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Race, A Topic for Discussion

While I will provide “real” science in this piece, know that although for about 50 years I have learned:

Bad NDAA Law Lost a Tooth

US District Judge Katherine Forrest in Manhattan said in a written ruling that a single page of the notorious law has a “chilling impact on First Amendment rights.”

American Jews Debate is Edifying – They Just Don’t Get It

Leading Israel-first American Jews held an illuminating debate about American politics and Israel's future recently.

Humor Me, Check These Out

Here is a comparison between “authentic and established” journalism that uncovers a hidden tax on what people are encouraged to believe.

Screw Religion! Go With God

This is another column exploring the evil sway of scientism, not science, that dominates worldwide behavior.

Radio Discussion Breaches Evil Taboo – The ‘Chosen’ Supremacy

Host Mark Glenn, Ken O’Keefe and Jonathan Azaziah outline the essence of the “Jewish question.” In Videos below.

Psychobabblers on Parade – Testing for Loss of Religious Belief

Science is the journal of the American Academy for the advancement of Science. It is peer-reviewed, hence it is ‘authentic,' and ranks second to the London published Nature, as a general scientific source. Both are published as slick magazines weekly.

We Need to Calm Down! It’s Information Overload

The rant by Gordon Duff May 3, cobbled together most of the standard objections to institutional religion during the previous 18 centuries and surely did what the headline promised—“Ain’t nobody gonna Like this.”

Justice? Law and Order? My Ass!

Don't we live in a Constitutional Republic and traditionally pride ourselves that we are a law-abiding people? We are, but we did not pay attention as we surrendered to evil.

Love – Hate With Walmart Tells Story of “Middlecrass” Humans

An Associated Press report exposing the government bribing culture of Walmart Stores, Biggest business in North America, popped up over the business news recently. Read the reader's comments after the story.

Criminal Fed Inflation Clearly Explained 50 Years Ago (Part one and...

There is a theory known as the Theory of Cognitive Dissonance, which holds that the mind involuntarily rejects information not in line with previous thoughts and/or actions.

History of Insurance Lobby’s Fascist Healthcare Laws…

In 1963, the year they gunned down JFK to take all the attention, three nefarious professional associations met and conspired to firmly implant the fascist healthcare state.

Popular Travel Guide Posts Video on Israeli Lies

Rick Steves, Travel Guru on PBS, has been everywhere, and now reveals on the web what he has learned about Israelis behavior by posting a video that belongs among the archives of what I call the VT educational program.

What Propelled Vietnam War?

An E-mail debate about of the details of the Vietnam war crossed my mail via Dick Fogut a noteworthy octogenarian patriot and friend responding to Kevin Barrett. Who wrote, among other things:

Tebow Column Was Error, Mistake I Was Wrong

This is not a defense for stupid thinking, it's an outright admission, a mea culpa, a repentant confession. I wrote a bad column about Tim Tebow, the media and Easter, the other day, and I've been catching flak ever since. Deservedly so.

Tim Tebow, Bible Study, and Easter = Surprise Consequences

There is one thing for sure; anyone seriously aspiring to be a Christian studies to “show himself approved.” A Christian does not take lightly the role of a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. It is a serious calling that presupposes great benefits for all of mankind.

Thomas Szasz – A Humanist Who Deserves Honor

In 1989, when Radio Free America was into it's first full year of broadcasts one of the themes most gripping to a new audience for the new medium of anti-fascist statism, sometimes called ‘populism’ Was the forum promoted around the great work of Dr. Thomas Sczaz author of ‘the myth of mental illness.’

The ‘Trick Question’ of Standing Before Our Courts

Long ago, as our corporate fascism was beginning to more boldly expose itself and I was a member of the head-up-ass gang, I learned about this thing called “standing”, which is part and parcel of our notoriously “fixed” Masonic judicial system.

More Educational Videos for VT Adult Courses

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a good video is worth a row of textbooks.

RFID Chips and Obamacare Roiling Internet; Wake Up People!

Bloggers have been banging away about claims that the ‘Obamacare’ bill contains explicit mandate for jabbing an RFID chip into everybody, starting earlier this week.

Scientism Conquers Truth Again, and Again, and Again

The gigantic issue of man-made ‘climate altering’ along with the difficult and complex issue of human health and disease, has given the Mattoids behind high finance the two greatest arenas for sinking Mammon’s teeth into everybody's pliable belief systems and pocketbooks.

Elections Under a Constitutional Republic; Prepare to Be Sick!

Rachel Maddow an astute punditress from the left, obviously enjoys Republican farce, but we know Dems are equally manipulative. Is any of this “party” crap in the Constitution? Is this any way to pick a government?

Technology Trapped, Enslaved, and Now Killed Off!

Ubiquitous “wireless technology” giveth and taketh away—some words to the wise.

Education is in The Mind of The Beholder (A Personal Peek)

There is what is; there is what ought to, or should be; there is what can or cannot be. So when confronted with the above selections, I always revert to my father, whose wisdom I learned to respect (as it should be in a family).

We Don't Need Lying Schools When We Have Video-Internet

Old country tune: Momma don't let your son grow up to be a cowboy; Change that to: Parents, donut pay tuition when the Internet will do nicely.

Reflections on the Situation of Ron Paul; Do We Dare Really...

Advice to self: Get out of the prediction punditry game; stop trying to understand human psychology; learn to forgive and not forget. Quit over-thinking the room.

Electioneering Continues to Spite!

Media whores keep on analyzing the screwy election process to death while ignoring the facts of life—our country is dissolving into a pile of feces because the masses have failed to pay attention and allowed this corporate agenda free rein.

Mega-Church Meets Dagger of Truth for ‘Purim’

Purim, a major Judaic celebration each year at this time was hailed big time by Pastor Lon Solomon of the massive Mclean Virginia Bible Church.

Christian – Zionist Right Explained: Money from Above; Votes from Below

The educational video “Roots of Christian Zionism” presented here, is illustrative of teaching by example. I wish fervently that this great education will go viral over the Internet.

Repugnican Americans Make Me Puke! Conserving What?

If America is an example of how “civilized people” select their leadership, I prefer pygmies, aboriginal blues and headhunters in the Amazon, who have been smart enough to avoid our modern two-party political system.

Truth Willing Out – The Slimy March of Zionism Well Told...

When idiot blowhard Newt Gingrich kissed up to AIPAC during one of those overly hyped television debates by proclaiming; ”Palestinians are a made-up people.”

Murray Rothbard, Much Needed Civilized Discourse

A brief memoir by Murray Rothbard found via archives at LewRockwell. com triggered so much deep thought and remembrance in me, I am forced to review it out of gratitude for the lessons.

The Confessions of an Anti-Semite

Take the bull by the horns, is an adage that advises how one should cope with difficult issues. Prolific author, Michael Collins Piper has challenged the greatest taboo in our times with the bold title of his latest book.

Climate Debate is Another Part of Pincers by Humanity Haters

I have been a named columnist here at VT almost a full year, and this is the first time I've entered the “global warming” fray.

Child Protection Services Deserve Millstone Dip in Sea (Mt.18.6; Mk. 9-42;...

All I did was have a video of Brian Gerrish speaking placed at the end of a recent, somewhat silly column and you alert readers filled the response section with eye-opening, important information.

Humanism Defeats God; We All Lose, And For What?

Karl Marx's socialist man is directly tied by him to the golem legend in the Cabbala, in which the rabbis, now secularized, create mankind de novo, as if from clay.

Abortion – Contraception as Political Issues is Slick Luciferian Move

You have to admire just how slick Old Lucifer really is when you watch the political circus we have today.

Media Whore Awards Show; The Nominees Are:

Here are my nominees for worst of the media whores—those who spew raw propaganda with enthusiasm and a straight face.

The Golem, by Michael Collins Piper; Read Before Bombing

Piper is truly amazing. Those of us who know him and have worked with him know the secret of his insightful writings.

Why I Have Backed Ron Paul For More Than 20 Years

Even an Oxymoron can understand this video montage that carries Ron Paul's "Liberty" thread during the past two decades?

Laughing Example of Media Wallowing in Willful (Evil) Ignorance

Watch this video of the MSNBC election night “experts” for a solid example of controlled media evil at work.

GOP Audiences Display Stockholm Syndrome

In psychology, Stockholm Syndrome is an apparently paradoxical psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and have positive feelings towards their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them.