OCW: Targeted, But Who Is The Enemy?

Where What Was Your Money Now Lives (photo by G. Duff)
Where What Was Your Money Now Lives (photo by G. Duff)

Expect Infiltration and Counter Attack, War is Coming


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Our first real sign of political violence was during the disturbance at the Smithsonian when Patrick Howley of the nocon rag, American Spectator, led an attack of agent provacateurs on the Smithsonian. 

Our thanks to Charlie Grapski for catching Howley, one of many preparing to push peaceful protest into political violence on behalf of corporate greed.

Here at VT, we are running a pool, waiting how long it will be before SITE Intelligence, the Mossad mouthpiece or Canada’s National Post begin publishing articles of support from Al Qaeda that they conveniently “find on the internet.”


[youtube XZSP4yo8Fvw]


Our other pool is when the Molotov cocktails and rock throwing starts, funded by the Wall Street thugs, Bloomberg and his cohorts in Boston and now nearly a hundred other cities.  They have billions to spend, our money looted from the banks, money from illegal credit card fees, money from mortgage fraud and, especially, the flood of cash we gave them because we were told “they are too big to fail.”

The answer is simple, Darwin applies here.  Wall Street is gone, the banks are gone and it isn’t that we want to stop living in a nation run for the benefit of the corporate welfare state, we want our money back. 

Every cent on Wall Street is stolen, none of it honestly earned.  We want it all back.  They killed to get it, they killed to keep it and they are willing to kill, all of us if they think its necessary, to keep stealing.  These are parasites, nothing more.

We want back the trillions in defense overruns, the gasoline pricefixing tens of billions, the hundreds of billions in mortgage fraud, the trillions in insurance fraud, every cent the crooked medical industry has bilked America out of for decades, we want it all back.

What VT has learned is that our neocon friends are trying to recreate the militias of the 80s and 90s.  Their plan?  Somehow they believe the “knuckle dragging scum” that makes up the heart of the GOP will get out their shotguns and begin shooting down patriotic Americans on behalf of the drug running cartels that run our police state and the thieving corporations.

Start watching, start listening.  Meetings are going on today.  Think tanks, cabals of thieves, mercenaries, terror squads, the tools of Wall Street are being “tasked” with stopping America from waking up and taking their country back.

It also looks like we can expect some terrorism too, not just the minor scuffles they staged at the Smithsonian but car bombs or something bigger.  When you threaten gangsters, expect them to strike back and this is organized crime we are dealing with, police thugs, corporate criminals and the heart of the GOP now standing tall against the people of the United States, as usual.

If only Obama had the guts. 

I do so love depending on the media to report on what has become a civil war in the United States, real people against the corporations.  The problem in getting the truth is that the worst of the corporations are the news media.

It is so important for the thugs and thieves, the drug cartel fronts who are the conservative movement in the US to label their owned and operated press as “liberal controlled.”


The Supreme Court, the 5 criminal justices that have managed to escape arrest and imprisonment because of the rogue military hit squads Vice President Cheney assembled under the guise of the “Joint Special Operations Command,” who gave corporations full control over America’s political system, were only a beginning.

People say “globalization” but few know what it means.

Yesterday, a study  in Britain found that 98% of their corporations weren’t British at all but operating out of tax shelters.  Britain is going broke because corporations are paying no taxes there anymore.

The same numbers apply in the US.  98% of corporations use offshore tax shelters.  How does it work?

We never know where corporations really live.  One small tax shelter town with less than 1000 people, a town in Switzerland, is home for thousands of American corporations.

The island republic of Vanuatu has more banks than New York.  People who sit on the boards of these corporations couldn’t find where their headquarters are located, not even using Google Earth.  Anyone know where Vanuatu is?

Anyone ever been to Lichtenstein?

It’s a small country about the size of a Walmart parking lot filled with banks.  These aren’t big buildings but tiny offices, many no more than a card table and folding chair.  The phone?  Rotary dial, black, 1950’s stuff.  On the door, yes, a masonite door, the name of a multi-billion dollar corporation.  Nobody has ever been in the office, there are days you don’t see two dozen cars in the entire country but the equity in your home, the money that used to be in your 401k is there, some of it held by corporations but most of it, put into very very private bank accounts of “high net worth” individuals, many of them Americans. 

This is one of dozens of such places, where oil companies keep their untaxed profits, where the billions in hidden fees on your debit card are hidden from the tax man by your friendly local bank.  It is where your cable company keeps their money, where drug companies hide the billions given them for drug research.

Money isn’t real, corporations aren’t real nor are the places they live.  Poverty is real, tyranny is real and the guns and bombs used by corporations around the world, too often wielded by our sons and daughters, told they are defending us from “terrorism,” those are real as are the dead left behind and the walking dead that return to the United States that used to be our children.

War and terrorism are very real.  They just aren’t what you are told.  There is no “Al Qaeda magazine,” no comic terrorists “spokesmen,” only Wall Street and Zurich and Tel Aviv and a dozen other staging grounds for the debasement and exploitation of humanity by the psychopaths, the human cockroaches that we have allowed to rule the world, most of it at least.

All wars are corporate wars, all terrorism is staged for corporate profit.  For years we have been saying it over and over.  9/11 was staged for corporate profit and we can prove it.  The invasion of Iraq was staged for corporate profit and we did prove it.  Afghanistan is a paradise for drug cartels.  Who are these cartels?  Look around you, they are your government, your military leaders, your intelligence agencies and dozens of corporations.

How can they operate so freely, why do drugs flood our streets, why are there 30 million illegal aliens in the US?

The most powerful nation in history can’t defend a few miles of border?  Anyone believe a word of it?

“Operation Fast and Furious,” the Obama plan to arm the drug cartels, supposedly in some bizarre plan to do something, nobody understands it, there is no explanation, is one time when we get a glimpse behind the curtain.  Decades ago, we heard stories about Mena, Arkansas and planeloads of cocaine and how American politicians were involved.

Now we have a hundred, maybe a thousand times the drugs that were around then.  New drugs, cheaper drugs, everywhere you look.

They are carried across our border, a border protected by radar, by satellites, by thousands of ICE agents.  They  come to the US in planes from Afghanistan, not just CIA contractors but the good old C130 Hercules, not in coffins but by the container load.

This is the real corporate world, flooding America with drugs, rigging voting machines, appointing judges, not just local but Supreme Court Justices, buying police departments, renting congress from the Israeli lobby that owns it.

What we are going to face is a war.  We have found the “third rail.” 

Wall Street.

We have recognized the enemy of humanity.  For 60 years we fought communism and woke up in a nightmare, slaves in our own country.  Now it is America building the gulags, millions in prison, half of America facing poverty, hundreds of thousands sent off to endless wars.  Even Orwell never imagined this.

Every year we are poorer and work harder while 1% steals it all helped by our courts, our government, our police and millions of dupes willing to destroy the future of their nation, of their children, based on the bizarre messages they get.


Emails, websites, newspapers, rumors, conspiracies, plots, terrorism, “comic book villains” invented by a cabal of gangsters to turn attention from what they have done, from what they continue to do.

Finally Americans are standing up.

If the movement to restore freedom to America, to rid America of its corporate overseers gets strong enough, this will turn into a war. 






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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.