Daily Archives: October 9, 2011

Companies Hiring This Month

By Kaitlin Madden   October is usually the month when you begin to think "Whoa- where did the year go?" It's like people start talking about the...

Israel Spits in America’s Face – Again

Retired American Intel Community is Ready to Spill the Beans on Israeli Espionage

Israel To Be Exempt From Foreign Aid Cuts

I am not exactly breaking news when I write of this obscene injustice and point out that it exists because our elected officials put filling their campaign coffers over virtually everything else.

Suppressing the Truth

Issues that should concern everyone, but especially in America, have been subverted, degraded, perverted, retracted, eradicated, expunged, obscured, obliterated, squashed or (simply) zapped!

Mainstream Media Biased Coverage of ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Demonstrations

Is the Mainstream media spinning the why and wherefor and main purpose of the Wall Street demonstrations?

United States is One of Four out of 58 members Blocking UNESCO’s ‘Palestine’ Bid

This Occupation is Brought to You by A Pattern of Racial Bigotry.

President Obama’s Cyclopean Perspective on Afghanistan War

Obama's recent comment on the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan, claiming that “our citizens are safer and our nation is more secure” conjures up the image of the allegorical man chained in a cave facing a blank wall and with his back to the fire.

PTSD: From Viet Nam to Iraq and Afghanistan

In my latest issue of The Veteran Magazine (September-October 2011), from Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), is an excellent series of articles focused on PTSD.