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The Killing of Reason: How the Dreadful Few Rape Europe and...

"In Sweden, according to official crime statistics, the number of reported rapes has quadrupled during the past 20 years."

GOP Immigration Con: Sweatshop America

- Most experts agree America has at least 12 million undocumented workers, "illegal aliens" as it were. The real number is higher than 20 million.

A bad week for evil dictators

- It’s been a bad fortnight for the Bad Guys and a good one for the Good Guys.

IMMIGRATION: Deport the Real Illegal Aliens

Angry Americans flock to play the blame game hitting the weakest on the totem poll and avoid the real targets of their anger; the Banksters and Politicians

NEO – Obama’s Asia Pivot: The Sad Story of American Exceptionalism

- This week the earth moved under our feet. America putting nails into its own coffin was joined by Russia and China this week to help bury a failed foreign policy.

Alain Finkielkraut, Jews, and Immigration

Along the second half of the 20th century many Jewish intellectuals, activists and artists positioned themselves at the forefront of Western advocacy of immigration and multiculturalism.

NBA Spurs Go Super Hero on American Political Scene

NBA San Antonio Spurs demonstrate world class U.S. Leadership becoming America's super hero sports franchise!

The Eastleigh Upheaval

As I predicted last week my badly-led party WAS in a competition for second place with the much better-led United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). We lost, and we deserved to lose.

The Immigration Farce

I am not sure whether he intended to or not but Olufisayo Ogundimo may have helped to make legal history.

GOP’s Hatred of Foreigners in US

The Republican Party is extremely vulnerable to a rational proposal for immigration reform.

Ed Milliband And His Phony Populism

if Britain wants to save herself and to stand again on her own two feet, she must flee the service economy and pursue real production that would imbue the presently archaic notion of ‘British worker’, with a new and vibrant meaning.

On Marine Le Pen and Populism

Le Pen is popular because she touches some (unpopular) issues no one else dares to touch. It is in fact the Guardian and other media outlets that present a populist approach maintaining some delusional notions of correctness that appear to be detached from the reality in which we are living in.

Alabama Gets Played by Global Predators Blames Juan the Janitor

Alabama enacted the most stringrent draconian immigration law in the country with a Federal Judge standing right behind them in goosestep while Banksters prowl the streets stealing everyone's wallet.

Policy Failure Mexico – Illegal immigration and the Failed War on...

To simply state that the US relationship with Mexico is terribly flawed is a gross understatement. The relationship with Mexico has been highly dysfunctional and runs contrary to the dictates of the US Constitution.

Under Fire Arizona Sheriff Fans Flames of Racism Again

Today notorious Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio joined Senator John McCain and announced that the horrific Arizona fires were "likely set by Mexican smugglers" with the operative word be "likely"; just speculation, no evidence whatsoever.


Newt Gringo Wants Your Brown Babies by Keith Johnson Something wicked this way comes. It came for the Tea Party, and now its coming for Latinos. This is all...


EMPTY TALK ON IMMIGRATION REFORM AND BORDER CONTROL By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor Who wants America flooded with illegal aliens?  Who wants our prisons full,...

Why All Americans Should Root for Mexico in the World Cup

Mexico is now the only team in our beloved North America left in the tournament. Over the last decade or so, Mexico, the country and it's peoples have been beaten up by many in the US Media for being a weak burden on the USA. It is time we embrace Mexico and become good neighbors

Arizona Weeds out Teachers that Can’t Speak English Correctly

Will Arizona ban Dolly Parton, George W. Bush, and Paula Deen from Teaching our children?

Arizona-like Immigration bill coming in Texas

Lawmaker says Obama's 'God's punishment'

With Millions of U.S. Latinos in Boycott Mode, Will Arizona Get...

By all accounts, the recession is subsiding and important leading sectors of the ecomony are recovering after the biggest recession since 1930s yet, while the country recovers, Arizona may not. With 45 Million Latinos in the USA now alienated and affected by the State of Arizona's new law calling for round-ups based on racial profiling, Arizona is now on the target list of major economic boycotts that could lead Arizona down an ugly road that political and community leaders there did NOT bank on when they decided to pull the trigger on this new legistlation.

ACLU Hits Back at Arizona’s ‘Your Papers!’ Law

Update: AP:  Arizona's new immigration law is unconstitutional   Civil liberties fight looms on Arizona's new look-like-an-immigrant law on Fourth Amendment and 14th Amendment grounds, as the...

McCain on Arizona Your-Papers Law: Fine Cause Immigrants “Are Intentionally Causing...

In case anyone missed the McCain madness; from Media Matters: McCain: AZ Bill's Racial Profiling Aspect Is Fine Because Immigrants "Are Intentionally Causing Accidents." April 20,...

Is Arizona the Most Racist State in Amerikkka?

The racial profiling edict passed by the Arizona legislature now on the desk of their Governor will permit a police officer (on his own, without provacation) to stop you and ask "for your papers". Don't have ID? No problem, go to jail or at least to the intergation room probably housed next door to the water boarding gas chamber!

Veterans: Banished and Betrayed

by Barton Kunstler, Ph.D., Author, "The Hothouse Effect" "Banished veterans." The phrase shouldn't make sense. Someone joins the military, fights in a war, returns home,...