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A Note From Yours Truly


 by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


I did an hour of radio this morning with Clay Douglas, Free America Radio. We were cut off.  Surprise. 

Allen Rolland was the guest on Mike Harris’ radio show today, Republic Broadcasting. They were cut off.  Same thing with John Stokes on Orion.

Lee Wanta, whistleblowing former White House Intelligence Coordinator had his phones cut.

Real news today is that we just quit the war in Afghanistan with no notice at all.  We cut combat operations to nothing, and are moving to the exits in total  violation of our stated policies.

Call it a reelection ploy or a promise kept but it was a bad war, an illegal war, a lost war, a drug war and I don’t want one more life lost in Afghanistan.

This is something quite amazing.  I do so love it when a plan comes together.  Who do we credit, Panetta, Petraeus, Obama or all three. No Republicans were even notified, not one member of congress.  This has to be embarrassing.

General Dempsey, Chairman JCOS

To get the scoop, I called Colonel James Hanke, US Special Forces (ret), who has been on top of things here.  He says two issues were considered.

One, where we go head to head periodically, is the general opinion that the governmental mayhem in Pakistan and in particular the ISI make Afghanistan a losing proposition.

His second choice is that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dempsey, is not going to allow American defense capabilities to be deteriorated in Afghanistan for no reason.

Word is that Dempsey is the best man we have had in that office in decades.

This does increase our “strategic credibility” by making our tired and sick troops look “available” to be slaughtered in Iran.  Israel can rejoice about this with the usual delusion.

What it does show is that America, finally, when caught with its head up its behind, can simply stop and do so without notice or explanation.

Call it “leadership.”  This is one of the first signs of command leadership from the Obama administration in nearly four years.

[Editor’s Note: There were a few tea leaves to read on this coming. Qatar had offered to host the Taliban talks. Karzai had to be coaxed to participate. The US-Pakistan relations which were on hold saw two drone strikes renewed, but the targets this time were anti-Pakistan Taliban, a first. Saudi Arabia popped up and said it would also host Taliban talks (this means big money is being put on the table).

And lastly, a Pentagon report was leaked that ISI elements were still supporting the Taliban, but for the umpteenth time, do details were mentioned. If our readers think that none of these events are connected to the sudden early withdrawal bomb that was just dropped, then please review the list…Jim W. Dean]

Next, this video from Heretic Productions.  It doesn’t match my predictions but the scenario listed may very well be how far Israel is willing to go.  Thus, I feature this and strongly suggest that it be forwarded everywhere:

[youtube YpJx5EJuRWc]

There are things that make this seem possible. We are seeing internet sites, key ones, freeze up or go down continually, for about 8 days now. It is now a pattern, the United States Bureau of Crime and Privacy Violation is identifying threats and testing its ability to “pull the plug.”

A “false flag” attack would push oil to $300 plus, bankrupt the US and EU and leave Russia, China and their secret friends running the world.  Israel has always been a “stealth” member of the Soviet bloc and both hates and fears the United States.

Never, repeat NEVER, confuse Israel with an actual nation or “Jewish.”  Israel has Jews, Israel has Muslims, but Israel operates as a crime syndicate, not a nation.

America does also.


Few know much about who we are.  VT is “offshore,” located on servers in Latin America set up originally by US Special Forces years ago.

Our staff comes from 28 countries with those visible including every color, creed and religion imaginable but based, for the most part on either military and intelligence service or those who don’t publicly admit such.

"Sorry, no photos please, or we will shoot you."

Behind us is our readership, American, Israeli, German, British, Australian, Indian, Nigerian for big numbers.  Inside that readership are heads of groups who feed us what they can.

Intelligence agencies use VT as a “dump” into the press, keeping deniability.  Other groups continually work to lie to us, manipulate us and manage us.  We wish them luck with that and remind them how much fertile ground there is elsewhere.

Not everyone here is controlled by the editorial staff.  I agree with writers like Stephen Lendman most of the time, not always, but learned to respect him.

Others, so many others, we identified early on as paid foreign agents.  They make up the vast majority of the “alternative press.”

It always starts the same, you are asked to start a charity or let someone write a book for you.

Then the money and airline tickets begins to flow.  Then you are given “talking points” on issues.  If you are “good,” more money comes in. 

We went further, we began refusing advertising.  Companies like Boeing and organizations like the CIA advertise on VT by going through Google, not us.

To put some meat behind this, which I am only writing because I have 15 minutes free, let’s see what has come up.

The Oil Market Manipulation Continues - A War in Itself

Israeli control of the Tea Party through the Koch Brothers and Adelman, which to me are the inheritors of Arnold Rothstein, hit the surface today with the endorsement of Santorum a man his own friends claim is “subnormal.”

Iran is still raking in the oil money and laughing all the way to the bank, knowing that Israel is getting part of their profits.

We discovered the deal through someone in Ukrainian intelligence who picked this up on an intercept in October. Signals intelligence can be so much fun.

Watching Obama run poor, worn out aircraft carriers in and out of the Gulf as part of the charade.  I was told he was threatened.

I would rather he were paid like with Clinton and the Bush family.  Bribery seems much more democratic than assassination.

We hold that proof also as those “in the know” know so very well.

Pakistan has no government.  Zardari, widower of the assassinated Bhutto is “sick” and out of the country to avoid prosecution and the President faces arrest for protecting him. 

I feel sorry for the people there, they deserve to see many in their government imprisoned for life, perhaps longer. Hey, maybe that could catch on here?

Imran Khan, the top candidate but without enough honest friends to form a new coalition government, will be faced with hard decisions.

Imran Khan - Pakistan's Political Wild Card

Afghanistan doesn’t know it yet but Khan will be able to make peace between the two nations and, eventually, settle with India over Kashmir, only if he can get his backers in other parties in line.

This will change the world.

This will also protect the women of Afghanistan from the extremist elements of the Taliban and allow a US withdrawal, which is happening as we speak, despite pronouncements, to look less like a surrender.

It was all so wrong.

Until I hear someone mention the massive heroin trade in Afghanistan, totally US sponsored, other than the Russians who talk about little else despite the total news blackout over here, I give the region no hope.

You can’t turn a nation of so many, is it 37 million, over to drug dealers and their “helpers.”

Africa is flying apart now.  I am waiting for the French and Italians, once they get their various bankruptcies taken care of to move into Libya to push the Americans out. For the total idiots who don’t know, the US took over in Libya in 2003.

Those who have been listening to otherwise are too stupid to live.  I could call them “Santorumites,” something like a caveman but with the strength and resolve of an abused infant.  I am unkind but honest.

Goodluck Jonathan is Going to Need Lots of Good Luck

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria began cleaning house this week.  This is vital to the United States or we will be in a war that will grind America into the dust.

Nigeria is totally explosive and 200 million people.  We are underestimating it while our French and Israeli “allies” are stirring the pot as it were, pushing for civil war for profit.

Civil war there takes no trying. They could field 20 million men in a week.

As for the rest of Africa, American “aid projects” are popping up in several nations that look very much like military bases.

Who do we think we are fooling?

For those who have forgotten, the nuclear disaster in Japan is worse than ever imagined.  Every cent we can raise needs to be spent on research into cancer cures immediately.

Twenty years from now, half the Northern Hemisphere will be dealing with a cascade of radiation related cancers. The research has to begin now, I don’t care if it is secret but it is so important that Russia and China are needed to begin immediate financing.

In the interim, one of the big secrets is that there is 10 times more than imagined spent on developing bioweapons.  It is making me suspicious, so suspicious that I am starting to think “X-Files.”


When it really gets cranked up here they will use IEDs against the police - lots of them.

Drug financed crime, a foreign invasion of unimaginable breadth and penetration, not just Mexico but the heroin flood from American territories in Central Asia and the “designer drug” revolution are the real threat to the US.

Why? Life here has sunk to that level, even cage fighting and monster truck competitions will no longer amuse the public.

The government can no longer control us as we are all addicted to conspiracy theories and only pulling the plug on the internet can stop that.

Doing so will cause a wave of violence that our current government may not be able to survive.

The military has now sent quiet messages that it is unwilling to enforce martial law as outlined in provisions of the NDAA 2012, the worst law America may have ever passed and that’s saying a lot.

Investigate it yourself.


I believe the current election, one where the GOP is no longer even trying, controls on the news and the utterly childish attempt to seem like we are going to war with a non-existent enemy, must I say “again,” that this can be taken as a signal of something.

I am of the belief that a transnational organized crime syndicate, of which the US government is a part, plans on risking civil war in America, a war that would divide the country into several parts as scholars have described.

In fact, more scholars believe America is destined to explode than stay together.

The problem is the timing, it seems to be racing forward.

Special Forces Extraction

What hasn’t been taken into account is that we have a very large population of highly trained combat veterans who no longer trust our government, who are no longer “right wing” stooges and who have much more backing within the military than guessed.

The military is in fear.  If current plans to forcibly retire so many senior people with no benefits or pensions goes forward, a revolutionary “talent bank” will be formed ready to “call” congress and stare down Washington and its cabal of petty criminals.

The boys in DC are not very bright.

It isn’t militias and “gun show patriots” that are the problem.  We have, for ten years or more, been betraying our own military, robbing our own people.

The lies we have been telling through Fox News and its friends, the New York Times, Newsweek, the Daily Beast and so many others, aren’t going to be enough.

When it hits America, it will be a bloodbath that will make the Russian revolution look like a bar mitzvah.

It has already started in Nigeria and they aren't playing. You have not seen this before, have you?

Israel faces exactly the same thing, a military that is sick of Tel Aviv, a corrupt government ready to collapse.

Germans are sick of having a communist agent run their country for the Russians, one so obvious it is impossible to see Merkel as anything else.  She has destroyed Germany.

You think communism is dead?  You think “we” won the Cold War? Think again.  

Look at Washington, there was a communist takeover done, as long ago predicted, under the guise of “conservatism.” Homeland Security or the  KBG?  Can you tell the difference?  I can’t.

Vietnam Era - Field Interrogation

Martial law, police everywhere, military brought home and empowered to imprison citizens in camps, is this Russia or America?

It isn’t that “they” won the Cold War, it is that “they” were always “us.”

How many consecutive wars has it been where America has fought on the wrong side, our armies against poor decent people who wanted freedom?  Did it start with Vietnam or before, 1917 or even 1898 or was it 1860?

We have had dozens of other military adventures we don’t even teach about.  All were military gangsterism for Wall Street.

Do you think you can get the truth from a history book and a university education.  Who do you think teaches at universities anyway?

Apparatchik. Look it up.  There is no more communist an organization than an American university.

Nowhere on earth is there less freedom of speech.


As mammals, or as I suspect most of us are, a semi-humorous reference to certain theories of David Icke, we are supposed to direct our energies toward development of a civilization that will maximize opportunity for our young.

Will This Reptilian History Repeat Itself?

It is obvious that our last few decades have been more reptilian. We may even be behaving like insects or arachnids.

In fact, any zoologist or academic in related studies might find even these comparisons offensive.

Then, how do we explain our behavior, our need to feed off our own young, our abandonment of natural leaders for those a more advanced society might seek to protect but certainly not allow themselves to be ruled by.

Santorum?  Romney?  Adelman?  Koch?  Even Murdoch, the clownish predator came close to being brought down by the least effective government on earth, that of the United Kingdom.

If we are humanity, then we need to think as a species, work toward our survival, toward some advancement. We have been doing quite the opposite.

As Mr. Spock of Star Trek would state with his usual eloquence, “This is not logical.” Thus, one might assume this as proofs.

Who Will Win the Caring for Their Young Award?

We are no longer governed by those to whom we have given “consent,” but rather “ruled.”

Human survival is no longer considered something positive or even thought of as feasible or desirable.

We have enemies, around us, among us, even ourselves.

We can’t even define ignorance, even our “elites” have sunk that low.

And so it goes…

Editing:  Jim W. Dean

Tutoring specialist helps kids make the grade

The News Sun – Waukegan (IL) November 10, 2008 | Kendrick Marshall [email protected] GURNEE – David and Amanda Winston were getting decent grades while attending Beach Park Middle School. However, when the seventh- and eighth-graders enrolled in a Catholic school, their parents noticed a slip in performance.

Soon, David and Amanda were enrolled at Huntington Learning Center in Lake Villa. An improvement in grades was seen across the board.

“They had been getting decent grades in public school, but we felt like they could be doing more,” said Jack Winston. “Now we are very pleased with what we have seen from them so far. The program has helped them greatly.” The Winstons and some families interested in improving their children’s academic performance were at Saturday’s grand opening of the Huntington Learning Center in Saratoga Square, 5101 Washington St., Gurnee.

Center operator Deanne Dalgaard said Huntington helps students who are struggling with basic skills in reading, writing, mathematics, spelling, phonics, study skills, as well as other factors that affect academic achievement. go to website huntington learning center go to web site huntington learning center

The program also offers personalized instruction by certified teachers to students, from kindergarten through 12th grade.

“The entire team of educators at the Gurnee Huntington Learning Center is dedicated to helping every one of our students unlock his or her full potential for academic achievement,” Dalgaard said.

Founded in 1977, Huntington Learning Center just celebrated its 30th anniversary and is the nation’s longest-running supplemental education services provider.

Dalgaard said each program begins at a level comfortable for the student and gradually increases in difficulty as each new skill is mastered.

That approach has helped Dan Auckland’s two children, Matt, 8, and Paige, 11, who have been in the program for three weeks.

“My kids needed help in reading and in math, and so far they have gotten a little bit better,” Auckland said.

The Lake Villa father said programs like Huntington are key because sometimes educators are not able to cater to all the needs of every student.

Concerned mother Kelly Powers of Waukegan was thinking about enrolling her daughter, Macalya, in the program.

“She’s just scared to take tests,” Powers said. “I really want to help her. I heard great things about Huntington and how it helps kids.” This is something I am considering.” Annie Christie . special to the news-sun Matthew Aukland, 7, of Lake Villa helps his 3-year-old cousin, Kyle Trampke of Antioch, with an exercise called “Hot Dots” during the Huntington Learning Center open house in Gurnee on Saturday. Annie Christie . special to the news-sun Matthew Aukland, 7, of Lake Villa helps his 3-year-old cousin, Kyle Trampke of Antioch, with an exercise called “Hot Dots” during the Huntington Learning Center open house in Gurnee on Saturday.

Kendrick Marshall


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