Killing Obama – Andrew Adler in an Emotional Video Apology


Update: Atlanta Jewish Times Editor Andrew Adler – a Victim of Israeli Iran Threat Hype – Classic Game Theory Warfare on Steroids

         …by  Jim W. Dean,  VT Editor

The Iran Threat is a Total Hoax - Being Pushed by Criminals

Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters got an exclusive interview with  Andrew Adler, below.  They are a long time non profit broadcast booster to the Atlanta faith community, providing a pooled resource platform. VT is happy to offer you a front row seat to hear his story.

What you are about to view is a classic broken man…with no acting going on.  Those of us who have seen this numerous times, you can always tell. So I think now that we have a true blue believer here that got wound up a little too tight. More on that later.

Please pay close attention to the part where he let says that in an interview show he had with the Deputy Israeli General Consul for the Southeast, that he was upset by her description of the dire threat that Israel was living under…the 15,000 rockets.

This is pure Israeli-Iran threat hype, of course.  It should be prosecutable under the Nuremberg precedents, ‘waging an offensive war’, and all of us here look forward to the day where we can watch the trials online.

We have written many times that Iran is of no offensive threat to the U.S. or Israel, with their military totally deployed in a defensive mode which it has to be from the threat of Israel’s Weapons of Mass Destruction umbrella.

We have had no one calling here from American military or intelligence willing to embarrass themselves by telling us about some silly Iran threat stories. We would not take their calls anymore, and they know it.

They know we can read all of that in our wonderful controlled mass media. But we do have folks contacting us about ‘the crazies’, and there are more than a few of them.

The Israeli Elite Mobsters Dream Only of Eternal War as a Distraction from Their Looting

On the other hand, the Israelis keeping American Jews in a high state of anxiety is deemed an national security issue for the Zios.

And that is not because Iran is really a threat, but because they want the American support money to keep flowing to Israel so their elite mobsters can keep the country afloat while they continue looting it.

If I told you how few families own Israel, the economy I mean, you would not believe it, so I won’t. And oh, let’s not forget oil futures manipulation.

Without the falsely created war threats, the war party crowd over there would be run out of the country or imprisoned via five to ten years of corruption and fraud investigations and trials.

You never read about any of this in the U.S. because you aren’t allowed to.

The rabid Russian Zionist and racist Avigdor Leiberman is in the cross hairs now for a bribery and money laundering charges.  Gee whiz, they do it there, too!

This would knock him out of the government, putting his Russian faction up for grabs and throw Israel into new elections. There will be huuugge pressure to not do that. Maybe the Zios could teach us some things about prosecuting top officials over here.  God only knows we need the help. But they would probably want to charge a fortune for it!!

With Friends Like This Who Need Enemies

The Russian pretend-a-jews have a fairly simple political platform…kill all of the Arabs or drive them into surrounding countries. And unlike the repentant Andrew Adler, they are not afraid to tell you that over and over.

Don’t believe me? Ask a non-Russian Israeli.

The American Jewish groups are doing double back flips for Adler’s comments regarding one important person. But they are strikingly silent regarding the crescendo of the Radical Zionist King Torah Jews who claim religious law permission to destroy not only their current enemies, but any future ones to boot.

My own Rabbi Weiss of Neturie Karta filled me in on all this, in spades during his Atlanta visit some years ago and a half day of studio shooting.

As I was watching this truly suffering man I had to think of some poor repentant Muslim kid having come out of a Madrassa school feeling that he ‘had to do something’ to save Islam, and then later realized that he had gone too far after viewing the carnage he caused.

I don’t know if Mr. Adler gets it yet. He has an opportunity for a possible epiphany here. That can be a scary thing…and he has already been through a lot in the past week.

Andrew Adler

For what he believes to be sincere reasons he had drunk the Koolaid and his main regret may be no longer being able to imbibe.

But I would suggest to Mr. Adler that there might be a silver lining in all this. He is about as classic an Israeli Intel propaganda hustle deal as I have ever seen and we will be checking out who their ‘active folks’ are in the Israeli embassy here.

Jews, of course, come in all shapes and sizes, including being a Jihaddi Jew, or heaven forbid, a Hebrew Klu Klux Klan Jew like Leiberman, the rising star. If that is what Adler loves about Israel then he has a trunk load of problems.

But maybe he is a King Torah Jew, heaven forbid again. Gordon Duff did quite a piece on these folks back in August of 2010, that would make Mr. Adler look like a cub scout.

“In the 230-page book, Shapira and his co-author, Rabbi Yosef Elitzur (The King’s Torah, currently Israel’s best selling book)  argue that Jewish law permits the killing of non-Jews in a wide variety of circumstances.

They write that Jews have the right to kill Gentiles in any situation in which “a non-Jew’s presence endangers Jewish lives” even if the Gentile is “not at all guilty for the situation that has been created”.  

The book sanctions the killing of non-Jewish children and babies: “There is justification for killing babies if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us, and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults.”  

The rabbis suggest that harming the children of non-Jewish leaders is justified if it is likely to bring pressure to bear on them to change policy.  

The authors also advocate committing “cruel deeds to create the proper balance of terror” and treating all members of an “enemy nation” as targets for retaliation, even if they are not directly participating in hostile activities.” (false flag terrorism)

Sharon Kabalo - Did you do this to Andrew Adler?

So dear Mr. Adler, please try to chill out a bit. You may not be so bad after all.  Most all of us have been under some bad influence at some time. “All those who have been betrayed…please raise your hands” See…there are a lot of us.

The indoctrination you have been living under is not the same, but similar to the teen strapping on a suicide vest for the 72 virgins. It sounds good, and lots of people that you respect tell you it’s true and what a credit to your people.

It takes lots of conditioning to prepare someone to do that. You sir, were a victim of that conditioning.

That is my professional opinion at this point. And there are many more where you came from as the Israeli propaganda machine runs 24/7.

But you may have been hanging out with a bad crowd. I have seen the mindset for a long time. As long as it’s for Israel,  you have like a free ‘get out of going to hell’ pass, but it isn’t. You will be judged more by what you do from here on out than this goof that Deputy Consul Sharon Kabalo pumped you up for.

Deputy Consul - Sharon Kabalo

Deputy Consulate slots, BTW, are reserved for a certain type of specialty job. Your homework assignment will be to tell me what that is if we ever meet.

Some do it for money, others for fame, some out of fear, or because they feel are True Believers, Eric Hofer style, a famous Jew that no one knows. But what I have found most of them do not know is that the same techniques are used to produce a Jewish Jihaddi as a Muslim one.

The amoral people who do this work could run a West Bank Settler school in the morning and a Muslim Madrassa in the afternoon.  All they would have to do is change clothes, redecorate a bit, and make a few alterations in the curriculum. They both can graduate living time bombs who will kill you with no mercy or regret.

The Israelis lead the way in Game Theory Warfare. They don’t even need the classroom, or the teacher for that matter. Can can put it literally into your brain and you don’t even know it.

When Israeli mathematician Robert J. Aumann received the 2005 Nobel Prize in economic science for his work on game theory, he conceded, “the entire school of thought that we have developed here in Israel” has turned “Israel into the leading authority in this field.” ...Jeff Gates.

The truest ‘Go out and be a light unto the world’ Jews that I know are the Neturie Karta folks. But hooking up with them will cost you a lot of your current relationships. The Zios hate them with a passion, because the NK people have them nailed, up one side and down the other. Their archives on the Zio’s dirty laundry are incredible.

One of the reasons is some of their members used to be Israeli Intel people who did false flag synagogue bombings and anti-semitic campaigns in the post ’48 period to encourage reluctant North African Jews to move to Israel.

It worked like a charm, but in later years some of them felt bad about it and joined NK. I have all this on studio tape, BTW.

So please don’t feel so bad about last week. You have not killed Jews for Israel yet.


Video Courtesy of AIB-TV, Atlanta

Atlanta Jewish Times owner Andrew Adler issues an emotional apology in an exclusive video interview with AIB-TV Executive Producer Audrey Galex, for an editorial in his newspaper in which he counts the assassination of a US president as among Israel’s three options in the face of an Iranian nuclear threat.

Adler also apologized directly to President Obama, the state of Israel and the Atlanta Jewish community stating his intention was to generate wider interest in the threat to Israel by Iran’s nuclear capability.

[youtube jnOLxhJQbfc] -AIB

Eric Hoffer - The Common Man Philosopher

I am going to add these Eric Hofer YouTube links as I found them by luck last night (01-24-12). Last time I had checked on him there was no video of him anywhere and I have always been dying to see/hear him in person. I am sharing the treat.

He was one of our greatest Jewish writers and immigrants and he never would have been conned by Sharon Kabalo because with his street smarts he would have spotted it coming a mile a way.

There are three videos of the five mentioned posted. For some reason the other two did not get put up. But watch all three. He starts our slow…but really gets animated once rolling.

And it is quite a show with the stiff Eric Severaid, the wrong person to interview him really. What I would give to be able to climb into a time machine and interview him myself…but alas I shall have to wait.

Hoffer was generally hated by intellectuals. I will let you discover why by watching and not ruin your fun. Men like this, who all Americans should really be intimately aware of for the ‘street smarts’ they can instill…are buried.

Our powers that be prefer to be able to manipulate you with minimal effort because they have already spent a lot of money to prepare your minds for that. It is a very big business actually.

Am I saying that most of us are all mini-Manchurian candidates walking around waiting for the right key words to trigger us off? Yes I am. And to get out of that mode requires some serious deprogramming…which you have to be motivated to do yourself.

How do I know? Because I have been through the process, and will gladly admit that I was lucky to have had some very talented assistance to shorten the work.

All of Hoffer’s archives are at the Hoover  Institute. If anyone knows where any video or audio recordings of him can be found I would be most grateful to know.

And if you want a one book read that will body armor your brain from being hustled via the most often used tactics, do yourself a favor and pick up one of the inexpensive used copies of The True Believer.

It could be the biggest bang for the buck, knowledgewise, you may ever enjoy.

The audio on this is a bit rough in some places so you will miss a few words. The VHS tapes are way past their prime now. CBS may have the masters buried away, but this is a good example that we all need to do all we can to get great material like this digitized to stop the deterioration from tape age.

[youtube kTcv4HyEY3w]

[youtube dO1HqWUMxbs]

[youtube LYOvfkNypqc]

 Was the man humble? Ah…yes!


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