes.”
Fletch also flew a contingent of American businessmen deep into Arabia, where the first details for establishing one of the greatest monopolies in history were worked out—ARAMCO.

A detail that fits with the truth of history, that the earth has been seen as resources to be exploited for the powerful few, who see the rest of us as expendable consumers.

At one of our many quiet and private meetings, Fletch gave me a rather large, new book, 1995, A book that he said gave details about how things were being done in Latin America. The book is: “Thy Will be Done,” by Gerard Colby with Charlotte Dennett.

It outlines how Nelson Rockefeller used “Christian” missionaries, fascist American officials, and corruption to exploit the Amazon basin. What fools taxpaying, hardworking Americans be!

His favorite book was “Critical Path” by Buckminster Fuller, and my favorite topic when talking to him was his piloting of the CIA’s STOL (short landing takeoff plane)

I was extra interested because this aircraft used the Burnelli lifting body principles that make for better flying, but would have busted the present aircraft monopoly.

One of my early guests was the frustrated entrepreneur for the Burnelli, famed test pilot Chalmers Goodlin.
Fletch described how this plane could land and takeoff on a tennis court.

A better, safer aircraft, but it did not fit into the long-range plans of the fascist favorites; sadly, a too common story.
At an informal meeting among fixtures at the old Spotlight in the venerable Liberty Lobby building circa 1997, there were those who were not so impressed with Fletch as I.

So when something came up in the conversation, Fletch noted that he had first hand experience, some of the others rolled their eyes in the belief that he claimed far too much first hand experience to their liking.

There is always envy among investigative journalists, but those others did not know the man as I did.


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Tom Valentine (born August 20, 1935, same day as Ron Paul) is a businessman, writer, commentator and radio host with an anti-establishment perspective. He worked with Radio Free America from 1988 to 2004. He tends to align with issues from left and right ends of the political spectrum, as well as libertarianism. His main journalistic interests have been unorthodox health care methods and conspiracy theories. He is a believer in many alternatives as cancer cures, and believes that soy products are unhealthy for human consumption. All of his views are at odds with the mainstream medical community.