Time to Redefine Treason

Warning: Obscene Photo
Warning: Obscene Photo

In Today’s World, Benedict Arnold Would Get a ‘Medal of Freedom’


By Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


Let’s start by telling a story.  Britain has a law called the Nuclear Explosions Act.  Basically, it says that anyone knows about a nuclear explosion somewhere, about how it was caused or had some part in it, goes to jail for a bit over 30 days, and if they can’t prove they are “innocent,” the 30 days becomes a lifetime.

Few know of this law or why it exists.  One British prime minister faced a secret hearing, one in which he was accused of violating this law. There is a reason we will start with this discussion.  We aren’t after Tony Blair or really talking nuclear weapons at all. 

The point we hope to make is that “treason,” in the here and now, with secret technologies beyond human imagination available to a “select few,” with countries once thought of as progressive democracies, not only openly involved in a litany of war crimes but running vast drug cartels, the old definition of treason is, well, old.

The British Missing Nukes Plot Thickens

Nuclear weapons are a good place to start because they are “sexy.”  That mushroom cloud, the idea of humans being vaporized, the thought of it is pure sex and sadism and, thus, good reading material.

Britain passed its mysterious law because a few select citizens and/or residents of Britain, some of South African and Rhodesian background, had taken upon themselves to secure and sell several nuclear weapons.

One of those weapons, one secured and marketed by one those people we are discussing, was sold to North Korea and exploded on May 25, 2009. 

Reliable sources within Britain’s intelligence community have confirmed that the North Korea nuke was one of 3 that “went missing” back in 1991, weapons built by South Africa and Israel.

The “wheeling and dealing” that, over several decades ended up with an explosion in North Korea left a financial trail from Tel Aviv to South Africa and ending up in a series of payments to British politicians. 

Somehow, the folks who investigate such things assumed that if politicians got millions from folks who who had stolen and sold nuclear weapons, they might be somehow involved.

There are records of two cash payments, one for $17.8 million pounds back in 1991 and one much smaller and much more recent.  A British weapons scientist knew all about this. 

Dr. David Kelly - Murdered by Nuke Pirates

His name was Dr. David Kelly.  He theoretically committed suicide by taking a slightly higher than average dose of an over the counter pain reliever sold in the US under the trade name of Tylenol.

In America, the same dose would bring down a fever and reduce a really bad headache. 

In Britain, it killed a scientist who claimed he could send some very powerful politicians to prison for a long long time. 

Thus, there is a bit of continuing controversy over this with prominent forensic pathologists accusing the government of murdering Dr. Kelly.

Kelly was murdered as were others.  Police seized and destroyed documents, more accidents happened, people run over by cars when they were supposedly sleeping in their beds, that stuff.

Nothing will be done.

Do you know who Dimitri Khalezov is? 

Dimitri Khalezov - Former Soviet Nuclear Intel Officer

The Soviet Union, the nation we now call Russia, has a branch of its military called the 12th Directorate.  It’s job is to manage nuclear weapons. 

Dimitri Khalezov was an officer in the 12th directorate, part of a section tasked with keeping track of nuclear stockpiles around the world, spying on secret nuclear testing and keeping watch for any nuclear secrets or bomb making materials that were offered for sale.

South African Nuke on the Move

The secret world Khalezov lived in, the facts he was briefed on as part of his assignment at the most sensitive levels of Soviet/Russian intelligence, open up a world of unknown possibilities. 

Of all those who have come forward to disclose very real secrets, only Khalezov has a resume to support his allegations.  It is one thing to assume, quite something else to be briefed, to work for major power as part of the intelligence apparatus of its nuclear services.

Khalezov really only backs up things the Brits have been saying all along.  Why have a Nuclear Explosions Act if you have no nuclear explosions?

Sources at our top weapons labs tell us that new weapons aren’t just “suitcase” sized but reach critical mass with less than 5% of the weapons grade material required in the past.  These are variably controlled fusion based demolition devices, never called bombs, and are enormously versatile. 

According to Khalezov, the truck bombs, car bombs that level blocks of apartment buildings or cause massive explosions such as the Bali bombing or the Marine Barracks attack in Beirut are small nuclear weapons.

Marine Barracks - Beirut, Oct. 23rd,1983

One CNN article quotes a Russian expert when describing an explosive device placed in a mail van as having the capability of 300 tons of TNT.

Some devices, such as the one used during the battle for the Baghdad airport may have been a bit larger, close to 150 kilotons.

This is one of the worst kept military secrets in history, a weapon equal to more than 10 Hiroshima type bombs.

His point is simple.  These  explosions, these and many in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, are rated at between 10 and 300 tons of TNT. 

Blasts, sometimes supposedly fertilizer bombs, that vaporize steel or send tons of debris a half kilometer or more are unlikely to fit in a truck or car, perhaps a freight train maybe.

The other thing we have verified is radiation.  MRR means “minimal residual radiation.” 

New weapons leave behind NO radiation but do cause limited ionizing radiation at “ground zero.”  This makes tiny nukes the deal of the century. 

They can be used freely, all that is necessary is to keep radiation detection equipment away for less than 72 hours and then to explain away any unusual physical effects as”

  • Gulf War Illness
  • Toxic Soup (9/11)
  • Cancer clusters
  • Bad lifestyle choices (Police/Fire/clean up crews)
Anti-Nuclear Canada Selling Nukes - Imagine That

Years ago, I learned of Brazil’s nuclear program. 

During the 1980s, Canada, yes, our friends of the frozen north, went into the business of nuclear proliferation. 

One of the worst kept secrets in the world is that, if you want nukes, Canada is the place to go, not only drowning in uranium but in nuclear technology as well.

Khalezov knew this, something not considered critical or even important.  Nobody is worried about Brazil and nobody is watching Canada though they should.

Khalezov also knew the Russian government believed that nuclear weapons had been used several times, maybe more than “several,” while the general public didn’t have an inkling of it.

Khalezov said there were nukes built into the substructure of the World Trade Center, demolition devices that were disclosed to Russia as part of our nuclear treaty and that these weapons were used on 9/11 to bring down the twin towers.

I look at what I learned from Britain, what I knew about Brazil and then I think about thousands of tons of vaporized structural steel and molten granite for two months.

Then I hear that “first responders” all have strange diseases, most tied to exposure to ionizing radiation from nuclear explosions and I stop and think.

The world may well not be what it seems.

Then we move along, a drastic almost dramatic subject change.  If nuclear weapons can be traded like baseball cards, used and covered up so easily, government secrecy, controlled press, sheepish public, then how about world finance?

Lee Wanta - Ronald Reagan National Security Director

I spent much of today talking with Jim W. Dean about banks and toxic assets.  Recently we had been discussing conversations I have had with my friend Lee Wanta.

Wanta, years ago, claimed that, in the process of collapsing the ruble, over $20 trillion dollars was made, money that was stolen by American politicians, money intended by President Reagan to finance rebuilding America.

I have know Lee for years, know of him through his direct contacts, not with “internet writers” but key members of our congress and intelligence community.

I have seen the documents, filed with the Supreme Court, proving Lee Wanta has a strong legal claim to $4.5 trillion dollars, less some serious taxes.

I know where the money is, how it was transferred to the US and why, though he is the legal owner, some are afraid of seeing Wanta a trillionaire when he may well use some of that money to redress serious crimes, serious treason committed against America by one or more former Presidents.

The cover story used to debunk Wanta has been that such an amount can’t exist. However, if you check today’s news, you will find that long bankrupt Merrill Lynch, now a division of near bankrupt Bank of America, holds $79 trillion in “iffy” securities.  (“iffy” means “worthless”)

These Wall Street banks, we can call them the Bush Banks, this is what they actually are, hold over $500 trillion in “toxic” assets.

Why is this an issue now?

FDIC - Will the Banksters Clean It Out, Too?

Well, these “banks” are trying to force the government to insure their imaginary money through the FDIC as though it were real, which it isn’t.  Jim Dean’s article about this will help.  I can’t think of an analogy adequate to describe the crassness of Wall Street.

Then we might ask, what is Gordie thinking, talking about nuclear weapons and Wall Street Banks?

Here is an analogy for you.  Were one to explode a nuclear weapon in Columbus, Ohio, not a dirty bomb, but rather something rather hefty, what would be the result?

If you were to want to destroy the United States, which is worse, nuking Ohio State University and the state capitol or letting Bank of America launder a few trillion counterfeit dollars through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation?

In the long run , after careful analysis, experts will all agree.  “Goodbye Columbus”

[youtube WGerL1-MpSU]

Excuse the video pun, the theme of the 1969 Richard Benjamin, Ali McGraw film.   Lose Columbus?  Nukes loose in America?  That story isn’t one of Khalezov’s, it comes from higher on the food chain.  America has been under nuclear threat, “terrorism,” in a dozen novels and TV shows.  Dozen?  More like hundreds.

The real issue is treason.

We Want Our Money Back !!

Some think we spent a trillion dollars on the “War on Terror.”  Some see only the $58 billion recently “gone missing” from “public projects” in Afghanistan.  That’s about 5 million miles of missing sidewalk.

Those that know economics don’t see the $15 trillion “national debt” or the few million that is saved by cheating homeless veterans and old age pensioners.

All that counts but compared to the missing $500,000,000,000,000, a number that looks quite glorious, more deserving of scientific notation than a dollar sign, 3000 dead at the World Trade Center or a few million dead Muslims or Jews or whatever the “flavor of the day” hate seems to be, compared to these dollar figures, well…..

Bush and his friends actually misplaced half a “zillion” dollars.  Is that even a word?  I’ve heard of kilotons and megatons but zillion?

Lose Columbus?  A few billion at most, 50,000 dead?  Put that in dollars and cents and a Wall Street bank does that kind of damage in a bad day of trading.  One of the great things about globalism is that human lives are kept in perspective,  50,000 in Columbus, Ohio or 250,000 in Rwanda, 20,000 dead from an earthquake in China, humans are simply meat, no more.

We Really Want Our Money Now! Really!

Want proof?  Fly around the world in the international space station and see how few areas have electric lights.

They don’t have clean water either, their kids are vaccinated, they have no schools, certainly no internet but they probably do have very nice mobile phones.

Don’t ask me why.  This is why we use the term treason, because we have key decision makers, those who control life or death, who gets medical care, who dies in a war, what city is blown up by terrorists.

They are a global cabal, the exact same one that misplaces hundreds of trillions of dollars or that spends more money developing diseases than cures.

Why “treason?’  The banks went for years before they were caught printing counterfeit money.  At least two people went to jail, one even died, although we aren’t so sure about that.  Remember that “Enron guy?”

Cheney’s partner?

How about some new laws.  If stealing $50 bucks gets you 30 days in jail, shouldn’t stealing a billion get you 30 years?  How much before we look at the needle or maybe the rope?  Perhaps a “Palinesque” method, hunting banksters from helicopters using machineguns, like they do in Alaska.

If the gauge is human suffering then financial fraud at levels unimaginable and nuclear terror are very akin.

New bombs do less damage and a few days later, you can move aside the ashes and plant the gardenias again.  Poverty can last generations.

Do we need a new definition of treason?

Edited by Jim W. Dean


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