Alabama Gets Played by Global Predators Blames Juan the Janitor


The Road To Ruin Continues It’s March Through Main Street


by Johnny Punish


Today, Alabama enacted the most stringent draconian immigration law in the country with a Federal Judge standing right behind them in goosestep.  Police in Alabama are getting ready to enforce what is considered by many as the toughest immigration law in the United States.

Beginning Thursday, authorities can question people suspected of being in the country illegally and hold them without bond, and officials can check the immigration status of students in public schools, Gov. Robert Bentley said.

Scanning the comments from average Americans online who post on main stream media sources, it appears that overwhelmingly Joe Blow American loves this.  Literally, I am thinking it’s a 90% approval rate based on what I’ve read and seen.  The cheers are amazing!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for enforcement of law and yes, the USA has for decades looked the other way when it’s come to enforcing it’s immigration law.  And that’s wrong on many levels.   But, we the people knew that….we looked the other way!  Yes, you!  I am talking to you!  Do you hear me?  Don’t act like you didn’t know.  You were all for it when you were raking in the bucks and your meal was served by a brown guy in Tecate T-shirt.  So don’t act like you are shocked by all of this.  That’s BS and you know it!

Having outed your hypocritical arce we can now talk and have a meaningful fair and balanced honest discussion. 

Okay, so wouldn’t it be a perfect place if the USA enforced its law and had a respectful decent legal foreign worker program that brings the whole thing above the black market.  That would be outstanding.  That would bring everyone out of the dark and into the light and that would be great for the USA.

But sadly that’s not what I am reading from the hang’em high American public.

What I am reading when I take the online pulse of the public is that it collectively wants to enforce its laws, deport millions of people and hang those dirty “illegal” people;  NO talk of any decent legal program to allow work permits to fill the jobs that Americans really don’t want to do or any reasonable decent and humane solution on what to do with the millions of people affected by our public greedy gorge at the trough of convenience. No, in short, screw responsibility let’s just get rid of the brown dirty people and life will be perfect in our tea partier idealistic fantasy world.

Worse, what really strikes me is the vitriolic tone of so many Americans when it comes to our neighbors to the south.  That’s unbecoming of a successful society and speaks poorly for our future success.  It’s ugly and it hurts!  It’s one step away from Nazi Germany’s attitude in scapegoating members of its population during the 1930s and that’s wrong!

Even more worse is that the USA has been high-jacked and robbed blind by the global elite and the collective populace seems not to have a clue as to why they USA is upside down.  My guess is that we’re so collectively helpless and blinded that we choose to blame the janitor who sweeps the bathrooms at our stores and schools as if he is the thief in the room.  Wow!  This is truly amazing and truly pathetic!

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In my view, this is a real case where the majority is so amped up we can’t see the forest from the trees and thus, it further knocks down the prospects for a hopeful decade to come for the USA. 

I actually don’t hold the American public at fault.  The news and information we receive from our mainstream masters is a proven tool for the Oceans Eleven crew who’s robbing us.  So really, what are we to expect? 

And that’s the real danger here.  Xenophobia married with force fed misinformation puts blinders on our eyes making the USA a prime target for continued failure.   I am very concerned.

Clearly we would NOT be in any economic mess and stoopidly blaming the poor undocumented workers for our ills if not for the wholesale robbery that has bankrupted the USA.  These global banksters posing as Americans have stolen our future and not one law in Alabama has been passed to arrest these psychotic predators.  No!  Instead, let’s go after Juan the Dishwasher.  Wow! 

My guess is that it’s just too hard to figure out who robbed our collective wallets when they wear invisible ski masks and dress up in fancy suits.  So maybe it’s just easier to blame the lowest man on the line and scapegoat his weak and desperate ass.  That target we can hit right ya’ll?

And so it goes.  We continue on the road to ruin blaming the wrong people for our failures and failing to arrest the traitors who live in our foreclosed houses!  

Like Forest Gump said….”stoopid is as stoopid does!”  Bring on the Comments!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Johnny Punish is a musician, artist, entertainer, businessman, investor, life coach, and syndicated columnist. Educated at University of Nevada Las Vegas, his articles appear in Veterans Today and his Johnny Punish Blog. His art music is promoted by Peapolz Media Records and played on net radio at and more.

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  1. One must look at the larger picture. Americans weren’t having enough kids to support the Keynesian mandate for ever-increasing credit growth. Americans were not having enough kids to bring some kind of balance to producers vs retirees. U.S. wanted to avoid the demographic crash that now affects Japan.
    Mexico needed to have a pressure-release for their high population growth. A marriage made in heaven.
    I spent 10 years driving around Mexico.

  2. Vox, the way I see it, you duck personal responsibilty and play the blame game! I don’t think deflecting responsiblity helps the case for the USA. Accepting it, resolviing it, and moving on to an enforceable immigration law is the way to go. Please continue on with your deportation rant while your fellow Americans OCCUPY WALL STREET this week and start the real process of arresting the real criminals. Later you can join us…..we still have room at the justice table for a VOX COME LATELY! !

  3. Discussing Mexico Immigration law and policy on it’s southern borders is a totally different subject matter. And you’re correct, they are very tough and many times cruel on the Central Americans. Maybe we can engage in this subject matter on some article article.

    Your “FACT IS JUAN BROKE THE LAW” is literally correct. I applaud you for observation. However, it does NOTHING to negate the reality on the ground that GLOBAL PROFITEERS exploited the cheap labor for decades while you mr. dirt benefited from it, knowingly, and looked the other way. So get off the BS dirt. The peoples of the US are complicit in the crime against the weak, poor, and desperate. In short, your an exploiter and now we’re done raping right? Throw the pieces of shit away right?

    Decades later, we have a situation that WE caused with over 10 million peoples entrenched in the USA with jobs, family ties, and in many cases, lost ties to Mexico in that they have assimilated deeply into the USA. And now you want to deport them all because you’re an angry misthantropic white guy who thinks JUAN robbed him. I am throwing the NFL red flag and demanding a booth review. Wait, what’s that? The global banksters had both hands in your pockets with a blindfold around your head?

    Holy cow man! They shipped your job overseas, took your house, and sent you the bill for the rape! Wow!

    And what was Juan’s crime again? Oh, he just went to a place that offered him $ 5 an hour instead of $ 1 to feed his family! You call being desperate a crime? Shame on you! Get some levity brother and know who robbed who! You’re starting to sound like an angry racist. Go arrest a real criminal, get justice and stop the exploitation of the working class peoples.

  4. Blame the american people for the war on drugs, pppppppft. “OUR” addiction? Gimme a break. The whole world is addicted, yet they don’t have the fractional reserve lending practices we do to so afford it. My next door neighbor is Colombian and had to leave his country at 15yrs old over all this. Tell Bush, and the CIA “Cocaine importation association” to cool it before you start blanketing us for your poor points. Check out Portugal, they made drugs legal, yeah it works.

    Here’s how it works right here. 5 Cartels run the trade into america on our border. We (government)like the one on the Sinaloan side (gulf side). We pay our team (sinoloan) to take the war against the 4 others, the Bush family wants full control on the border. We give them intel, aircraft, and especially small arms. Reason? We get a massacre down there so bad, so wide, it creates a 2-10 mile buffer zone on the line between the countries. That’s good, real good for the Bush family, now they get to blame guns on the US, they get to take our guns, and at the same time they get to control what happens down there through legislation. Wonder why Perry is such a media darling? Anyways, once they get the buffer, which they almost have, the military steps in. Now, just like the airstrips at twenty nine palms, etc, you have full control militarily of the water ways and the highway system on the gulf side (sinoloan). Can’t pull over US navy vessels on the gulf side can you? Coast guard would never even think about it would they? Just like C5 Galaxies. You get the guns (2nd amendment) you get the water, you get the transport with truckers, who just don’t need to show papers anymore given current legislation. I’m sure they’ll make it so those trucks just scream through the borders w/o oversight. Because, if you do try to stop them, your a racist and have something against JUAN because he’s “BROWN” and hard working, and all he gets is grief from us WHITE assholes. Meanwhile, 30,000 more people are getting ventilated all over the other areas because we just can’t stop the other cartels for some reason (war on drugs) from getting guns from the USA and no true border policy. But now, the drugs are getting all the way to Canada without one peep inside the US, Canadians love Coke, they’re ripe. Now, you sew it all up in plane sight with two US generals who write a review on what shoud be done about the “DRUG PROBLEM” on our border. Gen. Mcaffrey just sent his in, you can read it, look it up. It’s alllllllllllll about boots on the ground in the Sinoloan area. Well shit, why that area, and not the other thousand miles? Fpppt, who cares, we have former joint chiefs recomending the military procedure and that gets all the traction needed. Why? Because, if you know any god damn thing, our country (wall street) is completely propped up on drug money, because we don’t make anything. All the other BROWN people make things and we’re all just a bunch of racist WHITE assholes? RIGHT MR. PUNISH? The Bush owned oil platforms got found out when it came to underwater coke delivery, gotta do something new don’t they?. Like Gordon says, “the Taliban has aircraft?” SCREW JUAN with all due respect, and screw you and your myopia.

  5. Respectfully, I find Juans plight ridiculous. I’ve met Juan 2000 times, and your “opinion” of “Juan” isn’t intelligent. Fact is, we shouldn’t have Juan on the agenda at all. Juan shouldn’t be here. Whole fargin article is a misnomer.

  6. Nice, nice…. my landline phone is tapped, can use all I can after Torr got corrupted and broken. The naked IP stuff is crumbling now as well. I don’t even bother trying for a dynamic IP anymore. Let em read, fascists. is a joke now too.

  7. Bingo, wonder what Mr. Punish has to say about the 10 year sentences the guatemalens recieve for walking over an invisible line in Xuhaxa, or the Nicaraguans? They extort their families for ten years for nothing. Yes, they die in prison, horribly. Johnny, just try and enter another country other than the US illegally and fill me in on your experience. I respect your opinion Mr. Punish, but my extensive experience with Mexicans inside and outside of the US is decades long and you would have faired better if you had considered several more facts before you sent the final draft to Gordon. We’ve lost perhaps a trillion dollars for being nice guys about all this, or white guilt, choose for yourself. Fact is, ‘Juan’, whether you want to admit it, BROKE THE LAW. I have a profound respect for mexican workers by the way, their love of family, work ethic, etc, but that’s not the issue. Here’s what doesn’t get traction Johnny, under Eisenhauer, operation wetback was instituted. With only 99 agents they deported 1.1 million illegals in I believe 11 months. Now go back and remember all the politicians and what they’ve said about the cost of doing so now. Now that should have been the article you wrote about. You would have have all of us, and yourself clapping at the end. But, we live in La La land now where we just can’t possess common sense. But, I’m sure just the title “wetback” would have scared you off.

  8. And you would be impossibly wrong. My intention was to start a business. The federales kill people that build successfull businesses, after they build a home of course- then they move into your house. No one says a word. Nice place to surf though, the mexican pipeline that is, NO AMERICANS there. Wonder why? They killed a German family down there after they built a real nice house in the jungle. Assumptions Crimson, assumptions…….ignorant untraveled twinky you are. If I say it’s not safe to surf this beach, it’s not safe to surf this beach, young captain!

  9. And BTW

    Switching topics is a total liberal tactic. I see through it every time. The Wall Street Crap is a completely different issue and has nothing to do with the MASSIVE Illegal Invasion from Mexico. If this were happening anywhere else in the world it would be dealt with using the Military and be treated as it is AN ACT OF WAR!

  10. If Juan is as noble as you claim then why isn’t he defending his rights in Mexico rather than come to America and claim he has them here?

    You’re the Globalist here! You’re trying to push off this crap “America/Mexico, what’s difference? Borders are artificial. Juan is a Global citizen and can come and go as he pleases. He can stay under the radar so if he commits a crime, well it’s nobody’s business but his. If he brings in communicable diseases and spreads them amongst Americans well that’s just because he has it so rough back in Mexico. He’s got a right to healthcare and Americans have an obligation to provide it to him and his family. After all he’s a minority and it’s the right thing to do! If he wants education, it’s not fair to ask him to pay in to the system. He’s got a human right to it. And BTW Whites are racists and need to pay for it all. Whites have got Original Sin of White guilt on them for slavery and the Holyhoax!”

    Well you what I say?


  11. Still blaming Juan for stealing your “social services”. Did you know that many Mexicans use social security numbers of real people and pay the tax for the benefit that they NEVER RECEIVE. I call that STEALING! So let’s get off the BS man…..

    Admit it, you knew Juan was undocumented when he washed your dishes. And it was you who benefited. So get off it.

    Now, get on with digging deeper and look at the replay video. You’ll see Wall Streeters and Global Politicians posing as Americans picking your pocket. Juan was just the working guy in the room sweeping the floor and you mistook him for the thief. Come on man……TRILLIONS WERE STOLEN from America and Juan had nothing to do it with. Stick up for us man….working peoples got screwed. All of us…..

  12. Hey Johnny how’s this?


    Johnny is right. You don’t have to take any shit off us. So go HOME where you are amongst your own people and then fight injustice in YOUR own country! Then you don’t have to take any shit off of us for you wanting social services that you’re not entitled to!

  13. Ron, I think you’re on base here.
    We’re all frustrated by the lack of enforcement of federal immigration law.
    The only difference is that some of us think it’s the Mexicans who are to blame and some of us think it’s us who screwed up.

    I am definitely on the side of taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY .
    I am definitely NOT on the side of the blaming working class peoples who see they can go from $ 1 per hour to $ 7 per hour and better feed their family.
    That’s un-Christian and un-American.

    Nope, for me, I know who robbed us and it’s not the dishwasher or housekeeper. Hint! They wear $ 3000 bankster suits!
    Thus, I encourage you to dig real deep to figure out who really stole our jobs and who sent us on the road to ruin.

    As for law, we all enjoyed the fruits of cheap undocumented low wage workers for decades.
    Now that our economy tanked, we go after them as if we did NOT know they were washing our dishes!
    Come on man….you know that is total B.S.
    Let’s get that on record so we can really have an intelligent honest discussion.

    What we should be doing is demanding our government enforce our immigration laws.
    We should give those who fell through our cracks that we opened a chance to resolve their legal status and get above board

    Start with every shithead on Wall Street who wears a suit and just bought a brand new BMW on the backs of our peoples!
    And then march over to the nations capitol and arrest every single congressman who voted to send our jobs overseas and deregulated our financial system into a free greed for all.

    Let’s stop blaming working class people and get on with the job of taking responsibility. Comprende Amigo?

  14. Whites? I think we’re both on different pages. I am talking human rights and you’re talking WHITES. When I say human rights, I mean for all, not just yellow, red, brown or black people. That means white people too. We were ALL robbed by banksters and instead, we try to push and shove each other. It’s nutzo. We can do better than this.

  15. I can’t stomach all the crap I hear and read about poor working class Latinos. I have NO problem with, “NEIGHBORS in/from the south”. I do however refuse to accept, “SOUTHERN BORDER ROOM MATES” that simply move into my house without paying rent or asking permission or living by the rules of the house. That being said I am a Christian and do honestly care for my fellow human beings and am willing to assist by any legal means at my disposal. But to hand over my country, the country I fought for in Viet Nam ’67-68-69 as a US Marine, to a group of people that have contributed nothing, only take from what we as a people have built, well brother that just ain’t gonna happin !! There has to be a starting point somewhere and illegal immigration is just as good as any place to start !

  16. Stand up for the free loading bastards eating off my dime? Are you out of your mind? Love my oppressors?

    No the right thing to do is to force them to go back to Mexico and fight for social justice in their own country instead of allowing them to free load off the White working class in America and then turn around and badmouth us when they don’t get room service!

  17. Working classes are the victims of the decade long robbery. This is includes Whites, Jews, Mexicans, Hondurans, African Americans et al…..all of us.

    The battle we face is US, the 99% of the people, versus THEM, the 1%.

    This is NOT a Jewish or Mexican or White thing…. this is a global thing and blaming our fellow working class colleague will only bring further degeneration.

    We need to put a stop to hating and blaming our brothers when the well dressed bankster guy in the Armani fake religious suit sitting above just robbed both our wallets! Come join the cause VOX, we’re all human beings!

    Arrest the Global Banksters, Get Corporate Money out of our Political System, Overthrow the Corporate Media Oligarchy, and lets get back to the business of respecting our tribe, both in the USA and around the world.

    Stand up for undocumented workers and help us get them back into the light. It’s the right thing to do. And then stand up for kids who are killed by Palestinian suicide bombers and then stand up for kids burned by Israeli white Phosphoruos chemical attacks. Lets be bold and together standing for all, not just a select few!

  18. Poor working class Whites aren’t going to be doing the work the Mexicans do. No one will work for the slave wages that are paid to the Mexicans. Jews are white. Recognize.

  19. And how is this different from America? I also didn’t see anything detailing the process for citizenship and legal residence. Seems to me, you were the illegal immigrant.

  20. So the poor working class Whites in this case can’t be the victims of the poor Mexicans because well that would be racism to assume that Mexicans in the same social class are using the availability of America’s social programs to their advantage in order to establish ever larger populations of themselves in the USA in order to displace the current population

    And jews that are in firm control of the USA’s immigration laws or lack there of are not to blame at all for wanting to displace Whites and fulfill their dreams of World Domination by destroying the White race so as they say “the brown races will fall at their feet in eternal servitude”?

  21. Divide and Conquer is a long standing military doctrine first brought to light by Sun Tzu in THE ART OF WAR. He was NOT jewish.
    And you sir, with great respects, are clearly deploying bigoted ideology. I think that exposure delineates the differences in our opinions on this issue.

    I believe in the right to believe in faith as one believes. And I don’t believe the predators on top are religious at all…they just use it when convenient to get their power bases and move their agendas forward.

    You might consider changing your phrase from “JEWS” to “GLOBAL PSYCHOTIC PREDATORS” or GPP as I call them. That way, you don’t exclude any hiding behind their Christian and Muslim labels.

  22. Joe, actually I am NOT anti-anything. I am pro-human being.

    So in the case of the victims of occupation of Gaza, I am for those peoples to have the same dignity and peace as the rest of us. As for the undocumented workers, I am for those individuals who just try to justly feed their families by work, not thievery. I can’t speaks for the rest at VT who write but for me, we’re all human beings.

    As it relates to theivery, I think NOAM CHOMSKY said it best in his very recent article “Is The World Too Big Too Fail?”

    “As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred of the vulnerable (undocumented workers), then the powerful can do as they please, and those who survive will be left to contemplate the outcome”.

    So get with the program…..the evils doers are the guys in suits raping and pillaging without consequence. The poor working class peoples whether they be Mexicans, Jews, Christians, Whites, whatever……..are the victims. Its now become us, the 99% of the global population versus them, the 1% who think they live on some other planet.

  23. Don’t get me started on US addiction to drugs and love of selling arms. My wife is MEXICAN and I lived in Mexico for 13 years. I have a learned insight to daily life in Mexico. Bring that experience to the table and we can talk.

  24. Some of the people who write on site could esily be labeled as ‘contradictory’ or to say the least, ‘inconsistent’ with what they purport to represent. This is supposed to be an anti-ZioCon site, am I wrong? All right then, so why don’t you people know that the Zionist NWO is all behind the ‘immigration’ invasion of white countries by non-whites, be they in the Americas, Oceania, or Europe. At times, it seem that a few contributors here suffer from ideological schizophrenia.

  25. Johnny

    In all fairness why don’t you report on the violence on our borders from the Mexicans? You’re painting our Southeners (our fellow countrymen) in the usual bigoted Klansmen garb but conveniently leaving out the high incarceration rate of Latinos, all of the violence and destruction on our border, the crushing burden on the individual states from all of the free goodies handed out to the illegals……. They are law breakers you know? We’re not talking about Saints that strolled across our borders to do good works. They came here to steal jobs and accept the payola of being a minority! If you’re so distraught why don’t you let them shack up at your place?

  26. I’ve had it up to you know where on this issue and have been dealing with it my entire life growing up in Colorado. And don’t even bring up that “who will pick the lettuce?” BS argument….
    Here’s some hypocracy for our tecate t-shirt wearing folk. I skipped what they do to all the latin americans who sneak into mexico. I lived in South Mexico for 3 months, and you’d shit at what they do to illegals. I said it years ago and still maintain the belief today- If you’ve learned about the true issues of mexican immigration to this country and still maintain that it’s a “good” thing, you are the enemy of my country and my family whether you are an american or not.

    •Immigrants must speak Mexico’s language.
    •No bilingual programs in schools, no special ballots for elections, all government business must be conducted in Spanish.
    •Foreigners will never be able to hold political office.
    •Foreigners will not have the right to vote no matter how long they’re in Mexico; Article 33 states, “Foreigners may not in any way participate in the political affairs of the country.”
    •Mexican authorities are ordered to keep track of every single person in the country.
    •Foreigners will not be a burden to taxpayers. No welfare, no food stamps, no health care or other government assistance programs.
    •Foreigners with fake papers, or who enter the country under false pretenses, may be imprisoned.
    •Foreigners who fail to obey the rules will be fined, deported, and/or imprisoned as felons.
    •A Mexican who marries a foreigner with the sole objective of helping the foreigner live in the country is subject to up to five years in prison.

    Read more: Felipe Calderon’s blatant hypocrisy

  27. The ads are delivered by GOOGLE not VT.
    They reflect the use of keywords on the page. So it’s out of VTs control. So chill out!

    As for you insulting my name. Hey, my mother gave it to me!
    Now go back to your rude corner before I call your mother and have her wash your mouth out with soap!

  28. I agree with your column. I think the gangs that shoot at and intimidate our lawmen in Arizona and other places ought to get what they dish out and at the other pole, the decent should be given decent hearings.
    If dishing it out or giving payback to the murderers involves deputizing citizens then so be it.

  29. I’m getting GD sick and tired of this site!

    Everyone of you liberal “journalists” is nothing more than a Judas Goat handing us off to the jews! You talk about “let’s get those dirty zionists!” meanwhile your sidebars are full of “click on this box to show your support for Israel”

    And where did you ever come up with the Wanabe handle of “Johnny Punish” it’s more like “Johnny Pushover”

  30. Personally, I agree with you. I am an American citizen living in Mexico, so I also see the other side of this coin. We have never been treated with the disrespect that Alabama intends. Also, there are so many Mexicans who entered the US illegally (often as kids with their parents) and have spent almost their entire lives in the states. There should be a way to evaluate these cases fairly and provide a route to legalization. Both countries would benefit. What a stink the US citizens in Mexico would raise if they were treated the way Alabama will be treating their people just because they are brown! BOO to racism & Alabama!

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