The Truth About the National Defense Authorization Act

$2 billion in scanner profits and great newspaper sales as well

Orwellian Nightmare Law Empowers Cover-Ups


Honor - Where Did it Go ?

by Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


Every year we pass a National Defense Authorization Act.  Each year, it has something hidden in it, secret tax breaks for big party contributors, pork barrel projects but this year we have gone too far. 

This year’s bill officially recreates the equivalent of the East German or North Korean police state here at home, as usual, “to protect us from terrorism.”

Here, Senator Rand Paul makes it clear as day as does Senator John McCain.  It is quite obvious, John McCain has totally broken with reality.   Problem is, he stands here with the majority.  What does this tell you?

I want protection from our own government, me and, thus far, about 250 million other Americans.  We have seen what they can do, and many of us know they are willing to go much further, we don’t just think it, we know it and we know why.

[youtube aUHh1iqe43w]


Trust Us - We Will Take Care of Everything - You Don't Need a Constitution Anymore - You Have Us

The Senate, all Republicans and too many key Democrats are pushing through the most insane legislation in our history, at a time when America hasn’t had a functioning Supreme Court for years.

The law, how do we describe it, is very clear.

It creates a permanent state of martial law in the United States, unlimited wire tapping, unlimited warrant-less searches, “stop, search and question” checkpoints at state borders, no more right to legal counsel.

It also authorizes torture, it authorizes transfer and detention of American citizens at “offshore” prisons, Europe, Africa, who knows?

Why?  Why now?  What is driving this, is this really about terrorism, is America facing a massive terrorist threat despite all reports to the contrary including estimates by CIA Director Leon Panetta that Al Qaeda may be down to less than 12 members?

There are, of course, those who believe there never has been an “Al Qaeda.”  The BBC almost imploded when this piece was released and, of course, later suppressed:

[youtube mztfFdpd1Rk]

VT - We Will Not Be Silent - What About You?

Let’s be clear.  There is a threat, not against America but against our politicians.

The threat is that if they don’t bow down to special interests by protecting Wall Street from “Occupy” or by attacking Iran though “proof” of Iran’s weapons programs has again been “debunked,” a flood of what used to be illegal cash will go to their opponents.

Nobody wants to leave their seat on the “gravy train.”

If a very real version of “Arab Spring” comes to America and the people get a real whiff of democracy, the American people will set on their politicians like ravaging dogs.

After watching government after government fall, only starting with the Middle East, including a very viable threat against the current ultra-nationalist military dictatorship in Israel..

Oh, you didn’t know Israel was a military dictatorship and that 500,000 Israeli Jews are in the streets demanding Netanyahu’s ouster?  We call this “censorship.”

Why are Jews leaving Israel and being replaced with Russian non-Jews?  Why is Israel aligning itself away from the United States and becoming closer and closer to Russia each day?

The Ruling Class Wants Direct Access to Our Military - To Use it Here!!

This has nothing to do with the Jewish people, its geopolitics, its preparing for the global financial meltdown and quite perhaps a global Armageddon as well.  However, the realignments have nothing to do with people or politics.

The folks at “Occupy” have it right, 100%, its about a global ruling class and the spats every now and then between power groups over the remains of what is left of the rest of us.

They are fighting over our bones and we are stupid enough to do the fighting for them.

You may have heard something about Egypt and Syria but, chances are, you were too busy watching Libya to realize that that the entirety of the world has changed in the past 3 months.

Europe is broke, utterly defenseless and the European Union is coming apart.  NATO will die with it.

Russia is being reassembled under Putin, with “former republics,” one after the other rejoining a new Soviet Union, this time one with more money, more efficiently run and very very angry at the United States.

America is surrounded, Mexico in upheaval to the south, Canada sick of us to the north, Europe dismembered as an economic and military unit.

France, Britain and Italy were overwhelmed by the very minor UN operation in Libya.  Any  real enemy and they would fail entirely.

Italy and Greece just had groups of “international bankers” walk in and appoint new heads of state, no election, both new national leaders former executives of Goldman Sachs, the most corrupt and predatory financial organization on earth.

This is why America is pushing through what I would like to call “stealth legislation” that totally abrogates our constitution.  There is nothing “stealth” about it, it is being done in plain sight.


Where Did The Money You Owe Go? - You Don't Really Want to Know

The idea of the military running America is a joke.  Fighting in Iraq, after years of stalemate, a war planned by morons, was reached by paying off the enemy and agreeing to keep ourselves locked up on our own bases like prisoners of war.

By that standard, 48,000 American troops are POWs in Iraq, a war that goes into the “loss” column like none other.  Vietnam was a “big win” in comparison.

Nothing whatsoever came of Iraq other than 6000 dead, 400,000 wounded and disabled, 2 million Iraqis dead and 3 trillion dollars of debt.

We left behind a country in total chaos that will hate us until the end of time, perhaps longer.

Do we want to discuss Afghanistan?  What have we done there?  Our ally for 65 years, Pakistan, hates us now.  Why?

Our Afghan allies, almost all members of the Taliban, tricked us into attacking our own ally, and not for the first time.  Afghanistan hates us, like no other nation on earth but is also dependent on us as well.  Why?

Afghanistan produces $80 billion in heroin, not opium, that was the past.  They produce heroin.  Their cut is around $2 billion, enough to enrich warlords across the country.  Who gets the rest?  We checked.  400 members of congress get million in drug money laundered through offshore corporation as “soft money contributions.” 

“Fat envelopes” to go Pentagon officials who “look the other way” and the rest goes to the CIA and its bankers.  As to who they are, they are, we could simplify things and call them “Wall Street.”

They want protection and the new Defense Authorization Act will give them that and more, much more.

They Aren't Afraid of Terrorists - They Are Afraid of What We Are Going To Do To Them When We Find Out What They Have Really Done To Us.

Best of all, America’s military during its worst failures, under its worst management, facing massive cutbacks, is now maneuvering itself to take over police powers inside the United States.  Why?

The “War on Terror” is over.  Did we win or lose?  Neither, we made the whole thing up, invented it as a cheap replacement for the Cold War.  Who has that power?

Ever hear of the “Military, Industrial Complex?”  Add huge international drug cartels, the Israel lobby and Wall Street to it and you have all the power in the world and all the bad intentions with it.

What do they want?  I can tell you what they don’t want.

The don’t want free elections, they don’t want an America with a constitutional government, they don’t want peace and plenty, they don’t want “civilians” and “intellectuals” telling them what to do.

They don’t get along well with lawyers and courts and things like “justice,” words that mean nothing to them but represent “freedom” and “liberty” to the rest of us who don’t seem to matter a hill of beans anymore.


They Are Always Conspiring

There is always a conspiracy somewhere.  After all, America has 880,000 people in the military, government and industry with “top secret” security clearances.  As many as half of these are in the private sector.

What do they do, the private ones, any of them?  I can tell you.  We don’t know and never will but if you did know you would stop it immediately.

That’s the whole reason for secrecy.

Did you think it was about spying?


F-35 Technology Stolen - As It Usually Is

American nuclear secrets, battle plans, space technology and such has been peddled around the world on an open market for so many years it is a joke.  Here is a classic.

We spent $300,000,000,000 developing the F 35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Before the first one went into production, 67.9 Tb of data, every plan for every aspect of the system from metalurgy to stealth to weapons systems was stolen and sold.

India, China and Russia have the plans, having bought them from Israelis spies who were given security clearances and simply uploaded the whole thing.

Now anyone can build one and be a superpower.  Remember to thank the American taxpayer and the gang at the Pentagon that leaves the “super-secret plans” drawers open when “dual citizens” are on the prowl.

Now our “air superiority” for the next 40 years is gone, as is $300 billion in research and development and potential enemies have moved forward 3 generations in technology overnight.  You didn’t hear it?  Want to see the Chinese version?

[youtube hnGzMR3MHiQ]

Jonathan Pollard - Game Over - Kind Of

Every bit of technology you see here is American.  Duplicating the engines will take a bit longer so the Chinese borrowed Russian engines to test their new American technology which they bought from certain Israeli/American defense specialists at bargain basement prices.

There was no investigation nor will there ever be one.  Jonathan Pollard was the last Israeli spy the US was allowed to arrest and he turned over the names of every CIA intelligence asset, all our nuclear codes, our war plans, our weapons systems to Russia.

This is why he is doing life in prison and still, members of congress are trying to get him released, many of the same members of congress who are now trying to pass the new “no more America” law.

Why? Simple.  They are being bribed or blackmailed.  What can you give a congressman, someone who has had an inside track on theft for years?  Here’s one for you.  You offer them organ transplants for them or any member of their family. 

This is just one of the things put on the table, confirmed, very confirmed.  They also get enough money to stay in office for life, protection against prosecution and a guarantee that no scandals will ever reach the press.

Who has this kind of power?  You don’t know?


Lee Wanta - Ronald Reagan National Security Director

Why does the government want the ability to arrest any American that they choose to label a “terror suspect?”  What is a terror suspect?  I have 4 friends accused of terror crimes.  I used to work for the Reagan Administration in an unspecified capacity.

Other friends did as well.  Lee Wanta, who was imprisoned served as President Reagan’s Director of National Intelligence.  He was sent to prison for siding with President Reagan against the wishes of the Bush family.

The issue was money.  Wanta sided with America and, though he spent his life working for the President of the United States and the CIA, went to prison without any real trial at all.

Anther friend, a close friend, former member of Congress, good friend to President Reagan, former US Ambassador to the United Nations was charged with 52 counts of terrorism.

His crime?  He privately submitted “slam dunk” proof to the President of the United States that information that was leading the United States into invading Iraq was false.

Another friend, Director of Intelligence for a major ally, a nuclear power, was put on a “terrorist list” for publicly announcing that the 9/11 attacks were performed with full complicity of the Bush administration. 

He can prove it as can so many more.  They will never be asked. 

He was, at one time, perhaps the most valuable friend the US had.  Then he decided to place honor above all else.  That make him a “terrorist.”

Others around me have been put under house arrest, one locked in a mental hospital, others silenced or worse.  Why?

These were people with high security classification who learned of plots against America by other Americans and tried to stop them.

Some day a memorial will be built to such people.  Will it have more names than the Vietnam Wall?


Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for murdering President John F. Kennedy.  Recent research done by Dr. James Fetzer of the University of Minnesota, which includes an analysis of the confession of former Watergate figure and top CIA operative Howard Hunt, debunks the Oswald theory.

So does physics, witness statements and years of credible research.  Nobody really has taken the “Oswald theory” seriously since congress officially cast it aside in 1975.  Oh, you didn’t know?

$2 billion in scanner profits and great newspaper sales as well

Oswald, when arrested said:  “I am just a patsy.”

[youtube afmdb4xz-Dk]

A “patsy” is someone conveniently available, often carefully selected and groomed, some we are told are subjected to “mind control” or simply drugs and hypnosis, people used as tools so powerful groups can commit acts of terror, assassinations and have someone to blame.

A “patsy” has to be silenced.

Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby who was then sequestered and silenced.

The Detroit “crotch bomber,” Abdullah Mohammed was a “patsy” as was the “Times Square Fizzler.”  Their phony terror attacks were carefully timed to news cycles and funding authorizations.

The supposed 9/11 hijackers, the 19 who proved invisible to airport cameras, 10 of whom claim they are still alive despite a fiery death, were patsies.

They had to be sequestered, drugged, intimidated and manipulated in order to provide the useful “service” that we seem to so often need, the carefully timed terror threat or news story, like so many of the Osama bin Laden videos we were subjected to after his untimely death in 2001.

Oh, you didn’t know?  There is no more secure patsy than one already dead.

First "official" bin Laden death photo released to congress quickly debunked

When you are done with him, you simply have to pretend to kill him again, throw his non-existent body into the sea and then kill off anyone who might rat you out in a series of helicopter crashes. 

Now we want to take it a step further, no more risks of trials and lawyers, no more embarrassing Arab hijackers on talk shows proving they aren’t as dead as they are supposed to be.


America has never been as militarily weak as we are now.  Last week, Germany tried to sell a few billion in bonds and had few buyers.  They have the world’s highest credit rating.  The lesson?  If America went to war, it would be unable to borrow money to support our military because our ability to market treasuries, how we finance debt, is at an end.  If Germany can’t borrow, we can’t.

Our primary NATO allies are even broker than we are, have no money even for ammunition.  We stand alone, not just because, as with Bush, we are a pariah state fighting an aggressive war for drugs, oil and Israel but because we no longer have the economic capacity to support military power.

Our military, as we know it is temporary.  It will be going away, the process has already begun.

Our only hope for new wars and new wars are the only hope that some have, that “some” being the ruling class that is pushing the new Defense Authorization Act forward, with its martial law provisions, are based on our ability to fool the world into believing America has been attacked.

Our plan, as with 9/11, is to attack ourselves.  Britain did it on 7/7.  Britain was caught, a jury decided it but you will never read it, not in any newspaper you will be able to buy without a transaction that looks like a drug deal.

For those who don’t know, the proof on the 9/11 conspiracy, Israel’s part, the Pentagon missile, all of it has leaked onto the internet and into some of the world’s press.  You may learn about it next week or next year but you will learn about it.

“They” don’t want you  to ever be able to find out the truth again and this is what this bill is about.  America won’t be able to go to China and Japan and ask for billions, even trillions of dollars to invade Iran or fight Russia, where we are really heading unless you haven’t been paying attention, without being able to claim that terrorists used a nuclear weapon to attack an American city.

We’ve all been hearing the horror stories about economic collapse.  With that collapse goes all military power as well.  Even China can collapse, they are sitting on the edge themselves.  What the ability to stage terror attacks, even nuclear false flag terrorism can do is act as a giant “reset” button.  Borrowing, if anything is left, is one ploy but, as things stand, debt repudiation and restructuring of currencies, that New World Order we hear about, control of governments, control of economies, centralized control of money and all resources becomes an “easy sell.”

Maybe it won’t be a big bomb, only a hundred thousand dead or so.  Maybe “they” have something else in mind, 9/11 was certainly dramatic, it will be hard to top.

The only way that “they” can maintain “damage control” over a story like this with government credibility totally non-existent is to use martial law to jail the phony terrorists, to “disappear” investigative journalists, to “pull the plug” on the internet, it is all heading one way.

It is all part of the same thing.

Just hope you and yours don’t live close to “ground zero” when the “Masters of the Universe,” the puppeteers pulling John McCain’s strings decide to push the button.

 Editing:  Jim W. Dean






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