Murder and Torture, the Lasting Legacy of America


Bataan Death March, Gestapo, Russian Gulags, America Has Exceeded It All


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

So many Americans still think torture, murder, gang rape of children is “fair and balanced” as a way of, of what?  Waging war?  Afghanistan is a war?  Oh come now.  Its an occupation, no more.  

What America is doing, has been doing for a decade, is imprisoning Muslims, mostly, from around the world, on any pretense, and killing thousands of them.  We may never know but as many as 200,000 people may have been systematically murdered, not just raped or tortured, very little of which involved “waterboarding.”

The numbers are that high, not just Iraq and Afghanistan but even Gaddafi picked up his own political enemies, sold them to the US and we got rid of them.  The few survivors, very few, come forward with tales beyond anything we have proof of from World War 2. 

The problem is we have video of all of it and the “classified” stuff, not just the few pictures that hit the internet, is leaking out.  We have hours of gang rapes of children, of people being butchered like cattle.

Christian Zionism – A National Security Threat ?

We also have a political party, the GOP, that thinks this should remain national policy, we have a religion, Christian Evangelism and its offshoot, Christian Zionism, that think rape is a form of legitmate questioning, we have political and military leaders who continue to support these policies.

We also have, within our society, those who ordered these acts, those who provided legal cover, those who commanded the murder and rape squads and those who participated who are war criminals, people with ranks from President of the United States to Private First Class.

Don’t forget the US Supreme Court, 5 of their members chose to participate as well.

How many of our military are war criminals?  Over 2 million served, over 500,000 of them claim to be permanently psychologically damaged from taking part.  My hope is the number is a minority, the smaller the better.  These are our children.

I know a little about this.  As a combat Marine serving in Vietnam, I periodically shot at people, perhaps a bit more than that.  These were armed people.  I also searched hundreds of homes. 

I saw some among us choose to shoot at unarmed civilians.  I saw this once.  I saw one Marine lose his temper and scream at a civilian.  I quieted him down.

We were trained professionals and did the best we could.  To me, the rules were simple.  You treat people with dignity and respect.  Some didn’t follow that rule and in one case I saw a small unit singled out for attack because of abusive acts toward Vietnamese children, very minor by current standards.  Slapping, not gang rape.

I was the first to reach them. 

Vietnam is all about My Lai.  Whatever the rest of us were doing, over 2 million of us, one command in the Americal Division decided to murder hundreds of unarmed civilians, women and children.  When the order came out, I would have immediately shot the person making it.

I am not just saying this.  If ordered to commit a war crime, I long ago learned turning away isn’t enough.  You kill mad dogs, you don’t “report them” to “mama.”

How would the Marine Corps have responded?  Does it matter?  Are “orders” just “orders?” 

I know there are thousands of American kids out there now, who served with decency, showed kindness to everyone they could, shot who they had to, defended themselves and their buddies, but did it with honor.

Then again, we have hundreds, maybe thousands, we don’t know, who are responsible for kicking down doors and killing families, we have alot of that. This is a grey area a bit, fear and adrenalin.  Then we have the torturers and murderers, some in the service and thousands veterans working for contracting companies.

In Vietnam we captured prisoners.  We turned them over to the Vietnamese.  I expected they would be tortured and killed.  In one case, I knew we had a Chinese officer with valuable intelligence.  In another, it was an 80 year old man one of my associates had shot in the leg, he had run because he was scared and my friend shot him because he was a mindless buffoon.

Did someone have the common sense to let the old man go?  I remember when Ed, one of our other writers, and I loaded him onto my poncho and had him carried back.  I think about this every day.

Now this is all we do, fueled by the Islamophobia of maniacs like Allen West, the congressman from Florida that lives on fear mongering and insanity.  Lindsay Graham is another of this gang.  John McCain, not a favorite of mine, is not.

He grew up.

International Criminal Court – the Hague

There is a very real issue today.  We have an entire former administration that can’t travel anywhere but Israel and Saudi Arabia without fear of arrest. 

Indictments have been issued for top US government officials, former certainly.  Are our policies so changed that President Obama is innocent?  That has to be proven to me.

One of the funny things is the ICC (International Criminal Court) indictment of Gaddafi.  What he is accused of is done in Israel every day, in Afghanistan every minute. 

I am not a big fan of Gaddafi, I know too much about him, too many who suffered.  I am aware of his 40 year history.

Problem is, there is nobody in the United States in a position to point a finger at him.

The criminals?  Certainly the think tanks who supported the torture policies.  We could go further.  I would rather we opened up entirely and admitted tha the Global War on Terror was staged and orchestrated from day one, beginning with 9/11. 

I believe that was a war crime, certainly American and maybe involving some from Israel as well.  In fact, groups have prepared a list of 103 names of war criminals who they are ready to submit evidence against as complicit in 9/11.

Not one is a Muslim, Mr. West.

Everyone involved in handling the intelligence tied to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, no, not just Iraq, needs to be investigated.  Thousands are complicit in war crimes under the Geneva Convention.  These wars were and continue to be criminal acts.

Those who own and manage many of our military contracting firms are directly involved in war crimes.  The recent season of the TV show, Damages, covers one such issue in a ficitonal venue.  Everything seems to be “fictional” now.

In truth, most news Americans get has always been fictional, from the first report of 9/11 or earlier when the “election” of George W. Bush was announced.

The United Nations with a Full House

If there are international tribunals, governments of honor around the world, attorney’s who care, those who served who still have a conscience, then lists of those involved have to be made.

The guilty must be punished, the innocent expunged, the heroic rewarded.

I am very suspicious that we have punished many of the innocent, expunged the guilty and certainly rewarded war profiteers, war criminals and psychotics.

We continue to elect and reelect people who belong in prison or should have been executed years ago.

We have hundreds, thousands, we don’t know how many, officers, NCOs, enlisted, that are not fit to be among our honorable serving military, those who have murdered, tortured and raped innocent civilians.

The End of the Road

The proof is overwhelming, many of the names have been in print, the photos and videos that have been leaked to most are the sanitized ones, the real ones are barbaric. 

What kind of interrogation practice is dragging someone behind a vehicle until their body comes apart? 

This is a practice far more common that ‘waterboarding’ and everyone at every level of command, president down, authorized it and knew about it.

Even when it began coming out, millions of Americans continued to support these criminal practices which they said were consistent with their Christian beliefs.  We have the polls.  Torture and “Evangelical Christianity” go hand in hand.

We have to begin.

Every person “missing” has to be accounted for.  When were they taken, where did they go, where are they now.  If they are alive, their testimony must be taken.  If they cannot be found, we can assume they were murdered at one of our “rendition centers” around the world, their bodies disposed of.

We have to recognize everyone involved in this process, not just the Americans, the thousands of Pakistanis, Egyptians, Libyans, people from so many countries that sold their neighbors for a few pieces of silver. 

Missing Man Formation

Aafia Siddiqui was one of those, a victim sold by a Pakistani gang to a group of American torturers and rapists.  To cover the crime, an American court has jailed her for 87 years. 

That process, everyone involved, judges and prosecutors too, should face an international trubunal.

Tribunals must enter every nation, investigate every crime, even if the cost is billions and we fill prisons around the world.

Failing to do this, none of us will ever be safe, not being ruled by war criminals, not having our military commanded by psychotics, our intelligence services run by the delusional, the fabricators and fictionalizers.

If we are going to win the war on terror, we have to recognize the real enemy first and learn to fight without mercy.

We have been looking in the wrong places.


  1. You may also want to study:
    3-Quinuclidinyl Benzilate Poisoning
    or watch the movie… ” Jacobs Ladder ”
    You can learn a great deal about people by getting to know them.. but never use them like lab rats for your own sick and perverted pleasure.

  2. Lars;
    For a really clear take on the psycho underground of our military… check out my buddy ( and yours I’m sure ) Colonel ( Dr.) James Ketchum. These demons are allowed to breed and spread their sickness…..with help from you and me taxpayers! F.T.A. !!!

  3. From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli,
    We will kill and maim civilians in the air on land or sea.
    We will dictate terms of surrender and your foreign policy,
    That is why we’ve gained the title of United States marines.

  4. I suppose. If you think that the Christers are right. But why should they be? There are thousands and thousands of ancient books and religions. Why should THAT one be right and all the others wrong? Makes no sense. It was the accident of a Roman emperor picking Xianism that caused it. There were over forty known middle eastern religions that had a god-man who was born of a virgin, died on a cross (or similar thing, a tree even), and was reborn. As a matter of fact it’s all an ancient metaphor for astronomical observations connected with agriculture.

    Damn druids sold us out when the Christers threatened them with hideous tortures. How does all that sadism and slaughter relate to their god-man, their “Good Shepard”. What’s good about a bunch of rapists, torturers and butchers? Not a damn thing.

  5. When the Roman empire fell it was due to a destroyed infrastructure.. bad water.. disease. More than half the population of the Italian “boot” disappeared in a short timeframe. Vast parts of it became barren diseased wastelands. It wasn’t the “barbarians” that destroyed Rome. It was Roman corruption and insanity: sadism. Naked greed. Who the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. Who can say that madness, insanity, has not taken over this empire? Who can say that the infrastructure is not crumbling as the .01% build their billion-dollar bunkers and hideouts?

    In medieval days the aristocrats hide out in walled compounds–ie castles. The mercs loaded dead bodies of disease victims on catapults and hurled them over the walls.

  6. You Nazis … we’ve got your names. Judgment day for you, soon. Trash the fighting American soldier, how dare you. To even compare the USA to the murderous Serbs or sadistic Russians or the Islamists in Sudan, unreal. And if it couldn’t get any more dishonorable, the military has a satanist baphomet as a Medal of Honor. Let’s get this FEMA machine rolling. Treason has a penalty. Israel is an ally of the US, and Hamas is an enemy of the USA, per our State Dept. So you are giving aid and comfort to the enemy. That by definition is TREASON!

  7. I take my hat off to you yet again, Gordon, for saying what I have been agonizing about for 30 years now, ever since Reagan unleashed the death squads in Central America. I could write volumes about this one subject, and will if I don’t get hauled away first myself. Twenty years ago, when I was working with Lt. Col. Bo Gritz helping him write his two autobiographies and producing two documentaries about his discoveries of high-level USG drug- and gun-running operations, I was stunned when he personally confirmed his own knowledge of the actual murder of 913 U.S. citizens in Jonestown by U.S. Special Forces from Panama ordered to “clean up the mess in Guyana.” The Kool-Aid story, like so many others, was all bullshit. He described one incident in Vietnam where he was ordered to investigate reports of torture by an over-zealous US Army captain of some Vietnamese civilians, and dressing down a young Sgt. he encountered for wearing Nazi regalia on his uniform. The Sgt.’s reply to him says it all — “We act like Nazis over here, so why the hell shouldn’t we dress like them, sir?”

    I have been sick to my core for too many years to count now over the barbaric, murderous depredations of these madmen in uniform under corporate orders, and what is almost worse, how so many millions of otherwise decent people who call themselves Americans can either look the other way the entire time, or actually attempt to justify it as “they would do worse to us…” I shudder to think of the retribution that awaits all of us in the afterlife for what we have permitted to continue in America’s name…

  8. Hey Gordon: Just read on Drudge that they are planning a massive terrorist operation mock-up in Denver tomorrow, 9/23/11. Will this result in another attack of some sort using this mock as a cover. Maybe, another false flag. Have you heard any rumors about this one? George

  9. So what you are expecting is the whimpy psychopathic Obama to take out these psychopaths that have been running things during the Bush years? The only way to stop psychopaths is with public knowledge and grand juries everywhere indicting left and right or for a BIGGER TOUGHER PSYCHOPATH to take over. Like Genghis Kahn. Who NEEDS THAT? I don’t rent the Patriot. I bought a copy.

  10. And how exactly are we going to do this? It’s one big shit pile from what I can tell. And for us to try to dig out from underneath is as close to impossible as it was for the average person in Nazi Germany to take back there country. Or the USSR, or Cambodia. For that matter, anywhere that the psychopaths have taken total control. Tell me where to start! It would be like swatting flies. The faster you kill them the quicker some more come to take their place.

  11. I watched some of it go on.
    We didn’t use enough “cut outs” however.
    We didn’t bother, not with Gonzales and Ashcroft.

  12. I hadn’t noticed it until you pointed it out. And then there’s the 13 stars in the center part of the sash.

    Symbols are more powerful than words and I have to wonder about this subtle use of symbolism in the design of the Medal of Honor. After all, war is a racket and is considered a ritual blood sacrifice by the Satanic elite, who, along with their families, somehow escape such deadly rituals. The ranks of the “old money” elite are composed of robber-barons and third-party weapons manufacturers who both finance and reap the benefits of war.

    “A reversed pentagram, with two points projecting upwards, is a symbol of evil and attracts sinister forces because it overturns the proper order of things and demonstrates the triumph of matter over spirit. It is the goat of lust attacking the heavens with its horns, a sign execrated by initiates.”

    “The flaming star, which, when turned upside down, is the hieroglyphic sign of the goat of Black Magic, whose head may be drawn in the star, the two horns at the top, the ears to the right and left, the beard at the bottom. It is the sign of antagonism and fatality. It is the goat of lust attacking the heavens with its horns.”

    “Let us keep the figure of the Five-pointed Star always upright, with the topmost triangle pointing to heaven, for it is the seat of wisdom, and if the figure is reversed, perversion and evil will be the result.”

    –Eliphas Lévi, (born Alphonse Louis Constant), (February 8, 1810 – May 31, 1875) French occult author and purported magician.

  13. I know it’s (somewhat) off topic, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why our nation’s most prestigious (and often post-humosly awarded) honor is an inverse pentagram. Of course, I speak of the congressional medal of honor. Why not an american flag, or an eagle (with one head mind you), or anything besides something symbolizing the baphomet. Also the sash looks conspicuously freemasonic in both color and angle.

  14. Interesting point. I have noticed that when ever I am lost and stop by a gas station to ask directions, if the owner seems a first or second generation immigrant often do not know the street even when I found later it was within a mile from that store. I have encountered similar situations in other countries too. I always assumed that it is the ‘sense of ownership’ of this country that has not settled in yet that causes the flippant indifference, rather than the origins of the immigrants.

  15. Since I have been out of the USA more than I’ve been in it, and believe me, I know a little bit about my backyard. I have a thought I would like to share. But first, this quip. When I returned from my door gunner tour in 1971 it became my quest to hitch hike, walk, and discover America for approx 3.5 years. In that period I venture into Central America, South America, Canada, took a break in Holland, and beat feet quick out of Budapest.

    What I saw then, and what I see now remains oddly the same regarding the new arrivals into America. Most of them left oppressed, murderess countries. They now almost equal the number of born in America folks from my time period which began in 1951, in New Jersey.

    Seems this new arrival growp, who come from all places on this earth have an acceptance in their minds that what we see an atrocities, they simply don’t. This is why their parents got them out of their original homes. They don’t see what has been written as many post WWi and post WWII natural born American might see it. What we call a loss of freedoms is to them a gain in freedoms.

    Thoswe mentioned above now this to be true thus they have killed at will knowing they will get away with it; being viewed through the eyes of the new arrivals. They even have made sure that libraries have been altered to show new historic content. Our true enemies have become our rulers. During the last ten years these new Americans, as part of their new re-education via the internet and cable news have been introduced to the thinking of the NWO mindset. They will not challenge it.

    Just look at what is being (let out) said in the Building on the East River in NYC, the Uniuted Nations this week. This is a perfect example of how a few, using cash and threat incentives are preventing a reasonable vote long over do. We are witnessing the puppets and the puppet master first hand, and for all the wheeling, dealing, and stealing, a country only on the geographical map since 1948 is controlling the votes of country’s established much longer than they are. And why is this? Well it all comes down to money or some type of consideration be it more war type tools. The deaths will continue, the few will rule the many, and as I saw in Vietnam, and during my obsevation travels after Vietnam, none really gives a damn.

    It’s Hi, get high, and goodbye, and oh yes, listen to everyone cry. We have outlived reasonable times. We experienced senselessness in Vietnam, Pychic numbing took hold, and in this new age of digital in your house mind control, well Americans (most) don’t even know what’s going on outside their door; if they still have one.

    Just the way I see it. As long as the US governemtn continues to hand over Billions of dollars to Netanyahu, who has his people runit through their created penny stocks to triple that amount, and kicksback a billion as the individuals they are now legally called, The few will do as they please.

  16. Bullying in school is bad. Bullying by the US is good. Killing one or two people is bad. Killing thousands by the US is good. I want to go back to the world.

  17. Ah, yes, the burgeoning “Prosecute the 103 Movement.”

    Do Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al. own the banks, the arms manufacturers and the media? Given that they are big wheels, they are still merely cogs in the war machine.

    Like any other replaceable parts, they can be easily replaced. Other psychopaths, afflicted with hubris, greed and ambition, lacking a conscience and unable to feel guilt or remorse for the carnage that they would be called upon to perpetrate, are eager and all “geared up” to take their places.

    Any student of psychology will tell you that the primary purpose of punishment is to make the punisher feel good, righteous, sated with revenge. Who wouldn’t love to see the 103, swinging from a rope, from a mass public gallows?

    At the same time, I look at what happened to Lindy England and ten others, who were convicted by courts-martial for committing torture and prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib. Although the chain of command that authorized the abominations reached all the way up to the White House, no one above the rank of Staff Sergeant was prosecuted.

    People at the top have no qualms about sacrificing their underlings to protect themselves. Although one might find it difficult to accept, prosecuting the 103 would amount to just a changing of the guard. They would be mere scapegoats, like Lindy England and her cohorts.

    We’d still have the war machine, except with new potential sacrificial scapegoats.

  18. Gordon,
    The US military in Iraq can claim that all these abductions, tortures and murders were conducted by the Iraqis themselves, i.e. military, police, ‘intelligence agencies’. These are the cut-outs they used to wage their death squad war against the Sunni, non- ‘al-Qaida’ resistance. How do you point the finger at American military/OGA involvement then? Same goes for Afghanistan, they were ‘turned over to Afghan commenders and/or Pakistani forces’ etc.

    Expose the documents linking the American occupation to the brutal Shia-Sunni civil war that produced all those hundreds of thousands of IDPs and refugees.

  19. We all seem to be agreement for a change. Justice is a concept that often involves the old “whose ox is being gored” adage. In this case the ox belongs to us all. The murder of one innocent, when proved, is enough to hang a mass murderer. Arrest and prosecution of just one of our homegrown demons is needed as a start. Just one, and Rumsfeld fits that bill nicely. Who will get this ball rolling?

  20. All the criminals you mention must be brought to justice by us. We must not relinquish that right to an international body. International bodies are created and managed in a manner that only serve as protection for the whole sale criminals in the service of the globalist mafias. Libya was destroyed by globalists under a “fictional” and fictitious banner issued by an international body.

  21. If Cheney & Rumsfeld had actually served, they would have done so as officers … and probably fragged soon after taking charge of a group of real soldiers.

  22. While the Shrub, his Beria and Beria’s lapdogs were in office, I found terrible photos of women being raped by soldiers on a CUBAN website. The men doing the raping were wearing American uniforms and looked American. The text said that these photos came from Iraq. I was so sickened. I sent the link to those photos all over demanding that somebody do something. I never heard from anybody, but the IRS did try to impound my bank accounts. (Don’t worry, I got the money back because it was illegal)

    The point is that UNLESS we the citizens push for a complete cleanup, this country has no hope of putting this behind us. I don’t know that the Truth and Reconciliation committees in South Africa were a 100 percent accurate, but they made an attempt to go after those who abused their authority there. Americans have to insist on the same things. We also have to clean up military law so that it returns to something a lot closer to Prussian military regulations/previous American military law that OBLIGED all members of the military to walk away from illegal orders like rape and torture.

    The fact is that had idiots like Cheney and Rumfilled actually been forced to serve, they would not have seen war as a great way to build an empire. The same is true of the rest of their troop of pinheaded friends at PNAC.


  23. Frankly, there is no hope of having anybody in the current government do this. My suggestion is that we sponsor random drawings from all the countries of the world who have been affected, but the Muslim countries in particular. The affected countries would also appoint scholars and lawyers from their countries to serve on these panels.

    There are plenty of people ALL OVER THE WORLD who have suffered from the economic and military tyranny of the USA. The only country that could not participate in this process would be the very country that has fostered many of the policies that drove this horror.


  24. The picture of the guy being dragged by a US Army piece of equipment is really disgusting. What’s even more disgusting is the fact that their are veterans and government employees out there that who were witness to this crap and never blew the whistle. Obviously, some of them did blow the whistle but none of the higher ups. We’re being run by a bunch of goons.

    Doesn’t anyone have pride in America anymore? How pathetic we are.


  25. Couldn’t a president — like Obama — covertly put together a White Hat team of CIA, FBI & Special Forces to take out the corrupt elements? And I mean “take out” in Dirty Harry terms. This would have to be run like a joint sting operation, and except for the Black Hat leaders, those immediately below — who generally control the enforcers — would be taken out permanently. The Black Hat leaders would be saved for public trial and execution. As this site has led me to believe, there appear to be too many people involved to just make thousands of arrests and expect to incarcerate them all prior to trial. It would be done under presidential order as a counter-coup with every death ordered by an on-the-spot tribunal and approved by the presidential order. I know it sounds like a fiction plot, but doing otherwise will scare off too many potential whistle-blowers who are afraid to come forward because they know their lives and the lives of their families are in danger. How would history regard such presidential actions? It’s time to once again rent Mel Gibson’s movie The Patriot for inspiration!

  26. Nobody seems to be looking at the big picture here. Yes, “America” is on a murderous global rampage, yes our Presidents (and much of their staff) are mass-murdering war criminals. Yes they have tortured and murdered over a million people, and brutally oppressed millions more over the last 10 years. But WHY?

    It’s self-evident that Obama is a puppet, and that Bush was a puppet too. But WHO is in control? And WHAT is their ultimate goal?

    Luckily, the answers are within reach for anyone inclined to find out. All you need are some generally accepted facts (that happen to be readily available in the public domain), an open mind, and a modicum of critical thinking skills – i.e., an ability to do some basic reasoning.

    Put simply, what we see happening right now are the fruits of what is perhaps a 100 year long systematic effort, by “organized Jewish supremacism”, to subvert our political process and take control of our government.

    And it looks like they’ve done it. They’ve succeeded. 9/11 was their big enabling act, whereupon they’ve removed the last vestiges of checks and balances on the use of state power. (Why take over the most powerful country in the world if you can’t use the power?) Now, the sky’s the limit. They’re free and clear to do what they want. If they got away with 9/11, they can get away with anything. And as a result, nobody anywhere is safe. All of our institutions have been trashed; international law has been trashed, our economy has been trashed, etc.

    What I want to know is, how do we stop them from provoking a nuclear WW3 (which is obviously where they’re headed), let alone serve up any kind of “justice”?

  27. Thanks Gordon. The perpetrators of these acts must be held accountable. Particularly the so called ‘leaders’ whom led us into these ‘Wars’ based on lies. Soldiers are trained to kill. Once the ‘Pandora’s Box’ of War is opened, then the rules, as we know, are thrown out. Young soldiers are easily manipulated. The weapons we possess and are beyond the imagination of most and the concept of ‘Perpetual War’ has been unleashed yet few question our government and the military. We know, somehow, this has to be brought under control. We are talking about ‘War Crimes’ comparable to Hitler and the Hague, maybe, where we will hold the next trials for these ‘traitors’. Thanks to Veterans Today for confronting this machine. War Veterans, such as yourself, bring home the real meaning of War.
    The ‘spineless criminal leaders’ who start these conflicts must be exposed. Best, Doug

  28. Good article and thanks.
    I was fortunate as the soldiers and Marines I have seen were inherently decent and leaders would not tolerate bad stuff but I know that there are sociopaths and others all over in uniforms. Fortunately, big majority are not. I think some cases of PTSD are caused by those who direct troops into stupid situations and then when troops are taking means of avoiding death (returning fire, etc) they may become real PTSD victims when the smoke clears and they see that innocents were in the fields of fire. The result is the world of bad dreams. It is bad enough to see carnage especially when it seems unnecessary. It is bad to be put in these situations (as your article makes clear).

  29. Thank you tet again Gordon you always it the mark ..

    This time i am going to hit the mark by saying something a good person should not its time Americans
    dusted down their personal weapons and take charge of their own country and that first shot must be at
    that man Obama then all the rest just like the slaughter in Norway perhapes you will not publish this but i am saying it any way ..America has been used for to long now its time to really take charge..this is totally Satanic as the Talmud of which this disgusting blight on humanity “Jews ” who run almost the whole god damed earth yes i am so angry that we are to be forced to swallow this state of affairs ..NO GIVE ARMS TO PALESTINE so the fight is fair and just .

  30. This sickens me. Shame and dishonor on America. Hanging is way too good an ending for Rumsfeld and the rest of these sick MF’rs.

  31. From the article: I would rather we opened up entirely and admitted tha the Global War on Terror was staged and orchestrated from day one, beginning with 9/11.

    I believe that was a war crime, certainly American and maybe involving some from Israel as well. In fact, groups have prepared a list of 103 names of war criminals who they are ready to submit evidence against as complicit in 9/11.

    Again,from the article: maybe involving some from Israel as well

    In the old days I would have plenty to say about that comment. I’ve decided to fade away from the 911 truth movement. I’ve been at it since 2002 performing extensive research, sending email, posting comments and links at applicable websites, agreeing to let website owners publish my 911 text, informing very notable people about the Israel 911 connection etc.

    We recently had the 10th year anniversary of 911 and still Israel is regarded as our special friend. Even if the Mossad did get busted for the 911 attack they would blame it on some rogue Mossad members. Video of tears running down the faces of Knesset members, Netanyahu, Jewish Israelis in their homes and restaurants and standing outside of synagogues would fill the television screens across the United States for days. “America we feel your pain”, “We will do far worse to these rogue, evil agents than we do to rock throwing Palestinians.” “For revenge and justice we will gladly incinerate them in a burning building.” “Finally, please send us more money and weapons.”

    Oh well.

  32. Jim wrote: One of my major concerns about our close ‘ally’ in the Mideast is their blackmailing ability of major U.S. figures, and the threat to our own security that becomes internally for the rest of us.

    Yes, indeed Jim.

    AIPAC typically supports politicians and others very vulnerable to blackmail, Obama and Hillary Clinton are not exceptions.

  33. //Tribunals must enter every nation, investigate every crime ..//

    No international body must be authorized to interfere in the internal affairs of nations without clear consent of the government of that country. The citizens of nations are ultimately responsible for taking care of their criminals. If Americans fail to take care of their own criminals, they will suffer rebuilding a worthy reputation in the eyes of the world for decades if not centuries. Jews are despised indiscriminately because of lack of a historical, legal, moral, or traditional vehicle in their community to bring justice to their criminals when the crimes are committed against non-Jews. Our problems today is not corrupt governments violating the rights of their citizens, but nations and private empires who violate the rights of other nations under the names of organizations that have inappropriately acquired the “international” or “world” tags on them but serve special interests asymmetrically. The biggest problem with the UN operational charter today is that the member nations do no have equal rights in it. We have seen so far that most if not all of the universal concepts (like Human Rights, Global Warming, War on Drugs, Justice Court, Criminal Court, Women Rights, ..) we have invented have been pervertedly abused in one direction only: unlearning and denying national sovereignties.
    The successful international organizations are those who purely operate on a voluntary basis with no particular privileges for members or users. Take IUPAC, International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry, or ISO, International Organization for Standardizations. You can use chemical compounds’ names that IUPAC suggest in your communications or adopt operational standards that ISO suggests or not without any impacts. But if you are not a member of the UN as a country, you are not a country even if you have lived on your land for thousands of years. And if a few powerful members of UN bring you in, you are a country even if you have stolen the land you live on.

  34. Thanks Gordon for writing the unspeakable….

    It needs to be said. Unfortunately, it does take a toll on many vets psychologically. I have seen it first hand.
    Everyone suffers from the ‘murder’ and ‘torture.’ So sad.

  35. Oh well, We are going to need a new branch of government to do this…one that does nothing but investigate the government and of course will have to be independent of those branches in the political stucture. So it’s constitutional amendment time..which is a good way to permanently keep an issue in the public view.

    I suspect the US so adamant about the Palestinian vote, and trying now to table a vote entirely, is because they don’t want the Pals to have access to the ICC. Not only will this be bad for the Israeli war criminals who would not be able to travel around like they do, but they could but the screws on their companions back here at home with the ‘Hey, they did it with us’ defense.

    In any kind of a peace settlement, it would encompass full immunity for all. I am sure we have people who know the Israelis have documents they could release if they find themselves in an uncomfortable position.

    One of my major concerns about our close ‘ally’ in the Mideast is their blackmailing ability of major U.S. figures, and the threat to our own security that becomes internally for the rest of us. The rats will do anything to save themselves…and I mean anything.

    And with the huge resources at their disposal, private intel services, even private military they can be a bigger threat in many ways that the publicized threats. This is widely known in the Intel community but has become a major concern now as some of these ‘groups’ command offensive resources beyond the reach of many countries.

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