OCW: Targeted, But Who Is The Enemy?

Where What Was Your Money Now Lives (photo by G. Duff)

Where What Was Your Money Now Lives (photo by G. Duff)

Expect Infiltration and Counter Attack, War is Coming


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Our first real sign of political violence was during the disturbance at the Smithsonian when Patrick Howley of the nocon rag, American Spectator, led an attack of agent provacateurs on the Smithsonian. 

Our thanks to Charlie Grapski for catching Howley, one of many preparing to push peaceful protest into political violence on behalf of corporate greed.

Here at Veterans Today, we are running a pool, waiting how long it will be before SITE Intelligence, the Mossad mouthpiece or Canada’s National Post begin publishing articles of support from Al Qaeda that they conveniently “find on the internet.”


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Our other pool is when the Molotov cocktails and rock throwing starts, funded by the Wall Street thugs, Bloomberg and his cohorts in Boston and now nearly a hundred other cities.  They have billions to spend, our money looted from the banks, money from illegal credit card fees, money from mortgage fraud and, especially, the flood of cash we gave them because we were told “they are too big to fail.”

The answer is simple, Darwin applies here.  Wall Street is gone, the banks are gone and it isn’t that we want to stop living in a nation run for the benefit of the corporate welfare state, we want our money back. 

Every cent on Wall Street is stolen, none of it honestly earned.  We want it all back.  They killed to get it, they killed to keep it and they are willing to kill, all of us if they think its necessary, to keep stealing.  These are parasites, nothing more.

We want back the trillions in defense overruns, the gasoline pricefixing tens of billions, the hundreds of billions in mortgage fraud, the trillions in insurance fraud, every cent the crooked medical industry has bilked America out of for decades, we want it all back.

What Veterans Today has learned is that our neocon friends are trying to recreate the militias of the 80s and 90s.  Their plan?  Somehow they believe the “knuckle dragging scum” that makes up the heart of the GOP will get out their shotguns and begin shooting down patriotic Americans on behalf of the drug running cartels that run our police state and the thieving corporations.

Start watching, start listening.  Meetings are going on today.  Think tanks, cabals of thieves, mercenaries, terror squads, the tools of Wall Street are being “tasked” with stopping America from waking up and taking their country back.

It also looks like we can expect some terrorism too, not just the minor scuffles they staged at the Smithsonian but car bombs or something bigger.  When you threaten gangsters, expect them to strike back and this is organized crime we are dealing with, police thugs, corporate criminals and the heart of the GOP now standing tall against the people of the United States, as usual.

If only Obama had the guts. 

I do so love depending on the media to report on what has become a civil war in the United States, real people against the corporations.  The problem in getting the truth is that the worst of the corporations are the news media.

It is so important for the thugs and thieves, the drug cartel fronts who are the conservative movement in the US to label their owned and operated press as “liberal controlled.”


The Supreme Court, the 5 criminal justices that have managed to escape arrest and imprisonment because of the rogue military hit squads Vice President Cheney assembled under the guise of the “Joint Special Operations Command,” who gave corporations full control over America’s political system, were only a beginning.

People say “globalization” but few know what it means.

Yesterday, a study  in Britain found that 98% of their corporations weren’t British at all but operating out of tax shelters.  Britain is going broke because corporations are paying no taxes there anymore.

The same numbers apply in the US.  98% of corporations use offshore tax shelters.  How does it work?

We never know where corporations really live.  One small tax shelter town with less than 1000 people, a town in Switzerland, is home for thousands of American corporations.

The island republic of Vanuatu has more banks than New York.  People who sit on the boards of these corporations couldn’t find where their headquarters are located, not even using Google Earth.  Anyone know where Vanuatu is?

Anyone ever been to Lichtenstein?

It’s a small country about the size of a Walmart parking lot filled with banks.  These aren’t big buildings but tiny offices, many no more than a card table and folding chair.  The phone?  Rotary dial, black, 1950’s stuff.  On the door, yes, a masonite door, the name of a multi-billion dollar corporation.  Nobody has ever been in the office, there are days you don’t see two dozen cars in the entire country but the equity in your home, the money that used to be in your 401k is there, some of it held by corporations but most of it, put into very very private bank accounts of “high net worth” individuals, many of them Americans. 

This is one of dozens of such places, where oil companies keep their untaxed profits, where the billions in hidden fees on your debit card are hidden from the tax man by your friendly local bank.  It is where your cable company keeps their money, where drug companies hide the billions given them for drug research.

Money isn’t real, corporations aren’t real nor are the places they live.  Poverty is real, tyranny is real and the guns and bombs used by corporations around the world, too often wielded by our sons and daughters, told they are defending us from “terrorism,” those are real as are the dead left behind and the walking dead that return to the United States that used to be our children.

War and terrorism are very real.  They just aren’t what you are told.  There is no “Al Qaeda magazine,” no comic terrorists “spokesmen,” only Wall Street and Zurich and Tel Aviv and a dozen other staging grounds for the debasement and exploitation of humanity by the psychopaths, the human cockroaches that we have allowed to rule the world, most of it at least.

All wars are corporate wars, all terrorism is staged for corporate profit.  For years we have been saying it over and over.  9/11 was staged for corporate profit and we can prove it.  The invasion of Iraq was staged for corporate profit and we did prove it.  Afghanistan is a paradise for drug cartels.  Who are these cartels?  Look around you, they are your government, your military leaders, your intelligence agencies and dozens of corporations.

How can they operate so freely, why do drugs flood our streets, why are there 30 million illegal aliens in the US?

The most powerful nation in history can’t defend a few miles of border?  Anyone believe a word of it?

“Operation Fast and Furious,” the Obama plan to arm the drug cartels, supposedly in some bizarre plan to do something, nobody understands it, there is no explanation, is one time when we get a glimpse behind the curtain.  Decades ago, we heard stories about Mena, Arkansas and planeloads of cocaine and how American politicians were involved.

Now we have a hundred, maybe a thousand times the drugs that were around then.  New drugs, cheaper drugs, everywhere you look.

They are carried across our border, a border protected by radar, by satellites, by thousands of ICE agents.  They  come to the US in planes from Afghanistan, not just CIA contractors but the good old C130 Hercules, not in coffins but by the container load.

This is the real corporate world, flooding America with drugs, rigging voting machines, appointing judges, not just local but Supreme Court Justices, buying police departments, renting congress from the Israeli lobby that owns it.

What we are going to face is a war.  We have found the “third rail.” 

Wall Street.

We have recognized the enemy of humanity.  For 60 years we fought communism and woke up in a nightmare, slaves in our own country.  Now it is America building the gulags, millions in prison, half of America facing poverty, hundreds of thousands sent off to endless wars.  Even Orwell never imagined this.

Every year we are poorer and work harder while 1% steals it all helped by our courts, our government, our police and millions of dupes willing to destroy the future of their nation, of their children, based on the bizarre messages they get.


Emails, websites, newspapers, rumors, conspiracies, plots, terrorism, “comic book villains” invented by a cabal of gangsters to turn attention from what they have done, from what they continue to do.

Finally Americans are standing up.

If the movement to restore freedom to America, to rid America of its corporate overseers gets strong enough, this will turn into a war. 






  1. Agree 100% with your assessment Dan.

    When the media attention begins to wane, as it has, expect the agents provocateurs to start slinging real bombs, They need, must have, conflict to succeed.

  2. Bob: Thanks for the link. This is truly mind-boggling stuff…like coming face to face with an almost other-worldly conspiracy too monstrous to conceive. Dave has done an amazing job of investigative journalism and dot connecting. Well done.

  3. There’s no mystery about arming the cartels. Read Blog Del Narco. See the crazed savages. See them skin the heads of live humans. See them cut off people’s heads with chain saws and knives. See them chop up human bodies and leave them lying in vegetable baskets in the village markets with jokey signs about making stew. See young women butchered into limbless torsos.

    The objective is totally clear. The aim is to terrorize the American people.. and force them to look south rather than at what the bankers are doing in New York and London. Filled with fear for their lives and their children’s, they will forget what the financiers have done and are doing to the nation. And give up all their rights. Who needs rights when the head skinners are loose on the southern front?

    No secret about this plan. It’s bloody obvious. Like a goddamn horror movie.

  4. Not only Morrison. That whole gang of pseudo-hippies from the 60s had weird connections with military intelligence. Read http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/

    Dave has a long series of articles on the history of the entire hippie psyop in Laurel Canyon L.A. You WILL be shocked and you WILL be convinced. Dave is one of the best writers ever on this and on the topic of the Apollo “moon landing” thing.

  5. Hey, Punk.. some character comes along with an undocumented slur against somebody and you believe it, just like that? What if I say this “Dan” character is a psyop troll working out of Tel Aviv? They hate Adbusters because Kalle Lasn published an article putting the boots to the Zios. It nearly ruined the magazine because of the backlash from You Know Who. But “Dan” from Tel Aviv says A/B is a “Soros” disinfo rig and you want to believe him. What if I say “Dan” is a neanderthal Canaanite assigned by IDF to stir up trouble around here, poison the wells, cause disruption. Ha ha ha! Believe who you want, dude.

  6. There is but one “key” to all this which can effect desired change for the better. That is to FORCE congress to get rid of the phony bank credit debt as our dysfunctional medium of exchange which gives these criminals the MEANS to do all the things described in this article while pauperising the people at large and, at the same time, FORCE congress to establish in its place the proper amount of NATIONAL MONEY SPENT INTO CIRCULATION TO STAY, AT NO COST TO THE USERS. Nothing else will bring about any permanent change for good. This debt “credit” is the weapon of the criminals; honest money can be the weapon of the people to rid them of their criminal enslavers.

  7. There is but one “key” to all this which can effect desired change for the better. That is to FORCE congress to get rid of the phony bank credit debt as our dysfunctional medium of exchange which gives these criminals the MEANS to do all the things described in this article while pauperising the people at large and, at the same time, FORCE congress to establish in its place the proper amount of NATIONAL MONEY SPENT INTO CIRCULATION TO STAY, AT ON COST TO THE USERS. Nothing else will bring about any permanent change for good. This debt “credit” is the weapon of the criminals; honest money can be the weapon of the people to rid them of their criminal enslavers.

  8. Brian is right. The drums beat indicate a move toward war against Iran… now that Syria has been subverted, Egypt decapitated and Libya beheaded… Only country in North Africa that managed to steer clear of the traps, lead for its leadership by MOSSAD-CIA-MI6-DGSE(French Intel), but feeling the heat from the bulldozing attempts lead by the USA, is ALGERIA. Morocco, has been Jewish controlled since day one, when its exiled King, Mohammed V, was allowed to return from Madagascar by the French… His grand child, Mohammed VI, the actual king dances to the tunes of Hava Naguila, the Marseillaise, God Save the Queen and God Save America (I mean its Zion Talmudic Masters).

    To make sure that Algeria would not interfere in the staged events happened round it, it is being kept busy by the murderous False Flags Ops of the FAKE AQIM (Induce Terrorism), financed by the afore stated Intel Agencies, in order to destabilize the Algerian Govt and create a psychosis within the population…

    All this to cut off possible Arab Nations that might rally with Iran when ATTACKED.

    Sarkozy, the Zio elected French president is the special counsel to MOSSAD-CIA-MI6 in how to handle Algeria. The reason is that there is nearly 1,5 million persons of Algerian descent in France and if they see that the country of their forebears is threatened, they might set the French cities on fire…

    Here is what is probably going to happen soon in the USA, maybe in GB too:

    1) A False Flag (car bomb) might explode among the crowd of the innocent people participating in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. It has to be devastating and cruel, in order to give the excuse to the Zion Talmudic Mafia to push for Martial Law,

    2) Again McCain and Lieberman would the stars, who would push fro laws even more restrictive of the US PEOPLE FREEDOM, with the aim to protect the Zion Talmudic Conglomeration from the wrath of the PEOPLE,

    3) The authority of the car bomb or slaughter of innocent people, a la Anders Breivik, would be attributed to members of the Revolutionary Army of Iran,

    4) The event will be used as an excuse for a casus belli against Iran,

    5) The attack on Iran will bring a destruction and misery on this planet, never known before and Europe will be a blank for REAL terrorist attack.

  9. Let’s assume that there’s kernel of truth about the plot…

    How is it that the US, Britain and Israel’s intelligence services can target its own citizens, diplomats, top foreign political figures and even their own president and no one is screaming about revenge, sanctions or war as a solution!

    I guess that’s what we get in our hypocritical Orwellian NWO!

  10. Good article.

    But consider that the Occupy demonstrations were either falsely led to begin with or have been subverted. I suspect the former. Good people following and helping are being used.

    The satanists have been siphoning off money from the banking system with increased intensity from the mid-nineties. They knew that sooner or later their chickens would come home to roost and have long prepared for this type of blow back; their intention was and is to control such blow back. i.e. no real solutions offered just headless chaos that vaguely affixes blame to the very top of the banking elite (1 %) and not their extended Luciferian membership (more like 5%) many of whom have been enriched over the years.

    The reality is that many of their Luciferian membership have benefited from easy credit for many years; they infiltrated all levels of finance and their bank managers were told to give loans to their members regardless of sound banking practices or eligibility. Many loans made good and no problem resulted; in this way many Luciferians got their helping hand up the ladder of life while sheeple with impeccable references were simply unable to obtain finance.

    Those Luciferians that failed to repay or make good on such easy loans were also no problem for the banks concerned; these bad debts were “underwritten” by big brother who has eventually coalesced them all under the aegis of the world’s biggest merchant banks… and dumped them back at the feet of the sheeple tax payers.

    A classic win-win for the Luciferians; many of the Luciferian membership bought properties, businesses, shares etc etc and thus created a new Luciferian affluent “upper-middle class” while the old sheeple middle class was squeezed to death. Credit crunches / increased taxes / inflation …all helped do it. It has been the greatest transfer of wealth in history and has been intensified on a world wide basis for roughly two decades. It has been happening in SA just as everywhere else. That is where the “Occupy” demos come in; it is their end game, their clean up operation to hide the evidence. The heads of banking institutions and some politicians will be vilified but the real elephant in the room….the massive army of newly affluent Luciferian elite…will remain hidden.

    The banksters at the top obviously got a lot more than their rank and file and are the guilty head honchos… but they did not keep all those trillions for their personal use. They were the paymasters for a new affluent army that is significantly more than the 1% the demos would have us believe.

    The Luciferians laughingly give their plot away in the new animated movie RANGO. That is how they re-assure their world wide rank and file membership that these demonstrations were anticipated and are safely under their control.

    Look in the movie at the appearance and dominance of the massive “eye” when the “people posse” go looking for their money. Note how the snake tells the bankers/politicians that it is he, the snake, who is really in control when it begins to squeeze the life from the sheeple. Note also how the single banker/mayor dies while the snake not only survives but establishes a rapport with the “people posse” at the end of the movie.

    This is their end game after years of theft…and they have a few loose ends to tie up.

  11. We aspire to non-violent revolution but can there be a war without violence? The winners are those who end it, not necessarily those who start it. You can’t clean house from the outside. These are again the times that try men’s souls.

  12. The plan IS for riots next. This “protesting” is just “practice” for that. When the “rioting” begins, it will probably be “false flag” rioting, started by some CIA “terrorists” (maybe drugged out or just looney enough to go along with it) so Martial Law can be called and eventually (maybe when O’Bummer is outed as the total fraud that he is – his birth certificate has gray text pasted on black text and a “smiley face” in the “A” of the signature at the bottom) the New World Order will be brought in to “save” us all.

  13. The enemy is Goldman Sachs and all the “to big to fails”. I think the CIA will stage a hit on a police person by a fake protester, a saboteur! Or an actor by the name of Greenburg will do something and we will have a new monster for the military to bomb any other country they choose. That’s all it will take and the sheeple will fall in behind FOX and CNN and all the Neo-CONS will point their greedy little lying fingers at all the protesters and say I told you the protesters are terrorist. You are right they won’t stop until we make them stop.

  14. Interesting song by Jim Morrison and The Doors.

    In 1964, U.S. warships under the command of U.S. Navy Admiral George Stephen Morrison allegedly came under attack while patrolling Vietnam’s Tonkin Gulf.

    It seems a bit uncanny that this same Admiral Morrison was in fact Jim Morrison’s father.
    I was curious about the lyrics and read an interesting comment in a thread discussing this Doors’ song:

    There is a theory that the “Illuminati” (secret government) who are gaining control of mankind intend on reducing its population by four-fifths in order to produce a sustainable dictatorship where the masses are sheep to be sheered for the material benefit of the few in charge.

    This conspiracy (allegedly) has been in process for many centuries and is closing upon us right now. It is rumored that Jim’s family was connected to this growing evil, and that he was aware of the plans through his (military) father.

    In this interpretation, “Five to One” are the chances of surviving the coming holocaust.
    They got the guns, we got the numbers” refers to his hope that the people will prevent the tyranny of the old and the few. “Your ballroom days are over” is Jim telling the elites/aristocrats that the revolution is coming.

    “Shadows of the evening crawl across the years” refers to the centuries of conspiracy hiding in the shadows. “Trade in your hours for a handful of dimes” refers to the sickness of materialism that the elites worship. “You see, I gotta go out in a car with these people and…” refers to the secretive way the conspirators operate (perhaps a memory of his father?).

  15. Well, if it’s Soros behind it all, it just proves Lenin was right when he pointed out when it comes time to hang the capitalists, they will sell us the rope we need to do it with.


  16. “All wars are corporate wars, all terrorism is staged for corporate profit.”

    So 9/11 for example was all about “profit”? What nonsense. Why do you say these senseless things? I know that you know better than that. Anyone with enough power and influence to pull off 9/11 and prevent an investigation doesn’t do such a thing for “profit”. Why would they need to? They can simply take whatever they want as they have done and regularly continue to do.

    And if you’ll recall, it wasn’t a bunch of CEOs celebrating in Liberty Park with the the burning WTC towers in the background, it was Jews; Jewish supremacists.

    Ask yourself, why do people with billions – no trillions of dollars and all kinds of influence and power who generally have access to anything and everything our society has to offer, want to destroy it all?

    Because at its root this isn’t about “corporate” anything or even greed, this is about evil for the sake of evil; in this case manifested as Jewish supremacist evil that seeks to take over the whole world – even if it has to destroy everything in the process.

    I don’t know why people refuse to see the madness that’s all around us. If the evidence was water we’d be drowning in it.

  17. Your right Gordon, War is coming.

    We both know it was only a matter of time. Allot of information in a short article, good work.

  18. The “clarification” is conveniently buried to the casual observer in the statements you have already “brought to light”. IMO, you have answered all of your own questions with the “appropriate” questions. Psyops in “high gear”. Watch the “pretty lady” while the “magician” pulls off the magic act.

  19. It’s free to the extent the Fed paid 100 cents on the dollar for the TBTFs, and only the TBTFs, worthless MBS paper and equities of already defunct companies and to the extent the ZIRP gives them, and them only, all the free money in the world to earn a guaranteed leveraged return. And, if Wall Street isn’t AIPAC nothing is.

  20. More fabricated stories from the Alphabet Agencies against Israeli enemies. Is the OCW taking away from the widely reported imminent Israeli attack on Iran this fall? Need a new story to whip of some fear and rhetoric to divert the public attention away from the Wall Street protest and Fast and Furious.

  21. If not actually originated by THEM, the OWS movement will be co-opted and escalated with the full intent of imposing martial law without a more obvious and balatant false flag event. Initially in “the big city”, but coming to a “theater near you” before it is over. As for the collapse of the American empire, “years” is probably optimistic. One way or another, this global situation is about to go “supernova”. HOPE FOR THE BEST, BUT YOU ARE HOPEFULLY ALREADY PREPARED FOR THE WORST.

  22. I also have to wonder if the Wall Street crowd provides their own money to AIPAC or if they get free money from the Federal Reserve System and give it AIPAC and other Israel supporters.

  23. I definitely think you are right about that, Nelson. Just look at the incredible number of Put Options for October, 2011. Open Interest in shorting the S&P 500 Index in October has climbed to over 2,250,000! This is historically unprecedented. Could it mean that the Satanic Psychopathic Banksters are about to bring down the whole economic house of cards?

    We’re also coming up on an ominous date: 11/11/11. And you know how the Satanic Elite are totally into numbers, rituals, and symbolism. I see a bad moon arising.

  24. I hate to say it, but I think the masses will be unable to wrap their minds around these attrocities and come to realize that they have been completely fooled, blinded, raped and robbed by those they trusted the most. A sad and very dangerous defense mechanism of sorts. Gordo, this article needs to be published elsewhere so more people can read it. If I were you, I would give it to PressTV and ask them to publish it at the top of their homepage for 30 days straight. They’re the only major English language news outlet that will do it. Thanks for your courage and may the Almighty protect you and yours.

  25. Tangential to this article, but is it? It’s all connected.

    (1) Why would Iran hire a third party, who they assumed to be part of a Mexican drug cartel, to commit assassination against a foreign third-party, Saudi Arabia, on American soil???
    (1a) why not in a less secure environment?
    (1b) Why so many cooks in the kitchen? Why didn’t the Iranian agents ALREADY in breach of US borders commit the act themselves?

    (2) Why wouldn’t the DHS secretary make the announcement instead of Holder, who is dodging a subpoena?

    (3) What was Iran’s interest in assassinating the Saudi diplomat? No one can clarify this 😉

  26. And just like that a terror plot is broken up, how flippin’ convenient.
    Like Gil Scott Heron said: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!!!!

  27. the key is to keep on educating people about the Wall Street-AIPAC-Congress-Wall Street cycle that is bringing our country down. The Wars in the middle east were orchestrated by AIPAC. AIPAC gets majority of its funding from Wall Street bankers. The funding is used to finance/blackmail politicians who in turn execute AIPACs orders and protect the funding source, Wall Street.
    Everyone on the Hill knows this. Now is the time for the rest of the country learn.

  28. Thanks for the info about Soros backing Adbusters as Adbusters comes across as a mag/organization devoted to lessening materialism, etc. Adbusters even comes out against Israeli genocide of Palestine. I guess much is deception. Who can one trust?

  29. Kelli, I know you’re a good-hearted soul, but have you considered who’s behind these “leaderless” protests? George Soros’s Tides Foundation, dedicated to destroying the United States, has had two fronts, AdBusters and something called Ruckus, I believe, in from day one. Doesn’t it strike you as odd that billionaire Soros is behind this, whose only contact with “the people” are like with the ones on their hands and knees cleaning that bastard’s toilets? The Russian Revolution, really a usurpation accomplished in this manner, was funded by Wall St, epitomized by Kuhn Loeb’s Jacob Schiff acting as agent to the Rothschilds. Soros is a Rothschild agent. The “inner party” is behind both Wall St and the Left, just as in Russia. Same people, same plot, same outcome if we don’t stop them. The main strategy of the inner party is to decapitate native leadership and replace it with themselves, as they did throughout Russia and as we witness across America today. The evidence in this country is overwhelming. The real solution to this monstrous rape of the American working man and woman, retirees, and everyone else is to decapitate the Fed, the font of free money that buys the Presidency, Congress, and the Courts and enables them to “trick a profit” off everyone’s wages and savings through inflation. Have you seen the mind-control insanity in Atlanta, with that chant-back and the arm waving and talking fingers like 5-year-olds at story hour? Where do you think the “leaderless leaders” come from, by the way? who always seem to have the loudspeakers and the media’s total attention. The intent here is to both create a political overthrow of the government by stages and to destroy native leadership. The same inner party behind these protests exterminated 66 million Russians in the name of equality. Many of the inner party’s most vicious executioners in Russia came from New York City. Wake up!

  30. Well talking about phony terrorism, excerpts from an article:

    Engineering Consent For Attack On Iran?
    U.S. Says Iran-Tied Terror Plot in Washington, D.C. Disrupted


    October 11, 2011 “ABC News” – – FBI and DEA agents have disrupted a plot to commit a “significant terrorist act in the United States” tied to Iran, federal officials told ABC News today.
    The officials said the plot included the assassination of the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States, Adel Al-Jubeir, with a bomb and subsequent bomb attacks on the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Washington, D.C.

    Bombings of the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Buenos Aires, Argentina, were also discussed, according to the U.S. officials.

    The new case, called Operation Red Coalition, began in May when an Iranian-American from Corpus Christi, Texas, approached a DEA informant seeking the help of a Mexican drug cartel to assassinate the Saudi ambassador, according to counter-terrorism officials.

    The Iranian-American thought he was dealing with a member of the feared Zetas Mexican drug organization, according to agents.

    The DEA office in Houston brought in FBI agents as the international terror implications of the case became apparent.

    The Iranian-American, identified by federal officials as Manssor Arbabsiar, 56, reportedly claimed he was being “directed by high-ranking members of the Iranian government,” including a cousin who was “a member of the Iranian army but did not wear a uniform,” according to a person briefed on the details of the case. Counter-terrorism officials said they believe the cousin may be part of the special operations unit of the Revolutionary Guard, the Quds force.

    Arbabsiar and a second man, Gohlam Shakuri, an Iranian official, were named in a five-count criminal complaint filed Tuesday afternoon in federal court in New York. They were charged with conspiracy to kill a foreign official and conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, a bomb, among other counts.

    Federal agents said the DEA and the FBI recorded a number of meetings and phone calls between the informant and Arbabsiar, some of them from Iran.

    Officials said Arbabsiar flew from Iran through Frankfurt, Germany, to Mexico City Sept. 28 for a final planning session, but was refused entry to Mexico and put on a plane to New York, where he was arrested.

    Arbabsiar, a naturalized U.S. citizen, expressed “utter disregard for collateral damage” in the planned bomb attacks in Washington, according to officials.

    He also reportedly told the undercover DEA informant that his contacts in the Iranian government could provide “tons of opium” for the Mexican cartels, according to officials who have reviewed the case file.

  31. Good article. I think it’s important people know about all this offshore crap used to hide corporate and personal money. Obama won’t do anything about it.

    I’m waiting to see how the public reaction when the Banksters, including the Wall Street so called investment bankers (mostly speculators in the stock and commodities markets), come back seeking a vast amount of money form the taxpayers and asking the Federal Reserve to take and pay for more of their bad investments.

    Obama and other stooge politicians will tell us we have to bail them out again for our own good. There will be outrage, protests and false flags providing a good excuse for Marshall law.

    In the next few years I think the American empire will collapse. The rest of the world might cheer. There will be crime gangs across the nation stealing just to keep their families fed. I may have to make some sharp sticks. Oh my.

  32. [http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?disc=149495;article=138986;title=APFN] Local “media” always avoid the ISSUE of who the Economic Terrorists are. The NQJ = NPR Morning Edition & All Things Considered always tell about the Sodomites and Dingbats and “Jews”…Narrative, as if America exists as an asylum for malcontents and “Jew worshiping” Sodomites & DINGBATS who studiously avoid truth. [NO MATTER WHAT!!!] *Let’s do the Math, In Texas alone there are well over 650,000 Deer Hunters with High Powered rifles, who will not abide Bolshevik “Roadblocks” by the zionazi homoland security who will not deport the 20 million uninvited “Guests”.NOR ARREST THE PERPS of 9/11 !!!..sure things are going to be Interesting…especially if “THEY” play the “JERICHO” card…when the dust settles we’ll still outnumber them Millions to one….”THEY” have no-wheah to hide….”Their countenance witnesses against them like sodom.” Free Palestine, Free The World, Help Khazars make EXODUS to Khazaria…change the DYNAMIC….Free The “JEWS” from the Bondage of Talmudic Judaism !!! No One on Earth has to be a “JEWISH”. My Moderation is awaiting your comment….! and now back to sports – [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIbp5C-5WXM&feature=results_video&playnext=1&list=PLCACA840D0F496848 ] –

  33. Well stated…now is the time to take this knowledge baclk to your Congrssional Districts and use it to find true patriots to vote for in the coming elections in 2012—which may be our last election….

  34. You still do not address the reason they can continue their criminal network of cronyism capitalism. Secrecy They hide behind secrecy of the corporate veil, government secrecy, military secrecy, offshore accounts, etc…

    Can you tell me what the Rothschild’s, the Rockefellers, the Vatican or Black Nobilities net worth is? NO…. they are off limits to the public scrutiny and much of the corporate world is the same.

    Show me a man’s bank account and I’ll tell you about the man.

    Want a solution, abolish fake money and make everybody show his or her economic activity and wealth.

    Criminals do not work for free, but they won’t work if everybody knew how they earned their millions…

  35. “will turn into a war.”
    War is not fought with “protest”…..war is fought with violent, equal or stronger reaction…….without such reaction there will be no “war” just capitulation…….

  36. I enjoy reading veteranstoday and by all means , my heart is with you BRAVE Americans , save your country from this cabal and please, help us Brazilians too get rid of that same cabal , they have bought 1/2 or more of everything or anything of value in Brazil claiming “American interests” , when in fact it was always Zionist interests, foreigner or Brazilian , always Jewish , our WC is theirs, our Rio 2016 Olympics is theirs, they have more power than our entire congress and unless we confiscate their passports, we will remain enslaved as you are feeling now, ALL GENTILE NATIONS ARE UNDER THE SAME THREAT, IT IS ZIONISM, the most criminal enterprise in 2 K years of human history . It MUST go. No pásarán ! Blessing to you real Americans with no dual loyalty .

    [Editors Note:] Dear Mr. Brazilian Admirer, Your email address kicked back. You must give us a real email address or we will have to take your post down as a 5th column one. Email me directly at: [email protected] Thanks]

  37. One thinbg is for sure: the Jews need full martial law imposed and they need it soon. I don’t think we’ll be waiting much longer.

  38. Howley actually bragged about his infiltration saying, “As far as anyone knew I was part of the cause – a cause that I had infiltrated the day before in order to mock and undermine in the pages of the American Spectator.” This is pretty much the definition of an Agent provocateur. I can foresee this type of activity being constantly repeated and Kelli is right, the peaceful protesters need to be prepared and willing to stop them before they can gain control.

  39. Good point as to the veterans, who may very well become tagged and labelled as the ” ones who caused it all to go violent”. They will buckle under the well entrenched law enforecement in every city. Those veterans collecting a VA check, if arrested and held more than 30 days will see that payment cease also.

    I stated it before, and I’ll state it again, This whole event is a trap, an ambush, a distraction from what’s really going on in the Middle East and Domestically. Call it Flase Flag lite. I see things from the birds eye view, and I see a trap.

  40. I hope the people marching in the streets of NYC and elsewhere have a plan for when the violence really starts. The provocatuers who are just waiting for the signal. What do you plan to do when someone next to you picks up a rock and throws it? To all the vets. out there that know the score, are you ready for what could happen?

  41. Same pattern as the riots of 1967 nationwide. NG in the streets, jewish lightening everywhere, and the news showed it was a black and white thing; in b/w.

    Message was clear, insurance money will be collected by the storefront owners of record. Who just happened to be well you know, the folks who wear their hair with a twisted braid, a black hat and black costumes. Smelly fuks actually.

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